How to Play Wii Games from a Portable Hard Drive or USB Thumb Drive

This video will get you set up with everything you need to be able to play Wii games directly from a hard drive or USB thumb drive. Running games on drives rather than disks has many benefits. The game will run twice as fast on a drive compared to a normal disk. This will decrease lag and loading time.

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Автор EpicPudding (1 день)
Does my hard drive have to be formatted or will it work even if there's
stuff already on it?

Автор Costa G (25 дней)
What program did you use for the intro

Автор Stephanie H (4 месяца)
How amazingly difficult tutorial -

1. download install homebrew channel (and usb loader /w iso56)
2. plug in usb hdd in computer
3. download wfbs manager 3.0 (install.. in program click 'format' on usb
4. in wfbs manager also click 'browse', locate iso file(wii game), select
5. click add and wait..

congrats, you got wii games on hdd. plug usb hdd in wii , click usb loader,
enjoy games :)

Автор Ridwan Basuki (2 дня)
Is this working with ULoader 5.0?

Автор Leo Babakhanian (13 дней)
+DxHowTo Can you tell me how to get the cfg channel, im too lazy to load it
from homebrew and cant find any downloads for the channel installer

Автор sferguson411 (18 дней)
it does not ask me to install the chanel and i always get error messages
saying please update ios 249/250, how do i tell which to use

Автор Pokederp135 (4 месяца)
can i put this on my sd card instead of on an usb

Автор Marvin McFly (3 месяца)
the cfg loader says my USB isn't responding what do I do?

Автор MarioMinecraftMix (5 месяцев)
I tried to open the games on Wii Game Manager, but nothing happened or
appeared. What am I doing wrong!?

Автор Idan O (3 месяца)
Can I run games from a USB 3.0 64gb flash drive instead of a external

Автор maria juarez (3 месяца)
When i tried to find find my iso file i cant i put it in a folder and when
i start up wii game manager it wont find plz help

Автор DBSgabi (5 месяцев)
I got it to finally work, turned out it was the external HD i was using
that even when partitioned wouldn't allow me to use it on the wii because
of pre-installed software. But now that I can run it on a pen drive it
isn't reading the games. When i run the program it says something about an
invalid partition (i followed your directions step by step). It asks me to
choose my own partition and when i choose my pen drive it doesn't show any
of the games.

Автор DrGreenThumbNZL (4 месяца)
The noob forgot to say you need to put the .wbfs files in a folder called
wbfs in the root directory

I was only having probs cause it didnt like NTFS so i looked here lol ,
Watch out for all the shitty search bars and BS from Easus Partition
Master, you can avoid them

Автор DBSgabi (5 месяцев)
yeah so i got the channel on my wii but when i click start the screen goes
black then goes back to the wii channel menu. 

Автор Nik Bates (1 год)
are you retarded? Do you seriously think that you will run out of space
with 3tbs ??

Автор Espyo (1 год)
I was just about to give up. You're a lifesaver, thank you!

Автор Justin Zero (1 год)
each wii game is normally ~1-3GB large. however SSBB is like 7GB large! i
used 100GB to hold 32 games before

Автор dimdiocom (10 месяцев)
When I load USB loader via Homebrew it say error no auto found/ partission
error/ wbfs partission error.What should i do?

Автор AceGamingCentral (1 год)
stop stealing my name bitch lol

Автор Deval Shah (8 месяцев)
Hi, I have done exactly like you shown in this video, but getting an error
message "USB device not found. Switching to channel list mode" in USB
Loader GX. Any suggestion on the fix?

Автор Vick Sejour (8 месяцев)
I did every thing u said and everything work but Ithe home brew channel is
upside down

Автор Danny Mestre (1 год)
My 500gb HDD on EaseUS..I followed your steps,but when I hit 'Apply',the 3
bars stay at 0%...any help?

Автор vasil tsakov (1 год)
why cant it find the iso

Автор Nigel Silva (1 год)
Please die.

Автор Bergqie'sVids (1 год)
Do you need the homebrew channel?!

Автор J_laubster (9 месяцев)
when I start up black post on the cfg loader it goes to a .black screen .
did I do something wrong ? or is it just a bad ISO file? please help.

Автор davidangelmorin (1 год)
How mant games u have

Автор diego ortega (9 месяцев)
Because you have to reinstall a CUSTOM IOS or "cIos", I suggest you to see
a tutorial on how to use "Pimp my wii" that's the one I used to install the
cIos on my wii.

Автор Justin Zero (1 год)
is your wii softmodded and did you make sure you set usb loader to check
the correct partition upon boot

Автор jacksfreebies (1 год)
Works great. had to mess around a little because i was getting a stub
error. soon as i got what that was wasnt too hard to get it working

Автор Shane Shepard (1 год)
This shit is hard as fuck

Автор Anemicnapalm (1 год)
question ive been researching for a bit and maybe you can help, some games
freeze up randomly after play ,others work perfect and have not froze yet ,
have you heard of this issue?, there good dumps, my Hdd doesnt go sleep ,
im wondering what the fuck it could be

Автор Brian García (5 месяцев)
hey will it format my full hard drive

Автор spazitude80 (1 год)
are you using fat32 like he says?

Автор Simanatic (1 год)
it is I failed five times trying to install the damn thing but I won't give

Автор Brian Poetz (6 месяцев)
Word to the wise, Your instructions don't work..

Автор rayochapin (1 год)
Lol. :D

Автор Mohammad Jamjoom (11 месяцев)
I do not use USB Loader GX anymore cause it always freezes but I use
WiiFlow and works even better

Автор GuineaPigWWE (11 месяцев)
HEY! Sound track from Bike Race Android game. :)

Автор RaWr0wKeY (10 месяцев)
Yes you could but running GC games of a HDD is a pain. Your best option is
to use Mios Dios Lite to run them off your SD. Instead of Mios Dios to run
them off a HDD but theres also another option called devolution. This makes
a copy off the game to the FAT32 HDD but you need to install the GC game
for that ISO & it has to be the exact game to verify it once(Only once).
then you can just play it off your HDD afterwards without putting in the

Автор RaWr0wKeY (9 месяцев)
Well I use WBFS for Wii & Fat32 for the Emus & app for the Wii. An no it
isn't You can find the easy hell I found one no problem.

Автор scotishjoe (9 месяцев)

Автор Gaming HD (9 месяцев)
wii game manager can´t find my iso game

Автор 0oFullMoono0 (1 год)
Thanks, this helped me a lot!! I wasn't able to figure out why CFG cannot
read my files until I stumble upon your extremely helpful comment/advice!

Автор DxHowTo (1 год)
@Cristian Apolinar yes

Автор Aaron Doré (10 месяцев)
Lol i have a terabyte hooked up to mine.

Автор Jeffrey jansen (1 год)

Автор AceSim Gaming (1 год)
O_O lol

Автор JustAWasteOfTime (1 год)
There is no SD card slots near the USB slots. I got it to read my USB but
it says there is no games on it when there are 2 games on it. I followed
all the instructions in the video.

Автор GhostCode RG (1 год)
where is the WAD file i didnt see any folder when i was transfering stuff
to my flash drive?

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