How to Play Wii Games from a Portable Hard Drive or USB Thumb Drive

This video will get you set up with everything you need to be able to play Wii games directly from a hard drive or USB thumb drive. Running games on drives rather than disks has many benefits. The game will run twice as fast on a drive compared to a normal disk. This will decrease lag and loading time.

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Easus Partition Master:

Wii Game manager:

CFG USB Loader:

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Need help? (ask here where tutorial was found):

Need mac links or another type of loader:?

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Автор Bebbo ( назад)
Update link for Wii game manager please? :)

Автор ModdingNoobZ ( назад)
is anyone getting the error:ios249 is a stub?

Автор Nars Macabuhay ( назад)
do you have tutorial for game cube?

Автор Lewis Birkett ( назад)
I already have the sd card so should I merge the cfg files with it

Автор Martin Gladis ( назад)
Why i have Est. size 3.54 GB (so high)

Автор Liam Gardner ( назад)
thank you. we are bros since we play tennis

Автор Chris Henthorn (Chris75) ( назад)
You dont need to use CFG USB Loader. Neogamma works just as good ive done
it with wbfs manager i dont know about usb loader

Автор L of Rain ( назад)
Hey, Thanks

Автор Frodinir *Insert stupid last name thing here* ( назад)
I CAN NOT find my .iso file when i click open .iso files in wii game
manager. Does it only pick it up becuase of file size? Will this not work
for gamecube games?

Автор Camillo Lin ( назад)
FINALLY. I got it to work after watching your video. Thank

Автор Disco Biscuit (1227 лет назад)
Do I have to do the partition thing for my usb flashdrive?

Автор Wild Encounters ( назад)
Thanks! I have been looking for awhile for a good tutorial and I found it.
Thanks SOOOOO Much!

Автор FusionGaming Network ( назад)
Wii Game manager... Doesn't work :( Please fix link

Автор theW0Ntheory ( назад)
you really should tell people what happens when you delete partition
(deletes all files off harddrive) i almost did that before i researched
into it to see what would happen.
and NTFS is better as FAT32 cant take any files above 2GB where NTFS can
hold a lot more

Автор Aaqib “Squib” Turk ( назад)
Is there another link for the Wii Game Manager?
The current one has been blocked by Google.
Will I need to search for the program? Reply quick please ^_^

Автор Dave B ( назад)
in easyus partition i cannot delete partition, no such option. and when i
format the partition i cant set to primary , no such option?!

Автор LAXRoblox ( назад)
So if you took out the flash drive would the game stay on the USB Loader
and would it still be playable?

Автор Pedro Polanco ( назад)
do i need a mod chip for this or just the homebrew?

Автор Tsuzuki Asato ( назад)
Tried this variant but it didnt work, i didnt use wii for 2 years so forgot
how to do it,i couldnt manage the formating stuff so i tried to recover my
knowledge LOL, there is a better way, just format usb to ntfs and make a
folder wbfs, then use manager to put games there, if u already have wbfs
games then just drop it there=)))

Автор Kahjiit ( назад)
Thank you very much. All my previous game files are wiped now. 

Автор Killian Greville ( назад)
didnt work games cant be found by usb loader

Автор FlareoneonX ( назад)
DxHowTo does USBLoaderGX also work?

Автор Jaycee 15 ( назад)
so you can use a usb flash drive for this

Автор SailorCat1982 (61 год назад)
Thank for that video. I have a 3tb seagate external hard drive, will that
work or is there a limit for space.

Автор Felix Atencio ( назад)
when you put your usb into the wii , are there some way to download the gme
into the wii and install? The reason is that i dont have so much room in my
usb drive.

Автор Brian García ( назад)
hey will it format my full hard drive

Автор dulisha kuruwita ( назад)

Автор Santhosh Muthu ( назад)
r u a fan of team d-generation x??

Автор ThePriestessMichal ( назад)
can i save the games on the portable hard drive? i mean the save points?

Автор RedDyeGaming ( назад)

Автор Brian Poetz ( назад)
Word to the wise, Your instructions don't work..

Автор WesleyR2803 ( назад)
Do i need my wii to be modded (unlocked)

Автор kotlet001 ( назад)
I have one question. I have moded wii (dc2 key), is it same procedure for

Автор Gary1q2 ( назад)
the place where you skip is where many people are stuck. many people don't
even know what wad means

Автор XXXLightking813XXX ( назад)
IOS 249 is stubbed it says

Автор Jordan Schrock ( назад)
cant find the usb loader wad

Автор Lucca Scherer ( назад)
Wii manager doesn't find a iso game

Автор TheAlchemist606 ( назад)
I put the ISO files in a folder on my Desktop and selected it for WGM, but
it doesn't show any of them on List A or list B! Please help!

Автор Ismail Haggag ( назад)
Plz What is the maximum size of hard drive Wii can read

Автор Rafael Oliveira Mariano Leite ( назад)
@vjrjudq yeah thats what everyones been saying also! dude check it this
game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while => tiny.cc\tgny2w

Автор Nlgamer6000 ( назад)
why do u need wad maneger

Автор Feels ( назад)
im coming home

Автор gtippie ( назад)
whats that music called

Автор gtippie ( назад)
Whats that music called

Автор PapaLuigi9003 ( назад)
Will this work for USB Loader GX?

Автор Jonathan Gnejse ( назад)
i think it's twisted metal, but idk...

Автор TheVinshot ( назад)
In wii game manager the game wont load! Can you plz help me out?

Автор thehoeslaper ( назад)
damn that's a nice loader HDloader doesn't do that :(

Автор Nigel0005 ( назад)
At 6:16, what game is on the left side of the screen with Mario with a bony

Автор patrickyeh1212 ( назад)
i have the same problem

Автор iAnonymousHD ( назад)
Music? Please tell me! And tell me isit copyright free?

Автор brian chen ( назад)
awesome video sure to subscribe

Автор Deval Shah ( назад)
Hi, I have done exactly like you shown in this video, but getting an error
message "USB device not found. Switching to channel list mode" in USB
Loader GX. Any suggestion on the fix?

Автор manilafungus ( назад)
Help! when i open Cfg it says partition auto not found. Any fixes or
anything plz reply

Автор tralt135 ( назад)
You probably don't wanna run Easeus on your phone. Just get a flash drive,
they're dirt cheap nowadays.

Автор Young X ( назад)
I did every thing u said and everything work but Ithe home brew channel is
upside down

Автор 1Nacster ( назад)
sure you can! 0_o wii games should be able to be played by a wii XD

Автор RemixerUltimate ( назад)
Unfortunately no, because you can't play the games without the Gamecube

Автор 1Nacster ( назад)
will this work on a black wii? ya know the ones that dont have gamecube
ports and compatibility.

Автор dome grimm ( назад)
he talks like a robot

Автор RSBot2jar ( назад)
plz can anyone tell me what iso i gotta install on the wii?

Автор itachi uchiha ( назад)
i tried to use my phone before it didn't work but i used my psp it worked i
used my usb it worked ive been doing this for about ayear and a half....pro
i guess but i got a new pc and i forgot the name of the program i used so u
allready know

Автор Pinkie Piez ( назад)
Free virus?! sign me up!!!!!!!

Автор epicbropro ( назад)
quike question, can i use a phone to use as a usb harddrive

Автор Nuno Fernandes ( назад)
did you see if the file(s) you downloaded are ISO or compressed files with
the ISO in them? I DL'ed a couple games and had to extract the iso from

Автор Gaming HD ( назад)
wii game manager can´t find my iso game

Автор MrZachTheGamer ( назад)

Автор diego ortega ( назад)
Because you have to reinstall a CUSTOM IOS or "cIos", I suggest you to see
a tutorial on how to use "Pimp my wii" that's the one I used to install the
cIos on my wii.

Автор J_laubster ( назад)
when I start up black post on the cfg loader it goes to a .black screen .
did I do something wrong ? or is it just a bad ISO file? please help.

Автор Luuk van Oijen ( назад)
Why does it say: [+]ERROR: Custom IOS 249 is a stub! Please reinstall it.

Автор Justin Zero ( назад)
i dun see the problem, elaborate please

Автор Jasdeep Singh ( назад)
what to do if 3.99 gb est size

Автор EDYYOSHI1 ( назад)
wait till it removes the .tmp itself or take it out yourself

Автор scotishjoe ( назад)

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
Well I use WBFS for Wii & Fat32 for the Emus & app for the Wii. An no it
isn't You can find the easy hell I found one no problem.

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
Thus Wiiflow & some games require a certain CISO with a certain Base

Автор Justin Zero ( назад)
cIOS 222,223,224,249 should be suffice to play almost every game out
there... the new 249 will cover majority of games

Автор Justin Zero ( назад)
its possible to play all games in FAT32 partition(recommended too so you
can store Wii games and pc junk in 1 partition) only annoyance is finding
the correct program to convert a large portion of HDD to Fat32

Автор Christopher Morgan ( назад)
okay. and this works even for Wiiflow and USB GX? i wonder why its so
difficult just for the gamecube titles lol.?

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
Put in the Disc of the copy of the exact GC game*

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
It'll work You just need to change the CISO when you load it through your
Wii. I don't remember the exact CISO I think its 202 or 222. Then it should
say thank you for your purchase of Zelda Skyward Sword & take you through a
Video tutorial. Then just change the CISO back to its default & bingo. Your
ready to play :)

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
Yes you could but running GC games of a HDD is a pain. Your best option is
to use Mios Dios Lite to run them off your SD. Instead of Mios Dios to run
them off a HDD but theres also another option called devolution. This makes
a copy off the game to the FAT32 HDD but you need to install the GC game
for that ISO & it has to be the exact game to verify it once(Only once).
then you can just play it off your HDD afterwards without putting in the

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
Wiiflow is better then USB loader just get the most up to date Wiiflow &
make sure you have the some CISO that some wii games require to run
properly like Monster Hunter tri requires CISO 222

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
First you need to have softmoded your wii correctly. You need to format
your HDD to WBFS for Wii ISO's & if you want make two partitions for EMUs &
Apps(Not all emus will run off the HDD) they first partition should be
FAT32 & the larger partition should be WBFS for wii games.

Автор RaWr0wKeY ( назад)
That need to be on the SD not the HDD it wont read it off the HDD.

Автор dimdiocom ( назад)
also for some reason MMM does not appear when I put it inside the HDD...

Автор dimdiocom ( назад)
When I load USB loader via Homebrew it say error no auto found/ partission
error/ wbfs partission error.What should i do?

Автор dimdiocom ( назад)
OK SO i LOAD the USB loader from the homebrew channel but then it says no
auto detected and my games don't show up

Автор Lukario45 ( назад)
Hey anyone by chance know where I can get a Skyward Sword iso? I have one
that works with dolphin but it just takes me to the wii menu when I use it.

Автор Ottomatic ( назад)
god your voice is annoying

Автор Lukario45 ( назад)
Help D: Everything works fine with SSBB BUT It is in BLACK AND WHITE D:
What do I do?

Автор Christopher Morgan ( назад)
Could I put GC games and Wii games on one hard drive? Say if it's 1Tbt or
500 GB HDD?

Автор Aaron Doré ( назад)
Lol i have a terabyte hooked up to mine.

NeoGamma is not working for me then...

Автор Nidia Alvarado ( назад)
how to install wii game manager it doesnt open

Автор Zumbach ( назад)
is there a way to not reformat a drive?

Автор HumayunProduction ( назад)
Thanks no other video worked

Автор Mohammad Jamjoom ( назад)
I do not use USB Loader GX anymore cause it always freezes but I use
WiiFlow and works even better

Автор TabooMasterWatcher ( назад)
nah nvm fixed it, just completely reinstalled everything

Автор Slash687 ( назад)
Look up highteckman's guide, it's way simpler. It's the one I used.

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