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Автор Dave B (2 месяца)
in easyus partition i cannot delete partition, no such option. and when i
format the partition i cant set to primary , no such option?!

Автор Aaqib Turk (1 месяц)
Is there another link for the Wii Game Manager?
The current one has been blocked by Google.
Will I need to search for the program? Reply quick please ^_^

Автор O Hunt (1 год)
i just got a terabyte drive will this work because I ran wii games from an
8gb usb before but when i try using my external 1tb CFG loader doesn't load

Автор OmegaPlane (2 месяца)
So if you took out the flash drive would the game stay on the USB Loader
and would it still be playable?

Автор Adil Safdar (26 дней)
Wii Game manager... Doesn't work :( Please fix link

Автор IdmsaX20 (4 месяца)
DxHowTo does USBLoaderGX also work?

Автор M97 (4 месяца)
Thank you very much. All my previous game files are wiped now. 

Автор Pedro Polanco (3 месяца)
do i need a mod chip for this or just the homebrew?

Автор Killian Greville (4 месяца)
didnt work games cant be found by usb loader

Автор Tsuzuki Asato (3 месяца)
Tried this variant but it didnt work, i didnt use wii for 2 years so forgot
how to do it,i couldnt manage the formating stuff so i tried to recover my
knowledge LOL, there is a better way, just format usb to ntfs and make a
folder wbfs, then use manager to put games there, if u already have wbfs
games then just drop it there=)))

Автор raiyan karim (7 месяцев)
heyy i really need help downloading a wad can someone send me the wad mario
party 2 please and thanks

Автор SailorCat1982 (5 месяцев)
Thank for that video. I have a 3tb seagate external hard drive, will that
work or is there a limit for space.

Автор theW0Ntheory (1 месяц)
you really should tell people what happens when you delete partition
(deletes all files off harddrive) i almost did that before i researched
into it to see what would happen.
and NTFS is better as FAT32 cant take any files above 2GB where NTFS can
hold a lot more

Автор Jaycee Vlogs (5 месяцев)
so you can use a usb flash drive for this

Автор kingEnzo17 (7 месяцев)
come on dude that wad shit fucked me up. how do I download and put the wad
stuff to my usb. you shouldve explained that

Автор Mickey Tatertots (7 месяцев)
Thanks for the epic tutorial video =D

Just a small question but byanychance when formatting the USB Hard
Drive/Flash Drive. Besides using the koo software Easus Partition Manager
to format it. Can you also use Windows format settings like for ex. Windows
7. Goto the Start Icon on the Bottom left corner of the screen. Then Click
on Computer and a folder should open up with the Device Drives. Find the
USB device your using and right click on it then click on "Format". After
that click on Fat 32 and under "Allocation Unit Size". click on 32 kb's.
After that click on Format. (As to whether the Quick Format box is checked
or not I don't think it matters. xD)

Would that byanychance workout for Formatting the USB HDD/Flash Drive?
I'm slow and was just wondering =D

Автор Jonathan Kizer (9 месяцев)
do you have to register to get the games??

Автор betty van Riel (7 месяцев)
how do i get the wad files and on my hdd

Автор Marvin McFly (1 год)
the cfg loader says my USB isn't responding what do I do?

Автор Robert Gonzalez (10 месяцев)
ill sub if you

Автор Bobby Kamdar (7 месяцев)
From where did u get the wad folder?

Автор emarythomp (9 месяцев)
what is that rated M game with mario's cap on it? 6:16

Автор zoltx23 - Dr.Hacknik (1 год)
i used CFG USB loader and installed my games to a SD.....they loaded way
faster, probably because the wii could access the DATA faster.. :D

Автор Reyworld360 (9 месяцев)
Would you happen to know why mines takes forever to load a game and
sometimes it just freezes on the USB loader screen

Автор Felix Atencio (6 месяцев)
when you put your usb into the wii , are there some way to download the gme
into the wii and install? The reason is that i dont have so much room in my
usb drive.

Автор James Hirsch (9 месяцев)

Автор Stephanie H (1 год)
How amazingly difficult tutorial -

1. download install homebrew channel (and usb loader /w iso56)
2. plug in usb hdd in computer
3. download wfbs manager 3.0 (install.. in program click 'format' on usb
4. in wfbs manager also click 'browse', locate iso file(wii game), select
5. click add and wait..

congrats, you got wii games on hdd. plug usb hdd in wii , click usb loader,
enjoy games :)

Автор Costa G (1 год)
What program did you use for the intro

Автор Neox7gr3 (10 месяцев)
Are games with wii motion done the same way or is there a special way ?

Автор GreshProject (1 год)
You just wasted an hour of my life. Didn't work for crap you dick.

Автор ben dodson (11 месяцев)
beggining song???

Автор TheRealMarioFan XV (11 месяцев)
Where did you get the WAD Folder from!?

Автор TeamGTHCKD (10 месяцев)
HEY i used Wii Backup Manager i got the iso right when i open it on USB
Loader GX it opens the game screen turns black and then goes back to the
Wii menu :C enyone help?

Автор Mtreintaydos Avulsiondental (11 месяцев)
just one thing i dont get from the way you explained it...when do we need
to use the split 4gb option and when the "don't" option?

Автор Ridwan Basuki (1 год)
Is this working with ULoader 5.0?

Автор sferguson411 (1 год)
it does not ask me to install the chanel and i always get error messages
saying please update ios 249/250, how do i tell which to use

Автор EpicPudding (1 год)
Does my hard drive have to be formatted or will it work even if there's
stuff already on it?

Автор MarioMinecraftMix (1 год)
I tried to open the games on Wii Game Manager, but nothing happened or
appeared. What am I doing wrong!?

Автор Pokederp135 (1 год)
can i put this on my sd card instead of on an usb

Автор DBSgabi (1 год)
I got it to finally work, turned out it was the external HD i was using
that even when partitioned wouldn't allow me to use it on the wii because
of pre-installed software. But now that I can run it on a pen drive it
isn't reading the games. When i run the program it says something about an
invalid partition (i followed your directions step by step). It asks me to
choose my own partition and when i choose my pen drive it doesn't show any
of the games.

Автор Robert Gonzalez (10 месяцев)
DxHowTo+ all the games are PAL dont they need to be NTSC to be english i
think... please help!!

Автор DBSgabi (1 год)
yeah so i got the channel on my wii but when i click start the screen goes
black then goes back to the wii channel menu. 

Автор Leo Babakhanian (1 год)
+DxHowTo Can you tell me how to get the cfg channel, im too lazy to load it
from homebrew and cant find any downloads for the channel installer

Автор Chr0m3x MoDz (1 год)
When i tried to find find my iso file i cant i put it in a folder and when
i start up wii game manager it wont find plz help

Автор Xénos Polemistí̱s (1 год)
so it has to be .wbfs not .iso for wii to recognize/play it? 

Автор DrGreenThumbNZL (1 год)
The noob forgot to say you need to put the .wbfs files in a folder called
wbfs in the root directory

I was only having probs cause it didnt like NTFS so i looked here lol ,
Watch out for all the shitty search bars and BS from Easus Partition
Master, you can avoid them

Автор Nik Bates (2 года)
are you retarded? Do you seriously think that you will run out of space
with 3tbs ??

Автор Espyo (2 года)
I was just about to give up. You're a lifesaver, thank you!

Автор Justin Zero (2 года)
each wii game is normally ~1-3GB large. however SSBB is like 7GB large! i
used 100GB to hold 32 games before

Автор dimdiocom (1 год)
When I load USB loader via Homebrew it say error no auto found/ partission
error/ wbfs partission error.What should i do?

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