Vada Pav Amdavad Style

There is just too much COW in Gujarat...
Rs. 8 a piece - butterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre

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Автор IMABEAST ( назад)
Im fascinated with these videos. l love butter!

Автор manasvi pandya ( назад)

Автор Gurmeet Singh The Unforgettable ( назад)
Mouth watering.... Like it.......!!! 

Автор reehan syed ( назад)
Bhadvoon ko Ahmedabad bolnay.....phathti hai.......

Автор Kay Jones ( назад)
is corony heart disease high there.

Автор Nayan Sharma ( назад)
Time to get my hungry on bitches. Ummm ummmm

Автор Red John ( назад)
lol...dude are u planning to crash mcdonald and pizza market??? they will
kill u..

Автор jay mmv ( назад)
its AMHEDABAD sucker 

Автор Hersh Patel ( назад)
Hell Yeah every time i go back to india to vist family i live off these
really good 

Автор moonjannatstar ( назад)
this is way better than MacDonald's burger..and for those who are saying
too much cholesterol and fat.. think about how much cholesterol and fat
that can be found in MacDonald's food.. in compare to that this is

Автор haaris mohammed ( назад)
This is like Indian Subway,just that here everything is fresh and taste
better and cost wayy lesser.

Автор MajesticBrahmarshi ( назад)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK AUSTRALIAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! FUCK FUCK

Автор Movie Games ( назад)
Every one of these Indian videos is: Butter, Spices, Bread, Plastic Bag,

Автор Amod Indap ( назад)
Which place specifically in Am'dbad?

Автор makemeasandwitch1231 ( назад)
Too much butter, with red looking paste and green shit, yet I will take two

Автор Manan Joshi ( назад)
Lol...what does Modi has to do with Vadapav! :)

Автор Manan Joshi ( назад)
Vijay/Shreji Vadapav ...ATF!

Автор Jangir Jitendra ( назад)
I lick

Автор Jingogunner ( назад)

Автор patandar ( назад)
Fuck that shit looks good! Drooling here.

Автор Sachin Deodhar ( назад)
I m also thinking the same LOL

Автор Darshan Shah ( назад)
i used to eat there more often cuz they are just brilliant esspecially
their green chutney with sause ahhhhh awsome. they are on vijay char rasta

Автор vbc ( назад)
hv ya seen BLOOD BOTTLE closely 0:18 :D

Автор Ray A ( назад)
Well, what can I say?I Feel l running to Mumbai to taste Laary food We ll,
what can I say? Feel like running to India to India to enjoy the authentic
cuisine. There is nothing like it here. Thanks 

Автор samann95014 ( назад)
missing my bambaiya vada pav. dont even mention mcdonalds.

Автор Kimi Orcutt ( назад)
@manoj0072006 you mean McDonalds? what is mcdonalad lol im just messing.
but it is McDonalds...... also i hate their food BLECH

Автор luckystar8247 (757 лет назад)
last bread ne tava clean kardiya lol 

Автор moonjannatstar ( назад)
omggg.. this looks soo yummy.. i used to have these indian burgers when i
was really small.. than i moved to Canada.. and i haven't eaten these in
like what? 12 YEARS..

Автор Эд Красный ( назад)
@jowrab ...even worse

Автор aslambhai123211 ( назад)
they using so much butter yaar only for video??

Автор Tanay Patel ( назад)
100 % shreeji vada pau ,,,,vastra pur ... omg i miss this place !!!

Автор Эд Красный ( назад)
What disturbs me is all of them use their bare hands to handle buns....
even the guy receiving the money!!! that's not a good hygiene habit...

Автор pmgurjar ( назад)
I would kill to eat them!

Автор russell king ( назад)
awesome yar .. miss it yar,, i l come india,,, wait just 5 month

Автор Kharek Ahmedabad ( назад)
not good not bed

Автор Kharek Ahmedabad ( назад)
good not bed

Автор Bhavik soni ( назад)
Shreeji wada pav Vastrapur na lage chhe...

Автор AMIT PANCHAL ( назад)
nice video from VIJAY 4 rasta......good dude

Автор Vikram 20 ( назад)
No place like Gujarat! Go Modi and long live Gujarat!

Автор AnirbanC ( назад)
I want vada pav from the last set of pavs at 1:10

Автор Darshit Patel ( назад)
i cant belive its not butterrrr hahah yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!

Автор Tiger Soupe ( назад)
@rameshk82 its better and healtheir than the shitty processed meat
mcchicken & mcdonalds cheese(beef) burgers! guess you love that shitty
greesed up meat burgers!

Автор OMGawkwardTURTLE ( назад)
that looks so incredibly spicy XD

Автор madisonelectronic ( назад)
You are right, you should go home, jerkmeat. Have a porkchop before you go.

Автор vanpat1987 ( назад)
saru madam, ema gusse kem thao cho? santi santi ! ...

Автор vanpat1987 ( назад)
to jato re pacho, kone kidhu tu ahiya aavanu ! tapori

Автор vanpat1987 ( назад)
be aana karta to hu gher mast banau !!

Автор bibesh limbu ( назад)
rofl u think this is better that mc donals fuuck off indian people u think
indian food is better than every thing i like indian food but that dont
mean its better than other food

Автор smssr84 ( назад)
omg so much butter!!! but it looks soooooooooooo yummy for sure!!

Автор Swapneel Kale ( назад)
r u from Capgemini?

Автор lifewater1234 ( назад)
Its Methi Masala !

Автор parthiv2eng (555 лет назад)
U r right man.........I'm loving it

Автор Patel Swapnil ( назад)
i missing tht, ymmm

Автор anshal00 ( назад)
now thats wat i call vada pav...wer is it at???.i am going to india
soon...and i am gonna go there..

Автор 04ec429 ( назад)
its municipal market at cgroad... kya din the wo bhi,,, yar.... m missin
amdavad a lot....

Автор proudesi ( назад)
i wana eat those vada pav's so badly.........

Автор Krishnah Kalz ( назад)
Bugar missed out, or cheated. One Pav(bread) is short of one vada
goli(Stuffing) .. yeh nahi ho sakta.. This cannot be !!!!! But lemme tell
you guys... this is a great dish to have in the evenings with a cup of
strong ginger tea... Wahhhhhh quite refreshing...

Автор shortdevil2 ( назад)
mmmmmmmm delicious

Автор Jaimin Patel ( назад)
bus avi ketlu dil dukhdso

Автор Fid ( назад)
ah damn, it is actually. didn't wait until the wadas came out lol.

Автор Fid ( назад)
lol that's not wada-pav man.

Автор Shilpa ( назад)
Girish ni mithi lassi Anand na pauv bhaji oh my God...i am getting crazy
after watching this yummy video. By the way this time I think they were
using extra butter because they noticed that they were being filmed
otherwise they dont use so much butter...and you can always tell them to
use less butter when you order!! Cool for the video!!

Автор Tejas Patel ( назад)
get lost you germ freak pansy

Автор Tejas Patel ( назад)
heart attack coming up!!!

Автор loik345 ( назад)
look same like pau bhaji

Автор shortdevil2 ( назад)
i want this now. man this brings back memories

Автор Krutik Shah ( назад)
If god ever asked me for 3 vardaan...one would definitely be 1 Butter
Vadapau with Extra Hot chatni!!!

Автор Krutik Shah ( назад)
Ohh Man!!! There is nothing like Vadapau of Vijay Charrasta...i m in US n
rightnow showing this videos to americans n telling them what they r
missing in life :) I can even smell them rightnow :) Thanks a lot for
posting this!

Автор RH P ( назад)
thats vijay chaar rasta. rite next to r.k. shit these reminds me of
vadapaav in india and all other great food which is only available there.
appriciate it dawg

Автор Shilpusuresh ( назад)
Thanks again for posting it

Автор Shilpusuresh ( назад)
My dad and I had enjoyed this video together before he passed away a few
months ago. He is from Maninagar in Amdavad and was recalling his
experiences. I love the noises of vehicles in the background. Don't know
why its so soothing, like being back home

Автор Shilpusuresh ( назад)
The bread pieces on the left did not get buttered enough. Is that for a low
fat request?

Автор Aditya Kothare ( назад)
ya man this wada pav looks yummy

Автор shortdevil2 ( назад)
mare pan khavu chai

Автор Nupur Mathur ( назад)
nice one yo! gimme summadat makhan!

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