DRACULA vs OTTOMAN : the real story

Vlad Dracul existed. He was the king of Wallachia.
He was a crazy and sanguinary prince of torture.
His country was situated just next the Turkish Ottoman empire...So he was not only tolerated by christians but also approved by the pope himself !...
It is incredible...

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Автор Traficant De Pufarine ( назад)
If there are people who say that Turks generally win, then you have to look
on a world map, to see which countries are christian countries and who are
muslim countries. The Ottoman Empire could not pass beyond us, we were a
barrier in the way of islam.

Автор Rory Gibbons ( назад)
Turks are infidels Romanians are Christian, therefore Romanians are better.

Автор Rory Gibbons ( назад)
yes I liked him times where tough he stopped Islam cold

Автор Rory Gibbons ( назад)
he wasn't Evil, he is a Hero in Rumania, he saved that part of Europe from
the Muslims

Автор էհε հսռ էսгĸ TM ( назад)
Dracul got rekt by badass turks

Автор Yavuz Selim ( назад)
Kardeşim Bugünlerde Bu video çok işe yaradı :D.

Автор Saeed Mustafa ( назад)
There is a mistake right at the end of the documentary. Radu doesnt die and
Vlad wasn't killed by the Sultaan's hired assassin. Radu killed his brother
Vlad by cutting his head off because of what he did to the 23,000 innocent
people he killed and impaled.

Автор Saeed Mustafa ( назад)
There is a mistake right at the end of the documentary. Radu doesnt die and
Vlad wasn't killed by the Sultaan's hired assassin. Radu killed his brother
Vlad by cutting his head off because of what he did to the 23,000 innocent
people he killed and impaled.

Автор Daniel Tuibeo ( назад)

Автор Cheryl Montoya ( назад)
Dracula (Prince Vlad Tepes) is highly regarded in Romania and Texas. -
Cheryl B.Montoya

Автор Syed ( назад)
What is the documentary name?
The recent movie elevated dracula in to something else :) 

Автор Dani N ( назад)

Автор Fatih “Turksta1986” mehmet ( назад)
he is a sick demented fu[k head.... i hope he burns in hell for good.

Автор mammaTurki ( назад)
romanian means gypsy... homeland of them.. gypsies can not rule from vienna
to persian gulf for 500 years

Автор Exnihilo25 ( назад)

Автор Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist ( назад)
really???????well,maybe this would happen,but not in this Universe.

Автор Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist ( назад)
stupid american bastard,we,the balcanic people, save our Christianity and
our own Languages,because we never stop to resist against the
turks!!!!!!shut your dirty mouth and don't talk about things you don't

Автор Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist ( назад)
well,maybe you're right and Dracula really died like a whore.but before
that he made turks looks like whores.

Автор Danika The Wild Cat Cronqwist ( назад)
shit,man,i don't want to say this,but you chalenge me. you,the ottomans,are
like plague.your ruined all the things you touched durring the ages.no
wonder that the world hates you.

Автор Alex Pare ( назад)
Im related to him

Автор funktopp ( назад)
what about when they raided the capitol in the 1800's ? the Bashi-Bazouk's
(Afro-Turkish mercenaries/looters didn't get regular pay so when they where
in your country they looted and burned and stole people into slavery
without any contempt of what they where doing! almost a Fascist-Religious
behavior is the only way i can describe it with!

Автор funktopp ( назад)
No not Gypsy's but Muhammadan's everybody will turn into frenzy wild beast
after having those Devil worshipers as Neighbors for century's! i can
understand him! i begin to hate them just as much after seing what they are
doing Slowly but surely everywhere else! killing of all other
non-Muhammadan's VLAD TEPES got the answer to how to defend yourself
against all odds, RIP Vlad.

Автор Romania505 ( назад)
Vlad was disperately to defend our country from gypsys from Turkey !

Автор Tolga Yerlikaya ( назад)
Those who insult the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, the Turks defeated general
:), so it is no surprise that the States...Vlad Tepes was a man of evil,
but this evil Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror sent to Hell forever !!!! Long

Автор kooytsito86 ( назад)

Автор kooytsito86 ( назад)
Vlad fucked turkish army with a trick!!!ahahaha GAY TURKEY

Автор Nickname997 ( назад)
Romanians were not taken as janissaries because Romania was a vassal, it
was only in directly controlled regions like Serbia Bulgaria Greece and
Albania. Learn history and btw janissaries were only a small part of the
Ottoman Army. The majority were Akinci and Sipahi.

Автор varain2 ( назад)

Автор varain2 ( назад)
who teached you to speak in this way?your family?your teachers?

Автор Dedu ( назад)
American pig,Vlad the empailer it's a hero four us and fuck you in the ass
whith a empailer;)

Автор Dedu ( назад)
Vlad the empailer it's a hero four us,romanian people because Vlad love
romanian people and protect us and our
religion,christian-ortodox.....Romania it's only latin ortodox country in
the world,after Bizantin Empire,we brother!!!

Автор SAMI ELCI ( назад)
how they want to show different site of perfect TURKISH people... they will
stay jealous until end of world!

Автор XxXDarkPepsyXxX ( назад)
Prince Vlad rulles! :))

Автор İlker Yüceler ( назад)
its likely would be the same if other nation did the conquer. this is war
there is no dignity in war every conqueror nation rapes kills and burns the
cities. not just ottomans

Автор utkua ( назад)
only people he was able to impale were his own people not Turks, he was a
sadist, crazy man. Turks played the game of thrones just like anyone else,
it was the age conquer or get conquered, your weak regimes justified their
useless existence by making you believe they are there to protect you from
"devil" Turks. If even remotely Turks were as cruel as you have been told,
Balkans would not be full of Christians who speak their own language, and
live their own land, after 500 years of Ottoman rule

Автор ahmet hilde (1671 год назад)
our sultan should have impaled him(dracula) in front of his own people

Автор Nickname997 ( назад)
People are really exaggerating the life of Vlad the pig, he didnt achieve
anything only that he impaled thousands of innocent men women and children
and that is also what people remembered of him. The entire image of Vlad
being a succesfull resistance fighter is based on romantic nationalist
propoganda which was invented in the 19th century as the newly developing
Romanian state needed a hero, even accepting/creating an artifical one.

Автор Hector kasap ( назад)
im a turk muslim but what a hard cunt wow

Автор gogoasacenusie (161 год назад)
@elysium76 , ahahhhaa you owned that muslim bitch :D ( i bet he doesn't
even know what an oxymoron is :D)

Автор elysium76 ( назад)
@Egyptianknight24 your tag name is an oxymoron.

Автор blackwolfturk58 ( назад)
We Ottomans are everywhere and again we will sure rule the world.dont
forget that you fan of a blodd sucker shit heads we ottomans are the swords
of God .and for almost 600 years we fighted against devil and threated even
jewis and christians fair.you shits learned even shitting from us.at middle
age even kings shits on themselves they didnt have any baht even in their
palaces.if you love this son of the bitch go past and suck his dick!!!

Автор elysium76 ( назад)
@yourmumstube78 jaja, I do know my history, thank you very much. If you say
great scholars of the world know this, then please entertain this forum
with sources. The Ottomons conquered Constantinople, and with that,
inherited the culture legacy of the Roman Empire. The Ottomans contributed
very litte, but suck the vitality of the Eastern Roman Empire

Автор EyeInTheSky ( назад)
Wow what an epic failure of a monster, kills his own people brutally and
gets a spanking from hungarians and the Ottamans. I hope he suffered in
death and burns eternally in hell for what he put his own people through

Автор EyeInTheSky ( назад)
@elysium76 yes probably allot worse considering how the Ottmans educated
and bettered the world. Learn your history all the great scholar's of the
world agree to this

Автор Ozan Şanlı ( назад)
@MisterBadNews yeah he did very well what he had to do while drinking blood
and having breakfast while watching impaled people .... Best Motherfucker
ever Vlad The Impaler

Автор ogunelbetgelecek ( назад)
@meserschmitt1 Good Boy :)))

Автор ogunelbetgelecek ( назад)
@meserschmitt1 We are not European and do not want to never do that. We are
proud to our history and roots. We are coming from central asia,
Turkistan!! Not mongolia. We are not a mongolic you poor boy. We are
Turanic race. Same at the Hungarians, Bulgarians, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,
Kazahstan, Tacikistan. And this race fucked all europians, read your
schoolbook. And who are you? Nothing!! fake blood sucker, reel cock sucker.

Автор berke657 ( назад)
your christians are crazy...

Автор ogunelbetgelecek ( назад)
Go back mongolia? I dont think so. We are not mongol and Mongolia in the
East. In fact we think we have to go to the west :) we are pedofiliac or
not, you know when we get there. Your barbarian Vlad and you suck ours dick.

Автор gogoasacenusie ( назад)
Vlad Tepes is a hero not only of Romania but also entire Europe

Автор elysium76 ( назад)
@Gitanes1972 were did you get 600 years? Moron, Constinople was conquered
in 1453, and the Ottoman empire disolved after World War I. That is not 600
years. Also, the Ottomans did not tolerate Christians, I Suppose you over
looked this detail, that the Ottomans kidnapped Christian children and
covert them to Muslims, and forced them in Their army, I think they were
called Janissaries,

Автор srtor ( назад)
Better read a book

Автор mikealphalimaindia ( назад)
He ain't shit.West overexegrates him.If u want to respect somebody respect
the Order of St John or Don Juan of Austria.Also,many scholars would agree
if there wasn't the book of Stoker's Dracula nobody would have known him
except Romanians!this vid is very biased,there is info changed.for
instance,he wasn't assasinated he died in battle!Many Romanians will say he
kept the Turks away,but Turks wanted tribute(tax) and they got it.they
wanted whole Europe who cares about crappy Romania hahaha cCc

Автор slayizm ( назад)
datz totally american style man... they make everything salabale...

Автор Crawlin123 ( назад)
@KaRaKiTaY The storry it`s not true ^^ , he impaled like 20 men

Автор Viorel ( назад)
Vlad did what he had to do. Remember, in the same time, Catholic church
burned people and did terror in the name of God. And never helped our
crossboard. Stop throwing mud to this man!

Автор KaRaKiTaY ( назад)
He was the Hitler of Midage.

Автор KaRaKiTaY ( назад)
@Atmblkfm Yeah. They grew up together and were like brothers. But Vlad
Tepes began to impale turkish citizens, so in the end he paid it with his

Автор KaRaKiTaY ( назад)
He was a tyrant and impaled innocent people. That's why he paid this with
his head.

Автор mikealphalimaindia ( назад)
It seems Turks fucked his brain up when little. He even learned impaling
from Turks

Автор ratzP . (1454 года назад)
Dracula was very good at making Turkish doner kebabs,,,he use to impelled
the Turks and leave them to die in agony for days,,shame eh? viva Dracula
viva Makarios viva Sarkozy viva Netanyahu viva ATA-gay-Kemal

Автор Alberto Fernandez (98 лет назад)
otomani se fut in cur

Автор DudeTheCrazy ( назад)
@TheBeowolf88 fuck u muslim scum are like diesise and a plague

Автор DudeTheCrazy ( назад)
@cengizsogutlu fuck the islam scum

Автор Cengiz söğütlü ( назад)
bla bla bla = ottoman win this war fuck vlad

Автор Abasss23 ( назад)
@Varangian1915 "God bless Vlad" waw u need therapy, the man killed people
for sport.

Автор SonOttoman ( назад)
@Varangian1915 Son of bicht. Shout your fucking mouth and read history,You
will understand how ur fucking ancients begged to ottoman.We dominated to
world 700 years.Where r u in the history books,Maybe just 2 or 3 page
:)))))) Son of bitch you can just speak on internet.If you are a man come
to Turkey and try to say what u said..But i am sure 100 percent when you
and people like you come to Turkey.They pissed to jeans.Son of bicht

Автор TransilvaniaROU ( назад)
@karsiatak shut the fuck up asshole. Man with no history!

Автор karsiatak ( назад)

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus haha, and yours are beggin for a meatpole, eh?

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus haha your comment made me laugh, by the way, if you don't give
a shit, ah i mean ''pee'', then you shouldn't tell me to go and improve my

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus oh just shut up, where did those turkified greeks come from?
now every greeks think that they are Ottomans... oh great.. time to answer
some foolish comments >:/

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@aegeangreece rape/slaughter? your sick aren't you? maybe something like
that happened but the intention of the ottomans is NEVER to slaughter and
rape its forbidden, The ottoman empire was a holy empire a caliphate they
never did such things, but the mongols they raped and killed in baghdad,
but not the ottoman turks. And killing and conquering was something normal
back in that times, you can't call conquerors for barbarians, in that time
if you said that, they would laugh at your face.

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus ''Do somethin about ur education idiot.'' i think you should
learn spellings and grammar yourself you stupid filthy swine. listen pal,
Turks don't have racism in their blood, its just terrorists that make us
hate, and enemies who sting us like you makes us hate, but not talk shit
about every fucking day.. You racist cunt fuck off

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus you kurd/greek snake spreading lies, ill cut your lying
posinous tounge out

Автор LoneWolf ( назад)
@axatoramus you are really sick, an d narrowed minded yourself, you can't
accept our greatness and now look how bullcrap you bring

Автор erniac ( назад)
vlad the impaler sucks... Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Rocks like a hurricane ;)
even the dracula goes to hell.. he'll find him.. what a great army..

Автор Stefan DT ( назад)
This is heresy..You poisoned the history of a loyal wise and generous
leader with legends and non senses. You make me sick.

Автор Aaron Suleyman ( назад)
Vlads brother was a Muslim btw!

Автор WarGreymon ( назад)
@S1587915G ??? WTF ?! Even if something like could happen all Turks would
became SkyWolves and kill the motherfucker easily !!!

Автор burakkk55 ( назад)
fuck dracula.bastard.

Автор fahd090078601 ( назад)
@LupuArdelean u live in romania?

Автор Ander96Alex ( назад)
Stupid americans.He wasn't a murderer.This was a punishment at that time.

Автор burakkk55 ( назад)
@KHAANofMONGOL fuck your mongolian blood!!!!!!we fuck your mother!!! Türk
düşmanı köpek seni!!! WE R TÜRK!!!!!!!!!

Автор DacianKingdom ( назад)
THE SCORE Stefan cel Mare 10 - Turks 0

Автор DacianKingdom ( назад)
@djsoydan turks suck dick!

Автор DacianKingdom ( назад)

Автор Frankcastle522 ( назад)
@agnostosxxxx I am sure Charles Martel had nothing to do with defending
Christianity. Columbus went west specifically because the Turks took the
trade roots east. But I agree with you Vlad was a sick man but an effective
leader and a defender of Europe. I admire him. I also do not value the

Автор marimar marmelia ( назад)

Автор marimar marmelia ( назад)
foarte prost inteleasa istoria in acest documentar

Автор marimar marmelia ( назад)

Автор Miguel Corleone ( назад)
@stargazer1907 the evil muhammed said all muslims should be anally impaled
by a penis

Автор chyrd ( назад)
@agnostosxxxx what's ridiculous is how you want to say that a guy who ran
your area for a very short time 600 years ago... was such a great guy...
Now I give you that he defended his country from the ottoman's... but at
what price? He had a scorched earth policy where he destroyed his own
villages... and although I'm sure the bulk of those he executed were
enemies... he did have a taste for execution so severe.... that he would
kill his own people on a whim... So keep that in perspective.

Автор karsiatak ( назад)

Автор ImSoHoodBaby ( назад)
ottomans fucked draculas wife he was upset because of this hahaha

Автор uboot1967 ( назад)
How stupid can you be?Dracula was the impaler of non christians
also.Dracula has never turned to darkness....

Автор Deschain 19 ( назад)
in case you didnt know dracula has turned to darkness....fuck christ fuck
religion fuck grecce!!!

Автор uboot1967 ( назад)
Yes,but Dracula impaled you....

Автор Muhammad Hafiidz ( назад)
The Turks are victorious! ALLAHUEKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

Автор John Mason ( назад)
You asked a question and i answered it. The truth it seems though, is that
you have long since made your mind up. There is nothing anyone can show or
tell you to remove the indoctrination you have suffered. The Ottomans Turks
actually saved many Europeans from the Catholic Inquisitions. And how
ironic that you see a blood thirsty murderor as your hero. Dracula killed
far more of his own people then the Turks ever did. Also the Catholic
churched banned the orthodox church, learn something.

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