L297/L298 Stepper Controller/Driver controlled by iduino

This is one of the controller/driver circuits for our 3d printer project. Still needs current limiting and heatsinking. Arduino sends step and direction to the l297.

Schematic I used http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/image_cache/httpwww.tvsonline.netdfinkcontroldiagram.gif

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Автор jatin batra (1 год)
So basically you have only two input pins connected to Arduino , one for
the STEP and other for DIRECTION ?
What about the clock pin and enable pin ?
I was thinking to pull them up to VCC.
What software, firmware are you using for your 3d printer ?
Are you running your motors by sending Gcodes from a software like
'gcodesender'. Please let me know 

Автор MattAnonymous (1 год)
Added it to the description.

Автор ohiocomputerguy (2 года)
can you share the circuit?

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