300 miles per gallon car in action

You know it. You want it.
300 miles per gallon car

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Автор Bruco Alidas ( назад)
No wonder they killed it!

Автор Dan Livni ( назад)
This car never came out.

Автор Kent Peterson ( назад)
So I would only have to fill my tank once going from FL to NY on a round trip.

Автор muhammad elyas ( назад)
whats that dark red sports car at the start?? it looks really good

Автор George Ortiz ( назад)
What happened to the Aptera?  Another one bites the Dust?

Автор MOISES F IZURIETA ( назад)
If this car goes for sale the other car makers will file bankruptcy. 

Автор MOISES F IZURIETA ( назад)
That's right K Money. They would prefer to kill the inventor instead of helping the humanity.

Автор Super Directive ( назад)
Recent cars.

Автор K Money ( назад)
So 6 years later and its still not on the market? Fuck you America and your corrupt ass government

Автор BroccoliBeefed ( назад)
Aldenif, did you flunk math or something? What a dolt.

Автор BroccoliBeefed ( назад)
I don't care what kind of gas mileage it gets, it's hideous!

Автор Psnbuddies4life ( назад)
@Aldenif 300mpg with a 10 gallon tank is 3,000miles on a tank dummy

Автор Iksr Alquyuud ( назад)
RIP Aptera!

Автор Daniel Naranjo ( назад)
the car doesn't look safe next to trucks

Автор frankenstrat25 ( назад)
Its true, cars like these will cause huge gas rises. That is, if gas companies don't buy the people out and completely destroy the blueprints and the car

Автор fawkUtube ( назад)
When cars get 300 miles to the gallon, a gallon of gas will cost 100 dollars.... it's simple economics.

Автор HatcheDWheeL ( назад)
Americans have no idea what high gas prices are

Автор Luke Ortego ( назад)
The goverment wouldnt allow this because of how much gassoline makes them.

Автор jose amram ( назад)
the company went out of business, not even one was sold to the public.

Автор Austin Lee ( назад)
are you saying that butterflys have vaginas to fart out of?

Автор kdub03301986 ( назад)
i'd sell my kidney to OPEC if they wud let us have this technology

Автор Requinix17 ( назад)
Why does it have to be so extreme? I'd settle for a mere 100 mpg for some extra room, safety, and to make it so it doesn't blow away with a strong gust of wind.

Автор ChrisyLuxembourg ( назад)
I'm sorry Mr.Fambro, I'd taken a Mitsubishi i-MiEV now....

Автор MarkVL ( назад)
I don't care how much miles it does on a gallon, i think it looks cool and futuristic and that's why í'd want one if the price is right

Автор PowerPC ( назад)
ok, now, crash test that shit.

Автор KrunchyJD ( назад)
Rubbish. The cost to govt overall of everyone driving, particularly big heavy cars, far exceeds the revenue.

Автор KrunchyJD ( назад)
The govt needs to do the unpopular thing, but the right thing, and that is to drastically increasethe tax on petrol/ gasolene, then people will buy these vehicles.

Автор circusboy90210 ( назад)
evidently you don't know about advanced materials or composite construction cars weighing about 1800 lbs go over 235 mph and wreck at over 205 without killing the driver. steel is out. there is nothing conflicting about science or reality.

Автор circusboy90210 ( назад)
no, lack of funding did, and lack of customers coupled with an unwillingness to sell outside of the state of California. big oil does not have that kind of power.

Автор helterskelter416 ( назад)
big oil made them run out of money. also the government doesn't want to see their tax revenue go bye bye.

Автор David G ( назад)
I bet the government shut them down, they wouldn't see enough revenue from gasoline sales. faggots.

Автор 19andypand (1790 лет назад)

Автор bakersfieldmusicnow (270 лет назад)
i want one!!!!!!! someone call me 661 326 1604 tee

Автор James that guy ( назад)
Aptera company folded in Dec. 2011, cited cash flow problems. They had to start refunding deposits. Not enough investors and not enough pre-buyers. Msrp = approx. 28,000. Angry employeees even smashed some of the new cars in the warehouse.

Автор Cody McWhorter ( назад)
Where the hell is it????????

Автор Rizqi Story ( назад)
well , don't make it crash then .

Автор JoeKickass324 ( назад)
if it crashed with a motorcycle this thing would crumble!

Автор colihondro ( назад)
...something on the market in the next 6 months... but this was uploaded in 2008

Автор Pseud0Link (1731 год назад)
And if you crash into someone, you die instantly. Good deal.

Автор kombibus ( назад)
The company went belly up when they ran out of funding. They were charging 100k per vehicle. That theory is a no starter.

Автор BeeryUSA ( назад)
Well, that's the same with any car. If an 18-wheeler hits any car on the market, the occupants of that car have the exact same chances of living that a cyclist has. Airbags only mitigate minor collisions. This is just one of many reasons why driving a car is no safer than riding a bike.

Автор pjmrees ( назад)
that's great until you the 18 wheeler next to you doesn't see you....

Автор jack parker ( назад)
well i guess we didnt get it in 6 months

Автор dan3nad ( назад)
@lavamanbearpig shit ill get one & go fuckin huntin wit it drive all around the west coast mountians with my 12 guage shot gun & i dont fuckin care how gay people think i look in it cause im gettin 300mpg.....u probably drive a shitty 4runner wit off road tires gettin 10mpg workin all week just 2 pay ur monthly gas bill

Автор Tim Lewis ( назад)
It has this cute, dolphin like, Eva like quality to it.

Автор Juan Tornini ( назад)
@MrBeastnare Are you retarded or you're trolling?

Автор The Millennial Mindset ( назад)
you can ask them to make a car for $65000 but will save that in 8 years

Автор rextuner03 ( назад)
@Libertysand1 From what I have read it actually exceeds all current NHTSA requirements. Hard to believe I know but somehow it does.

Автор Heinrich ( назад)
I'll buy it when it flys

Автор joseph gulley ( назад)
Not going to happen

Автор Jason G ( назад)
I'd like to see a crash test of that vehicle. You might get 300 miles to the gallon but you'll have to avoid every freeway from So Cal. That thing is a death trap!

Автор mjmjg ( назад)
It is a shame that the goverment will NEVER let us own one of these wonders. What a shame!!

Автор Skinny Minx ( назад)
90 miles per hour thats not very fast!!!

Автор controledinsanity ( назад)
Well it is now 2011. Can these be bought yet.

Автор PghGingerKid ( назад)
@texasinstrument82 im getting a little impatient.

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
@brownspider64 I'm pretty sure no one actually owns one of these cars yet. They are still patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
@brownspider64 Does anyone actually own one of these cars now? Or is the company still getting it in the works?

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
Have to admit, If you saw one of these coming down the road it would definitley turn heads.

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
I would consider one if It cost 15,000

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
Wow, look at all the tax dollars at the pump the government will lose when we start getting 300 miles per gallon.

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel look buddy :), the car LOOKS fucking RETARDED.. and will have people laugh at you if you drive it. end of story. I rather drive a fucking hummer than this piece of shit.

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel okay then "Einstein" what happens when a blizzard comes.. and theres snow on the screet with heavy winds and your mothers diying with no means on transportation except that jetsons car.. your telling me that little thing will get you where u need to go in a blizzard? lol good luck

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel ...and the motor is STILL very weak. what happens if that thing does on a highway and a semi truck races past it. the wind will blow that thing away.

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel easy.. something sexy. take a look at the Bugatti, sure it burns fuel like an RV.. but its aerodynamic..AND SEXY.. take a look at ANY bmw, sexy also.. oh yeah and lets not forget a Lamborghini murcielago. ALL of those cars have NICE aerodynamic and has a nice stylish body. but their not the most "green" car. not due to the aerodynamics but the beastly engine. And i HIGHLY doubt the jetsons car would drive through snow good, and plus VERY weak motor.

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel no shit aerodynamics has alot to do with it, still dosn't mean you have to make a fucking car look like a bar of soad on wheels

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel just cause a car is 300 mpg dont mean it has to look fucking retarded. dont get me wrong a 300mpg is amazing..ONLY if it looks good.

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel lol you're dumb if you think car designs are the same from "decades" ago. did you not notice ANYTHING thats going on? every year a new design for a car comes out. and guess what, IT ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A CAR instead of this jetsons piece of shit

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
@shardsofsteel because i dont want this countrys future looking like "iRobot". retarded ass looking cards everywhere. this car is literally the most retarded thing i have seen. its not even a car.. WTF can u put in it? u cant have that car if you have kids cuz its a 2 seater. NO room for even to fart inside that "thing".

Автор russiangrim ihategoogleplus ( назад)
id actaully buy it... if it didnt look so fucking retarded.. god, why cant hybrids look normal.. i mean why futuristic? this isnt fucking the jetsons

Автор gomotion ( назад)
I will defienetly pay about £999999999999999.99 for all these cool new cars

Автор Broghan Mullowney ( назад)
it may be good for your wallet but what about against enviroment eh? Cause i live in Montana and it can get really bad since most roads are plowed very poorly. and no we don't ride horse, we don't all live on a farm, or have all dirt roads, or all have trucks. yet almost everyone owns a truck

Автор Mario Comparan ( назад)
wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thats good, lmfao

Автор Drake McSwaggieswag ( назад)
couldnt they make it look a tad bit cooler? XP

Автор texasinstrument82 ( назад)
what happens if you leave CA and once you arrive in NY your Aptera needs maintenance? Your screwed??

Автор ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ ( назад)

I look like a total fag taking your mother up the ass, but I still enjoy it.
And should do you. :D

Автор iiTristin ( назад)
yeah go ahead and get your 300mpg... while looking like a total fag...

Автор Dizy Tizy ( назад)
@budmorgan23 Cut your balls off and make life easier for yourself.

Автор Dizy Tizy ( назад)
@Hotrodx199 When oil prices spike in the decade I seriously doubt you will be able to buy diesel. Why do you think we previewing electric cars here???

Автор Hotrodx199 ( назад)
Diesels are the future, we need more diesels.

Автор hailfire82997 ( назад)
how the fuck does it get 300 mpg when its not gas??

Автор galacliva ( назад)
@Aldenif it is a single gallon the guys telling the story is a moron 300 miles per gallon this car gets..

Автор redghost105 ( назад)
why cant they make hybrid cars look like ferraris or lamborhinis?
ya its not as aerodynamic but id rather have a car that gets 200mpg and look awesome compared to 300mpg and look like a fag

Автор invadingnimrod ( назад)
sure if theres more people in the car it would use more fuel and also if its going uphill at all

Автор dragonamt ( назад)
@drsta84 well it’s classified as a motorcycle and it's a helluva lot safer than a motorcycle, and gets a lot better gas millage, but to my knowledge they never actually reached the 300 mpg mark in real world driving, it was more like 145, which is still astounding. Those new composites are a lot sturdier than they look, but more mass will always win in a collision regardless of structural strengths. I am just glad they are actually getting close to production after so many delays.

Автор MoskowFreak1111 ( назад)
looks stable and easy to control

Автор MoskowFreak1111 ( назад)
@drsta84 and expensive

Автор vinielol ( назад)
main reason this doesn;t catch on!!!

Ïs that oil companies would go bankrupt if everyone would drive such a vehicle.

Автор Roman500 ( назад)
but in the end,.. you gotta realise something like this will never catch on.

noone is telling me this plastic thing is safe when you crash it. it looks stupid as well. they shouldve put the shit in a normal car that's already out there, then it wouldve been 3k more expensive, would only go 150-200/gallon, look good and would be safe.

something like that would surely catch on.

Автор OneOfaKind949 ( назад)
So why not use a clean diesel engine that can recharge the battery much more efficiently... Use the same efficient diesel engine as the VW TDI... that engine gets 58 mpg's I bet it can even do better in the aptera.

Автор adamY2K (671 год назад)
what would happen if you crashed it?


Автор silverbird58 ( назад)
type in "tom ogle fuel story"

Автор insAneTunA ( назад)
check this video: SHELL OIL 1973 OPEL 300 PLUS MPG

Автор me5g435rg ( назад)
that car looks tight

Автор sleeperjd317 ( назад)
i live in montana where there are a lot of trucks that weigh like 6000-7000lbs so i wouldn't feel safe in that car, plus they would make fun of me. some of the guys i know made a game of using their installed diesel dumps that dump it in the headers to create a smoke screen (tanks use it too) anyway they aim their exhausts into open hybrid windows and fill em with smoke. its really funny to watch. i cant imagine that wouldn't happen in one of these, plus im more into performance cars anyway.

Автор sleeperjd317 ( назад)
until we clean up powerplants electric though, electric cars cause about the same amount of pollution, just indirectly. their power is derived from the burning of coal in powerplants, which causes many times more pollution than burning gasoline. Plus the batteries in these cars are several times as bad for the environment than normal batteries. The batteries are far larger and more powerful and need to store electricity for longer, which requires using far more highly toxic chemicals

Автор ninjabluewings ( назад)

Автор sleeperjd317 ( назад)
eww its unacceptably ugly though, and i cant imagine its even legally safe or handles well at all, plus most people would laugh at you. not at all worth it in my book. get a new civic, 40mpg, it looks really good, its much safer, no one will laugh at you. it will only set you back $17k for a well equiped lx. this electric car has most likely bad reliability, and will quickly be outdone so it will depreciate in value like you wouldn't believe

Автор Manuel Guerrero ( назад)
fantastic and very beautiful friendship with my 5 *.

Автор Darko Djunisijevic ( назад)
Very interesting!

Автор Chris VM Costa I. ( назад)
excellent and informative !!! thanks

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