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Sho puts on a riveting - and totally logical - show while Kodi, watching in the mirror, gets quite annoyed when it's over.

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Автор Neko Ong ( назад)
Kodi: human, where you've been?
( •́.•̀ ) he makes me feel guilty let him stay at home without human.

Автор 꿀벅지길정산 ( назад)
Kodi the Rich !!

Автор Pumkin The Fox ( назад)
Just counting the money making sure you can buy her some more cat food and
Or maybe she's just testing the gravity?

Автор culwin ( назад)
First they figure out gravity, next calculus.

Автор Snufaay ( назад)
I just love how my cat keeps looking for Kodi behind my speakers

Автор Trenesa Rhodes ( назад)
Shorty likes the sound. Poor Kodi, falling coins don't always mean humans
are there.

Автор Sand Sand ( назад)
love kodi, beautiful and lovely cat

Автор PoolNoodle Warrior ( назад)
Shorty looks just like my beautiful Carla cat. She was also a trouble
maker.....I miss her so much 😢

Автор Lois Griffin ( назад)
Ah poor Kodi wants more!

I love these two

Автор Shajirr ( назад)
if it is this fun to just drop things, imagine what would happen if the
cats learned to set things on fire

Автор Jennifer Lamb ( назад)
Don't you realize how impawtant this gravity testing IS?

Автор Kathy Bohs ( назад)
Yes they miss us!

Автор Per Pettersson ( назад)
She's just checking the probability of how often its heads up.

Автор STAG162 ( назад)
For cats, it's simple. Push something until it moves by itself, albeit
temporarily. There's the fun factor. If it moves by itself without pushing
it, then it's worth chasing. =)

Автор Klown ( назад)
Just makin sure gravity works

Автор Lyn Eggleston ( назад)
Now, human slave, hurry up and put them back up again!!

Автор Giggle Gal ( назад)
Love it!

Автор asankaw1 ( назад)
Cody has grown to be a tall (long) cat .. and that powerful voice.. :D

Автор venniey ( назад)
My cat was immediately concerned when she heard Kodi start meowing. She
started looking for where the cat was. I loved seeing Shorty knock the
coins on the floor. Very cute.

Автор GerbilCakePants ( назад)
Omg... When Kodi started complaining my cat totally walked into the room
and started looking around for the source of the sound. He was so
confused... silly kitty.

Автор Jason Bergie ( назад)
She's counting the money to see if you have enough to buy her catnip

Автор Jay Cee ( назад)
Kodi the Tattletale 😂

Автор Butters The Bean ( назад)
I was waiting for Shorty to knock over the bottles behind her.

Автор ergooden ( назад)
you're an odd little beast, Shorty. XD
I can see Kodi's reflection in the front of the cabinet.

Автор Judy C. ( назад)
Well Kodi had quite a lot to say about it! Love your kitties ;-)

Автор DebbyAbqNM ( назад)
Now I see Kodi in the right-hand (as we look at it) mirror in the panel of
the fancy cabinet. I think Shorty is trying to give the critters a chance:
knock them off, they are supposed to run away and she'll chase them down,
but they just fall to the ground, bounce a bit, then sit there,
unappreciative of her kindness. Maybe if she were knocking off pingpong
balls or little battery-driven cars that land up right and take off, she
would chase after them and kill them or let them survive for a more play

Автор sonia sophie ataunna ( назад)
that is funny:) and WHO would give it a dislike??? pathetic ppl!

Автор karen4you ( назад)
Kodi has my cat running back and forth trying to find the other kitty. I
replayed it stopping in between meows. Kitty entertainment!

Автор Dymeczka ( назад)

Автор Delphiris ( назад)
so much fun! Glad you mentioned the mirror. On first view I did not even
spot Kodi. Mine does the throwing down in the mornings from my dresser, if
I stay in bed too long

Автор knicklas48 ( назад)
Almost surreal...

Автор raynarayskye ( назад)
I love how the cat at the end is like, "Bro! Why you never leave shit for
me to throw on the floor? Like, you threw all of the shit on the floor.
What am I supposed to do with my afternoon? Guess I'll lick myself. Maybe
take a nap. You're an ass, bro."

Автор melagies ( назад)
wow tall cat!!!!!!

Автор Geni Russo ( назад)
Kodi is watching her like.. what´s she doing? xD There are so pretty both
of them

Автор IncrediBelleJessi ( назад)
Kodi's meowing reminds me of my parents' cat. He always starts yelling for
my dad when he's in the bathroom

Автор IncrediBelleJessi ( назад)
I'd love to take a look into a cat's brain
"what happens when I throw this down? interesting.... well what about

Автор The Playhouse Pals ( назад)
Shorty's hoping someone will walk by barefoot for a BIG surprise! Silly
clever girl. Kodi's plaintive lament is similar to Elwood's [my orange *bull
in a china shop*] =o)

Автор Hierophant of Resonance ( назад)
And yet another stellar performance!

Автор John Butler ( назад)
*blank stare* o.o

Автор blessall4ever ( назад)
i expected Kodi to conclude the session by appearing with a bag to collect
what Kodi threw down!

Автор Dragonkiss76 ( назад)
Those were scientific experiments.

Автор insanerikki ( назад)
"Shorty, come back! You were entertaining me!!!" -Kodi

Автор Natalie A ( назад)
Poor kodi, he needs a piggy bank's worth of more coins.

Автор J SMITH ( назад)
OMGOSH!!!! When KODI started meowing, MY cats jumped up out of their sleep
and came RUNNING out of the bedroom, towards the door and windows SEARCHING
for the source of that meow!!!!😃😃😃😃 They usually ignore the sounds of
other cats but Kodi's voice was so clear and piercing, they were intrigued.
It's been a good 5 mins and they are STILL looking around!

Автор hannahsaadorablecat ( назад)
Can you give Kodi a huge cuddle and a kiss for me ? He/she (sorry I don't
know the gender ) is so cute

Автор Mary Friedling ( назад)
You are an excellent Daddy. Shorty loves the change you leave for her. I
think Kodi is tattle telling. 😻

Автор Cluedo box ( назад)
one of my cats does the same thing but with heavier objects, the thunk is

Автор mmbody improv ( назад)
Sho is trying to get your attention clearly.

Автор Laura Gadille ( назад)
This is soooo Fiesta

Автор poop blossom ( назад)

Автор Ai- Chan ( назад)
O__O my cat looks just like her and is always knocking things off things...
even a bowl of water once..

Автор Cathrine Lowther ( назад)
Um... I see pennies. Doesn't she know pennies are no longer legal tender in

Автор alex goble ( назад)
one could say that Sho was making it rain...

Автор Liz 2100 B ( назад)
Man , Kodi has no remorse what so ever.

Автор breadandcircus1 ( назад)
Such a lovely video :)

Автор budcat7 ( назад)
What do you want, there's no Christmas tree to destroy so flippin' quarters
is the only thing left.😼

Автор Rolando Rios ( назад)
Holy cow!! My cat used to drink out of a container exactly like the one
under the chair! It's the disposable kind with the blue lid, isn't it?
That's a weird coincidence. He constantly gets tired of drinking out of the
same place, so every few months he changes from a bowl, to a glass, then a
different bowl, then a tupperware, then the bathroom sink, then the shower,
and he goes back and forth.


Автор Linda Ciccoli ( назад)
Kody: "Where's my change?"

Автор Kerry Mac ( назад)
She's doing a study on the odds. Is it really a 50% chance for tails? Can't
wait for her to publish her findings!

Автор ilovesunshine13 ( назад)
Heads - nap, tails - lick butt.

Автор Cruaver VoidDrake ( назад)
It would've been more amusing if Kodi had picked the coins up and put them
back on the dresser.

Автор Lideanne ( назад)
here's the money, bitch.
now dance

Автор HailAnts ( назад)
What's this one do? How about this one. And this one. That that one. Hmmm.
They all do the same thing. Well, I'm bored.

Автор Amanda Schoen ( назад)
Kodi: "Shortyyyyyyy. Come back I'm bored."

Автор Μιχάλης Κοκολίνας ( назад)
Lol cute.. but I have watched this again. Did you get bored of youtube
maybe.. your latest videos are short..

Автор Kari Medley ( назад)
This is so oddly funny

Автор LuAnn Airhart ( назад)
love me some shoko show

Автор Sarahi Ortiz ( назад)
gotta love cats tho

Автор Genevieve Brown ( назад)
IRL coin dozer

Автор ahabtheplant ( назад)
Look at little man standing up like a people! Never a dull moment.

Автор Nathalie de Vries ( назад)
Spirit animal!

Автор Amanda Elliott ( назад)
lol awe

Автор mmsora ( назад)
Kodi at the end is like why u stopped bro?

Автор Lesley O'Neil ( назад)
Fun to watch! Mine liked to do it with pens and pencils. Once, when we
moved after two years, we found a whole stash of the under a love seat, out
of range of the vacuum.

Автор Jens Cole ( назад)
He's just testing the gravity.

Автор Ulrike Handrick (Art Channel) ( назад)
Most exciting game ever - gravity!

Автор Liquid Vision ( назад)
This used to make me laugh so much with my male cat Vinny, he would watch
me put my change down on the counter and whilst I put the shopping away he
would knock one of the coins off whilst the other 3 sat and watched then
when I looked at him he would look down at the money as if to say how did
that get there, every time I looked away he would knock another one down
haha, cats are so much fun lol

Автор Fátima Deus ( назад)
So cute!

Автор AngelicLittleDevil ( назад)
Loved Kodi in the reflection too ^_^

Автор dmitriy40 ( назад)
I'm guessing this is not the first time, since the camera was set up.

Автор Ryudenki ( назад)
The folks who bottle and sell that riesling wine are pretty smart. They
know we'll buy their mediocre wine just for the cat-shaped bottles.

Автор lovelife02 ( назад)
lol this reminds me of what babies do

Автор Rose Tyler is the Bad Wolf ( назад)
What a nutter...lol

Автор Teresa Dukes (Sakura Neko) ( назад)
Kodi woke up my kitty, she's still searching for whoever was meowing. 😸

Автор FARBerserker ( назад)
a.) Sho might be a bit of an asshole O.o
b.) Poor Kodi ^^

Автор Diosa Nacional (Breezes) ( назад)
anything for entertainment! doesn't take much!

Автор dramaturgius ( назад)

Автор Jenny Juarez ( назад)
My cat does the same thing!

Автор 01sharkfin ( назад)
Kodi was waiting for the encore!

Автор Lewis Kinslayer ( назад)
I've had cats in my life most of my life and I've never had them throw
things off of my counters. They've never even liked jumping on counters.

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