OLD COMMERCIALS #1 (the 70's)

Alka Selzter ("Mama Mia!"), Hai Karate Aftershave, Dow "Scrubbing Bubbles", Bing Crosby flips pancakes for Minute Maid and 5 more.

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Автор SchmoozeMinkey ( назад)
Paul Winchell in the Scrubbing Bubbles clip. Funny as always.

Автор Eric Scroggs ( назад)
Roy Scheider in that Folgers commercial.

Автор Norma Trevino ( назад)
plop, plop fizz fizz...oh what commercial they is!

Автор Mama Bear ( назад)

Автор Vin D ( назад)
Hai like your upload! Kiai!

Автор Clark W ( назад)
"Heeeyyyy, what is that?"
(looking at sparkling coffee grounds)

"It's new instant Folger's coffee crystals with real broken glass!"
"See, it sparkles!"

Автор ferociousgumby ( назад)
"Best I've ever had!"
"That pantyhose just lays there!"
"Why does the coffee sparkle?" "Just taste it." "WHY does the coffee
"JUST FRICKIN' TASTE IT!!" "Blghghhghghhh. . . can't. . . breathe. . ."

Автор dizzypilots1 ( назад)
thats roy the JAWS shyster

Автор dizzypilots1 ( назад)
all those bedwetters wearing axe thought they were something new.FO you
should suck after HI Karate.Retards

Автор waterboy (1411 год назад)

Автор Robbie Gonzalez ( назад)
Did people really buy these ads back then lol

Автор maidenheart1 ( назад)
The soap that makes you feel soft all over. I feel it! I feel it!

Автор dawn of the dead heads ( назад)
Is that Roy Schieder at 2:00?

Автор Steven Worthy ( назад)
at 3:13, its Mel from "Alice" or the actor Vic Tayback in the pantyhose
commercial! Gee, seeing these makes me feel old! Roy Scheider in a Folgers

Автор Korbin Nadeau ( назад)
These are about a thousand times better than most commercials these days!

Автор Joe Comer ( назад)
Interesting to again see a pre-Nancy Walker "Rosie"!! Love the "Great
American Soup" commercial!! Great to see Ann Miller get a reboost to her
career with these commercials, as well as "Sugar Babies" on Broadway, of

Автор Jay Bee ( назад)
lol wtf was going on in the 70s?

Автор kristopher masterson ( назад)
im forever scrubbing bubbles you won't get that if your not a football fan 

Автор Brandi Williams ( назад)
No type of culture in these commercials😂

Автор justin richard ( назад)
Now I want spaghetti and meatballs

Автор crysjumar1 ( назад)
I can't believe that was roy scheider in the folgers commercial

Автор isivaz2319 ( назад)
haha! srubbing bubbles hasn't changed a bit, except now its not a cartoon!

Автор snowrocket (366 лет назад)
I just love Emily at the end.

Автор ieatpoison1 (1144 года назад)
whats with the meth crystals in the folgers coffee?

Автор Vic Morrow Forever ( назад)
@ 3:10 What a bizarre ad for pantyhose.

Автор The Readers Corner ( назад)
I bet my parents remember most of these commercials. 

Автор Bobby Brady ( назад)
I just realized that you don't see many commercials anymore for household
cleaners and things like that anymore. Dow scrubbing bubbles are still
around. Ever see a commercial? Many more processed food commercials now.
It's all about food now. No wonder we're all so fat!!

Автор frankieg79 ( назад)
" Emily, why do you have to make a big production out of everything! " lol

Автор txvoltaire ( назад)
It was the money-scented Hai Karate that really drove women wild!

Автор FBGM2bb ( назад)
It sure is.

Автор goodboysic ( назад)
is that Roy Scheider in the Folger's commercial??

Автор John Duffy III ( назад)
Super old commercials from the 1970's!

Автор Bill LaConte ( назад)
When my son was little, he would laugh like crazy whenever he saw those
scrubbing bubbles. What a memory for my wife and me!

Автор Sanni John ( назад)
Thanks. I knew that, but had forgotten. I vividly remember seeing Dow on
their products.

Автор queen rocks ( назад)
i don't trust those folgers crystals lol

Автор RRaquello ( назад)
I remember that Alka-Seltzer meatball commercial. The story was,
supposedly, that the commercial was pulled from circulation because
Italian-American groups complained about stereotyping. I don't know if
that's true, but it was the rumor at the time. And Bing Crosby for Minute
Maid OJ, he actually owned the company. I wonder if he paid himself for
doing the commercial.

Автор LoganAwesomeMan ( назад)
0:39 i always see these commercials but now in better quality

Автор smittykins ( назад)
Dow sold Scrubbing Bubbles to SC Johnson in 1997.

Автор Denny Olver ( назад)
lmmfa vic tayback

Автор SPRPhilly ( назад)
A commercial for panty hose with Vic Tayback shoving a Tommy gun in a bank
teller's face. Imagine if they tried to pull that off now.....

Автор Troy Young ( назад)
No "Nestea Plunge" with Dandy Don Meredith??

Автор ldchappell1 ( назад)
I know you were joking. I'm sure Roy heard that "we need a bigger boat"
line many times.

Автор Chris de la Cruz ( назад)
Yes, I am aware of that. I was making a joke.

Автор ldchappell1 ( назад)
Does anybody remember those TV Guide commercials with the futuristic
background music? They ran from about 1972 to 1980. Back in the days when 4
out of 5 houses had a TV Guide on their coffee table. They were 15 cents in
those days.

Автор ldchappell1 ( назад)
"I'm gonna need a bigger cup!" <<< That commercial was five years before
"Jaws." Roy Scheider was a common face on TV commercials in the early 70s.

Автор Stop WhiteGenocide ( назад)
Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and
multiracial. Every White country is ordered to "assimilate" its own race
and culture to oblivion. No "anti-racists" demand that of ANY non-White
country. It's genocide. These anti-whites claim to be "anti-racist", but
their actions result in the genocide of only one race, my race, White
people. The true goal of immigration and assimilation is to wipe out my
race. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Автор Barndancer61 ( назад)
Wow! More precisely, these all aired in 1970. I remember all of these but
forgot about most of them, particularly the Ann Miller soup ad. Nice to see
again after 43+ years!

Автор trentcreek ( назад)
no..it's Mel..he can kiss my grits!

Автор Mike McClary ( назад)
Vic Tayback as bank robber. Outstanding!

Автор vince sin ( назад)
pretty good production value for a soup ad.... lol

Автор rickonami ( назад)
Those crystals in the coffee looks mighty suspicious ?

Автор He Bro ( назад)
were gona need a biger pot

Автор cwoolfork ( назад)
"Hai Karate!---splash it on, kick your girlfriend's ass!"

Автор Popcorn Chicken ( назад)
5:10 oooooooooooooooooooooow

Автор Chris de la Cruz ( назад)
I was just waiting for Roy Scheider to say "I'm gonna need a bigger cup!"

Автор artemis133 ( назад)
The Teaberry Shuffle? Pretty similar to the Ministry of Silly Walks!

Автор Sanni John ( назад)
Thanks. It just seems like I don't see Dow on the cans anymore.

Автор blowfishrule ( назад)
The first commercial was so weird

Автор princesswendyokoopa ( назад)

Автор ButterFuck ( назад)
I still have a old greatest american soup can.

Автор ButterFuck ( назад)
Pfft harlem shake so old.

Автор julia elizabith ( назад)
lol its harlem shake!

Автор Maggie ( назад)
Tigger started as a scrubbing bubble? LOL

Автор TheArtfull Dodger ( назад)
yes sir

Автор TheArtfull Dodger ( назад)
Yes you can actually see the difference , New Folger's Coffee Crystals ,
it's all in the crystals , see instead of just caffeine we added
methamphetamine - crystals , guaranteed to open your' eyes. A great way to
start a day. A good wake up! With crystal in your' cup!

Автор TIMKAT Entertainment LLC ( назад)
.... cause everyone really wants "sparkling" coffee!

Автор Arnold Moran ( назад)
70s commercials are priceless.. lmao

Автор david kaplan ( назад)
They love soap

Автор 115stkid ( назад)
The one and only Ann Miller !!!

Автор 11vlyleven ( назад)
I think she's Ann Miller.

Автор redhairkid ( назад)
You are in line for a slap, my friend!

Автор Jim Fulton ( назад)
I know the dancer for Great American Soups is from the 30's and 40's, but I
can't think of her name. Anyone else knows?

Автор ArcadeGames ( назад)
3:00 would not fly nowadays! Awkward.... some robbers with guns describing
panty hose to some bank teller...weird.

Автор Kristopher Longstreth ( назад)
They are still around, 2nd largest chemical company in the world, and
official chemical company sponsor of the Olympics

Автор chewybunz ( назад)
Hmm...I also lived during that decade, but don't recall much talk about
that issue until the 90s.

Автор John DeNicola ( назад)
Nope, it is from the mid 1970's. There was quite an effort back then reduce
the use of flourocarbons in aerosol cans. I distinctly remember that.

Автор OfftoShambala ( назад)
they are still making scrubbing bubbles... it actually works very well to
wash walls however i'm confident it's very toxic so i dont use it anymore

Автор chewybunz ( назад)
And probably before THE FRENCH CONNECTION also.

Автор chewybunz ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that Dow ad is from the 80s, particularly as they take the
trouble to mention "No Fluorocarbons".

Автор Sanni John ( назад)
Me too! I wonder what happened to the Dow company?

Автор Sanni John ( назад)
What I clearly remember is soap didn't lather like that when you got it

Автор tamonicus ( назад)
I thought that was Tayback. Thanks for confirming my hazy recollection!

Автор Alects dukoff ( назад)
2:12 Roy Scheider before jaws.

Автор Str8LykeDat9 ( назад)
I need some Hai Karate...

Автор OfftoShambala ( назад)
i always loved the scrubbing bubbles commercials

Автор Greg Eichelberger ( назад)
Ah, the swinging '70s, era of Roy Scnieder plugging coffee, Vic Tayback
("Alice") robbing banks and autoerotic soap advertising ("More cream, more
lather"). Thanks for the fun upload.

Автор alexhortdog95 ( назад)
He's gonna get a bigger boat after he puts that cup down...

Автор alexhortdog95 ( назад)
I'd have to eat a bowl of that Great American Soup with my Karate
Aftershave on.

Автор bugoobiga ( назад)
4:30 camay should've been called cumay

Автор Bill Smith ( назад)
It drives women right out of their minds! Now there's a short trip.

Автор ACS Shap ( назад)
1:58 "I think we need a bigger boat"

Автор bititwine ( назад)
3:20... mel from mel's diner?? Alice?? Lololol

Автор Rock Head ( назад)
YEA , YOU ARE JUST LIKE me.............

Автор Donnie Garrison ( назад)
Chief Brody loved his coffee

Автор futhermucker0306 ( назад)
Bing's son had a Bill Mazeroski Pirate's jersey - Bing was a part owner in
the team.

Автор Amonthered ( назад)
Tea Berry shuffle rules!

Автор J Rakoczy ( назад)
In the Folger's commercial, guy is a very, very young Roy Scheider BEFORE
Jaws. I also remember all these commercials. I guess I'm old......

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