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Автор snowrocket (5 месяцев)
I just love Emily at the end.

Автор Charles Rhine (1 год)
To this day I still say "Moma Mia, thats a spicya meat-ta-ball".

Автор Kizzume Fowler (7 месяцев)
What a fun selection of commercials! :) Some I remember, some I don't.

Автор dawn of the dead heads (2 месяца)
Is that Roy Schieder at 2:00?

Автор justin richard (5 месяцев)
Now I want spaghetti and meatballs

Автор Steven Lathrop (7 месяцев)
The Voice of Tigger did the voice of the Scrubbing Bubbles!

Автор Steven Worthy (2 месяца)
at 3:13, its Mel from "Alice" or the actor Vic Tayback in the pantyhose
commercial! Gee, seeing these makes me feel old! Roy Scheider in a Folgers

Автор Korbin Nadeau (3 месяца)
These are about a thousand times better than most commercials these days!

Автор isivaz2319 (5 месяцев)
haha! srubbing bubbles hasn't changed a bit, except now its not a cartoon!

Автор dahmeredsback (10 месяцев)
bing crosby probably went home and gave all the kids a good belt beating
after the shoot....

Автор Brandi Williams (5 месяцев)
No type of culture in these commercials😂

Автор Lu Corderosa (6 месяцев)
Does anyone remember the "No bugs M'Lady" commercial? It was shelf paper
soaked in roach repellant.

Автор Jay Bee (4 месяца)
lol wtf was going on in the 70s?

Автор Joe Comer (3 месяца)
Interesting to again see a pre-Nancy Walker "Rosie"!! Love the "Great
American Soup" commercial!! Great to see Ann Miller get a reboost to her
career with these commercials, as well as "Sugar Babies" on Broadway, of

Автор ieatpoison1 (5 месяцев)
whats with the meth crystals in the folgers coffee?

Автор Kristen Alaina Smothers (1 год)
Hey at 2:40 is that the man who played in Jaws?

Автор Vic Morrow Chick (6 месяцев)
@ 3:10 What a bizarre ad for pantyhose.

Автор crysjumar1 (5 месяцев)
I can't believe that was roy scheider in the folgers commercial

Автор Tim Zamora (7 месяцев)
I want some GA Soup!

Автор DisappearingBoy2010 (10 месяцев)
2:00 "I'm going to need a bigger cup"

Автор The machinima Bot (7 месяцев)
omg its so old

Автор Erika Barnathan (6 месяцев)
Roy Scheider (coffee), Vic Tayback (panty hose), Avery Schreiber (soap),
the voice of Paul Winchell (scrubbing bubbles), and Bing Crosby. Wow!

Автор MeinnameistDreck (9 месяцев)
Mel Sharples advertising for panty hose?!

Автор beardman (1 год)
Why does it sparkle? Oh it's just the crystal meth they put in it. Don't

Автор MusicLover Pearson (9 месяцев)
Well since they're form the 70's of course their old

Автор Abby Normal (9 месяцев)
mels diner!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Uncle Buck (1 год)
1:10 lol I wonder how many of those he had to eat until he got it right.

Автор Dev Dawg (10 месяцев)
i never seen any commercials in black and white.

Автор Abby Normal (9 месяцев)
see it sparkles!!!it will make your doody twinkle! 

Автор Jamie Woods (1 год)
Thanks for sharing these oldies. How can anyone alive and over age 6 in
1970 forget that classic Ann Miller spot for now long-gone Great American
Soups. That one is a true classic.

Автор Andrew Ambrose (11 месяцев)
That alka seltzer commercial made me crack up!

Автор aurelius jones (10 месяцев)

Автор mst3kanita (1 год)
Regarding that soup commercial: the fuck did I just watch?

Автор Wesley Moore (11 месяцев)
who is the actress in the Camay commercial?

Автор Cherrie Lane (1 год)
Bing Crosby flipping hamburgers.

Автор kristopher masterson (5 месяцев)
im forever scrubbing bubbles you won't get that if your not a football fan 

Автор daniel james (1 год)
that mama mia was pretty funny

Автор drmpilot365 (1 год)
Roy Scheider in Folger's Coffee commercial. Didn't remember that one. RIP

Автор bermudaguy1 (1 год)
So nice to see Bing Crosby doing something other than beating his kids!

Автор Jezebel1960 (1 год)
Hey, Ding...I mean, Bing: Stop makin' with the flipping of the cowpies and
O.J. and pretending you didn't drive your first wife, Dixie, to alcoholism,
1 son out of his mind, and 2 sons to suicide, leaving one to plead your
"Daddy Dearest" faults as fraudulent to the public, while blithely
exploiting your "second" family. No talent phony---you and Joan Crawford
shoulda hooked up.

Автор Jezebel1960 (1 год)
"What's new at the Soap Factory?" Oh, my God...lol!!!

Автор Jezebel1960 (1 год)
Poor George (a.k.a. Roy Scheider) married to a russet-haired "Monstra"

Автор TheCheezhead15 (1 год)
It is in reply to goodboysic

Автор animal71000 (1 год)
There's A predofile about soap xp

Автор Joshua Brooks (1 год)
This is delightful. The first commercial is clearly the inspiration for
Axe Body spray. The fourth one has Roy Scheider (of Jaws fame) in it. I
love this old 70's shit. #70sRule 

Автор savgal1211 (1 год)
Hah! I remember these! Thanks for the memories!

Автор Jamie Woods (1 год)
I always thought Dow had put the Scrubbing Bubbles on the market. Today
Scrubbing Bubbles is manufactured and marketed by SC Johnson, A family
company based in nearby Racine, Wis. These old commercials proved I was

Автор TreeDee71to75 (1 год)
I guess Roy Scheider can afford REAL coffee now.

Автор LM SCHULTZ (1 год)
Hey!!!! That's Chief Brody in the coffee commercial!!

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