OLD COMMERCIALS #1 (the 70's)

Alka Selzter ("Mama Mia!"), Hai Karate Aftershave, Dow "Scrubbing Bubbles", Bing Crosby flips pancakes for Minute Maid and 5 more.

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Автор Peridot4Life ( назад)
4:44 how to get a girl XD

Автор MarK Downing ( назад)
I just love these old commercials from the 70's!! They bring back so many
memories! I remember just about all of these. But, does anybody remember a
kind of ugly chubby kid that did commercials somewhere in between 1972 to
1975? I think his name was something like Mason Morton or something
similar. Can anybody help? THANKS!!

Автор Hotshotter3000 ( назад)
Folger's instant coffee... I bought some a while ago and yeah, it did have
a unique taste and look. Seems like they haven't changed their formula in
40 years.

Автор steve cannon ( назад)
I miss Tang. I'm unsure of when it disappeared, but I wish they would
bring it back.. I forget what ended the Great American Soup Company's life
so quickly, but Ann Miller did a great job on the commercial! I haven't
seen a heart-shaped meatloaf yet, but I'm sure it will appear somewhere.

Автор BallisticLlamaz ( назад)
Hey Cooksey!!

Автор mj peter ( назад)
Mel Sharples is that you?! Naw, that's Vic Tayback telling you which brand
of pantyhose to wear if you want a successful robbery. Niiice!

Автор Kantuck Nadie Nata-Akon ( назад)
[giggles] The folgers commercial. That's Roy Scheider! and I also recognize
the bank robber too. But I can't place him.

Автор RottenRroses ( назад)
Anybody else felt sorry for those poor hard working bubbles when they had
to go down the drain?

Автор Jon Foreman ( назад)
We never had Great American Soup when I was a kid. Of course, now that I
think back, my family never WAS big on show tunes.....

Автор Teeveepicksures ( назад)
Vic Tayback @ 3:00

Автор Audie Lockhart ( назад)
Folger's George was Chief Brody in JAWS

Автор Frank P ( назад)
George is gunna need a bigger boat!

Автор Zholla Mychalis ( назад)
Roy Scheider? Gonna need a bigger cup Rroy...

Автор dan b ( назад)
kukla fran and ollie and mist her rodgers

Автор dan b ( назад)
the creepy cracker jack guy

Автор dan b ( назад)
in roy sheidrs folded crystals cup

Автор dan b ( назад)
"hello neighbor" Wheres Rich Moranis and Pat Paulson?

Автор Caprizchka C ( назад)
Gosh I miss teaberry gum.

Автор ltnynkee ( назад)
i wonder if those are really Bing's kids.. probably not..

Автор Fishy Fish ( назад)
I love watching old commercials

Автор mario amaro ( назад)
koogle was the bomb!after school specials and koogle i have died and gone
to heaven........

Автор Google User ( назад)
Hi Karate........"Smooths, soothes and cools" ?!?!?! After shaving, that
shit BURNED like kerosene after you lit a match to it!! You'd like to think
commercials back then were better.....but they (for the most part)
weren't!! Put I still do love Clark's Teaberry gum!

Автор Matthew Willner ( назад)
Folger's Crystals. Man, coffee used to be so awful...
I want to see the add where they surreptitiously replace the "usual" coffee
with Folger's Crystals.

Автор Turbine68 ( назад)
@3:58 Well Eddie got laid that night.

Автор Kenneth Jefferson ( назад)
So that's where that's a spicy meatball came from for The Mask movie with
Jim Carrey. It was from that commercial from the 70s.

Автор Megan ( назад)
Scrubbing Bubbles has the same voice as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

Автор V Sœur ( назад)
I am #Anita_Bryant , and I approve of this ad (as well as the washroom
policy of North Carolina!!!)

Автор V Sœur ( назад)
1:57 - 2:56 I like the #Family_Guy spoof of Folgers

Автор Bill Lincoln ( назад)
That Camay commercial was rated R. Bet they could not get away with that,
even today.

Автор don417 ( назад)
watched Camay commercial and...jizzed in my pants.

Автор nightmuffin937 ( назад)
Once the nukes hit America. These commercials should be playing in every
radio and telelvison

Автор BurntTNTFreak ( назад)
whats the song/sound effect at 4:34 ?

Автор SunbeamsSting ( назад)
Great 70's commercials!

Автор Kent Freeman ( назад)
what's sad some of these companies aren't around any more or they have
changed name granted some are still here

Автор popstar38 ( назад)
*Goes in to rob bank
*Discusses pantyhose instead

Автор SchmoozeMinkey ( назад)
Paul Winchell in the Scrubbing Bubbles clip. Funny as always.

Автор Eric Scroggs ( назад)
Roy Scheider in that Folgers commercial.

Автор Norma Trevino ( назад)
plop, plop fizz fizz...oh what commercial they is!

Автор Mama Bear ( назад)

Автор Vin D ( назад)
Hai like your upload! Kiai!

Автор Clark W ( назад)
"Heeeyyyy, what is that?"
(looking at sparkling coffee grounds)

"It's new instant Folger's coffee crystals with real broken glass!"
"See, it sparkles!"

Автор ferociousgumby ( назад)
"Best I've ever had!"
"That pantyhose just lays there!"
"Why does the coffee sparkle?" "Just taste it." "WHY does the coffee
"JUST FRICKIN' TASTE IT!!" "Blghghhghghhh. . . can't. . . breathe. . ."

Автор dizzypilot ( назад)
thats roy the JAWS shyster

Автор waterboy (1412 года назад)

Автор Robbie Gonzalez ( назад)
Did people really buy these ads back then lol

Автор maidenheart1 ( назад)
The soap that makes you feel soft all over. I feel it! I feel it!

Автор dawn of the dead heads ( назад)
Is that Roy Schieder at 2:00?

Автор Steven Worthy ( назад)
at 3:13, its Mel from "Alice" or the actor Vic Tayback in the pantyhose
commercial! Gee, seeing these makes me feel old! Roy Scheider in a Folgers

Автор Korbin Nadeau ( назад)
These are about a thousand times better than most commercials these days!

Автор Joe Comer ( назад)
Interesting to again see a pre-Nancy Walker "Rosie"!! Love the "Great
American Soup" commercial!! Great to see Ann Miller get a reboost to her
career with these commercials, as well as "Sugar Babies" on Broadway, of

Автор Jay Bee ( назад)
lol wtf was going on in the 70s?

Автор kristopher masterson ( назад)
im forever scrubbing bubbles you won't get that if your not a football fan 

Автор Brandi Williams ( назад)
No type of culture in these commercials😂

Автор justin richard ( назад)
Now I want spaghetti and meatballs

Автор crysjumar1 ( назад)
I can't believe that was roy scheider in the folgers commercial

Автор isivaz2319 ( назад)
haha! srubbing bubbles hasn't changed a bit, except now its not a cartoon!

Автор snowrocket (367 лет назад)
I just love Emily at the end.

Автор ieatpoison1 (1146 лет назад)
whats with the meth crystals in the folgers coffee?

Автор Vic Morrow Forever In My Heart ( назад)
@ 3:10 What a bizarre ad for pantyhose.

Автор Erika Barnathan ( назад)
Roy Scheider (coffee), Vic Tayback (panty hose), Avery Schreiber (soap),
the voice of Paul Winchell (scrubbing bubbles), and Bing Crosby. Wow!

Автор Steven Howard ( назад)
The Voice of Tigger did the voice of the Scrubbing Bubbles!

Автор Kizzume Fowler (Stinky) ( назад)
What a fun selection of commercials! :) Some I remember, some I don't.

Автор Builder Tips ( назад)
omg its so old

Автор Timothius Zamora ( назад)
I want some GA Soup!

Автор MeinnameistDreck ( назад)
Mel Sharples advertising for panty hose?!

Автор MusicLover Pearson ( назад)
Well since they're form the 70's of course their old

Автор Abby Normal ( назад)
mels diner!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Abby Normal ( назад)
see it sparkles!!!it will make your doody twinkle! 

Автор dahmeredsback ( назад)
bing crosby probably went home and gave all the kids a good belt beating
after the shoot....

Автор The Readers Corner ( назад)
I bet my parents remember most of these commercials. 

Автор DisappearingBoy ( назад)
2:00 "I'm going to need a bigger cup"

Автор Wesley Moore ( назад)
who is the actress in the Camay commercial?

Автор Uncle Buck ( назад)
1:10 lol I wonder how many of those he had to eat until he got it right.

Автор Cherrie Lane ( назад)
Bing Crosby flipping hamburgers.

Автор Charles Rhine ( назад)
To this day I still say "Moma Mia, thats a spicya meat-ta-ball".

Автор daniel james ( назад)
that mama mia was pretty funny

Автор Kristen Alaina Smothers ( назад)
Hey at 2:40 is that the man who played in Jaws?

Автор TreeDee71to75 ( назад)
I guess Roy Scheider can afford REAL coffee now.

Автор animal71000 ( назад)
There's A predofile about soap xp

Автор Jamie Woods ( назад)
Thanks for sharing these oldies. How can anyone alive and over age 6 in
1970 forget that classic Ann Miller spot for now long-gone Great American
Soups. That one is a true classic.

Автор Jamie Woods ( назад)
I always thought Dow had put the Scrubbing Bubbles on the market. Today
Scrubbing Bubbles is manufactured and marketed by SC Johnson, A family
company based in nearby Racine, Wis. These old commercials proved I was

Автор Joshua Brooks ( назад)
This is delightful. The first commercial is clearly the inspiration for
Axe Body spray. The fourth one has Roy Scheider (of Jaws fame) in it. I
love this old 70's shit. #70sRule 

Автор beardman ( назад)
Why does it sparkle? Oh it's just the crystal meth they put in it. Don't

Автор mst3kanita ( назад)
Regarding that soup commercial: the fuck did I just watch?

Автор LM SCHULTZ ( назад)
Hey!!!! That's Chief Brody in the coffee commercial!!

Автор drmpilot365 ( назад)
Roy Scheider in Folger's Coffee commercial. Didn't remember that one. RIP

Автор noni ringwald ( назад)
Dammit emily

Автор Jezebel1960 ( назад)
Hey, Ding...I mean, Bing: Stop makin' with the flipping of the cowpies and
O.J. and pretending you didn't drive your first wife, Dixie, to alcoholism,
1 son out of his mind, and 2 sons to suicide, leaving one to plead your
"Daddy Dearest" faults as fraudulent to the public, while blithely
exploiting your "second" family. No talent phony---you and Joan Crawford
shoulda hooked up.

Автор Jezebel1960 ( назад)
"What's new at the Soap Factory?" Oh, my God...lol!!!

Автор Jezebel1960 ( назад)
Poor George (a.k.a. Roy Scheider) married to a russet-haired "Monstra"

Автор Jezebel1960 ( назад)
Ah! So...sexual harassment and date rape began with men as the victims and
the women as the predators! Hah!

Автор savgal1211 ( назад)
Hah! I remember these! Thanks for the memories!

Автор meg28781 ( назад)
Ann Miller ... The Great American Soup ... wow, what memories and what a
classy lady

Автор TheCheezhead15 ( назад)
It is in reply to goodboysic

Автор bermudaguy1 ( назад)
So nice to see Bing Crosby doing something other than beating his kids!

Автор txvoltaire ( назад)
It was the money-scented Hai Karate that really drove women wild!

Автор FBGM2bb ( назад)
It sure is.

Автор goodboysic ( назад)
is that Roy Scheider in the Folger's commercial?? 

Автор John Duffy III ( назад)
Super old commercials from the 1970's!

Автор Bill LaConte ( назад)
When my son was little, he would laugh like crazy whenever he saw those
scrubbing bubbles. What a memory for my wife and me!

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