Trix (1994)

Recorded off the Sci-Fi Network in 1994 by Chris Rogers.

Просмотров: 83037
Длительность: 0:31
Комментарии: 38

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Автор Loveful Minecraft Adventure ( назад)
Trix are for RABBITS! (Someone takes off sticker ) Ohhhhh Trix are for kids

Автор diane caplan ( назад)
did the rabbit put trix are for rabbits sign over the box.

Автор joyunicycle ( назад)
Trix are for rabbits, silly kids!!!

Автор Super Wario Man ( назад)
Sweet Merciful Crap! My house!

Автор Klaus Jürgen ( назад)
I've never had trix but they look disgusting. 

Автор Lightning Shy ( назад)
For a second there I thought the box said 'are for AIDS.'

Автор Aarchione ( назад)

Автор trinidadianfruit ( назад)
Silly rabbit trix are for kids.

Автор TheGirlyIdeaist ( назад)
trix are for rabbits and kids but not for assholes and those 2 are assholes

Автор Kevin Epstein ( назад)
for a long time it gave me nightmares, having to witness an injustice like
that. it was a constant reminder of how unfair this world can be. i can
still hear them taunting him... "silly rabbit trix are for kids"... how
come they just couldnt give him some cereal? 

Автор Nijia Benedict ( назад)
yep :(

Автор romana.klee (604 года назад)
i was always really sad for him! 

Автор DomCruz1 (1174 года назад)
but vegeta...trix are for kids 

Автор Nijia Benedict (593 года назад)
i knda feel bad for him i mean after all these years he still didn't get
his cereal :(

Автор Dan Bird ( назад)
HOLY SHIT, a talking rabbit! Just give him your Trix and walk away

Автор Plank (743 года назад)

Автор shawngetwomen ( назад)
@bitchassfucka this nigger does, and mmmm how good they taste, so delicious
so delicious

Автор bitchassfucka ( назад)
niggers get no trixs

Автор Will Gale ( назад)

Автор Yrusama ( назад)
OMG I remember this! That rabbit lives a sad, sad existence.

Автор tannerutah ( назад)
Trix are for anyone who wants to eat them those kids parents need to teach
them to share

Автор Prototype (1057 лет назад)
Asian Trix Rabbit: YOU SHARE!!! *beats up kids and takes cereal*

Автор Reliable Gamer ( назад)
i think the fruit shapes were still around in the early 2000s. y cant bitch
trix do the swirls part and garbage-dump the shpere part!?

Автор EthanLeeSound ( назад)
Man, I miss when they actually made the shapes. Fucking cheap ass company
making kids eat balls and shit. So lame.

Автор Stu Young ( назад)
@legoguy217 LMAO!!!

Автор Shades ( назад)
I hope those kids get obese from eating too much Trix, BECAUSE THEY

Автор Loose Snauage ( назад)
not rasiest... but adoptson?

Автор Loose Snauage ( назад)
wait.. why a black girl and a wight boy live in the same house?

Автор Ricky M ( назад)
@tayswiftrlz11 I wouldn't count that as "racist". I would say "agist", but
I don't know how to define prejudice against animals (of any other kinds).

Автор Russell Cobb (382 года назад)
Back when Trix was still a cereal

Автор Cw311z ( назад)
I hated those kids for that back when i saw this commercial. Is the world
gonna blow up if the poor, innocent rabbit doesn't get any cereal? Damn,
Silly, Selfish kids Trix is for Everyone!

Автор dAntheredalien ( назад)
its 1994 and the black kid gets something that he doesn't? they hate his

Автор DooskiiGang ( назад)
Trix are faggy now, they're just puffs. Not shapes. Fuck that shit.

Автор Lego Guy Two One Seven ( назад)

Автор DADDYBIG WALLET ( назад)
Stupid rabbit, trixs are for kids! 

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