TESLA GIGAFACTORY December 2016 Construction Update 4K

Take an aerial tour of Tesla's Gigafactory featuring stunning views of the construction process in Ultra HD 4K. The Gigafactory is located in Sparks, Nevada.

Recorded using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email MRVideography@gmail.com

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Автор marvin2000 ( назад)
I love Elon Musks projects <3

Автор Planespotting HAJ ( назад)
Incredible stunning! Tesla and a Drone combined in one video, perfect work

Автор nils gjersø ( назад)
how to get goods and materials shipped in and out from the factory?

Автор Daniel Filippus ( назад)
Is this even allowed?

Автор Michael Mendelson ( назад)
And by the way, Elon Musk is an immigrant.

Автор Ray Franklin ( назад)
Will the roof have solar panels?

Автор Fernando Macias ( назад)
It looks "L" shaped. The renderings showed a large rectangular shaped

Автор QuantumBraced ( назад)
I can't wait to see solar panels line the top.

Автор DaaYay ( назад)
So are the wall made of drywall until they get another section built? how
do they connect the sections when a new one is built? I doubt the sections
are isolated, it's too big of a building to have separate cells, like a

Автор Newton Migosi ( назад)
I just imagined how silly it would be for people to park diesel powered
cars outside this gigafactory

Автор ralgor100 ( назад)

Автор Tom Hastain ( назад)
If the final factory form doesn't look like a T, Tesla missed a bigger
opportunity than their production goals.

Автор Rexo ( назад)
I bet trump loves it. It's being built inside the us. Just imagine how big
the nearest city will become because of this factory

Автор MrThorneycroft ( назад)
Do they collect and store rainwater?

Автор comumpintor ( назад)
The roofs have no openings for natural light or smoke extraction. Light can
be artificial, but how do they manage the smoke extraction in case of fire?
It boggles my mind...

Автор esmBOS SsU ( назад)
Hah, Burj Khalifa is MUCH taller!

Автор Craig Dotzert ( назад)
It would only take 100 gigafactories to power the entire planet. That's

Автор caesar ali ( назад)
is it true that a 100 of those buildings are enough to provide the entire
globe with clean energy?

Автор Pontiakos ( назад)
Dear Trump, do not ruin this.

Автор Daniel Ye ( назад)
I love how the roof is pretty much flat... no rain there

Автор jeales895 ( назад)
Are there really no windows? Or does it just appear that way from the

Автор Tamás Berta ( назад)
Track ID pls!

Автор mynicknametaken ( назад)
maaan so slow, i want it all to go faster, tesla 4, tesla 5, tesla truck,
tesla ship, tesla plane

Автор ZEROSTATIC72 ( назад)
Thanks for the great video Matthew. :)

Автор Jim Paar ( назад)
Where is the factory?

Автор Ras Haile ( назад)
Tesla for life

Автор Kenny Yee ( назад)
Haha this is like a parody to the Apple Campus 2 video where tons of money
was spent through design and aesthetics where this is just a factory built
for pure economics...

Автор Geo Bailey ( назад)

Автор J Hughes ( назад)
It's a bit big.

Автор sh4k er0 ( назад)
is it Factorio or is it real ?

Автор Xigano1 ( назад)
I just wish they had spend less on design and made it look more like a
depressing box ;) Seriously, I'm from Germany and I think that's too

Автор Donna Giffen ( назад)
My husband is part of the commissioning team It has to be seen to be
believed It's huge

Автор The Flagged Dragon ( назад)
They should solar up the parking lot too

Автор Peter Buchan ( назад)
2.34 person going to the loo on the roof

Автор Scattel2z ( назад)
This factory is supposed to save this God forsaken world. I hope it

Автор Alex Kovacevic ( назад)
You shouldn't use Tesla's name in one sentence. He was a genius, everything
else is BS. Fuck cars. Who gives a shit?

Автор joe biden ( назад)
its not even done how dumb sell this to Russia if you don't won't it.

Автор Dustin Dawind ( назад)
So when do the 50 billion hamsters arrive?

Автор Анатолій Биченко ( назад)
Why not a roof covered with solar panels?

Автор Spawn ( назад)
Where are the damn solar roof panels Elon?

Автор Lukas Killing ( назад)
What about Hyperloop One Test track?

Автор Jason Williams ( назад)
too bad the trump administration will sabotage this:(

Автор Ben Dixon ( назад)
Great images, thanks the only thing I don't see are concrete pumps and a
batch plant. Hope to see a overall image soon.Cheers.

Автор Rod Munch ( назад)
Man what an ugly building. I like Tesla cars and all... but just a big box
with no windows, it reminds me of the movie Idiocracy where there is only
like one store, a super giant Costco.

Автор l4weg ( назад)
Elon Musk what a visionary... Space Flight, Electric Vehicles, Electric
Cars and more, but wait... where are the solar panels on your huge Battery

Автор Alexandre Andrianov ( назад)
2016 is the year when Solar became less expensive than coal in many
countries even without gov support

Автор Infamousx51 ( назад)
Fallout made me think of how this place would be after nuclear war

Автор Ernst Greiner ( назад)
Is the parking area prepared for charging electric cars?

Автор EspHack ( назад)
its just 1440

Автор Sentenced ( назад)
I wish you could fly inside!

Автор Zero Sum ( назад)
Hello Matthew, I wondered if you are authorized to do this or not. thx.

Автор Hugo Valenz ( назад)
u cheated on apple

Автор Flames4Yu ( назад)
Soooooooo Booooooooooringgggggggg

Автор Tom Miller ( назад)
China will swoop in and buy this factory, too --- the Asians own our asses
and aint nothin' Trump can do about it

Автор Joe Hanna ( назад)
Kudos to Tesla for building all this in the US.

Автор Zadie Nguyen ( назад)
Just waiting for my Tesla Model S to come in... why am I here again? 😐

Автор Beatles5 ( назад)
Fuck Russia & China! Buy American.

Автор Vitaliy Fursov ( назад)
I dont see solar panels... Isn't the purpose?

Автор heroineworshipper ( назад)
Would be interesting to see any of the foundations for future segments
rather than just the finished segments. That would reveal if Panasonic was
serious or only building 3 segments every few years.

Автор softminimal1 ( назад)
When they cover the roof in solar, this building is going to be one big
power plant.

Автор TheTheratfarmer ( назад)
it's too big to fail. i should have been there two years ago. hourly rate,
overtime and perdium in electrical construction. i thought about it
then.... still thinking about travel. my family.

Автор thx113868 ( назад)
No solar cells on the roof ? You could charge your cars on the cheap, after
the cells paid for them self's.
Do like your cars, I would buy one if I could afford one.

Автор david perez ( назад)
so-called juror offer exchange set publisher pan official good pursue.

Автор Stu Dent ( назад)
Awesome job Mathew. Who did you get permission from. I am building a drone
with three cameras and would like to fly with you.

Автор Cob Constantz ( назад)
Sitting back and waiting for the sabotage from the oil industry. Ooops, how
did that thing catch on fire? I hope they have cameras with off site
wireless and hard wired recording in bunkers. The fossil fuel industry just
got a terminal diagnosis.

Автор mello mike ( назад)
where the solar panel roof doe?>.>

Автор astsang ( назад)
With the red stripe on the wall, it reminds me of a REALLY big Costco on

Автор Lars Harmsen ( назад)
The cars parking there don't look like electric vehicles. Blasphemy!

Автор PhotoGeorge ( назад)
Holy Shxt! That building must be almost a THIRD of a MILE long.

Автор JKOK Gaming ( назад)
Are they extending the current factory or have they build a new one?

Автор dzonikg ( назад)
I would never like to work there..no windows ,in the desert

Автор DE MATTOS Sébastien ( назад)
Tank you Matthew Roberts for your work. Good year! #DeMattosSébatien

Автор Merthan E. (M. E.) ( назад)
Why are there no windows?

Автор Shadow Heart ( назад)
I wonder if it will ever be completed.

Автор dashaB0553 ( назад)
It is incredible that this is one mans concept and even more remarkable it
has actually got off the ground, not just pie in the sky, full credit is
due to him

Автор Teemu M. ( назад)
thats where Skynet central will be and make t models ^^

Автор Peter Higbee ( назад)
Where are the solar panels?

Автор Renisha Mendes ( назад)
Watch in 2x to see Elon's expectations

Автор John Constantine ( назад)
Anyone knows the BGM?Great music too.

Автор Allison Miller ( назад)
its not as big as everyone is lead to believe :(

Автор Julie Willems ( назад)
available secret single homvp arrangement respect dark profession warn.

Автор cpp25 ( назад)
Let's see if it terns out looking like the rendering.

Автор HBPowerwall ( назад)
Blows me away with the size ..

Автор Peter Van Keer ( назад)
Anyone an idea how much people will be working here as when it's completed?

Автор CONTRA ( назад)
In your face, Apple Campus 2.0.

Автор Bluew0lfie ( назад)
Did you need 2 minutes of endless panning to blah music? 15 seconds of
panning at two different angles is all this called for.

Автор Jacob Slartibartfast ( назад)
love you monitoring the giga factory

Автор Dâniel Fraga ( назад)
So people are glad to see a government subsidized factory with money stolen
from everyone? So everybody here supports theft? So everybody now thinks
entrepeneurs should depend on the nanny state?

Автор Proud Cree Woman ( назад)
thats where my american friend works. 6/12s
sheet Metal Worker

Автор cseeger1 ( назад)
Hmm? Looks like your average mall. What's all the fuss?

Автор Sebastian Geiger ( назад)
I don't see solar panels on the roof

Автор xalspaero ( назад)
my gigafactory is bigger

Автор drpeppero3 ( назад)
I worked on that building for a good 2 and a half months.

Автор Patternicity ( назад)
no timelapse?

Автор Gordini ( назад)
Why there is a big parking lot in middle of the future extension
of the building (See from 0:12 to 0:15)?
Does this area will not be built any more?

Автор Kleiton Henrique ( назад)
Fábrica gigante ein

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