Pond Filter part 1

Home made koi pond filter. This is a home made filter I constructed using a 24" plastic flower pot , some PVC piping (3/4" for spray bar, 1" for drain/cleanout and 2" for return) Blue Bio balls, Bulkheads (3/4", 1" and 2") red buffing pads(coarse) and white (fine) for debri. 3/4" plywood for lid.

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Автор thomas sarzynski ( назад)
Love your pond filter design PaulM. Simple, effective, and aesthetically
pleasing. Purchased all of my plumbing bulkheads from ebay (much cheaper
than the big box stores). All of my parts arrived yesterday. I will begin
assembling the filter today. I am actually building two identical filter
units for my pond... I can't wait to see this filter in action.
Thanks for the step by step informative videos. Now that spring is
here.....Could you upload a current video of your filter for us? I would
love to see an update from you of how i=your filter system held up and
performed over the winter. I am in the northeast part of the country also.

Автор Steppen03 ( назад)
What size pump gph are you using for that filter?

Автор alpcats ( назад)
Nice job on the discharge, very Grecian looking...

Автор 2019freddie ( назад)
nice job buddy.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Jay Jay, Thanks. I made the spout out of 3/4 PVC tubing which I drilled 1/8
inch holes through both sides spacing them 1" apart. It is a very affective
spray bar. I did consider going smaller on the tubing but felt that the
pressure from the pump would create too much splash, thus losing a lot of
the water from the filter. 

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Thank you for viewing my videos and I'm glad you enjoyed them. Good luck on
you newest project, I'm sure it will be great. I have always felt that
having a pond on your property, especially with Koi is one of the most
beautiful and tranquil things one can do to just sit back and enjoy. 

Автор Judy White ( назад)
My ex husband and son are in the process of building me a pond.I had 2
ponds at a prior home which was destroyed in the Alabama tornadoes two
years ago, so this will be a new beginning of sorts.We had trouble finding
rocks but finally found some exactly like what you have used.I can now
envision how my pond will look and your demo of the filter system also
helps so much.Thanks for sharing.

Автор Jay Jay Believer 2-9 ( назад)
How/ what did you make the spout out of?

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)

Автор BUSTERDOG2000 ( назад)
well done pal. nice and tidy 

Автор Courtney C ( назад)
Im not crafty in this manner at all maybe hubby can make it

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Thanks, check out my channel. There are a few more segments for this pond. 

Автор Invisible ( назад)
This looks cool, where is the other segment?

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Sorry for such a delayed response. I get so tied up with my job and other
hobbies that I tend to miss or overlook things that are important such as
your review/ comment. Thank you very much.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Sorry for the delayed response but THANK YOU very much for the compliment.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Thank you for the comment. I wish there were more pond busineses around
here also. I'm in the Bronx and have to shop on the net or go ouside of the
city to garden centers or pet shops. Besides a pond with koi in thr Bronx
is probably one of the rarest things in the city. 

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
I did have a huge problem with them at the beginig. This is why I leave the
pot uncovered. In my earlier videos i had made a top for the pot but when I
would remove the top to check the filter there would be tons of mosquitos.
Ouch! I realized that by leaving the top off the sun would beam on the pot
thus keeping them out. I also made sure there was plenty of movement in the
pot so the wate didn't appear stagment. I was considering the mosquito dunk
tablets for this summer. Just for precautions.

Автор shayden623 ( назад)
Do you have an issues with mosquitoes living or breeding in your filter? 

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Glad to see you used my idea and had a great success. Good luck and thanks
for the compliment. 

Автор Daya Mc Farlane ( назад)
Hi. I followed the instructions posted in your video. I am so impressed
with the results that I had to drop you a quick 'thank you for posting'.
Great use of physics.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Do you mean still photos? If so why? I have not uploaded any stills but you
can see different views of the pond and filter via my other videos. 

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Thank you for the kind words. Glad you liked my pond and my project filter.
It is winter now and still running strong. Haven't done any filter changes
yet all is well. Thanks again. 

Автор WithoutAtaste ( назад)
you have a really awesome pond and surrounding, that filter is genius!

Автор Dessy Herliana ( назад)
please give me pic from u video... 

Автор PaulM708 (229 лет назад)
Hey Richard, I bought this platic pot about ten to fifteen years ago at the
Home Depot. Had it lying around and decided to experiment. You have to
check out HD, Lowes and even wallmart. Also try ebay. Good luck.

Автор PaulM708 (1293 года назад)
Thuank you very much for the compliment.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Well I just checked the website and the pump model number is R440442 which
puts out 679 gph. Not to mention it is a very quiet pump.

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
When I first set up my pond (see my first videos) I purchased a Lifegard
Aquatics All In One Complete Pond Filter System. For Ponds or Water gardens
from 300 gallons up to 1500 gallons. I paid about 200.00 bucks. Since I've
set up my homemade filter I continue to use the pump and UV light that came
with the system. You could Google Lifegard Aquatics and click on the link
to get the specifics of the pump ect. But I will try to post it for you. 

Автор lucas schwartz ( назад)
What kind of pump are you using for your intake? 

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
First off the pond is approximately 250 gallons. I have five goldfish and
twelve Koi. The water is crystal clear with minimal algae growth. I tend to
have to clean the filter more often than I'd like due to my wife over
feeding. She just can't get enough of watching them come up for food. This
was a last minute project last year and has so far been doing very well. I
am considering removing the preformed pond and going bigger with a vinyl
liner. Perhaps next year. Thanks for the comments. 

Автор Haimish Chandra ( назад)
How many gallons is the pond? And how many fish do you have? Does it keep
the water clean? How is the algae growth? Love the design! And simplicity

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
I actually do let the water run over into my flowers when ever I flush out
the pot. Thanks for the suggestion.

Автор Male Bee ( назад)
Use "DRAIN" Pipe to fertilize/water Flowers :)

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
Thanks for the kind words and looking at my video. There are a few more
with the completed filter in full working order. Feel free to view them.
Another thing, you may want to check out itqnguyen, He too was inspired by
my project and did one of his own based on my design. 

Автор RichyJam2011 ( назад)
Nice set up. I've been meaning to do something like this myself. thanks for
the inspiration :)

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
I've been checking on the filter often and so far I've washed out the top
filter pad twice since the beginning of April. It was as simple as rinsing
the pad off with the hose and reinstalling it. If I eventually place a lid
on the pot I would probably prevent the heavy algea growth and then
wouldn't need to clean the pads as often. Usually once a month.

Автор stephan williams II ( назад)
How offen do you clean this fliter

Автор PaulM708 ( назад)
@c4prlm4st3r That's Greta. I'm glad you were able to use my idea. I think
the pot gives a good asttetics to the pond. Good luck. Post a video or send
me some pics.

Автор c4prlm4st3r ( назад)
hi paul.Using your idea for my koi pond. Different is, i am using clay pot.
Try to find the plastic pot for easy construction but they selling all pot
with drain hole at the bottom. Notice you pot do not have drain hole.For
filter media i just use aquarium filter pad coarse and fine. On top i put
some garden rock to make it stay apart. Work very well till now.

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