10 AWESOME Post-Apocalyptic Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond | Upcoming Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 10 anticipated Post-Apocalyptic Survival Games coming in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC! New Upcoming Games ONLY in the Post-Apocalyptic world. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Horizon Zero Dawn

2:18 Project Wight

5:03 The Last of Us 2

8:46 Daymare 1998

11:38 State of Decay 2

13:29 Days Gone

16:46 Escape from Tarkov

19:25 Conan Exiles

23:06 The Signal from Tolva

25:27 Dead Island 2

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Автор Void Flood ( назад)
The Last of Us 2! The Last of Us was one of my favorite games ever. I am
excited for this new game.

Автор James Morris ( назад)
Anyone else think horizon would be 100 times better if it wasn't about
fricken robots

Автор kirkhassan ( назад)
Days Gone is absolute game where you'll get fucked if you do wrong move~

Автор Jason Connors ( назад)
For those getting all hyped up for The Last of Us 2... sorry to be a
buzzkill, but Naughty Dog take time with their games. Especially with huge
titles. So it is extremely unlikely for the game to come this year. And if
it does get a release date for 2017, it will very likely get a delay till

Автор Cade Peterson ( назад)
will conan exiles be on ps4

Автор Broady Delaney ( назад)
uhhh I wish state of decay was playable on the ps4

Автор 1rk3n ( назад)
what about death stranding?

Автор Émile Talbot ( назад)
10 AWESOME Post-Apocalyptic Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond | Upcoming Games
on PS4 Xbox One PC

Автор Erika Arocho ( назад)
my little girl wants a app for her tablet like the one's the programmer use
to make games. which one is easy to get .

Автор scootchapeepee ( назад)
I guess Optimus prime is narrating Horizon Zero dawn

Автор Jorge Marquez ( назад)

Автор Lucas Gianoli ( назад)
I don't know why Horizon Zero Dawn hints me that its going to be a

Автор Josh Rumsey ( назад)
They said LOU2 might not even come out this year...

Автор Comicsluvr ( назад)
Has anyone else ever watched a trailer and thought 'Wow...that player is
the WORST shot ever!'

Автор Kylie Booth ( назад)

Автор Cooker Product ( назад)
I love dead island but dead island 2 looks really bad, I know it's just a
early alpha but it's terrible, explosions look like a smoke bomb than a
fiery bomb and when the character kills a zombie he doesn't have to
compliment himself every kill. The rag doll effects are lazy and when you
hit a zombie with a Melee weapon the zombie doesn't get cut or knocked
down, it just stands their flinching a little

Автор Sub-Zero ( назад)
daymare 1998. This is Resident Evil 4 engine?

Автор DailYxDosE ( назад)
Why can't the last of us be on pc :(

Автор Danni McKnight ( назад)
I love these kind of games but I don't have a PS4 or Xbox 😭

Автор Faze Gaming ( назад)
Try Dying Light it's old but best

Автор bryce blakely ( назад)
I wished days gone was going to be a console dayz then I found out it was a
redneck in the apocalypse

Автор Daniel Haakanson ( назад)
2017 shutup and take my money

Автор Daniel Haakanson ( назад)
2017 shutup and take my monny

Автор Popa2caps ( назад)
last of us part 2:Seems like a lot of slow walking around parks and then
getting attacked by plant things.(Spore Heads)
Project Wight: looks cool didn't know about this before this video great
Horizon Zero: Dawn looks like turok and also being from Sony parent company
it might just be another 1886 ripoff.

I'm not too big on these "Post-Apocalyptic" game titles, Makes it too easy
for the devs to create some virus and or war and go from there.
It's hard to tell a great game from videos now days has they miss lead with
pretty graphics.
A great game in my eyes has replay value and not just a hype to get into
and then move on and forget, (a title you can play 3 years later and love
every moment)

Dead Island 2: Reminds me of bad save errors from the first.
Days Gone: Seems like a tech demo to so how many things they can place on
screen at once.

Автор TheFomauser ( назад)
Ok what the hell ? I know that Dead island 2 is just pre-alpha but i am
extremelly dissapointed, it looks like just like any generic zombie shooter
u can find in shops for 5 dollars with 1/5 rating. They shouldnt have sold
the rights for the game

Автор Josh Dion ( назад)
Project wight looks pretty sick

Автор Preset Wolf ( назад)
What does TBA mean/stand for?

Автор Mrinal Bhuyan ( назад)
I want atleast 4 of them

Автор Sam Manqueros ( назад)

Автор Feary Remiix ( назад)
Project wight tho

Автор Toxix-Fox95 ( назад)
dead island looks so bad, im a huge fan of the series. i hope the original
game devs get their game back and build it back up from scratch, and on an
actual island, NOT California.

Автор JJ “Ellie_bean_master” Stephens ( назад)
the last of us 2, I can't fucking wait

Автор Alice “In A Wonderful” Wasteland ( назад)
My do the machines eat?

Автор Derp Herp ( назад)
Project Wight is not post apocalyptic. You would know if you looked into
it. It takes place in the dark ages in medieval times in an alternate
reality where a Wight is like an animal.

Автор Gamers Zone Of Mumbai ( назад)
I Subscribed You


Автор yannick BLLNS ( назад)
the last of us part 2 was the only one were I had goosebumps

Автор Beatrice Bissi ( назад)
what's the game in the cover?😘

Автор Thegreatestgames 34 ( назад)
Horizon zero dawn would be such a good game if the dinosaurs werent
fricking robots

Автор Fabrice Djek ( назад)
Your ultra cool drawn portrait !


Автор Giorgio Minghella ( назад)
no zelda ? :-(

Автор Kashi ( назад)
TLOU2 better come out on PC too because I don't have a PS4 and I LOVED the
first part so much I NEED IT

Автор Diamond Bear ( назад)
Aw man I've been looking forward on playing Horizon Zero Dawn but found out
it's a console exclusive only. Don't really own any new gen consoles (only
PC) but it looks really good! Looking forward on seeing other people play
it and maybe I could get a chance to play it too

Автор inmassalone ( назад)
The last three were garbage. Age of Conan anything isn not post
apocalyptic, it's high fantasy. The signal from Tolva is just a No man's
sky clone. And the dead island footage is from a prealpha state of a failed
development cycle! They didn't even use footage of the actual game that is
supposed to come out. Spoiler alert dead island two is going to suck balls.

Автор Chicken Invaders 5 ( назад)
It's really awesome collection ! I love this.....

Автор Arek Borowski ( назад)
games i would like to play:
State of decay 2 , Conan Exiles
Game with best trailer:
Days Gone
Game with worst trailer:
The Last Of Us 2

Автор Let's go Back to ( назад)
Another last of us that can't be possible come on,and if it's coming this
year hell yeah.

Автор mark mann ( назад)
conan exiles and escape from tarkov are hardly post-apocalyptic games.

Автор Ali .Bozkına ( назад)
daymare looks like the worst Post-Apocalyptic Game Coming in 2017

Автор MLGLogy ( назад)
Where's TWD:ANF? Or do interactive stories not count?

Автор Sierra.Taekwondo.85 ( назад)
Best one is The Last Of Us part 2, the worst of them is Dead Island 2,
can't believe gamers will buy that game. It's like they didn't do anything
to improve the game play and better it. It's the same as Dead Island, that
is one of the worst zombie games I ever played.

Автор kaif ahmed ( назад)
and I fucking love JOEL

Автор kaif ahmed ( назад)
I fucking love last of us 2

Автор Razak Salamat ( назад)
ellen page is damn awesome

Автор Manvemdra Singh ( назад)
i cant wait for this

Автор Manvemdra Singh ( назад)
i cant wait for this

Автор Chris Warren ( назад)
I am stupid, I just realized you could hook your computer up to your TV.
Videos look a lot better that way.

Автор Cristian ( назад)
sempre bei video bravi un nuovo iscritto per voi

Автор CovertPhilosopher ( назад)
Daymare looks like a good game if it actually fuckin came out in 1998

Автор ComixThreeSevens ( назад)
Ellie's song is one of the cringiest things ever.

Автор Jon Dow ( назад)
what animal is that mommy? a giraffe in a sombrero.

Автор david tumanishvili ( назад)
is dead island 2 still coming out?

Автор Samuel Silva ( назад)
am I the only one hyped about last of us two

Автор vinceROFLMAO ( назад)
I Love how "Dead Island 2" Isn't set on an Island...

Автор Leon ( назад)
too bad i only have a ps2

Автор Cody Kent ( назад)
So I guess anything passes for "Post Apocalyptic".

Автор Leon Ariston ( назад)
Wish they will release Days Gone and Horizon for PC as well..God damn they

Автор jennifer pretorius ( назад)
The last of us 2 !!!!!!!

Автор ShaDow ­ ( назад)
thumbnail pic ? anyone ?

Автор EagleEye ( назад)
The last of us 2 should be mnr 1

Автор ShizukuSeiji ( назад)
Horizon Zero dawn, strikes me that a lot of the 'animal' ideas are stolen
from Avatar.

Автор uramesi ( назад)
Last of us 2 not come 2017... my be 18-19 xddd

Автор Lucrecea Nazar ( назад)
this is amazing ..keep going ^

Автор Michael Tsueda ( назад)
Days gone looks so intense

Автор MrHotSizzle12 ( назад)
Daysgone looks pretty intense, Like the movie World War Z

Автор skyler plays ( назад)
The zombies on days gone act exactly like the zombies in world war z

Автор lawlykilla ( назад)
dead island impress its self too much...

Автор ManofgoD ( назад)
are you kidding me? dead island 2 was canceled about year ago...

Автор Zack M ( назад)
All these movies and games about the end of earth. They are telling us it
is actually near. China will destroy the earth. They own the Hollywood
studios pushing these apocalyptic era movies and games out

Автор adrian albacete ( назад)
19:25 NO MANS SKY 2?

Автор Lithus17 ( назад)
Horizon Zero Dawn! It's Primal but with robot animals! Smh
They should have left Joel and Ellie out of any further TLoU games. Left it
as a book mark and moved to a different set of people and timeline. Maybe
have it set during the weeks OF the outbreak. While it was fresh.

Автор ChingPongLing15 ( назад)
Anyone know when Last of Us is coming out?

Автор Chris V ( назад)
There sure are a lot of "F" bombs in the clip from Escape From Tarkov. I am
fine with that, it is just surprising the devs chose that particular
sequence to show off the game.

Автор MyIris24 ( назад)
I don't know which game I'm more excited for between the last of us 2 or
days gone

Автор MyIris24 ( назад)
in the state of decay trailer my o.c.d. kicked in when the man didn't clean
the car completely

Автор Domzdream ( назад)
The last of us looks as usual, just the best! I'm only on PC, so I wasn't
able to play the genius of a game. But watching it as a movie, was
satisfying enough. I've watched that game about 4 times now, and love it
every single time.

Автор Sam Lindqvist ( назад)
procedure undergo frame itqbpmy rebuild handle myself article

Автор Allan Thomson ( назад)
That last one looks like poop

Автор Rektangel455 ( назад)
last of us 2 and state of decay 2. there is one ps4 one. days end I thibk

Автор Keith ( назад)
Seriously, *Dead Island 2* is still going? Huh, not sure it can compete
with *Dying Light* at this point but you never know.

Автор D3c0 R!gga ( назад)
man im looking foward to days gone and state of decay 2

Автор mati2626 ( назад)

Автор TwinBrosGaming ( назад)
escape from tarkov is not coming to consoles guys

Автор Ethan Corti ( назад)
who the fuck wants to hunt machine animals could take a sht with more

Автор mcatv ( назад)
I hate games with that pov 9:07

Автор Gamerdawg ( назад)
Of course! On every upcoming list of games they have atleast 50 zombie
games in there. >.<

Автор R Ramirez ( назад)
Days Gone 2017 of what month???????????????????????

Автор Psych0ticPandaGamer ( назад)
Can anyone tell me where i could play dead island 2 demo?

Автор Logan Mcintire ( назад)
daymare looks nice

Автор Alexandros Kotsekoglou ( назад)
The last of us cut be the best game 2017

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