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Автор Eric Caro (2 месяца)
Awsome thank you but i didnt see any double clutching going on?

Автор Juraij Musthafa (6 месяцев)
Good teaching very useful thanks

Автор MuzzaHukka (1 год)
So it's the same as a car, but when you go into 5th, it becomes essentially
the second set of gears, so you switch the lever up, and when you down
shift from 5th into 4th, you pull the switch down, then put it into the
lower right side, right? What about 12/13 speeds?

Автор Antiquetractorsetc (1 год)
Wow your explanation was the clearest Ive heard and the easiest to follow. 

Автор SoFiestyMinaj (1 год)

Автор Stephen Williams (1 год)
gearing down is my weakness and backing up , any suggestions?

Автор Logan Swanson (3 года)
I actually just learned to drive a 13 speed. It was an 02 frieghtshaker
classic xl with an n14 cummins in it. It had 5 inch straights and sounds
friggen awesome. It had a really tall shifter that was about level with my
head with the seat bottomed out(I'm about 6 ft) It was my first time ever
driving a big truck and i'd say i did perty good for my first time. Im only
15 too :)

Автор kadillac1876 (2 года)
Hi Jimmy Cox..... This video is really great but how long will it take me
to learn how to drive a tractor trailer????

Автор iplaypaintballsowht (3 года)
@Prancingwolf7 i dont have a cdl, and have never drivin a tanker, but i
work for the natural gas industry, and the tanks are divided, at least in
our acid transports. the hoses i believe are onload/offload lines. port
holes on top i believe are to strap levels.

Автор Leonard Davis (1 год)
unless you take your driving test in a truck with an Ultrashift, Autoshift,
or an I-shift. Then they can't make you do anything.

Автор jimmy cox (3 года)
@Prancingwolf7 Sorry but I've never hauled a tanker, and I've never even
read the book on them to get the endorsement on my license. I know there
are many different ones that hold different type liquids so a hatch on the
top might be for different reasons depending on what's in it. Maybe a
tanker driver out there can reply to this.

Автор weiserbud67 (6 лет)
is that an 18 speed??

Автор bolerolover3 (4 года)

Автор Ricky Rick (1 год)
A school is down by the wharf that where i will be going to get my practice
and also a certificate in trailer driving.

Автор welderboy14 (2 года)
But you Didn't show where the daily Check/service points are for the
Muffler Bearings! Never Mind the Halogen Fluid.

Автор CLAUDIOZ06 (3 года)
You supposed to double clutch to make your shifting "easier" because you
always have to be in a gear to control your tractor better and it is
against the law to be on neutral!! so...during your driving test they will
be taking points off if you don't double clutch. Now..it is good to float
gears to minimize excessive wear to your clutch system. And YES it is
easier to float gears because double clutching can be sometimes confusing
and make you lose your perfect RPMs to shift

Автор RedJackelProductions (3 года)
Very educational. Gonna watch part two. I'd pay for the lessons. Js.

Автор RagingRambo (3 года)
Do you double clutch? I am a CDL student and I can't tell wheather or not
it is easier to double clutch or not.

Автор Boodieman72 (3 года)
@RagingRambo You have to double clutch on the CDL test

Автор FadedHolySoldier (2 года)
is it possible for me to learn this?? im scared

Автор EvilGamer77 (2 года)
the days im so bored and end up watching this O.O

Автор Michu Rangel (2 года)
Cool dude

Автор CLAUDIOZ06 (2 года)
Shifting a Tractor is way different than a small vehicle, and 8 speed would
be (low)R 13 (high)R 57 24 Switch Up 68 9Speed R24 Switch UP R79 135 68
Even if you use the clutch you need to sinchronize your RPM and MPH, the
clutch is just a help to shift smoother and you only push it down half way
to shift and all the way when taking off...if pulling a trailer it becomes
harder to maneouver and shift

Автор MrOrlandoBeach (3 года)
Your a good teacher.I'll go out on a limb and ask if you recommend any
trucking companies to work for.Who's best to start with and what should
rookies be careful of?

Автор King Beltran Villanueva (4 года)

Автор distorta1 (3 года)
@inktoxicated it wouldnt go into reverse, the truck basically has to be
stopped to go into reverse

Автор yamahonkawazuki (3 года)
@jimscee agreed learn it to make instructors happy. i drove without it many
times. but if instructors saw me doing that, theyd raise immortal hell

Автор 313lethedude (2 года)

Автор RapIsDeadly (5 лет)
We just got a 9 speed truck and the head mechanic was saying that you don't
need to put the clutch in to shift gears...you just time the speed. DO any
other truck drivers out there only use the clutch for starting out in first

Автор PumaDown (2 года)
Were you driving while you were going to school to be a software engineer?
I ask because I would like to stay in art school while I drive and I was
wondering can it be done?

Автор WiredrawnMurder45 (3 года)
Quick question: Are semi trucks semi-manual/automatic or fully manual? I
have a '72 Super Beetle that utilizes a 3-speed Autostick which gives the
option to use the clutch but isn't mandatory. Is it the same with semi's or
is it manual? Also I suppose it might be nessesary to note I know some
models come with automatic.

Автор jimk4131 (4 года)
I love your videos.Everything that you show is easy to understand.Keep them

Автор jim slabik (1 год)
any tips on parralel parking both driver and blinside? off track backing?
on a 27ft pup?tks

Автор CLAUDIOZ06 (3 года)
nope, you can also float to downshift just make sure you rev it up to
1300rpms, and if you use the clutch it is only half way, do not press the
clutch all the way down as it has a clutch brake that stops the clutch from
spinning and you won't be able to shift.

Автор MRbossman1982 (5 лет)
Thanks Jim, i am in CDL Class A school right now, and this helps a lot.

Автор jimmy cox (2 года)
Try to get a job in the shipping department of a company that has some
tractor trailers. I started out loading and unloading trucks.

Автор SUPAKING25 (4 года)
when shifting from 4 th to 5th do you push the gear stick futher up then
when you did in first gear?

Автор Nicholas19951996 (2 года)
The hatches on top are opened by the driver when making a delivery. These
hatches allow air into the trailer to force the cargo out of the trailer
hoses. If you try to drain fuel with these closed, it will not work. The
suction will be basically shut off, with no fuel coming out. Also, some
trailers can be divided into multiple sections to hsul more than one type
of cargo using one trailer, they can also reduce sloshing. The tubes on the
side are used to make a delivery such as to a gas station.

Автор Chris Oliver (3 года)
Very good, clearly explained as well. When shifting, can I go sraight from
4th to 5th, or do I need to use that neutral bit.

Автор exodusfromthisearth (2 года)
My tanker has 5 compartments, if I have to load Regular, mid grade, supreme
and diesel, I can get it all in one trip or any combo you want. I can hold
9200 gallons, the hatches are for the most part to do maintenance. Where I
load has bottom loaders, and the 4 or 5 tubes lined up on the side is where
you load and unload. You hook the load arms up to them and punch in how
many gallons you want and it pushes the fuel up into the bottom of the
tank, gravity unloads, horizontal tubes hold the hoses.

Автор CLAUDIOZ06 (2 года)
sorry the shifthing diagram didn't show the way I wanted to but look it up

Автор tinleo333 (5 лет)
thank you

Автор distorta1 (3 года)
@Prancingwolf7 the hatches on top are for accessing the tanks as well as
for "top loading" what ever product is in inside, some tanks are divided to
hold different products, non food tanks have baffles inside to reduce
sloshing, the tubes on the side are to hold hoses inside for transfering

Автор CLAUDIOZ06 (3 года)
it will not go into reverse, you will grind your gears before it goes in

Автор sean wilson (2 года)
For the first time I understand the gear sequences. I would like to see the
sequence in a 13 or 18 speed.

Автор SUPAKING25 (4 года)
Hey do you have to push the clutch in every time you down shift ?

Автор PumaDown (2 года)
I'm studying for my CDL's so my question to you would be if you don't float
the gears do you use the clutch to shift gears everytime? Is shifting gears
the same as driving a stick shift in a car?!

Автор inktoxicated (3 года)
what would happen if u shifted into 5th but put it in reverse by accident.

Автор whyudoin (5 лет)
@RapIsDeadly you dont need to use clutch, If your good enough you just need
the rite RPM's and you should be able to do it. If you use the clutch for
every gear you are going to burn it out.

Автор jimmy cox (4 года)
@emgie89 Yes we do. Unfortunately I just had a 9 speed for the video.

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