Doctor Who Series 10 Title Sequence

A concept intro for series 10; based on series 8 and 9 with throwbacks to the classic era and a rock star theme!

The idea here was to bring together a rock theme and modern graphics with a classic Who feel. I used a similar video to this in my fake 'leaked' video.

Theme tune by Joey Perrins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYEQLfHdcxw

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Автор Phoebe Gardiner ( назад)
great theme :)

Автор Mr_Kylo ROBLOX and more ( назад)
Jenna Coleman is replaced by pearl Mackie 😒👏

Автор Mr_Kylo ROBLOX and more ( назад)

Автор PookieBern :) ( назад)
The music in the original capaldi intro is so messy, i really really love what you did here :D it sounds dark and exciting and the fact that this will be Peter's last series makes this even more amazing! Thx

Автор Eddie ( назад)
I wish the music stayed the same but apart from that this is brilliant!!

Автор Emmett L. Brown ( назад)
"" is actually a note letting us know that Doctor Who continues next year. spring of next year I believe.

Автор Ryanj0207 Minecraft ( назад)
Is this legit?

Автор Daniel Ladisa ( назад)
what program did you edit the names into? I love this vid btw

Автор Christopher Feyrer ( назад)
Going with a rock-star theme for Capaldi is so appropriate. Kudos.

Автор Natalia Penalbert ( назад)
I guess I'm gonna need my 3D glasses.

Автор blackham7 ( назад)
A Bit ott with the whole gothic black and white 3d red text effect.

Автор Myron 0510 ( назад)

Автор ZD Gaming & VLogs ( назад)
Like season 9 but black and white in some parts.....

Автор Trazmaball Gyster Myster ( назад)
sounds good man good job

Автор Nderking 23 ( назад)
Cool just a bit overkill with the black and white but good still

Автор Rudy Hill ( назад)
This is seriously good-like so believable. trust me I've seen some crap versions and this is not only great, but feels real.

Автор BlasterV1 ( назад)
awesome :0

Автор AMENROY ( назад)
with fire next time

Автор Jay's Doctor Who reviews ( назад)
Well Problay wow the titles will be

Автор T- G-K ( назад)
So it's the same just abit different music and colours

Автор Harry Croose ( назад)
This is epic!!!

Автор Steven Universe And Stuart Little Fan 2002 ( назад)
fucking awesome!!!

Автор Doktorek PL ( назад)
So good

Автор DWMCFan Productions ( назад)
This is it...

Автор W.A.Q. Productions ( назад)

Автор Deathrock9 ( назад)
This is so good :D It would be great if the titles were actually like this.

Автор Iydat ( назад)
How did you change the names in the opening titles? If you could release a clean intro, that would be awsome!

Автор Theta Sigma ( назад)
IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор sad daryl ( назад)
i used 3d glasses

Автор Zak Reilly ( назад)
This is Awesome!! :)

Автор DaDoctorWhoFan ( назад)
What the font on the names?

Автор Minecraft 1500 CB(creative Builder) ( назад)
Sweet the black and white looks great with that title

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