Bert Lown - Bye Bye Blues, 1930

Bert Lown And His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra - Bye Bye Blues (Hamm/Bennett), Hit-Of-The-Week 1930

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Автор ThatKid Hani Gharaibeh ( назад)
whats the instrument thats played at the very beggining called?

Автор James Herbert ( назад)
I believe this trombone solo may have been played by Al Philburn (Michael
Aloysius) as according to some of the older trombonists I met in NYC, they
said they always tuned into Bert Lown's radio broadcasts just to hear Al
play. He was a member of the California Ramblers and recorded with them
along with Adrian Rollini. Later he became a member of the WNEW "Make
Believe Ballroom" and his "broadcast" name for the public was "Fletch."
Recording credits with Louis Armstrong, Red Nicholls and many others, I
worked with him in the trombone section of Paul Lavalle's "Cities Service
Band of America."

Автор Peter Hendriksma ( назад)
What a superb sounding record. I can't remember an HoW disc ever sounding

Автор MrJimmienoone ( назад)
@TheFlyingRobert. This guitar work is really good, not only on Bye, Bye,
Blues. According to Arthur Rollini's memoirs, it could be Tommy Felline.

Автор Londonfogey ( назад)
Sounds a bit like the theme tune from the old British tv cartoon

Автор hudson steele ( назад)
I remember this song from when I was a kid. But I'm sure I've heard many
versions in my life. But I know I had to hear this version specifically,
because my family always has been enthralled with good music. I was born in
the 50's, but I have always loved the music of the twenties and thirties.

Автор Sep Palin ( назад)
It washes away the dust of everyday life.

Автор Janette Walker ( назад)
Just lovely - takes away the blues.

Автор james sullivan ( назад)
+barbcard 1981, Howard Milstein took the Biltmore down to the steel as
Landmarks efforts to preserve it went to naught. One can still see the
immortal "clock" inside the Bank of America office which is there now.

Автор dick12235 ( назад)
Thanks: My Brain enjoyed this.

Автор Sinéad Doherty-Grant ( назад)
Thanks, this is lovely.

Автор Bill Baer ( назад)
@trudbol You Sure got that right!!!! 

Автор horarwgt (328 лет назад)
A native of White Plains, New York, violinist-bandleader Bert Lown
(1903-1962) co-wrote "Bye Bye Blues," which was his first of eight hits
between 1930 and 1932. It reached #5 over a seven week run beginning Auugst
23, 1930 as Columbia 2258. The vocal is by the Biltmore Rhythm Boys (named
after the band's home base, the Biltmore Hotel). In the mid-'30s Bert gave
up bandleadering, became a booking agent and manager and then finally a TV
executive. He died of a heart attack in Portland, Oregon.

Автор arschka ( назад)
And I'm back in Overlook Hotel and its eternal night club.

Автор TheFlyingRobert ( назад)
There is beautiful guitar work in this song. Does anybody know who it is?

Автор glahir shervow ( назад)
cooking your breakfast while listening to this makes you feel like somthing
straight from a pixar film :)

Автор bangulo2012 ( назад)
@trudbol There is still plenty of music like this Open your ears and mind!
Turn off your radio if all you hear is auto tune. There is plenty of music
to explore if you're willing to find it. 

Автор SipterJust ( назад)
I absolutely love this, thank you so much for uploading it

Автор A Cappella Trudbol (Julien Neel) ( назад)
I can't get enough of this tune. I love the human trumpets in the
beginning, I so wish music today sounded like that. What a nightmare, that
auto tune. Why did people stop singing? Bye... bye... bluuuuuues

Автор Bigband Lou ( назад)
Gregorz,as a friend,I just uploaded my HOW 1090 recorded in July,1930 by
Bert Lown's Biltmore Orch and it has Scrappy Lambert on the vocal.Yours
must be a Victor recording. Lou

Автор Sue Metcalf ( назад)
@shorty20bellota THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER. Lovely song which emanates from the
40s. I know its a year since you posted this, but hey you might enjoy it if
you hear it.

Автор Art Howard ( назад)
Bye, Bye, with music like this you can say a good bye to all problems -
hence the reason during the Depression of l930's.........love it!

Автор perfectjazz78 ( назад)
As far as I know, Bert Lown only performed in the New York Biltmore, as
Earl Burtnett had the L.A. Biltmore. While the L.A. Biltmore still
survives, the N.Y.C. Biltmore was gutted long ago for offices.

Автор Yaz Ochoa ( назад)
hooo!!! man,, i´m in trouble, i have to find a representative song from the
30s 40s 50s any help!!! please!!!!

Автор barbcard ( назад)
Thanks. It's one of my favorite movies. In fact, tonight on TV here there
will be a special on MM: the anniversary of her death, perhaps?

Автор barbcard ( назад)
OK, that's my New York chauvinism coming through. Thanks for this pleasant
old song anyway.

Автор barbcard ( назад)
Do you really mean the LA Biltmore, not the much older and more famous one
in NYC? Every high school kid in New York, myself included, went there for
the Senior Prom. I'm not sure it's still there, however.

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