Air Arms S410 Classic - Strip Down [HD]

This video runs over how to strip the AirArms S410 Classic in order to gain access to the Hammer Rail for cleaning and maintenance. From here you can also remove barrel for easy cleaning.

I believe you can use this video as a good reference for the S400, S300 and S310 also.

I bought this rifle 2nd hand for a steal! Strangley enough, the cylinder/breach 'o' ring was missing!! No wonder it was low on power!

I've set it to 11 ft/lbs now using AA Field Domed (4.52) pellets. Plenty for shooting pigeons, magpies and rabbits at my local permissions.

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If you'd like to see any other demonstrations, please comment with your requests, and I'll see what I can do for you.

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Длительность: 9:56
Комментарии: 84

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Автор Mick Ball ( назад)
why would you be working on a gun with magazine
left in ?

Автор Mick Ball ( назад)
why do people do great vids with shit music ?

Автор Tony Beal (1450 лет назад)
Nice video, but the 1970s porn music was very off putting

Автор Darren Keenan ( назад)
Great video. I plan to get this exact gun. Loving the Jazz too unusual from
a blatant rock lover. Would you recommend this gun for a beginner or all
types and skill levels?

Автор smugBBQ ( назад)
Helpful but possibly the worst music in the world 

Автор william park ( назад)
howdoo how do i change the bolt from left side to right please

Автор Jack Thomson ( назад)
hey i now know how to strip it down but how do i change the power ? yours
sincerely jack 

Автор Jon Federman ( назад)
What's with the silly music? Why no commentary? 

Автор Andy Stroud ( назад)
good video, had to watch it on mute!

Автор Jakesako ( назад)
Good video !!!! Worst music ever !!!!!

Автор mrmegabangbang ( назад)
Good video, hate the backing jazz backing track

Автор Contour2010 ( назад)
Ok if you are modifing the gun in anyway way, and its produsing over
12ft/lbs. You will get done for it if you get caught. Any warrenty you have
will be null invoid if you send it back. Not only that if you dont have an
fac air rifle on your certificate, you will still get done. The only way to
get maggies is to decoy or larson trap if its open space. 22 rimfire will
go the mile. Air rifle loose velocity quickly after a couple hundered
yards. Just be aware, it isn't worth the hassle.

Автор joop226 ( назад)
I would like to fit a regulator to mine were doe that go? Could you give
how many min and sec so I know where?

Автор flan453 ( назад)
Can anyone tell me how to increase the power of my Air Arms 410S by about
50pc. I watched this video and didn't understand what that washer was added
to the spring for? Was that it? I would like more power but not a full FAC
type air rifle. They are too powerful for the 8 acre plot where I shoot
although the police have given me permission and inspected the place. The
gun shop says the bullets travel a mile : no way! I just want to knock out
a Maggie at 80yds.

Автор Hepotter ( назад)
Either you are the strongest human in the entire world, or my air cylinder
is on a lot tighter than yours. I've tried heat, strap wrench, bare hands,
gloves with rubber coating, hair dryer, and torch and I STILL can't get
that air cylinder loose. I've got a regulator to put in there. Any ideas or
tricks???? Thank you...incidentally fantastic video...now do one on taking
a stubborn air cylinder off.

Автор laurenparkxx ( назад)
also my 410 the mag seems to stick any reason why this could be happening

Автор laurenparkxx ( назад)
is it easy to replace all the seals

Автор Varmint ShootersUK ( назад)
how many shots per fill do you get after this tune?

Автор LostInTheOzone ( назад)
Fantastic video, thank you. Clear, concise and informative. I'm going to be
stripping down my S410 and giving the guide rod a mirror finish and some

Автор Offshore Drifter ( назад)
@therichm10 do you by any chance know if the Theoben Rapid 7 anti tamper is
also solved by simply drilling out holes? Many thanks

Автор Offshore Drifter ( назад)
Hi, I see there's an FAC mains spring on ebay for the 400/410. Do you know
if the spring replacement is all that's needed to up the power. I heard the
410's are easy and straight forward to mod as is the Rapid 7. Many Thx

Автор srspower ( назад)
I have a Air Arms S310 very similar to this rifle, check my channel where i
do some silencer testing.

Автор Circadin ( назад)
Ok, few questions. How did you bleed the cylinder down to 0 bar? Why
doesn't your rifle have a shroud? Why did you drill out the action? thanks!!

Автор MattyCons59 ( назад)
Awesome video dude. I was afraid that I had gotten some damp inside my S410
so followed the steps in your video and stripped/cleaned it thoroughly.
Reassembled and charged no problem. Quick question though. Is there any
possibility that the strip/clean will have increased the muzzle energy?
Mine was quite close to the limit before and I do not want to go over. Any
idea how I could de-tune it to say 11-11.5ft/lb?

Автор MdashMUNIT ( назад)
Great video! Would you be able to do a magazine strip down video aswell?
Thanks, M-

Автор leftymadrid ( назад)
Really good video!! And the music even makes it look even easier than it
is! Just a question, the only thing that made me shiver was when you
started to drill!! Why , is it? Is it good to do on older guns without a
warranty? or what? I'd really appreciate it if you filled me in on this. I
have a brand new S510 got it from P.A. yesterday, and just wanted to
prepare some exploded views and all info I can get in order to really know
all the parts in this beautiful gun. It looked like you know!!!!

Автор srspower ( назад)
I have the s310 and my dad left it in the shed for a while after i left
home! It has some superficial corrosion but the main gas tank leaks and it
seems to leak on the trigger too. I am sending it back to air arms to be
fixed. Do you think it will be an expensive job?

Автор 81280ace ( назад)
is this the same for AA s410tdr in all i have to do to get my gun up to
10.5 is to remove the cap on the right of the regulator if so how do i
remove it i.e drill or screw extractor????

Автор keanoman1000 ( назад)
to power up the AA s410 classic, remove the tamper proof cap on the right
hand side of the regulator to reveal an allan key screw, unscrew that to
get more power, all it does is let a bit more air into the regulator, sorry
but i cant listen to any more of that shit music, what a din,

Автор Lee edwards ( назад)
Hi mate can the tamper bolts have a line deem eked in them and screwed out
rather than being drilled ?

Автор 999monkeymonkey ( назад)
crap cheesy music!!! aaaahhhhh

Автор goodbadugly654 ( назад)
Jazz Club......... Nice

Автор FamousDiscoveries ( назад)
Hi there mate i know you have had a lot of questions on how to up the power
of the gun but could you tell me how to. And when you unscrew the air
cylinder it reveales a gold tube the small hole at the end is that the bit
you have to drill to increase the air flow. if you would prefere to eamil
mail you can at Hydrorhys@aol.com Thanks

Автор steve fox ( назад)
hi can you pm me not sure where power screw is thanks

Автор ARMANDOROCC ( назад)
Bel video. ho una Air Arms S410 xtra fac 5.5mm, dove posso intervenire per
modificare la potenza???

Автор Jim Dempsey ( назад)
@lagancement I notice you dont strip the trigger mechanism. guess it must
give no problems?

Автор Jim Dempsey ( назад)
excellent. i am gonna try service mine tmro. and i just ordered one of
those export springs. thanks for your video my power is way down lately. i
have a S410 TDR rifle but I think it is much the same.

Автор VisitingBoss ( назад)
8 min 30, so if theres still any air left inside you wouldnt be able to
open it?

Автор A1md2 ( назад)
Arr yes stout yeomen, so it does. With all this jazzy funkiness I found
myself skipping bits and must have missed that. Thanks a bundle.

Автор markross105 ( назад)
@a1mdwpr Watch the video. At the beginning it states to 'Dry shoot until

Автор A1md2 ( назад)
How do you go about emptying the air cylinder in preparation for a strip
down? It doesn't show that. Great post though, really useful stuff here,
thanks man.

Автор Seth Bradford ( назад)
Hi, what torch and scope do you have on your S410 please?

Автор Daniel Pinto ( назад)
Portug35 you are wrong my friend in Portugal the legal limit for an airgun
is 24 Joules do the maths

Автор Portug35 ( назад)
@netby In Portugal the legal limit is 12ft/lbs NOT 18... Regards

Автор Rhys Thomas ( назад)
hi mate i have an s410 you say you can reach 18ftlbs using standed parts?
how can i achive this when i turn my power screw the most i can get
14ftlbs. i tryed cleaning the hammer rail helped a little but how can i get

Автор moto9ll ( назад)
nice job! i have been wanting to get one of these rifles but they cost so
much. i was think'n about getting a 12lb version since they are cheaper and
then trying to up the power on it some how. maybe a heavier spring or
something? any ideas?

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
@MrHw85 lol that was me. I need a new s507 ( ? ) part for it but it's not
too expensive.

Автор Malc Tulloch ( назад)
Fantastic video, good quality picture & you show things step by step, it
would've been a bit better if you had done a running commentary. All the
same, top notch. many thanks..

Автор MrHw85 ( назад)
thanks for your vid helped very much but some bloke has ruined his gun by
the sound of it ! Needs more power or something.

Автор MrHw85 ( назад)
you can get these tools from a good tool dealer .they are tork anti tamper
tools,But there is a small allen key screw behind this which is very small
. and you have to know which way to turn

Автор MrHw85 ( назад)
on the s400 just remove the screws on the top beware the o`ring underneath

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
The other way sends the screw inwards which is to tune it down.

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
You still have to take out the screws where the alluminium plates should
be. Plus the O ring by the filling cap.

Автор wjjmlg ( назад)
my gun does not have those aluminum plates that you have to drill out. will
the barrel just come off with just the screws on the top out?

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
I drilled mine out and loosened the bolt. It increases the power but not by
a massive amount. 9.8 ft/lb's is pathetic. If you want to sell the gun then
you are right it will lower the value to drill but you can always fill the
hole in with filler afterwards and do a respray.

Автор jitzero ( назад)
hi at 4:00 there is a golden metal prong that pushes the mag round what
angle / shape should it be because mine has bent out of shape and now the
mag doesnt work (single shot now). please could you ell me what shape it
should be?

Автор Froggatt ( назад)
cool so when i purchase this gun all i need to do is follow the video and
it will fire at a decent ftp? is it impossible to take apart without
drillling the holes?

Автор Gali B ( назад)
Because, through cleaning, you can reduce friction on certain parts...

Автор Froggatt ( назад)
i dont get it why would just cleaning it make it more powerfull?

Автор Rhys Thomas ( назад)
i mate i got a s410 carbine my 1st pcp gun the fuuny shape allen bolt the
like a pin the the middle is the grub screw under the its round to the
right of the cocking lever am i right? if its under there how do i get that
bolt out? can i get a special key? i heard sum1 say drill it out but the
will spoil the gun if i come to sell it please help my gun is
chronographing at 9.8ft lbs

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
It's surprisingly easy mate.

Автор Marky Mark ( назад)
lol i wdint like to put it all together agen

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
Chunky169, have you found your air arms s410 to be underpowered? Mine is
rubbish it's not hitting anywhere near 12ft/lb's

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
I'm having real problems drilling out the last bit of the transfer port
seal mate. Are you sure a 2mm bit is right? I've broken one 2 mm drill bit
on it as it is but i don't want to drill out the blt below it either. My
attempt doesn't look anywhere neat as yours but i'm not bothered cos the
gun is far too weak at standard power.

Автор chunky mac ( назад)
nice video can you do one to put the power up on s410 air arms carbine,
tell me if you have one mate and what sort of presure could i get my rifle
is just 2 weeks old,,,what sort of presure could i get

Автор CHOPERUS23 (1462 года назад)
Can you pm me too please buddy. Thanks.

Автор toey3026 ( назад)
Nic n very useful videoThx for this knowledge bro!!! Very surprise that u
took a drill to that gun very brave man! 5*for u+

Автор CHOPERUS23 ( назад)
Hey mate I too have stripped it down but not yet taken a 8mm bit to those
anti-tamper bolts. What can be done to the hammer/spring to increase power?
The grub screw on the right of the action can only increase power to maybe
13ft/lb so I guess it's a fine-tune adjustment .Thanks

Автор DivinoEterno1 ( назад)
Excepcional voce quebrou a barreira do idioma,e fez de forma que todos

Автор Gali B ( назад)
For 18ft/lb, just use standard parts.

Автор Gali B ( назад)
Thanks. Just use 'chairgun' from the hawk optics website Ben That should
meet your needs.

Автор cubleycat ( назад)
very useful, informative video 5*

Автор Daniel Pinto ( назад)
OK thank you for the answer- one more question- do I need some special
pieces to do that( like a special hammer or hammer spring) or I could reach
that only by adjusting/ tuning the internals?

Автор Gali B ( назад)
You would easily be able to reach 18ft/lbs.

Автор Daniel Pinto ( назад)
Hi there nice and very informative video could you please tell me what
maximum power I could get from the AA 400 Classic,if i could adjust the
power that is I´m portuguese and here we have the legal limit of 18ft/lbs
for airguns - I´m temptedo to buy one this form BAR ( tey export the legal
UK version) thank you

Автор max29july ( назад)
ebay sells all seals springs etc chambers gun smiths aswell and air arms
for spares

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
You mean the power adjuster seal which stops you from getting to the grub
screw? You have to drill it out but it's hard work and it's easy to spoil
the look of the gun by doing it. Where can you buy spare parts for this gun
i can't find anywhere.

Автор max29july ( назад)

Автор Gali B ( назад)
PM sent.

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
Sorry to keep going on about this but where exactly is the screw that you
turn to increase the power?

Автор bryan scott ( назад)
good video

Автор Terminator860 ( назад)
You're a diamond mate, thanks!

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