Call The Midwife , One Born Every Miniute And Doctor Who Comic Relief

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Автор Ella Gamble ( назад)
don't worry i have brought tea

Автор How fun is this ( назад)
this must have been so much fun to make

Автор kene301187 ( назад)
I miss Jenny Lee

Автор kene301187 ( назад)
"These two are not helping? Leave it to me, I'm the lead!" 😂

Автор lindapriorirish8 ( назад)
Loved Loved Loved... This how Awesome...

Автор Zachary Taylor ( назад)
"Don't be silly. You're being paid and wearing trousers."

Автор _Mrs_Sparky_ ( назад)
well this was just hilarious 😂😂

Автор moorek1967 ( назад)

Автор iammontecristo ( назад)
Well, my perception of Sister Evangelina has just been permanently. "You Saucy Minx"

Автор noot noot ( назад)
Patsy: "Which one am I?"
All: "The lesbian."

Автор Nanny Turtle ( назад)

Автор I Love Quidditch ( назад)
This is brilliant!!

Автор Mikayla Parrilla ( назад)
This is funny

Автор Curious-Kat ( назад)
The pregnant woman - isn't she the one that played Meg/Maeve in season two? This is hilarious 😃👍🏻

Автор Julie A ( назад)
This is a BBC fans dream

Автор Isabelle Susman ( назад)
I thought the doctor was going to say Children.

Автор vicki rasmussen ( назад)
they could have done that better

Автор Nel97x ( назад)
LOL "I must eat in most scenes" hahaaa!

Автор Beckie Jane Brown ( назад)

Автор Xyphion Life ( назад)

Автор 0506xjl ( назад)
I love this show so much what happen to nurse that said she was the lead I should watch the 1st and 2nd season to remember what happen to her character

Автор KatsReborn .Are Awesome ( назад)
I'm seriously dying here! This is so funny!

Автор Alexandra Lee ( назад)
Matt Smith is unbelievably convincing in this. Spot on.

Автор Anya Seymour ( назад)

Автор Jasmine Ather ( назад)
We keep calm and eat cake 😂😂😂

Автор Grace Kendrick ( назад)
"Wrong show" Omg i'm dying its call the midwife and Miranda all in one go!!!

Автор 2Greenhill ( назад)
I'm in the states and got the jokes, but I think my Anglophile knowledge has gone to a dangerous level.
The minute The Doctor said the twins would be Jonathan and Edward, the first thing that popped into my head was "Jedward". Is there a support group?

Автор Holahula puffin ( назад)
"chummy" is a great commedy actor^^

Автор אסתר מרגוליס ( назад)
is that pregnant woman "alison" from Miranda?

Автор Imogen Heymer ( назад)
That was so hilarious

Автор SummertimeWinterSadness ( назад)
I dont want nutters from downtown abbey helpimg with my birth!'
'We are much better than that show'
You are tho 😂

Автор Anjanika Thalagoda ( назад)
that was the best thing ever!!!!

Автор Ermal ( назад)
i love this 😂😂😂

Автор I got all the jams ( назад)
OMG Matt at 5:10

Автор Pauline Chambers ( назад)
How does this not have more views? This is comedy gold!

Автор Andrea R ( назад)
Chummy's "get in" killed me

Автор Gina G ( назад)
"more vocally annoying than a dalek"

Автор Gaby Champion ( назад)

Автор Bethanee Stephens ( назад)
doctor dont scare the pregnant women

Автор The jojo show ( назад)
Whenever chummy comes in I think it's nurse crane😂

Автор Sean Bui (1573 года назад)
I love how uncomfortable the modern nurse looks. Like, 'I just came here for the cakes, ok? Wait, what are you saying about Vanessa Redgrave? What, you're taking a picture now? Fine then. Suit yourself *munches on cake*'

Автор Monica Stockhill ( назад)
this is cacaroooooni

Автор Andrea Parks ( назад)
Absolutely outstanding!! Only first started watching " Call The Midwife " about a month ago and totally adore it!!! This is a hilarious homage indeed!!!

Автор Commenter84 (1325 лет назад)
5:08 Ill never forget 1934 you saucy minx xD

Автор RampantArtist ( назад)
oh f-ing hilarious... omg too funny

Автор Marina Wilkie ( назад)
This is so well done! Its hilarious if you've seen all four shows!

Автор RSandiego ( назад)
Hilarious! Although I am an American, I do get all the "Miranda" references, and I know about "Doctor Who" and "CTM"; what I don't understand is what is "Deadwood" that the Doctor is talking about?

Автор Cosmic Syzygy ( назад)
This has to be the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Автор I sold my soul to youtube ( назад)
'its got bafta all over it' hilarious

Автор Beth Quirk ( назад)
I watch call the midwife with my mam also my mam is a midwife to

Автор Madison Kennedy ( назад)
This was the moser hilarious thing ever!!!

Автор Dorothy Carson ( назад)

Автор MATHEW Sebastian ( назад)

Автор Remus ( назад)
'Wrong show' XD

Автор Gonda Metzger ( назад)

Автор Starshine Frankenstein ( назад)
i ahve never seen this before and it was hilarious!!

Автор catherine haas ( назад)
take me back to 1934 please ^^

Автор Adam D ( назад)
If anyone can remind me what song that is at around 2:10, i'll be able to sleep again, cheers.

Автор billbo booyeah ( назад)
But together they will become Jedward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Anna-Carolina ( назад)
This might be one of the funniest youtube videos I have ever seen... seriously cant stop giggling like an idiot

Автор Nebiru ( назад)
Isn't that the woman from Spy?

Автор AmberlaMaderia ( назад)
I legitimately thought it was 10th which came, but I am so happy it was my dearest 11th ^_^

Автор P-nuts & Hair-doos ( назад)
This is the best

Автор Doctor Winchester (410 лет назад)
Take me back to 1934 xD

Автор Heidi Bradshaw ( назад)
Only just found this!  Totally brilliant!

Автор LPS The Sparkle Diamond ( назад)
Did the Doctor just thrust O.o SO he has done dirty things with people once..

Автор Erin Patterson ( назад)
I lost it at Jedward! 😂

Автор Majestic as hell fucking Unicorn ( назад)
The Doctor!

Автор Bethebug123 ( назад)
Miranda: "What if you see her downstairs department..cheeky!" "Wrong show!" hee hee made my day

Автор Cuppus94 ( назад)
So good!

Автор paddymcmarlar ( назад)
Love it, love it, love it  this sketch and the show.  "Shut up, Vanessa Redgrave"

Автор Doctorwhoworldwide19 ( назад)
4:49 every Saturday 

Автор Ed Lo ( назад)
who hasn't the 11th doctor screwed

Автор Mini ( назад)
All the Miranda references made this even better

Автор Andy Readman ( назад)

Автор Tumblr addict ( назад)
the way Jenny screams and sister Evangelina moves her tongue..Gosh it's hilarious Miranda did a marvelous job with the script!

Автор Ward Nightstone ( назад)
my parent are HUGE fans of Call of the Midwife and when i showed them this they both cracked up though i did have to exsplain who jedward was

Автор stephowrites (684 года назад)
This was fantastic! Thanks for uploading.

Автор Emily Fowler ( назад)
LOL 😁 I love that bit about JEDWARD

Автор Sham Bolic ( назад)
DYING. This is perfection. How did I not see it until now?
Love the Miranda and Downton Abbey (we're a MUCH BETTER show than that!) references.
And then the Doctor!
Just perfect...

Автор Freddie Strachan ( назад)
lol jedwerd

Автор Krystal Decker ( назад)
yea great that's funny but I came to watch a real thing.

Автор Christopher Martin ( назад)
This show makes me love the British !

Автор Christopher Martin ( назад)
Haha! I love them all!

Автор Vicky Walker ( назад)
Haha hilarious!!!!

Автор Khaleesi ( назад)
How did I not see this before omfg

Автор Ruth S ( назад)
Just so clever and marvellous especially the Doctor!  What a laugh.

Автор Marian Louth ( назад)
DR Who plus call the midwife, , xxx MERLIN marian,, not this world, bye

Автор Mere C ( назад)
"I will never forget 1934, you saucy minx." DYING.

Автор Mere C ( назад)

Автор Margaret Beaufort (1889 лет назад)
"Not now, Vanessa Redgrave!"

Автор Emma Clarke ( назад)
Miranda and the doc

Автор Lotsoflovefromchloe ( назад)

Автор HappyMusic ( назад)
OMG!! So Funny!

Автор AHAM BRAHMASMI ( назад)
Good to see Jen Agutter is hanging in there !

Автор Equestria.TV ( назад)
Love the jedward joke

Автор Equestria.TV ( назад)
Love the jedward joke

Автор ruwayda lovely ( назад)

Автор ruwayda lovely ( назад)

Автор HPfanatic99 ( назад)

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