Hoover Early 1970s UK

Most of Hoover's early 1970s model range, from cheapest to most expensive. In running order:

2614B Dustette (July 1972)
2944B Hooverette (September 1975)
867A Constellation (August 1974)
1346A Junior (October 1974)
1354A Junior Deluxe (June 1975)
507 Conquest (October 1970)
6525C Senior (February 1971)
1124A Convertible (November 1974)

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Автор HuntingFoxz ( назад)
I really like the noise of the Constellation. I also like the noise of the
Hoover Lark and Hoover Convertible. The Dial-A-Matic was okay too.

Автор bagelboi66 (1198 лет назад)
I know I've got no life when I'm up at 2 am watching some random person on
youtube vacumming. That must be a mighty clean patch 'o carpet.

Автор ClassicTVMan1981X ( назад)
No, model 1354A Dirtsearcher Junior.

Автор Carolyn Benjamin ( назад)
are any for sale ?

Автор steve8869 ( назад)
I used to be terrified of my grandmas hoover senior,that big light and
scary deep tone,hers was black I think and looked more 1960's. we had
hoover junior also looked more 1960s

Автор Greenstead ( назад)
Production of the Hooverette did not end until 1980! The burnt orange and
off white colour scheme continued until production ceased.

Автор ClassicTVMan1981X ( назад)
@GeeeAus Also, what we call the Lightweight Upright (you know, the Junior)
is what you would call a Lark. Funny thing is, we actually had a
lightweight upright called the Lark in the years 1953-57.

Автор Greenstead ( назад)
The Hooverette was produced until 1979.

Автор davey102001 ( назад)
I grew up with the junior and now own a house - this is the one we need
back - with laminate facilities!

Автор tmmitzzie ( назад)
this is about as exciting as watching an episode of big brother!

Автор Greenstead ( назад)
Yes they both do. All juniors that came after model 1224 used paper bags.

Автор adb140275 ( назад)
yes... nothing is common... measurement systems... even the voltage we use!

Автор GeeeAus ( назад)
The very last cleaner was actually called the Hoover Dynamatic in Australia
and featured a 1000 watt motor.

Автор bvsboi ( назад)
Just wondering, do either of the Juniors use paper bags?

Автор lswrsi ( назад)
Yes, adb is right, the cleaner at 0.49 is a Hoover Junior - the
'Dirtsearcher' version with a headlight. The Convertible is the final
upright, In the USA this was known as the Dialamatic. In the UK, the
cleaner known as a Convertible in the USA and Australia was called the
Senior. Confusing, huh?

Автор gazsmash ( назад)
What a tune! 1 min 17 !!!!! play loud!!!

Автор A. R. Henry ( назад)
The whole video is excellent, but the floor attatchment on the
Constellation is superb!

Автор kolinskavoda ( назад)
I love 70s design and electrotechnics...

Автор sorcerer101567 ( назад)
1346A Junior

Автор 5pectron ( назад)
Whats the name of the blue vacuum that comes on at 0:36? My mum used to
have one of these and I have fond memories from my childhood of this
vacuum, I found the noise really relaxing :-)

Автор adb140275 ( назад)
no, hoover junior

Автор dan rodd ( назад)
all of them use disposable bags

Автор hoovcand ( назад)
its the way you use the consstellaton

Автор brettsomers ( назад)
im tickled at how you yank the cylinders around by the hose, so as to draw
attention to the cleaner!

Автор lswrsi ( назад)
I do prefer the 60s/70s machines, but even a 1930s Hoover upright is
remarkably efficient, it's amazing that an old machine can still pull up so
much dirt.

Автор lswrsi ( назад)
Good question! I prefer using uprights, so at the moment, it's between my
Senior 6525C and my 160. I try to rotate use between all my cleaners
though, to make them and their components last as long as possible.

Автор Jason Lightoller ( назад)
Just out of interest, which one of these do you use for your cleaning? I
have the Constellation (although it's the updated model made by
Hoover-Maytag, they call it the Sattelite).

Автор drStrano ( назад)
So you've got all these wonderful pieces, you fortunate being! The '60-'70
machines were in fact the best: still strong but already very modern and
aesthetic. Useful yes, and also funny and colorful. I've got some ones, but
I dream of a plastic-duster Convertible.

Автор ben1245689 ( назад)
can you make a video of your hoverette as a stick vac and a cylinder vac
with tools as well

Автор lswrsi ( назад)
Actually, the Convertible was found dumped in the street! I had to carry it
half a mile, and it weighs a ton hehehe.

Автор ianmax69 ( назад)
Thank goodness for Ebay!! So much of these wonderful machines would have
been tipped by now!!

Автор HerHeels ( назад)
Love the seior with blue cloth bag,its what i use for my cleaning up after
my youtube vids.Got fed up busting Dysons.

Автор hoovcand ( назад)
once again fantastic stuff simon alex (newcastle gateshead)

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