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My Fus Ro Dah Top Ten :D

FUS RO DAH made by me:

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Top 10 Best FUS RO DAH
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Просмотров: 205965
10. FUS RO DAH Bolt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqzxCzDZO9c 9. FUS RO DAH Car Crash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD7E28MwZKY 8. FUS RO DAH...


Автор OniNemesis (8 месяцев)
AMAZON Prime Air (Funny Version)

Автор Lobo Wilson (6 дней)
#3 isn't funny...


Автор Daniel Miegge (1 месяц)
FUS DO RAH? And what about you just copied other videos? Dislike

Автор Diandro Saintable (1 месяц)
U put correct in da title but u screwed the fus ru dah the intire video

Автор Chief Gaming (1 месяц)
why does it say us do rah? T_T

Автор saulius siuksta (1 месяц)

Автор Adam Vošahlík (4 месяца)
Humber zero :-) 

Автор Blockerture Laboratories (22 часа)
its beautiful. if the 3rd law of physics didnt apply to shockwaves then i
wish i could do that

Автор AlwaysANigga (1 день)

Автор mohammad faisal (1 день)
Fus do rah?

Автор fuzzlyduzzly (2 дня)
Go to "RebyReach"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор rohan talakanti (2 дня)
Lol can't stop laughing

Автор xXStandAndDeliverXx (4 дня)
The funniest thing about this video is "fus do rah" lollllll

Автор hao zhang (5 дней)
link to the video for number 1?

Автор Alejandro Montes (3 месяца)
fus DO RAH?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Автор pixel/bomer (6 дней)
he penguin should totally be number 1 XD

Автор Luiza Rodrigues (8 дней)
fus ro dah

Автор Kobe Luanglath (9 дней)
Fus do rah

Автор plokoon82 (10 дней)

Автор RandomName | Owner Of TG4U (4 месяца)
0.0 you forgot to give credit to the original videos.

Автор ngohy nilasor (13 дней)
i think its fus do cha not fus do rah haha

Автор MrBestcrash (13 дней)
Fus ro dah*

Автор Josh Marcx (15 дней)
The school bus one dou

Автор Milan Graveel (16 дней)

Автор Angely joly (17 дней)
1.58 :DASDA

Автор Alex P. (21 день)
#5. Ahahahahahaha

Автор wilson inkognito (21 день)
funny but very short every number

Автор Olivier Adkin-Kaya (22 дня)
It says fus do rah instead of fus ro dah in between the fus ro dahs.

Автор Modestas Rutkauskas (23 дня)
My favorite iš number two

Автор Kieran Davies (23 дня)
Isn't it fus ro dah

Автор Xavox (24 дня)
fus do rah....?

Автор Sroobik Törpe (24 дня)
3rd was the best :D

Автор CrystalClear (24 дня)
Where is the bunny fus ro day...

Автор oron61 (25 дней)
I can't get it out of my head thanks to that Youtube comment...
Poops a sword...
Praise the Lord...
Fucking cool...
Oh my god....

Автор YxxREEPERSxxT (26 дней)
(SharpWind) haha #1 the best xD

Автор unleashmen (27 дней)
1:58 LOL

Автор Xephos Cat (27 дней)
I'm sorry, I read the name of this video with a really nerdy voice
Because seriously.
Who wouldnt.

Автор supercrafter elwell (29 дней)
Dragonborn, fus to dah!!!!!!! In skyrim in dragon language dragonborn is
dovakin. Great video, well done.

Автор Tony Phan (1 месяц)
Last one you could see his head crack open when he hit the cabinet.

Автор Jimmy Martinez (1 месяц)
3 had 2 be #1

Автор -R3MIX- (1 месяц)

Автор Jestinevallendradwiputra Dwiputra (1 месяц)
Fus do rah?

Автор Wolfy2k10 (1 месяц)

Автор Walid badaui (1 месяц)

Автор Тревор ФМ (1 месяц)
Fus Do Rah?

Автор Jake Dickens (4 месяца)

Автор rioupou (4 месяца)


Автор Masterninja0923 (1 месяц)
more like mustard jar :D

Автор Josh Ojagbeghru (1 месяц)
1:56 That was definatly the #1 fus ro dah

Автор Karma Sucks (1 месяц)
2:18 to 2:31 EPIC CAT! :D

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