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My Fus Ro Dah Top Ten :D

FUS RO DAH made by me:

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Автор OniNemesis (10 месяцев)
AMAZON Prime Air (Funny Version)

Автор Layne Chavez (11 дней)
does anyone know what clip number 5 was?

Автор Danielviomusic (9 часов)
Do you even know what fus ro dah is? It doesn't seem so, as the only real
fus ro dah is number 1. I keep finding compilations that are not funny, as
this one.

Автор Diandro Saintable (3 месяца)
U put correct in da title but u screwed the fus ru dah the intire video

Автор Nico Bellic (1 месяц)
So boring!

Автор Chief Gaming (3 месяца)
why does it say us do rah? T_T

Автор CrystalClear (2 месяца)
Where is the bunny fus ro day...

Автор Xavox (2 месяца)
fus do rah....?

Автор Pedro Sousa (1 час)
The best is the 3 XD

Автор Lobo Wilson (2 месяца)
#3 isn't funny...


Автор MR.Butter Gamer (14 дней)

Автор Daniel Miegge (3 месяца)
FUS DO RAH? And what about you just copied other videos? Dislike

Автор Adam Vošahlík (6 месяцев)
Humber zero :-) 

Автор Little Big Xeno (1 месяц)
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
the same over and over again...

Автор Jacob Still (22 дня)
Funniest thing ever

Автор FragPenguin (1 месяц)
#9...I have taught you well.

Автор Jefferson Dela cruz (1 месяц)
Numer 0 was my 2nd favourite

Автор Vlog Do Dead (1 месяц)
1:35 wtf?

Автор Hymen Buster (1 месяц)
LMAO that fucking Benny Hymen one.

Автор Tim Vernaeve (1 месяц)
Lol that poor guy in number 1

Автор saulius siuksta (3 месяца)

Автор Alejandro Montes (5 месяцев)
fus DO RAH?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Автор plokoon82 (2 месяца)

Автор RandomName | Owner Of TG4U (6 месяцев)
0.0 you forgot to give credit to the original videos.

Автор Garryth Cooper (2 дня)

Автор Davey Silvers (5 дней)
wtf is fus DO rah?

Автор Battlelogger (6 дней)

Автор SpectorSix (3 дня)
Wtf fus do dah bull shit you ain't dragon born

Автор Diego Madonna (17 часов)

Автор CaptainBlade1215 (1 час)
It's fus ro dah not fus do rah

Автор Victor Rance (3 дня)
c fus roh da pas fus da roh!!!

Автор William henry (11 дней)

Автор mauricio amaral (8 дней)
Fus Ro Dah!

Автор Jorden Maestre (15 дней)
It's Fus ro Dah

Автор amduartev (13 дней)
Fus do rah? Eres gilipollas

Автор Giselle Rainbow (17 дней)
What did the guy do at number 5?

Автор Ansis Bērziņš (23 дня)
Fuck you! Now I want a penguin race!

Автор Андрій Сербенюк (18 дней)
So funny!!! Expesialy number 6. Sorry for mistakes, it is beacuse I`m from

Автор STЯIFE (16 дней)
Fus do rah?

Автор HUNTER AWP (26 дней)
Fus do rah?

Автор Kevin Högman (18 дней)
In their town hes poo fucking, Dragon ball, OST KAKA!!! MEN VA GOTT! PÅ MIT

Автор Romain Liboz (24 дня)
+Tristan Bls 

Автор Ernests Lellis (23 дня)
Its fus ro dah

Автор The Nightmare Creature (28 дней)
kkkkkkkkkkkk os simpsons é o melhor

Автор mikołaj chojecki (24 дня)
Fus do rah xD

Автор Айаал Яковлев (26 дней)
В видео написано не правильно fus do rah, а нужно fus ro dah

Автор Emerald Guardian (1 месяц)
The bus one should've been number one

Автор DoctorAle99 (1 месяц)

Автор Miguecraft (27 дней)
wow, 1:52 xD

Автор piranhacod3 (28 дней)
the number 3 was the best XDXD

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