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My Fus Ro Dah Top Ten :D

FUS RO DAH made by me:

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Автор OniNemesis (11 месяцев)
AMAZON Prime Air (Funny Version)

Автор FunFaic (26 дней)
You guys Think number 3 was funny... it was a bus that tipped over... i bet
most of them got injured...

Автор Layne Chavez (1 месяц)
does anyone know what clip number 5 was?

Автор Danielviomusic (1 месяц)
Do you even know what fus ro dah is? It doesn't seem so, as the only real
fus ro dah is number 1. I keep finding compilations that are not funny, as
this one.

Автор Diandro Saintable (4 месяца)
U put correct in da title but u screwed the fus ru dah the intire video

Автор Nico Bellic (2 месяца)
So boring!

Автор Giuseppe Giordano (15 часов)

Автор Dr.Labertasche LP (3 дня)
Fus do rah ? xD

Автор Kitty Kat (11 дней)
Number 3 scared the crap out of me

Автор Chief Gaming (4 месяца)
why does it say us do rah? T_T

Автор Stephen Rodriguez (15 дней)
so bad 

Автор SupremePotato (21 день)
Fus do rah

Автор Wakajce (22 дня)
#1 is absolutely hilarious

Автор CrystalClear (4 месяца)
Where is the bunny fus ro day...

Автор Michal Busta (25 дней)
What is fus ro dah number 5?? Can you just tell me where I can find it??
Thx :-)

Автор Xavox (4 месяца)
fus do rah....?

Автор Pedro Sousa (1 месяц)
The best is the 3 XD

Автор Lobo Wilson (3 месяца)
#3 isn't funny...


Автор MR.Butter Gamer (1 месяц)

Автор Daniel Miegge (5 месяцев)
FUS DO RAH? And what about you just copied other videos? Dislike

Автор Adam Vošahlík (7 месяцев)
Humber zero :-) 

Автор Little Big Xeno (2 месяца)
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
There time is dovahkiin DRAGON BORN FUS RO DAH!
the same over and over again...

Автор Jacob Still (1 месяц)
Funniest thing ever

Автор Alfiya Zhafira (3 месяца)
1:06 that is hilarious! hahaha, what is that guy and people doing in that
video ?

Автор FragPenguin (2 месяца)
#9...I have taught you well.

Автор Jefferson Dela cruz (2 месяца)
Numer 0 was my 2nd favourite

Автор Vlog Do Dead (2 месяца)
1:35 wtf?

Автор kenisu cruz (3 дня)
Who here thought number 3 should have been number 1? hahaha

Автор Cherry Pauper (2 месяца)
LMAO that fucking Benny Hymen one.

Автор Caleb Ueckert (5 дней)

Автор Steven Jolly (2 дня)

Автор jamie atkins (15 дней)
Fus do rah!?!

Автор GokuGamer Dios (5 дней)
Number 1 WTF 

Автор SatriaIndra M (11 дней)
that's so very funy

Автор nathan olejniczak (18 дней)
Lol THE cat

Автор skyrim god (14 дней)
Laughed to death

Автор saulius siuksta (5 месяцев)

Автор Scott Pilgrim (18 дней)
Lol did a ten year old make this?

Автор Cory Adelt (21 день)
ummmmm that bus one is just not funny

Автор KritosGaming (24 дня)
this is just gay

Автор Josiah Gyamfi (21 день)
it was a church

Автор Alex Margetts (17 дней)

Автор Gizzemac Baldinelli (17 дней)
Number 3 is not funny i bet you all of them broke bones and some may have
died a bus tipped over!

Автор Alexfire (29 дней)
FUS RO kitty ????? XD

Автор Luca Grillo (26 дней)
It's Not Fus Do rah, it's Fus ro dah

Автор Modest-One (25 дней)
And the texts in the video have it misspelled.. slightly annoying.

Автор DemonicRooster (1 месяц)
I know I shouldn't laugh at no. 3, but dammit that was funny

Автор Caleb Holl (1 месяц)
Oh so that's what being fus ro dahd feels like

Автор Szymon Zalech (28 дней)
Chujowe :D Pozdrawiam 

Автор Steven Jolly (2 дня)
Yo number three! Wtf?

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