Xbox LIVE player booter

This is a tutorial how how to boot players out of your game or offline using two simple tools. NetTools 5 and Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel is the tool that gathers the other players IP address and NetTools 5 contains the UDP flooder that causes people to lag out and a Packet Generator to kick them offline.

Cain and Abel is the program which allow you to get the players IP address: http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/Cain-and-Abel-Download-38678.html

NetTools 5 contains the tools to kick them out of your game, UDP flooder and Packet Generator: http://mabsoft.com/nettools.htm
scroll to the bottom to find where it says download. XBL uses port 3074.

I am not held responsible if you get banned from XBL or get you shit pounded in by a big angry person.

If you need help I will help you, just send me a message on YT and I will try to help if you have a problem.

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Автор TheKCarmine (132 года назад)
Trojan Virus. Developers sniff your own network bye bye personal

Автор Leet Coder ( назад)
Pretty light booter works awesome on small sites and what night. If you
have a few friends help out you could boot someone else offline on xbox.
Booter :

Автор javier mendez ( назад)
This is wat we call a hater Bryce thinks he can tell other people what a
virus is I already have your ip just from replying to u. What do you want a
ill give you viruses so you know what one is his screen could be shakin cuz
of low quality or outdated screen recorder

Автор Bro Uncle ( назад)
Best host booter tutorial of #2013 hostbooter2013[dot]blogspot[dot]it/

Автор MezyMods ( назад)
Ban vG iTempah

Автор Boss ( назад)
holy shit, all the toolbars and garbage on your browser. trash.

Автор Neymar da Silva ( назад)

Автор BaeBurn ( назад)
It is just a game. Please get a life.

Автор Bryce Lewis ( назад)
His screen sorry

Автор Bryce Lewis ( назад)
If you look very closely hi screen is shaking therefore the download has
most likely gave him a virus.

Автор mikhail algoo ( назад)
As soon as I heard that let the bodies hit the floor I exited and if you
want to know how to legit boot ill post a video in like a week using cain
and Abel and net tools 5

Автор hystericalcow2 ( назад)
6 = Something wrong with me :)

Автор Mike Jones ( назад)
watch?v=tkl0g18NZgw free booter

Автор ForgetClanSniping ( назад)
Please learn basic addition.

Автор DisabledGamer (IWikzGB) ( назад)
Net tools can boot offline. in fact wen you have the upd flooder open and
you put the ip to 27.27.27 it will act as a lag switch.

Автор UGHoster ( назад)
Tired Of Not Being able to hit fast? Cyber Hacker ~Leader~'s Host Booter
Is that Little Kid Annoying You? If so buy this Host Booter And take Him
Out Fry his modem or router :) Hit'em Fast and hard 4.0GHz Proccessor, 8
Processors,Dedicated,16GB Ram, 200GBMemory,Unlimited Bandwidth Prices: $10
A Week $20 A Month $40 Lifetime If You Would Like To Purchase Inbox me Then
We WIll Discuss The Payment And I will give u access once i get paid and i
will show proof if asked

Автор Mrzod nono ( назад)
Get Jays Booter 5.9 Latest Version NO surveys, Scanned for viruses, Scan 4
your self mediafire.c om/?81v2kv8atm8p6l9

Автор Tisrok55 ( назад)
NetTools to UDP flood? Lmao go get LOIC..

Автор dhops00 ( назад)
does this work?

Автор TryNotFail ( назад)
mkbooter . tk a awsome booter to kick off your oponents (no spaces)

Автор HooderMLG ( назад)
lol booting with nettools have fun trying to boot someone with this crap

Автор Dale Brackett ( назад)
not a virus

Автор Dale Brackett ( назад)
no its not u retard i use t all the time just dont get it from any other
website than cnet

Автор ThomaSellers ( назад)
Pathetic LOL

Автор Zerpenn ( назад)
hey i need a booter

Автор IDontKillz ( назад)
YAY know i know what hand woody jacks it with

Автор yoyodog32 ( назад)
how much?

Автор Anthony l ( назад)
Selling Xbox live Booter hits offline for 500 seconds Message me if

Автор MicrosoftFan ( назад)
I didn't say it didn't work. I just said that it is a virus and I had to
get my hard drive replaced because it destroyed it

Автор m ( назад)
Are you dumb? Cain and Abel does work. You're a poser. Cain is one of the
good tools so hush up.

Автор MicrosoftFan ( назад)
Huge Virus. Do Not Download Cain and Abel! Virus! also Net tools is fake
and does not work. Waste of time and had to fix virus

Автор Cliff Canfield ( назад)
people mustve not looked at the comments since everybody is repeating one
another, ahh people can decide themselves on what to say

Автор Cliff Canfield ( назад)
fuck you and your horrible taste in music, this is a classic song which is
always great

Автор TheColtsfan1796 ( назад)
No, it works he is right. I flooded soooo many lobbys in mw3 cuz of this
thanks man :) subbed

Автор Theperson2121 ( назад)
is this a stop motion video?

Автор CHRIS56585 . ( назад)
i already dislike this video for its fucking song

Автор LimitlessModsHD ( назад)
Pm me, how u do it?

Автор gtaruler100 ( назад)
nice virus bro

Автор MIDEVILTACO1 ( назад)

Автор William Woodard ( назад)
let the finger push the mute

Автор Ryan Shaw ( назад)
Check out my channel to get a booter for free

Автор CombatMod ( назад)

Автор y0 Im Mike ( назад)
Kid 1. u have to be on a VPN to boot offline with Net Tools 2. The way ur
using packet generator and UPD Flooder is wrong any questions HMU!

Автор MajickRs ( назад)
@IMoRphZz lol how can u tell which one is yours

Автор MajickRs ( назад)
How can u even tell which Ip is yours i did it and it flooded my own ip and
it wasny my normal Ip i used

Автор Skiddlyboop ( назад)
New tutorial soon? and thx

Автор Brijac ( назад)
/watch?v=0KUxyMChQUQ&feature=youtu.be jsut use Jays Booter, its way better

Автор Russett420 ( назад)
my favorite song.

Автор AnnoyingXboxer ( назад)
I am doing a free beta with my Shell booter if you check out my videos.
Also, great video OP :D

Автор ObeyRelentless ( назад)
Everyone rise for the youtube national anthem

Автор russiankiler23 ( назад)
i lag out though wht do i do

Автор TFK69Productions ( назад)

Автор ImwicKd ( назад)
I made a booter that has PRIVATE shells, and many features such as IP
lookup and website to IP. I have proof. I can take down DGsemipro and
VirusTotal with this! Check it out /watch?v=8IgZpV6sdP0

Автор DAVE ( назад)
like if you muted the song

Автор Gees97 ( назад)
to anyone who says link doesnt work IT DOES. disable ur protection AND
windows firewall. and make sure you use internet explorer because google
chrome wont work. and when you get the cain icon on desktop left click and
run as ADMIN. definatly works though

Автор Gees97 ( назад)
@TNTslayer1997 its not a virus. got it with no problem trust me

Автор Gees97 ( назад)
@Scopitone7 yea i had to do the same..its safe

Автор RamoshProductions ( назад)
@Redchannel The only reason I want to figure this out is to be able to
defend from it.

Автор redchannel ( назад)
Get a life. Play the right way.

Автор Scopitone7 ( назад)
you must turn off antivirus to download? not gonna happen...

Автор HaloB3ast43 ( назад)
i only watched it so i can listen to the song

Автор IMORTALxBEAST ( назад)
besides a judge would probably lhao im so sorry so many kids and kiddies
got into so much pain suffering and drama on a game i feel so bad get a
life and a job if you cant take the heat.lol

Автор IMORTALxBEAST ( назад)
all these comments are bull s, obviously cain and abel were developed as
host booters meaning lag switch correct sometimes you might kick someone
offline for booting thier server. but you would a.need a good connection
lmao, or b.need to get lucky without booting yourself first. now the
previous comments about shells blow cheese. why spend so much when cain is
free and net tools are to? this is hilarious nice and i dont think you get
arrested for legally hacking like this,assholes its a vidgame

Автор NINJA10561 ( назад)
@TroyxPry if you put their ip address in the top box then yes it is
technically a xbox "booter".

Автор Tim Ranaldo ( назад)
@TroyxPry ur dumb kid it can be a booter with the packet gen.

Автор George Zenner ( назад)
let the finger hit the mute

Автор Deathmask ( назад)
let the finger hit tha mute let tha finger hit tha

Автор Zenzo ( назад)

Автор Brendan Archer ( назад)
@TroyxPry and also it can kick someone offline penis cheese

Автор Brendan Archer ( назад)
@TroyxPry your a fucking idiot Troyxpry its more than a fuckin lag switch
dumb fucker

Автор Furiohacking ( назад)
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Автор Michael Tancredi ( назад)
free booter go to the url has 100 shells free mediafire com/?pz7cw5699gowgnl

Автор Michael Tancredi ( назад)
free booter go to the url

Автор zachdragon1 ( назад)
dude do it faster and closer to ur computer

Автор xBlackouuTx ( назад)
This is bad ! buy my way to hit ppl offline :) .youtube.com/user/xblackouutx

Автор Eddie II ( назад)
Can you get banned from xbox with this shit?

Автор AnnoyingXboxer (953 года назад)
Want a real beta test on my booter... Check my video it has proof!

Автор minecraftDWC ( назад)

Автор AnnoyingXboxer ( назад)
Check out my video to beta test my Web Booter! its perfect for Xbox Live
and Home connections!

Автор michael gattuso ( назад)
@TroyxPry Shut the fuck up you do not know what your talking about i hit
people offline all the time and i still do. use packet generator thats the
shit. now dont go trolling on videos if you dont even know wtf your saying.
By the way its Nuff said kid.

Автор Jimmy Dean ( назад)
You SUCK! Get a life! You need to get arrested! I hate people like you! Go
get a job or something... god!

Автор Sanada Shirou ( назад)
@ShinYujiroHanma i saw ur msg u sent me kid...seriously get a life .

Автор Sanada Shirou ( назад)
@BryceI3 kid u got issues lol. That msg was meant to ALL players that cheat
like that. i can care less if this dude read it or not. also "deep down u
lose" kid im not here to win some contest. GROW UP!!!!!

Автор Gabe Snow ( назад)
@wasitrealy Unless the UDP flooder uses Shells to overload someone's IP,
but this method is usually costly.

Автор AnnoyingXboxer ( назад)
This won do anything........ The only way your going to hit some one
offline is with a Bot net or a shell booter...... you know how many packets
is sent and received when on xbox? using a packet generator will send like
100 more packets.. wont even make them go down 1 bar... Want a real xbox
booter? watch this video /watch?v=G2epnh-qWQ4

Автор Kev Man ( назад)
you have to us notepad? don't even make a fucking video if u cant even
spell the word 'use' .. Gtfo do Windows + R > type CMD > type "/cutwrist"
*ignore the"* And, u said 2 programs, rofl.. it's 3.

Автор Kev Man ( назад)
you have to us notepad? don't even make a fucking video if u cant even
spell the word 'use' .. Gtfo do Windows + R > type CMD > type "/cutwrist"
*ignore the"*

Автор montagesANDdisputes ( назад)
@MrXdog360 no

Автор MrXdog360 ( назад)
Can ip flooding ban the victim from xbox live???

Автор chexmixxxs ( назад)

Автор xRegardsx ( назад)
I'm just curious... why do you think helping people cheat, which in turn
ruins the game for others, is okay?

Автор Sanada Shirou ( назад)
booting ppl...thats pathetic...try winning the right way instead of trying
to take the easy way out..deep down u will still lose cause u wont be man
enough to take the on challenge head on

Автор TNTslayer1997 ( назад)
get a life im not turning of my antivirus and if u remove this post u have
no life

Автор Bob Lingg ( назад)
when i hit that black and yellow nuke button it shows me more ips then it
should please help me someone

Автор mariofreak444 ( назад)

Автор ThePieMonster ( назад)
do u have to be on ethernet with xbox and PC?

Автор ThePieMonster ( назад)
wat is the range that i should start and end at cause if i do the deafualt
it says that its going to take forever

Автор maggot457 ( назад)
@wasitrealy its not

Автор clipNproductions ( назад)
To everyone i'm selling spots on my host booting server so add me on aim
for prices my aim email is sellingbooter@aim.com and i'm usually on it so
hit me up there for the prices and setup comes with the purchase

Автор MrCherryKush ( назад)
@blitzs23 It says its a virus. It's not.

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