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Автор TheKCarmine (10 месяцев)
Trojan Virus. Developers sniff your own network bye bye personal

Автор Leet Coder (1 год)
Pretty light booter works awesome on small sites and what night. If you
have a few friends help out you could boot someone else offline on xbox.
Booter :

Автор Dale Brackett (2 года)
not a virus

Автор Zenzo (3 года)

Автор AnnoyingXboxer (3 года)
Want a real beta test on my booter... Check my video it has proof!

Автор 3pk4yn (4 года)
@sanasanacolitaderana Ur Screen recorder sucks dick.

Автор Xbox360Dude29 (4 года)
@sanasanacolitaderana lol nice

Автор Cliff Canfield (2 года)
people mustve not looked at the comments since everybody is repeating one
another, ahh people can decide themselves on what to say

Автор IMORTALxBEAST (3 года)
all these comments are bull s, obviously cain and abel were developed as
host booters meaning lag switch correct sometimes you might kick someone
offline for booting thier server. but you would a.need a good connection
lmao, or b.need to get lucky without booting yourself first. now the
previous comments about shells blow cheese. why spend so much when cain is
free and net tools are to? this is hilarious nice and i dont think you get
arrested for legally hacking like this,assholes its a vidgame

Автор RamoshProductions (3 года)
@Redchannel The only reason I want to figure this out is to be able to
defend from it.

Автор MajickRs (3 года)
@IMoRphZz lol how can u tell which one is yours

Автор xBlackouuTx (3 года)
This is bad ! buy my way to hit ppl offline :) .youtube.com/user/xblackouutx

Автор mikhail algoo (2 года)
As soon as I heard that let the bodies hit the floor I exited and if you
want to know how to legit boot ill post a video in like a week using cain
and Abel and net tools 5

Автор George Zenner (3 года)
let the finger hit the mute

Автор jason cates (4 года)

Автор Dale Brackett (2 года)
no its not u retard i use t all the time just dont get it from any other
website than cnet

Автор montagesANDdisputes (3 года)
@MrXdog360 no

Автор Scopitone7 (3 года)
you must turn off antivirus to download? not gonna happen...

Автор mustseeme07 (4 года)
lmao net tools...

Автор MicrosoftFan (2 года)
Huge Virus. Do Not Download Cain and Abel! Virus! also Net tools is fake
and does not work. Waste of time and had to fix virus

Автор 99maggots (4 года)
lol? turn off antivirus nice one bro...

Автор CombatMod (3 года)

Автор Iz720zIHD (4 года)
is it illegal and do i have to change my ip every time i do this

Автор WiizY20 (4 года)
i need hepl , i have my laptop on my roater and my xbox 2 , but it does not
show the microsoft in the host list .

Автор Ross Morris (4 года)
@golfisgreat123 Wow, fuck you captain righteous glory. Go back to church

Автор BaeBurn (2 года)
It is just a game. Please get a life.

Автор russiankiler23 (3 года)
i lag out though wht do i do

Автор redchannel (3 года)
Get a life. Play the right way.

Автор Stephen Gibson (4 года)
If its not a virus i shoudnt have to turn my anti-virus off , so why do i
have to turn anti virus offf?

Автор Michael Tancredi (3 года)
free booter go to the url

Автор Dylan Hicks (4 года)
@Halocentral101 Hello, I have over looked your problem and now i find do
not leave the Nettools Flooder on for more than 10-15 seconds or you will
disconnect, Want to thank me? Subscribe!

Автор ThePieMonster (4 года)
do u have to be on ethernet with xbox and PC?

Автор Kev Man (3 года)
you have to us notepad? don't even make a fucking video if u cant even
spell the word 'use' .. Gtfo do Windows + R > type CMD > type "/cutwrist"
*ignore the"*

Автор Gabe Snow (3 года)
@wasitrealy Unless the UDP flooder uses Shells to overload someone's IP,
but this method is usually costly.

Автор zachdragon1 (3 года)
dude do it faster and closer to ur computer

Автор | ThomaSellers | (2 года)
Pathetic LOL

Автор Boss (2 года)
holy shit, all the toolbars and garbage on your browser. trash.

Автор JoshieFFA (1 год)
Ban vG iTempah

Автор Gees97 (3 года)
@Scopitone7 yea i had to do the same..its safe

Автор Shin Yujiro Hanma (3 года)
@BryceI3 kid u got issues lol. That msg was meant to ALL players that cheat
like that. i can care less if this dude read it or not. also "deep down u
lose" kid im not here to win some contest. GROW UP!!!!!

Автор Bryce Lewis (2 года)
His screen sorry

Автор ionaustin (4 года)

Автор Neymar da Silva (2 года)

Автор michael gattuso (3 года)
@TroyxPry Shut the fuck up you do not know what your talking about i hit
people offline all the time and i still do. use packet generator thats the
shit. now dont go trolling on videos if you dont even know wtf your saying.
By the way its Nuff said kid.

Автор Heather (4 года)
@Bedely1 try run as admin

Автор MIDEVILTACO1 (3 года)

Автор Jordan Kramer (4 года)

Автор LimitlessModsHD (3 года)
Pm me, how u do it?

Автор William Woodard (3 года)
let the finger push the mute

Автор TheKane388 (4 года)
@wasitrealy That is just what i was going to put in a comment lol i fucking
h8 that song

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