San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - Full Game Highlights | December 8, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Длительность: 9:36
Комментарии: 796

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Автор killer ( назад)
Bulls refuel

Автор Cameron Van Zile ( назад)
Rondo!? Jumpshot!? WTF

Автор Giannis Kexagias ( назад)
bobby portis is better than cristiano felicio

Автор Week Charms ( назад)

Автор Bob Stuffguy ( назад)
I'm just noticing how annoying those camera flashed are...

Автор Ignatius Skrzypczynski ( назад)
CHICAGO WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Devin Young ( назад)
It's like playing against your fraternal twin brother, startin to respect the Spurs a lot more, from a Bulls fan

Автор Simon Cheuk ( назад)

Автор Tommy Chen ( назад)

Автор Neutral Gray ( назад)
Butler staying away from the ball so Kawhi can't do defense. Game becomes 4v4. Just read in an article

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
pop sucks . spurs coach

Автор Daniel Opsimar ( назад)
Delima case new

Автор Ian Jo Semira ( назад)

Автор Dustin Benford ( назад)
i hope kawhi attacks the basket more, those dunks were a perfect example of how to get easy offense, he's the focus of the offense now and he needs to get the defense on it's heels, most certainly when they play cavs/raptors type teams who have long lengthy players who make jump shots difficult, the key to the opening night upset was leonard's points of which many were from attacking the rim in various aspects(putbacks from misses, fast breaks off of steals, or halfcourt set plays)

Автор Hiram Salinas ( назад)
two of my favorite teams facing off

Автор Imagine 1st ( назад)
9:31 pau leading rebound for spurs

Автор petefaders ( назад)
LA has no D whatsoever.

Автор DA SWAGGIN PRINCE ( назад)
great game Bulls, this what i wanna see, ya shoulda beat the pistons

Автор Donté Blythe ( назад)
that game radio person with that chiraq music video *bang bang bang*

Автор iCE dEEP ( назад)
Respect, respect. It's aight Spurs there's always a rematch. Ohh yeah, Butler 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Автор Brotherman From The 5th Floor ( назад)
Rondo and Melo are some real niggas, still rocking the headband...

Автор ScottDodson5 ( назад)
Spurs are so damn sloppy in the first half. They can't always win pulling themselves back into the game.

Автор Khalid Macapundag ( назад)
Leonard is a beast!!!

Автор Jwxo Weeye ( назад)
Rando is the Bullys X factor

Автор mirko djuric ( назад)

Автор Vincent Rodriguez ( назад)
Can't win 'em all I guess lol Spurs need to start going on a run. They're better than this

Автор Aqua Nigga ( назад)
So what happened to Kawahi winning MVP this year nigga ain't even in the top 5 candidates

Автор oliver jack ( назад)
Damn the Spurs are a great team but they are soooo inconsistent. Each game they wanna play differently is kinda frustrating. I don't know if a bad coach or a bad player in the team but they really need to get on top of it.

Автор DAW PAWN SHOP ( назад)

Автор BloopeReel ( назад)
check out my vid on the top rookie point guards

Автор YRN PrettyBoyNazi ( назад)
Rondo ass now

Автор starlord jr ( назад)
Who's that french woman playing on the Spurs?

Автор Dieme Mukaba ( назад)
how do u make highlight

Автор J Julian ( назад)
Ximo Pierto Blessing the world with basketball - Thanks man

Автор SgtvVv ( назад)
this game was terrible for the spurs the first half. they had great shots but just didn't nail them. good game otherwise

Автор Aiman Ali ( назад)
Joakim Noah could never ever shoot like Lopez can s/o to Lopez a center that can actually score

Автор James Keil Nogas ( назад)

Автор Jay Dawg ( назад)
kawhi and wade must still be in 2014 mode😂🔥

Автор Regan Collins ( назад)
why is the sound always 3 seconds behind in all the nba highlights?

Автор Welcome to a brand new beginning you sorry shits. ( назад)
Pop is a great coach, but he's letting his emotions come in the way of his decision-making.
Get Tony on the bench. Patty is in his prime and he's only getting better. Let him build chemistry with Kawhi.
Stop holding onto the past and build for the future.

Автор ROBBIE MASON ( назад)
man.. to me.. bulls dont have chemistry.. :(

Автор Ngọc Anh Nguyễn ( назад)
wade ;)

Автор Ofny Hernandez ( назад)
I think the bulls was a little better with tom 😔

Автор Suheet Sardeshpande ( назад)
Can you do live streams

Автор nate4christ ( назад)
remember portis and valentine are good late game options. keep the team motivated. now run the play.

Автор Devil Rebel Productions ( назад)
I love basketball but, the NBA is weak with these weak ass foul calls in the paint or when the game is close. You can't even breath if you're guarding the paint while someone is attacking. If I exhale "WHISTLE!!!"

Автор Nate DaGreat ( назад)
If anybody were to beat us on the road first It would've been them. And they did.

Автор John Paul Vila ( назад)
how easy is the east?

Автор Clark kent ( назад)
Pau was like wait a minute I don't play here anymore wrong locker room lol

Автор Kahlil Jackson ( назад)
LA is holding the spurs back

Автор New Era ( назад)
We gone keep losing to these Mid Range team's

Pop's got a bad habbit off saggin off team's like OKC, LAC, Orlando, CHI, trying to pack the paint daring team's to the shoot wide open 3's

Bad part is if you watch these game's you would notice Pau, LA, Kawhi, DG, TP everyone saggin off their man, We need put a Body on these team's, we giving each player 2-3 feet eyes on the ball that gameplan doesn't always work

LA inconsistency doesn't help either, Seriously LaMarcus needs to get his eyes checked get that LaZik Surgery done cuzz LA keeps missing these Wide open Pick & Pop's & put backs 😳

Автор Sasaki Kojiro ( назад)
Do you Bullieve?

Автор Quillan Jacobson ( назад)
Spurs just seem like they're getting too old tbh.  It isn't a problem on defense obviously but every time I look at the score for their games both teams are under a hundred.  It might not be all age but either way their games have all been low scoring this year

Автор Moneygetjealous ( назад)
Sometimes I forget the rivalry between Wade and Rondo during their Heat-Celtics day

Автор AllMyBitches LikeBitches ( назад)
My bulls! took down the spurs and cavs don't sleep on us mfs

Автор Tamatoa 808 ( назад)
Am I the only one that saw pau leave the guy hanging at the beginning😂😂😂 #Noloveforthebrother

Автор Cam101077 ( назад)
GOOD to see dougy back

Автор Punk ( назад)
What's up with Aldridge?
he hasn't been playing well

Автор bloodyweed420 ( назад)
look i think spurs did bad the first half and came back the sec half but didn't win i like how danny green shot that 3 in the end lol

Автор Daniel Daw ( назад)
Fellow Dwade fans, I know you remember SF those haters talking about the bulls will be lucky if they make the playoffs and that the heat will be just fine without him. How's that going again?

Автор Emmanuel Wu ( назад)
So happy to see the three guards of the bulls working on the same page.

Автор Chorrell Klaverweide ( назад)
Meh. Same shit last year. Lose to mediocre teams and then win against top teams. Overall, not impressed. The Spurs were horrible in the first half. I'm pretty confident that helped greatly. This team is inconsistent as hell and it's very tiring.

Автор ace serran ( назад)
they're better off without d. rose

Автор kusum kafley ( назад)
d wade vs manu

Автор Elijah Gallegos ( назад)
LaSharkus 🔥 🙏 💯

Автор balikati ( назад)
butler was offline tonight but still #bullswin. streakbusters back at it again b

Автор Brian Cheng ( назад)
And this is the team who "supposedly" will beat the Warriors?😂

Автор Frank Tony ( назад)
Ginobili should just retire. 0-9 missing wide open shots. Waste of 14m

Автор Dwyane 'The GOAT' Wade ( назад)
Kahwi Leonard is the next mj mark my words

Автор Kyle Johnson ( назад)
Bulls got some garbage calls in the last minutes that saved them

Автор Sammy Samosa ( назад)
Jimmy Butler is the next Michael Jordan.

Автор TheBrandonOfAll ( назад)
5:46 I don't even need to see Jimmy's face to know, Kawhi has *Rustled his Jimmies* with that play XD

Автор Michael Cobbs ( назад)
Need 3 pointers & Gino got to go.

Автор Chi- Nation ( назад)
Kawhi broke Jimmy's 20pt game streak, probably the best defender in the league

Автор landwolf00 ( назад)
The Bulls with Wade are a really fun team to watch!

Автор Millz Cordero ( назад)
I hate the way the referee's are making calls this season. They call foul when no one is touched but when they get hit it's no call

Автор Olivion17 ( назад)
When Lamarcus gets his groove back we will start steam rolling teams like this again. We all know he will pick his game up it's just a matter of time.

Автор Dziordan1 ( назад)
this inconsistency in the bulls winning effort is killing me. They gotta play like this in the playoffs and troughout whole season

Автор FoZe JewchainZ ( назад)
Get DRose and Porzingod for Aldridge and Parker

Автор Samuel DeLoach ( назад)

Автор Seahawks&Spurs ( назад)
Every dam game we are down double digits smh I knew 1 of these games would have caught up with them df they scared to play 1st half ball?! Our D is assssss!!!!

Автор Tseten Dolker ( назад)
the big men for spurs didnt show up and i feel like pop shouldnt put gasol and aldridge together on the court ...

Автор Joseph Torcasso ( назад)
Robin Lopez is a solid 5

Автор Tiggle Bitties ( назад)
Damn Kawhi made Jimmy Butler look like an average player

Автор MiguelHTX huerta ( назад)
Gibson is tooooo underrated , he drops buckets and is consistent every game people need to give him credit

Автор gallardorsq ( назад)
Spurs 5 free throws in the entire game smh

Автор Matthew Hart ( назад)
putting Pau Gasol in a Bulls jersey for the stat comparison 😂😂😂

Автор Ahmad Williams ( назад)
So it's gon be one of THEM seasons Bulls? Playing to the level of our competition?

Автор Don Rodie ( назад)
im glad mcnuggets back.

Автор loud pack ( назад)
whos the dude that always says bang bang you know he from.chicago lmaooo

Автор Don Rodie ( назад)
hoiberg be like. lets play canaan. even though he doesnt do anything and has no canon

Автор Tahmar Gaither ( назад)
I DO NOT understand my Bulls team but I will take it...side note we are a better team with McDermott on the floor

Автор Zakaria Haji ( назад)
love my bulls. we really need mcdermott

Автор Ghost Guru ( назад)
I love seeing my Bulls playing this way, it was really nice to see Gasol getting some love from his old teammates too... not no dumbass playground hate like Russ and KD (stupid)

Автор jermaineonealnumber7 ( назад)
Good defense by the Bulls!

Автор KiiNGProDOfficial ( назад)

Автор Dru Russ ( назад)
We (Spurs) might as well trade Kyle Anderson & a draft pick for N. Noel. Pau just isn't getting the job done & D. Dedmon can't stay out of foul trouble, LA's defense is non-existent & his offense is not consistent.

Автор Raping Potato ( назад)
6:49 Gasol shootin 3s?? damnn

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