Shanghai 2010 World Expo "Online Expo" Official Preview

An expanded Expo Shanghai Online webpage is now at http://en.expo.cn/. This video was the official preview from the Bureau of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo. Animated fly-over and major attractions. The Expo opened on May 1, 2010, and closed on October 31, 2010, the largest in history. Posted with permission of the Expo Bureau.

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Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
DEAR VIEWERS, This weekend the Expo comes to an end. It has been my
pleasure to host this video about it. Please share your memories here. Good
news! The next Expo, the smaller but just as significant and timely Yeosu,
Korea 2012 Special Expo -- all about "The Health of Our Oceans and
Seashores" -- takes place in only 18 months. And the Milano 2015 Universal
Expo, on a scale comparable to Shanghai, beckons. Its theme is "Food," and
what better place than Italy for that? See you there! -- Bob

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
ALL READERS, ESPECIALLY IN ASIA: Better make your plans to visit the Expo
NOW. The gates close on October 31 and then it's over. The next "special"
Expo is in Yeosu, Korea, all about the oceans, in 2012. The next big Expo
is Milano, Italia -- not until 2015! But their may not be another Shanghai
World Expo in our lifetimes. So get on over and have the time of your life.

Автор Steven Tan ( назад)
@brandonlovesmonkeys A lot of Chinese people give more respect to
"foreigners" than "natives".

Автор Frightflight ( назад)
I went there about a month ago. Too many people. XD

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
@suyuanhang It's true, but some of the best Online Pavilions are created by
the national teams themselves and hosted at home for better quality
assurance and easy updating. One example: Sweden has two online presences,
one provided by CG and the other done at home. Look them both us and see
how they work together.

Автор suyuanhang ( назад)
crystal CG, a emerging Chinese high tech company creating amazing animation
and inovation all the time, cool!!!

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
@stealthpakfa The Expo is an international event hosted by the Bureau for
International Expositions, a 100-year-old treaty organization now part of
the UN. The big Expo moves from city to city each five to ten years. It
isn't a Chinese event. It is an international event. It so happens that
this year the Expo is hosted by China -- but it is not Chinese. It is the
world's Expo.

Автор stealthpakfa ( назад)
@brandonlovesmonkeys i agree, chinese event should be done byy chinese ppl.
not foreigners.

Автор PROFILESophiaYates ( назад)
I would love to go!!!!!!

Автор personalfavs ( назад)
(Cont...) The rest of us are Russian, except me who's from America. They
totally dubbed the entire thing, that's great. (pretty smart too if you ask
me none of us really knew how to drum to begin with) we had to take that
shot like 50 times. One of the best 800 kuai in a day gigs I've ever had.
Thank you Cyberoid for finding this. I'm messaging you now.

Автор personalfavs ( назад)
So whats funny is I am actually the drummer on the back left at 4:34. That
is Hilarious!!! I was praying this video would turn up! They wouldn't give
us any information on it. FUNNY. The guy talking's name is Steven Weathers
and he can be found on twitter if you're looking. (Cont..)

Автор Cenilla ( назад)
@cyberoid well-said!!

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
@brandonlovesmonkeys Have you checked his passport? Or are you going only
on how he looks, like the people in my State of Arizona who wish to arrest
people who look "Mexican"? You are going on his looks and language only.
Steven Weathers has lived and worked in China for years. He's not Han. So?
Isn't he Chinese? Let's leave this discussion for another time and just
enjoy his performance, which was intended for the whole world. Thanks for
the chat.

Автор brandonlovesmonkeys ( назад)
@cyberoid but like he should be Chinese and he ain't Chinese he's American .

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
@brandonlovesmonkeys I don't agree. Steven lives and works in China. Isn't
he Chinese by definition? Any other interpretation would be racist. Sorry.

Автор brandonlovesmonkeys ( назад)
@cyberoid but he should be chinease

Автор mrzack888 ( назад)
no thanks, i want the real thing.

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
The Shanghai Expo Online is now available at en-expo-cn (Substitute dots
for dashes.) It's a SimCity like evocation of the actual Shanghai Expo,
with a lot of data about individual pavilions. Some countries, like Sweden,
also have online pavilions of their own making.

Автор SolsAgaveStand ( назад)
@vivbri Because the Expo is not "Chinese." It's international and for the
sake of the people around the world who the hosts want to bring to
Shanghai, they chose someone who speaks English -- which is the most
popular language outside of China. Steve, the narrator, is an American
expat living in Shanghai. Just for the record, he speaks Mandarin fluently
and stars in TV ads, etc., seen in China.

Автор Viv Bri ( назад)
Why this guy is not Chinese?

Автор thekillor ( назад)

Автор rosy868 ( назад)

Автор Thimmet ( назад)
Yay, I'll be there in May! :)

Автор Nick Jones ( назад)
Im going to Shanghai before the end of this year =)

Автор wikct2 ( назад)
Looking forward to be in Shanghai in 2010.

Автор mapplewhite ( назад)
The excitement will be with you anywhere... anytime ! :-)

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