Mercedes Turbo Diesel Blow-by test

This video will show you how to test the engine blow-by on a Mercedes Turbo Diesel. This information is brought to you by dieselgiant.com. If this video was helpful to you drop me a line and let me know.

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Автор Vaughn Trimmer ( назад)
that's great! but that is a REAL 218,00 miles that must have been properly
maintained! it is common to find these with the odo's rolled back to like
175,00 from 300,000 a lot. then people wonder why their OM617 has so much
blow-by with "175,000 miles" on it. then there are these engines that may
have under 200,000 miles but have fallen into the wrong hands and don't get
valve adjustments, wrong oil used and not changed often, wvo, and do
repairs on the cheap because "they run forever" :)

Автор PlaystationQUAD-Pro ( назад)
hows the engine doing these days 8 years later?

Автор Rob Matt ( назад)
That's great but you're not explaining what you're looking for, what you
will see with or without blow-by. I mean dang,,, what's the point? You've
taught me nothing..

Автор Gabriel S. ( назад)
Mine would have sprayed that camera lens black with oil in a few seconds.

Автор Denkha94 ( назад)
wow very nice healthy motor. sounds and looks like the oil changes where up
to date. and not abused 

Автор robert purnell ( назад)
definitely not an expert on the topic but 5 minutes is about the amount of
time it takes to warm up, right? A cold motor is tighter than a warm one.
When the block heats up it expands allowing a bigger gap around the piston
rings for explosive mixture to "blow by" no matter what its still a ring

Автор petterz13 ( назад)

Автор s bobo ( назад)
not a very good test, where is the manometer? 

Автор nekbiodieselworks ( назад)
I had a really old 240d with 270,000 miles that had horrible blowby. If you
took off the oil cap the air would just blast out. I sinse sold it and now
have a 300 td with 180000 miles and the engine is perfectly tight. I love
that car

Автор simeon40 ( назад)
I had a friend who droved his family 190D. He always told me how their 2.0
diesel will last forever, unlike mine 1.6 petrol from another brand and i
drive shity engine unlike him. The merc was 600 000 kilometers. The thing
he purposely didn't told me is that their engine was 5 (five) times major
rebuilded! He told me that several months after he crashed the merc. I like
Mercedes, but i don't like their drivers.

Автор Miller Bread ( назад)
Blow-by looks like white/gray smoke blowing out of the valve cover and oil
fill cap. Thumbs up so people understand.

Автор moparmania74 ( назад)
my 400 big block chrysler engine looks like that too, when you first start
it. it seems to take 5 minutes or so until you start to see it... why would
that be??

Автор Vaughn Trimmer ( назад)
Fan shroud?

Автор speeddemon002 ( назад)
My 1983 300sd has 396,768 miles and i do oil change every 3,000 and service
full inspection every 10,000 not expensive at all best cars ever built real
steel not some plastic poop car like hondas nissans mercedes finest is the
desiels treat it nice i will treat you nice i plan to keep it till i die

Автор speeddemon002 ( назад)
@bigwu100 Take care of it it will last till a million miles

Автор HEINRICXVI ( назад)
62 people are clueless 

Автор jarrus464 ( назад)
I suppose then this will apply to all diesels then? take the oil cap off
when its idleing and see if theres faint smoke? mine shows slight vaccumm
on the boost guage at idle and its not making any boost at high rpms...

Автор Xyleksoll ( назад)
ALL Diesels have blow-by, even brand-new ones - that's why they put
pick-ups and oil separators on the valve covers - my TDI-PD has one
(without the separator - I swear I don't understand VW) that is routed
straight to the turbo inlet- and since there is no said separator it
usually deposits oil all over the air piping. Strangely enough, I don't
have to add additional oil between the 10K mile service intervals. 

Автор Simeon Mladenov ( назад)
I dont understand...what was I supposed to hear or see..

Автор trondandresoreng ( назад)
@2fastdsm it looks like white smoke, its the exshaust that have come past
the pistonrings and into the oilsystem :) 

Автор Perry Farewell ( назад)
as long as it'll start it has enough compression. my 300d has 300k and runs
quit good, interior could use a sprucing up but not till i fix all the
othere crap. Oh yea, a little blow by perhaps. whats to expect 300,000.
when she blows i'll buy another. they are great cars. im on my second one

Автор Harvey Handbanana ( назад)
bout to say that car with 212k and no blow by is a good day and a good
year=) sounds like she runs like a top too 

Автор Colin Caissie ( назад)
@mnm9194 Yeah. When the get worn, there's a misty, smoky gusting out of the
cover. This one is better than mine.

Автор michaelpack1988 ( назад)
@roberts459 Greenville South Carolina. and yes they want to charge a little
over $100 just to look at it. there probably is a Mercedes Private business
shop near me somewhere. 

Автор michaelpack1988 ( назад)
@roberts459 over $100 just to look at it, NO. lol. Its not a tap sound, its
like air going in and out like when you blow inside of a bottle kindof

Автор gunz-n-gadgets (1472 года назад)
I work at a service station and i'v seen many of these with well over
300,000 on them. what a great piece of engineering.

Автор michaelpack1988 ( назад)
ine makes a funny sound when I take the cap off, should I be worried. 

Автор Jim Wilson ( назад)
Nothing better than an inline diesel- There are guys out there that have
750K on 6BTs that have had no more than valve adjustments. And that is all
highway towing.

Автор Gigi Q ( назад)
This video mean Zilch. Why? The engine is cold.. Try this test when the
engine reaches operating temp then remove the oil cap. I'll bet there's
blow by then.

Автор Håvar Grythe ( назад)
@fuga28 in poland i sat in a taxi that had rounded 5000000. it still ran.
of course there wasent anything left inside the taxi. we sat on 2"x4"

Автор RayVal53 ( назад)
@cipmars PM me! I have a ??(s) about valve adjustments!

Автор cipmars ( назад)
@fordsucks2 Yes you can.

Автор cipmars ( назад)
@fuga28 I drive a '79 200D. That engine is great! If it weren't for the
occasional glowplugs and valve andjustments, that engine would need
absolutely nothing more than fuel and oil changes. It's amazing.

Автор spancer87 ( назад)
@kostanhsv change the light bulbs man! 

Автор nukesforce ( назад)
@fuga28 Yes the old MB diesel engines are indestructible. Many cabs have
more than 1Mio kilometer.

Автор Corvus Casull ( назад)
I agree, not all blow-by gasses are visible. It would be nice to know if
this was a cold start or a hot start. One could block the fan airflow and
use a small piece of paper to show if anything was/is escaping from the
valve cover.

Автор fordsucks2 ( назад)
The car passed the blow by test I assume...since there was no gases
escaping and oil was flying outta there? If the car has blow by can you
feel it by putting your hand over the oil filler cap too?

Автор Parker Thomas ( назад)

Автор Jose Andre ( назад)
yes it did, now has a lot more. The original engine made those many miles.
It was changed 2 years ago

Автор Parker Thomas ( назад)
it has 932,044 miles?

Автор EdJoel ( назад)
Not to mention that a a faster car increases the risk of leaving it wrapped
around a tree somewhere. I always say, want to get there on time, leave
home early.

Автор DamnStraightM35A2 ( назад)
like a white vapor floating around in the valve cover

Автор Jose Andre ( назад)
That's true. But even so, that's the reason why cars that are slow are
better than fast ones. You can not have something that is fast and lasts
very long at the same time... But those diesel engines do 6000 rpm. That
might not seem very much, but I can tell you that VW diesel engines only do

Автор Jose Andre ( назад)
It's true, but even so. Engines that are fast usually don't last very long.
There's a Mercedes 200 D that is the same engine that is on the 190 D that
is the Mercedes museum in Stutgart, it was a Taxi until 2002 in Porto,
Portugal and it has 1900000 with the same engine. Want an engine better
than that?

Автор Jose Andre ( назад)
I have a 1989 Mercedes 190 D. The original engine made 1499980kms, that's
just 932044 miles. It only broke up because I haven't changed the inner
distribution current of the engine. I replaced it and this engine has now
300000 kms more or less. Diesel Mercedes engines rule.

Автор aroncbds ( назад)
That's music.....

Автор superbracey ( назад)
Jordan's right

Автор SECblackmagic (2023 года назад)
Silly comment really mate, i´m a diesel engine nut, always have been ive
put diesels engines in everything, great sound, great economy,, plus every
diesel engine sounds different ,music, what cancer do diesels cause then

Автор tommysbrowncaddy ( назад)
Cadillac is a great car! Nice Caddy!

Автор J.H2000 ( назад)
They don't pollute. Diesel puts off soot. Soot doesn't hurt the
environment. Also puts off less CO2 than a gas car. And more power per
gallon on diesel than gas

Автор nick pannell ( назад)
you're supposed to have SOME blowby, you don't. which means your cam and
valves aren't getting lubed very well...

Автор roxxas5 ( назад)
Well that's the normal idle speed for a lot of cars. Even petrol.

Автор michaelovitch ( назад)
between 700 and 800 rpm it's a diesel it's quite low

Автор mageac ( назад)
start the engine with the oil fill cap off... if it has excessive air/smoke
coming out its blowby... all engines have a little but too much means bad
sealing rings and low compression.

Автор Piers Arthur ( назад)
thank you for inlightening all of us! coz I was one of the many wondering!

Автор roxxas5 ( назад)
Wow. Whats the idle speed on that thing?

Автор sethlaelmusic ( назад)
Could you do a video on ip timing?

Автор Tyler B. ( назад)
Just keep on driving my man. Just make sure to keep your oil level up. You
could get at least another 100k.

Автор Luis Lopez ( назад)
I have a 300d with 280k Lots of blowby and it has plenty power and very
litte oil consumption, should I do dometing now or wait till blow the

Автор DerekJ ( назад)
I did the test on my new 85 300d where you plug up the breather tube and
wait until the crankcase pressure shutsdown the engine...A realy bad engine
is like 3-8 seconds, a good engine up to 15 an excelelnt engine over 18. I
got 23 Im stoked!

Автор giepster ( назад)
Yes, all diesels i have seen has blow-by....very normal.

Автор CORVAIRWILD ( назад)
I disagrree, but am NOT an expert, not even close. I've tested a few 6.2.
and 6.5's. Most have ZERO blowby. I wish I woulda' vidded my Banks 6.2. It
was like a train goin' uphill. Sooooo much smoke, but it broke the crank,

Автор CORVAIRWILD ( назад)
Clatter clatter clatter. My Corvair is almost as loud... Always wanted a
diesel Corvair!

Автор John Ventura ( назад)
I don't understand why people who don't know what blow-by is bother to
comment. And also I don't understand why others think the engine sounds
bad. It's a diesel! with 212k miles on it. It sounded like that when it
rolled off the lot. I have an '85 300D converted to vegetable oil and I
hope my engine sounds like that at 212k. I am religious about it so I'm
sure it will.

Автор MercedesSprinter308D ( назад)
Excellent engine! OM617D30A and OM603D30A is best of the best! "Урод блядь!
" A comment for video "MB 240D Engine blow" youtube,com/watch?v=ubWlNpokKTI
scary video!

Автор Pulsebass ( назад)
sorry for being a newb here but what is a blow-by test?

Автор DEF90JAM ( назад)
Toyota has very good 4.2 turbo diesel engines in the landcruiser, they are
very pricey and some people tune them to do rally. I drive a defender 2.5
turbo diesel but it's not anything like the mercedes, my dad has 3
mercedes, a 1996 c-class, 1993 e-class and 1983 merc. van(starts every time
even after a veeeery long period of not running)

Автор ocsfinest ( назад)
Dude, do you have any idea about the mechanics of a Diesel engine? Wait,
you drive a Toyota. So no.

Автор dawg1157 ( назад)
what exactly is engine blow-by? I used to own a 300D, they are some of the
best quality engines around.

Автор Mega Diesel ( назад)

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