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Автор Alucard (2 года)
she is a very good medical ninja she IS useful without her naruto might've
been dead and kankuro too

Автор xshadowar123 (2 года)
Better logic? You win? LOL Not even close. You consistently repeat the
words "xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox" and "faggot". It's as if you're linked
to one. Is your father a faggot, Snookiiiii? A male prostitute? What? Did
he pole dance for your adopted brother? The funny thing is, you raged when
I gave my opinion about Sakura. It was as though you couldn't handle it.
Hmm. Like you couldn't handle the hating Sakura has on her shoulders from
other people. You pseudo-intellectual. Hush.

Автор Joe triangle (2 года)

Автор nachideku (2 года)
Damn Nature! You Scary!

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
Ino saving Civilians/Sakura healing AND saving Civilians. There's a
difference. Hinata was complete and utter waste in her fight against Pein,
Naruto would of reacted the exact same way if any other ninja did what
Hinata stupidly did, to a higher extent if it was Sakura. Anyway, Sakura
was busy saving/healing the lives of Civilians so she couldn't of done
anything, while Hinata was risking her own. Who existence would be no more
if Sakura didn't save them btw? ;) xoxoxoxo

Автор fianle (2 года)
Ino and Tenten, but in comparison to Hinata she hasn't been as useful.

Автор LukeShetler (2 года)
I think I watched about 50 episodes of filler at the end of the first
Naruto series before I learned what filler was. I was so fucking confused
at why Naruto was so terrible, lol.

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
Getting "rescue" had nothing to do with ninja skills, it was to show the
prowess of other characters, it had nothing to do with being "weak" &
Sakura didn't kill Sasuke due to the fact that she has been captivated by
him for over a 3 year people.Her motives were correct though&that's what
matters Ignorant morons with the brain capacity equivalence of down
syndrome patients such as yourself seem do mix up crying and a display of
emotions as not being physically strong.Get it together&sit down fag

Автор Lycan Thrope (2 года)
what did u do so that tv tokyo does not block your video

Автор Yu Narukami (2 года)
at least sakura defeated an akatsuki member, ino is useless

Автор Johnnyjack1009 (2 года)

Автор fianle (2 года)
I didn't say Hinata is my favourite, Sasuke is my favourite o.o. My story
hasn't changed either since initially I didn't even choose a side, I merely
told you that insulting people doesn't help to prove your point. Hinata
wasn't useless if she's one of the reasons why they even managed to survive
against him.

Автор Hikari (2 года)
oh well, at least she has look.

Автор Ciaran Smith (2 года)
no Sakura HELPED Chiyo defeat an akatsuki member, Ino helped Naruto,
Shikamaru and Kakashi defeat two akatsuki members.

Автор alex t (2 года)
lol, she isn't even in the title. Poor Ino.

Автор Pandapplepie16 (2 года)
You're missing Sakura.

Автор Kirigaya Kazuto (2 года)

Автор Dark Bunny (2 года)
Uhh, because Ino didnt say anything? Duh

Автор kira azrael (2 года)
episode pls :)

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
And please continue replying, your stupidity is amusing me. I'm really
enjoying this LMFAO <3 xoxoxox

Автор WhoReallyCares... (2 года)
i really wish people would stop trying to say sakura is weak, not trying to
jump in the argument but to put this out there chiyo only controlled sakura
for what the first quarter? sakura did the rest on her own with her
monstrous strength

Автор Deyton Caldwell (2 года)
Did anybody see when Temari used Daikamatchi in the beginning where Kujaku
was in mid-air and did a back flip landing on a tree? wtf?!

Автор xshadowar123 (2 года)
Oh please. Kneel down, woman. Suck my cock. Here, let me shove it down your
throat while licking your mother's wet pussy from vigorously ripping it
with my dick. The sounds made by the impact of my skin and hers was truly
amazing. An unforgettable experience if you ask me. Your grammar is
horrible, by the way. You fail to make a logical sentence. Please, do SMD
and hey, while you're at it, tell your sis to come so I can softly strike
her pussy with my fingers.

Автор android 17 (2 года)
Why didn't temari use her summon to begin with

Автор cutiedino (2 года)
I love how ino at least tries :)

Автор taijutsugal (2 года)
naruto, the currently most popular anime.

Автор fianle (2 года)
Trying to make someone mad in a discussion about an anime is immature, and
you can't say that they're true when you don't even know the individual.
Saying that Sakura isn't that useful isn't being jealous of her, it's
looking at what she has done in the series, and making judgements based on
that. Sakura was controlled by Chiyo for a decent amount of the fight, and
they both helped each other out a considerable amount in the fight. I'm not
going to say she's useless, but I won't say that she's

Автор beltijapersempre (2 года)
poor ino she is really brave to save some1

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
*flips weave and laughs at the amusement of simpletons displaying their
stupidity once again*

Автор ThatCatstabber (2 года)
I don't get it....you say I stab pussies....I would say that makes me
straight or atleast not a faggot. :3 But really, my existence indeed is
meaningless. But eh, it's kind of pointless to keep up this petty little
arguement of yours, seeing as I am sure there is something wrong with you
mentally. You did a good job making people rage, yet you lose points for
repeating your techniques over and over again. I am hereby ending this for
real. Have a good trolling life!

Автор Ciaran Smith (2 года)
her skill lies in medicine and sensoring which she is very good at. still
knowing 1 jutsu is knowing 1 more than sakura does.

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
I'm using facts from the manga to support my perspectives. With all due
disrespect, you're full of shit. Sakura helped defeat Sasori, if she wasn't
there Chiyo would've been killed by the knife and she wouldn't of been able
to get the puppets to kill Sasori. Sakura also got close twice. If Sasori's
Soul tube (I don't know the correct term) didn't transfer into other
puppets then the Fight would of finished much earlier. Don't let your
jealously get in the way of the truth. xxx

Автор Victor Voong (2 года)
Is this Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

Автор Noobzlikeu (2 года)
1:45 is some nice fanservice.

Автор taijutsugal (2 года)
K, lemme help out here. Sakura didn't beat Sasori ALONE. She and Chiyo beat
him together. But Sakura couldn't have beaten him herself, that's for sure.
But people under apreciate Sakura. I hated her in the original series, but
I like her because she grew and got better. She went from the whiny useless
chunk of meat to a decent smart medical ninja with superhuman strength.
Sure she's not Tsunade or anything like that, but out of all the
characters, I think Sakura grew the most, along with Naruto.

Автор Jay Mee (2 года)
what episode is this?

Автор Zebppir (2 года)
sometimes you need a cut a cocky bitch down Xp

Автор Kristian Moran (2 года)
What episode is this

Автор Animeality (2 года)
Maybe Sakura will FINALLY do something against Madara and Tobi. She's been
more useful than Rock Lee at least...

Автор Sirkind (2 года)
True, but then again if Chiyo wasn't there, sakura would be flat dead, but
she gets points for it

Автор fdsafgfdsa (2 года)
My fault i meant she worked together to defeat and Akatsuki member

Автор micheal jordan (2 года)
to be fairly honest sakura is annoying as hell unlike other characters. wow
you look up pictures in dictionary?? damn you must be smart :D

Автор batista6224 (2 года)
what is the song at the begining

Автор Angela44799 (2 года)
yes , if chiyo wasn't there , sakura would be pretty much helpless . but ,
if chiyo wasn't with sakura , she wouldn't have been able to defeat sasori
either . in that fight , sakura displayed her great medical skills and her
amazing strength . chiyo and sakura worked together , thats how they beat
sasori . it wasn't just chiyo or sakura . it was both of them contributing
their strengths . (:

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
And you're about as gay as 2 boiz with a baseball bat faggot LOLZ Cum @ me

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
I know what Sakura's capable of, people like you just try to take it away
from her. I'm stating valid facts from the manga so I'm not making her
"powered" as you put it, you're just butthurt from the dick you take.
Changing the subject because you're faggotry and ignorance got destroyed
once again, by me. Don't get mad, just face the truth when it's handed to
you. Sakura > you Me > you Everyone > you xoxoxo *smooches

Автор MrCrimsoneyedprince (2 года)
Ino Makes Kunoichi look bad... -_-

Автор Snookiiiii (2 года)
Instead of jumping to conclusions why don't you stop being an ignorant 3rd
grade dropout and reread my messages babe. I'm arguing over the content
Sakura has displayed on a fighting standard, not about storyline or
character development. She has shown herself completely worthy and capable
in battle on many occasions, not just the Sasori fight. 10 puppets is
classfied as an "army" nice logic, try hating harder babe.

Автор ITraumaTyze (2 года)
still like her more than sakura tho :P

Автор Clare Phipps (2 года)
I was thinking the same thing, lol!

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