Temari and Shikamaru vs Kujaku English Sub.wmv

Alright, I've only managed to salvage a few videos from EdenOfTh3East and would be uploading them to this channel. Enjoy!

Credits: EdenOfTh3East, the original source of these videos!

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Автор angels Beat ( назад)
ino aucun scrupule mdr

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I gave my opinion about Sakura. It was as though you couldn't handle it.
Hmm. Like you couldn't handle the hating Sakura has on her shoulders from
other people. You pseudo-intellectual. Hush.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Try developing your brain capacity the third grade bub, until then continue
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SASORI. Also, you never stated that Sakura beat Sasori by herself? You not
only stated that, but you implied that it happened.

Автор xshadowar123 ( назад)

Автор android 17 ( назад)
Why didn't temari use her summon to begin with

Автор kira azrael ( назад)
episode pls :)

Автор taijutsugal ( назад)
K, lemme help out here. Sakura didn't beat Sasori ALONE. She and Chiyo beat
him together. But Sakura couldn't have beaten him herself, that's for sure.
But people under apreciate Sakura. I hated her in the original series, but
I like her because she grew and got better. She went from the whiny useless
chunk of meat to a decent smart medical ninja with superhuman strength.
Sure she's not Tsunade or anything like that, but out of all the
characters, I think Sakura grew the most, along with Naruto.

Автор taijutsugal ( назад)
naruto, the currently most popular anime.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Me > You Sakura > You Everything > You Dick sucking faggot = You LMAO XOXOXO

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
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Автор Willian Kevedo ( назад)
what's ep is that?

Автор groovass65 ( назад)
Okay, this may be a dumb question to everyone who already watches and loves
this show. but, what is the name of this show ? I usually think anime is
crap. But I really like this and it makes me want to give anime another

Автор xshadowar123 ( назад)
Please. Stating valid facts from the manga? Uhmm, no you aren't. You stated
before in a different post that Sakura defeated Sasori all by herself. Are
you that fucking dumb? What? Were you dropped as a baby or is your brain
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Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
I know what Sakura's capable of, people like you just try to take it away
from her. I'm stating valid facts from the manga so I'm not making her
"powered" as you put it, you're just butthurt from the dick you take.
Changing the subject because you're faggotry and ignorance got destroyed
once again, by me. Don't get mad, just face the truth when it's handed to
you. Sakura > you Me > you Everyone > you xoxoxo *smooches

Автор Wrestling Historian Bernkastel ( назад)
She's far from usless... it's just that her techniques aren't made for
direct combat.

Автор willferrelsux ( назад)
She offered her hotness.

Автор xshadowar123 ( назад)
I don't really hate Sakura that much, but who I do hate are the people
saying that she's powered. It's as if you guys are making her stronger than
the main character, Naruto. Your left of english classes? What the fuck?
That did not make any sense. How about you develop your English skills,
"Snookiiiii". Again, please stop raging and buy some tissues.

Автор Vincent Gax ( назад)
7:59 -_- Good going Ino, thank goodness you're here.

Автор LLukasrealista ( назад)
Ino is useless as always

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
You're using your invalid, deluded faggotry & claiming it to be "facts"
because you're a jealous Sakura hater faggot.xoxo I never stated that
Sakura beat Sasori purely by herself, your left of english classes and
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Автор fdsafgfdsa ( назад)
My fault i meant she worked together to defeat and Akatsuki member

Автор xshadowar123 ( назад)
I also am using facts. Didn't you claim Sakura beat Sasori all by herself?
If not by herself, contributed more than Chiyo did? Are you that fucking
stupid. That's fucking illogical. She cannot beat an Akatsuki member, nor
will she ever be able to. Hence why I said "She did not beat Sasori, nor
was she close to.". I probably typed that because I was in a hurry, but
yeah. That doesn't excuse the fact that she helped. She just didn't beat
her by herself. It was Chiyo, not her. Stop raging. Lol

Автор Joe triangle ( назад)
ya, but morally he's stronger than goku since he knows family is important,
i guess that's one lesson we can take out of it

Автор micheal jordan ( назад)
to be fairly honest sakura is annoying as hell unlike other characters. wow
you look up pictures in dictionary?? damn you must be smart :D

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
I'm using facts from the manga to support my perspectives. With all due
disrespect, you're full of shit. Sakura helped defeat Sasori, if she wasn't
there Chiyo would've been killed by the knife and she wouldn't of been able
to get the puppets to kill Sasori. Sakura also got close twice. If Sasori's
Soul tube (I don't know the correct term) didn't transfer into other
puppets then the Fight would of finished much earlier. Don't let your
jealously get in the way of the truth. xxx

Автор JokingWithTheJoker ( назад)
Dude Vegeta is my favorite DBZ character too! :D.... I just hate of they
made him a bitch GT -__-

Автор Mr17Rocker ( назад)
Why did Ino even come?

Автор hinaxsaske ( назад)
all the dislikes are from green peace :P

Автор Joe triangle ( назад)

Автор Joe triangle ( назад)
actually, exactly right, so don't listen to snooki. Think about it, if
Hinata hadn't intervene then naruto wouldn't have gone nine tails and then
Minato wouldn't have appeared. Minato inspires naruto to keep trying to get
the answer. In addition, he wouldn't be close enough to unlocking nine
tails mode.

Автор Joe triangle ( назад)
in all due respect, Sasori wanted to be defeated, like itachi. Would've
been interesting for a sasori vs kakashi since kakashi's dad killed his

Автор Joe triangle ( назад)
does he mean that sakura is better than shikamaru nara. He also didn't say
fav Naruto character, just character. Lol go Vegeta!!!!!!!

Автор xshadowar123 ( назад)
With all due respect, your opinion as to whether or not Sakura beat Sasori
is wrong. She did not beat Sasori, nor was she close to. It was Chiyo.

Автор Troy Briones ( назад)
can someone tell me what episode this is

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
*flips weave and laughs at the amusement of simpletons displaying their
stupidity once again*

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Getting "rescue" had nothing to do with ninja skills, it was to show the
prowess of other characters, it had nothing to do with being "weak" &
Sakura didn't kill Sasuke due to the fact that she has been captivated by
him for over a 3 year people.Her motives were correct though&that's what
matters Ignorant morons with the brain capacity equivalence of down
syndrome patients such as yourself seem do mix up crying and a display of
emotions as not being physically strong.Get it together&sit down fag

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Instead of jumping to conclusions why don't you stop being an ignorant 3rd
grade dropout and reread my messages babe. I'm arguing over the content
Sakura has displayed on a fighting standard, not about storyline or
character development. She has shown herself completely worthy and capable
in battle on many occasions, not just the Sasori fight. 10 puppets is
classfied as an "army" nice logic, try hating harder babe.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Look at your name, fish.

Автор JCUV (705 лет назад)
Look at your name, bitch.

Автор WhoReallyCares... ( назад)
i really wish people would stop trying to say sakura is weak, not trying to
jump in the argument but to put this out there chiyo only controlled sakura
for what the first quarter? sakura did the rest on her own with her
monstrous strength

Автор Rango Rumbledore ( назад)
and minato xD

Автор Cristina Graça ( назад)
Shikamaru the boss, banging 2 at the same time ahaha

Автор Animeality ( назад)
Sakura wouldn't have won without Chiyo. Puppet army.

Автор Animeality ( назад)
Maybe Sakura will FINALLY do something against Madara and Tobi. She's been
more useful than Rock Lee at least...

Автор Animeality ( назад)
...and when she finally gets a little better during Part II, she doesn't
come up with the plan that gets the bells, she beats Sasori - of course,
I'm sure Chiyo's army of puppets didnt' contribute in the slightest - she
doesn't do anything significant and has to be rescued when Naruto fights
Orochimaru. She tries to kill Sasuke herself and fails utterly. Beforehand,
she tried to comfort Naruto, only for him to completely rebuke her. Even
the guy who liked her was like "GTFO".

Автор Animeality ( назад)
You have a problem with people of the homosexual variety? Anyway, Kishimoto
can't write female characters - Sakura is totally the epitome of that. All
of her character development is repeatedly thrown down the tube to make
Naruto and Sasuke look better - she "goes hardcore" to defend them, then
she couldn't help them get through her own fight with one of the weaker
genin of their age group. She gets kidnapped by Gaara, KO'd by Sasuke...

Автор Bogomil Kyosev ( назад)
thumbs up for all that watched the video just to see who Kujau is......

Автор fdsafgfdsa ( назад)
Ok Heres the thing. Sakura would easily defeat ino. Do u really think that
if Ino and Chiyo fought together vsing Sasori they would have won. HELL NO.
Sakura atleast defeated an Akastuki member. But when Ino was getting choked
by Kakuzu She couldnt do anything about it BECAUSE SHE WHAT.... WEAK. But
when it comes down to it Sakura will definitely get trashed by Tsunade.

Автор TeloFayde2ndChannel ( назад)
even ino can beat sakura..... mind switch justsu... and shes done

Автор Hyo Yamanaka ( назад)
Ino tiene mejor Taijutsu que Sakura :3

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
I never said there was logic involved. Not even mad, ujelly? Once again, I
am not a dick lover 'nor a faggot, learn to read. It's "your rambling
bullshit" not "you rambling bullshit." It's "call" not "address" An ounce
isn't a correct measurement for a comment, you never go/went to school huh?
Your love, as sarcastic as can be, is actually the most offensive thing you
have used in this entire catastrophe. Once again, even though I said it
many times. Have fun in life, little wannabe troll.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
I'm fucking fabulous. xoxoxoxo

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Have fun being a mad dick-loving faggot over the fact that I stomped on
every single ounce of you rambling bullshit you address as logic. LMFAO
#SIT <3 xooxoxox Love you

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Initially you stated that Sakura that was less useless then Hinata and
Tenten, then you changed by saying it to just Hinata. That other comment
you said about insulting people is irrelevant due to the fact that I've
already replied to it. And like I said, Hinata's role in the survival of
the Konoha society could've been played by any other ninja. It doesn't make
her "useful" (specifically again stagainst Sakura's accomplishment),
especially since she got knocked out 10 seconds later.

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
Again with the > things...man...you really have no creativity? I'm asexual
so...not a dick lover 'nor a faggot. I have no interest in killing anyone
but myself, even though I am on a hiatus from suicidal tendencies. The
amount of writing is actually less than yours since I use my enter key and
thus create new lines rather than a bunch of text cropped together, like
you. You have actually written more than anyone else on this video, your
logic indicates that you are mad. Have fun in life.

Автор fianle ( назад)
I didn't say Hinata is my favourite, Sasuke is my favourite o.o. My story
hasn't changed either since initially I didn't even choose a side, I merely
told you that insulting people doesn't help to prove your point. Hinata
wasn't useless if she's one of the reasons why they even managed to survive
against him.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Have a lovely day <3 xooxoxox

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
& now we've reached the standard where you pretend to not be mad and
flutter away back to which ever dicking-loving down syndrome camp you
came.The fact that you even replied which the amount of writing you did
shows how mad you are,so I'm satisfied.xoxoxo You're a faggot who kills
women because you're jealous of the fact that they were born as women while
you're stuck as a dick-loving faggot Me > You Sakura > You No one = Who
you're going to have sex with Repeating myself makes you madder ;)

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
I love how your story changes due to the fact that I've proven you wrong on
numerous occasions, shows how much of a threat you think Sakura is to the
Hyuga disgrace. First it was Tenten and Hinata, now it's just Hinata.
Hinata has provided one thing for the plot, and even in that attempt she
was useless. Sakura has supplied NUMERUS aspects for storyline development
(beating Sasori, saving excessive people from death, important characters
including your favourite..)

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Ino saving Civilians/Sakura healing AND saving Civilians. There's a
difference. Hinata was complete and utter waste in her fight against Pein,
Naruto would of reacted the exact same way if any other ninja did what
Hinata stupidly did, to a higher extent if it was Sakura. Anyway, Sakura
was busy saving/healing the lives of Civilians so she couldn't of done
anything, while Hinata was risking her own. Who existence would be no more
if Sakura didn't save them btw? ;) xoxoxoxo

Автор fianle ( назад)
Ino and Tenten, but in comparison to Hinata she hasn't been as useful.

Автор fianle ( назад)
I'm not being jealous...you're mis-using the word. - Ino has saved multiple
lives if we're going to count civilians - Sasori was not killed by Sakura -
If Hinata did not attempt to save Naruto from Pein there's a decent chance
that he would not have been able to defeat him since she is the reason why
he broke free from the rods (while Sakura did nothing to help Naruto). I
will admit that from has been shown in the actual storyline Sakura has been
shown to have done more for everyone than

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
I don't get it....you say I stab pussies....I would say that makes me
straight or atleast not a faggot. :3 But really, my existence indeed is
meaningless. But eh, it's kind of pointless to keep up this petty little
arguement of yours, seeing as I am sure there is something wrong with you
mentally. You did a good job making people rage, yet you lose points for
repeating your techniques over and over again. I am hereby ending this for
real. Have a good trolling life!

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
Miss, you already used that > > > thingy, it's pretty pathetic. You say
that I am "raving" even though it's raging :3 pretty darn cute miss!
Favourite Kunochi, lol I have none, though it would be either Sakura or
Temari. Again with the word faggot? Sheesh, you're so original you should
deserve an award. Also me having replied three times is nothing compared to
your flame war. But really, I'm gonna end this arguement right now. Have a
good day. (btw, you did a good job trolling people I admit.)

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Kill yourself thepussystaber, your existence is meaningless xoxo <3

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
My"idiotic things" were capable of making you rave even more illogical
faggotry for more than 3 posts, whereas I can reply to your nonsensical
ignorance in one LOL, doesn't change the fact that your opinions are
invalid and you're a pathetic faggot who is jealous of what Sakura has
Provided for shippuden and your favourite Kunochi could never reach her
standard. No need to be jealous faggot xoxooxoxox Me > You Sakura > you
Everything in the world > you

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have
ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even
close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in
this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points,
and may God have mercy on your soul. You take the anime too serious. Give
up kid, you aren't able to stand your ground against people so you use
xoxox , insults and repeat the same old excuses. Give up.

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
I feel sorry for your parents because..well, you expect to be a tough GUY
on the internet because you are able to use xoxoxox and repeat the words
"faggot" and "dick" multiple times. You see, nobody actually gives a fuck.
I don't hate Sakura but I was just attempting to enlighten you with some
information about the fight so that you wouldn't waste more time trying to
be a troll, which seemed to have failed.

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
Jealous of an anime character? I'm sorry but that is kind of pathetic.
Saying Sakura would've killed Sasori if he hadn't used one of his abilities
is like saying Sasori would've killed Sakura if she wasn't super strong.
It's ridiculous because it's one of their abilities and they use it as they
see fit because they're able to.It doesn't matter that Sakura saved Chiyo
more, if Chiyo hadn't saved Sakura, she was dead anyway so it's pretty much
a favor repaid. I feel sorry for your parents. lol.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
You're a jealous, hating faggot of what Sakura has accomplished due to the
fact that you no none of the other female ninjas could accomplish what
Sakura did. Have you forgotten when Sakura attempted on killing Sasori and
got very close? If Sasori's Soul Tube(?) hadn't transferred into another
puppet the fight would've been over. It doesn't matter who had the last
punch, Sasori had more of a difficulty fighting Sakura. Sakura saved Chiyo
on more occasions then what Chiyo saved Sakura.xxo Faggot

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
It's being jealous considering she's provided A LOT for the series,saving
countless of lives (IMPORTANT NINJAS included such as Kankuro, Chiyo,
Village civilians etc),killed Sasori,if Sakura wasn't there in the Save
Gaara arc they wouldn't of gotten through the tunnel and healing on
numerous occasions. Tenten and Hinata (Hinata especially) are completely
USELESS to the plot, and instead of being jealous of what Sakura has done
hey you call me when Hinata/Tenten Duplicate it Don't be jealous xxx

Автор fianle ( назад)
more useful than other female characters in the series like Hinata, or

Автор fianle ( назад)
Trying to make someone mad in a discussion about an anime is immature, and
you can't say that they're true when you don't even know the individual.
Saying that Sakura isn't that useful isn't being jealous of her, it's
looking at what she has done in the series, and making judgements based on
that. Sakura was controlled by Chiyo for a decent amount of the fight, and
they both helped each other out a considerable amount in the fight. I'm not
going to say she's useless, but I won't say that she's

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
It makes them mad, especially since all those insults are true. Being a
jealous Sakura Hater doesn't change the fact that you have shitty,
illogical opinions. #SIT and speak when you're spoken to young one. xoxoox

Автор fianle ( назад)
Insulting the person doesn't make your points any better.

Автор ThatCatstabber ( назад)
I am just going to end it here. Chiyo "defeated" Sasori. You see, Sasori
allowed himself to die by the embrace of the father and mother puppets that
Chiyo controlled. I believe Sakura was poisoned in the battle and Chiyo
rescued her. Chiyo got in a few rough spots and Sakura rescued her. They
both rescued eachother. However, if Sasori didn't let himself get killed by
the Chiyo/The puppets, he would've annihilated Sakura or killed her with
the poison. P.S: Stop obsessing over dicks.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
Maybe instead of being a dick sucking faggot, you should start paying
attention to the anime. Chiyo stated that Sakura was analysing Sasori's
movements by herself and that she no longer needed to control her through
about quarter of the match, so Chiyo detached Sakura and she started
evading Sasori's attacks by herself. Chiyo too weak to do it for Sakura
Anyway. Continue sucking dick and being pressed about that fact that you'll
never get with Sakura cuz you're a faggot~ Sakura > you Me > you

Автор o0OChelloO0o ( назад)
She was being controlled by chiyo when she dodged them dumbass.

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
And you're about as gay as 2 boiz with a baseball bat faggot LOLZ Cum @ me

Автор Alucard ( назад)
she is a very good medical ninja she IS useful without her naruto might've
been dead and kankuro too

Автор thugman144 ( назад)
lol sakuras bout as useful as a bowling ball with no holes retard

Автор zaho130 ( назад)
but she improved her skills well isnt she? At least in the war she were

Автор loav1 ( назад)
have you even seen the War arc?

Автор JokingWithTheJoker ( назад)
so Sakura is better than the First Hokage..... Pfff You Wish

Автор Daniel Tamaka ( назад)
who Kujaku?

Автор Snookiiiii ( назад)
When you look "faggot" up in the dictionary a picture of your shows up. You
love the penis. And Chiyo wouldn't of won without Sakura, as Sakura saved
her life many times, healed her and killed as many puppets as Chiyo did.
She evaded most of the attacks that were thrown towards her in the match.
Don't be mad that your a little faggot and that Sakura is better then your
favourite character~ xoxoxoox

Автор animelover20201 ( назад)
Those poor trees >.>

Автор Acid Wolf ( назад)
Thank you ! Thank You~ xD

Автор Japan Tobi ( назад)
I don't know exactly but based on their dress and appearances it's
pre-Shippuden and after the Sasuke Retrieval Ark so check the episodes from
the Pre-Shippuden Filler Ark.

Автор eltoineu ( назад)
shut up. Were talking about something. And duh, of course its duh. Ur not
part of it so shut ur mouth. Were discussing what would happen without
chiyo's help, duh

Автор eltoineu ( назад)
Its normal naruto im sure

Автор eltoineu ( назад)
um. Well, im not being an ignorant little faggot. You dont even know what a
faggot is. You sound like a 10 year old. Anyway, Sakura wouldnt win without
chiyo. Chiyo saved her from death. Chiyo controlled her to dodge and where
to hit.

Автор CRAZYburns55 ( назад)
Who did gaara fight?

Автор Acid Wolf ( назад)
Excuse me. But may i know what episode is this? :3 thanks .. Hope reply

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