illuminati symbolism on the dollar bill

Spread the word the endtimes are near! ignore: bavarian illuminati capstone 1776 one dollar bill occult symbols Masonic/Alchemic symbols. On the reverse side of the dollar bill, you will find the Great Seal of the United states, an eagle clutching an olive branch in its right claws, a bunch of arrows in its left. If you count them, there are 13 of each, as well as 13 stars in the symbol above the eagle's head. Though many claim the recurrence of 13 represents the original 13 American colonies, it is interesting to note that 13 is a number highly significant to both Masons and alchemists. Denominations of 13 appear several other times on the dollar bill (13 times on the back of the dollar bill, in fact), including in the image of the reverse side of the Great Seal - there are 13 layers of the pyramid beneath the eye capstone. Even more compelling, if you take the triangle shape of the pyramid, turn it upside down and superimpose it on the pyramid (you can do this with a pen or pencil), it forms a six-sided star, the recognizable Star of David symbol (Jewish cabbalism is tied closely with alchemy). Now, look at the letters adjacent to each point (excluding the pyramid cap part) of the star. They spell the word "mason". Coincidence? I don't think so. Now, on the front of the bill, in the upper right corner - this will take a magnifying glass - you may notice waht appears to be an owl perched on the concave part of the upper left corner of the crest. Owls traditionally represent vigilance and hidden knowledge. Last but not least, the phrase "In God We Trust" is in fact a masonic motto.

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Автор Karinshka O. ( назад)
People, please don't confuse yourselves ,there are two very big differences
on Illuminati and Mason
I think someone is trying to confuse us, I think this titled is wrong
instead of illuminati should say Mason
all the things that are saying here are Mason not Illuminati search for
more info if you want.

Автор KATE MICHAEL A. BROWN ( назад)
I have a dollor with that ian an American n ur true

Автор apollomonsterxyz ( назад)
Im destroying dollar bills.

Автор dark emerald gamer ( назад)
Illuminaty is the worshop of satan get that right do some research before
replying to my comment and trust me.you.dont want to get involved in this
business dont sell your soul for power and money because its worthless at
the end of.the day because what will all.that money and power do.for.you
when you 6 feet down below (in your grave)

Автор dark emerald gamer ( назад)
Americans dont reallize that for every dollar they have show there support
for does devils in the form of a man an I dont give a shit.if I said this
because it is a fact

Автор William Fleck ( назад)
A different theory from a different perspective as to why, not how, the
pyramids were built and why you see that symbol on the back of a $1.00
bill. Axiom - A Jar For Tog

Автор Anthony McDonald ( назад)

Автор Raul Armando Garcia ( назад)

Автор Ethan Calkins ( назад)
You are so fucking stupid

Автор classik305 ( назад)
I want to see cited scholarly sources

Автор Jai Cabrera ( назад)
One of these days we will look back at this time of world the time we ruled
this world😐 because by the time im 89 we will be doing every thing the
a*`~¿s s@y

Автор Drew Grow ( назад)
Spooky stuff.

Автор keith moten ( назад)

Автор massacreink ( назад)

Автор massacreink ( назад)

Автор faithinChristJesus12 ( назад)
He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot
perform their enterprise. he taketh the wise in their own crafiness: and
the counsel of the froward is carried headlong. They meet with darkness in
the daytime, and grope in the noonday as in the night. But he saveth the
poor from the sword, from their mouth, and from the hand of the mighty. So
the poor hath hope, and iniquity stoppeth her mouth. Job.5:12-

Автор Megapineapple100 ( назад)

Автор Lorenzin Washington ( назад)
Actually in Latin Annuit cœptis directly translates to "He approves of the
undertakings" "He" being God. Novus ordo seclorum directly tanslates to
"New Order of the Ages".

Автор mushuman17 ( назад)
“Don't let that little pyramid with the bright eye fool you. That's to draw
your attention away from the real thing: the big trapezoid beneath it.” ―
Anton Szandor LaVey

Автор Artsartisan ( назад)
The word seclorum does not mean "secular", as one might assume, but is the
genitive (possessive) plural form of the word saeculum, meaning (in this
context) generation, century, or age. Furthermore, the Latin word "mundi"
means "world." The term "seclorum" cannot mean world because it is plural
in number! Novus Ordo Seclorum literally means "New Order of the Ages."
When examining Thomson's proposal to Congress it is clear that the United
States is the "New Order of the Ages!"

Автор Artsartisan ( назад)
Charles Thomson submitted to Congress his proposal for the Great Seal on
June 20, 1782 which was adopted the same day. There was NO image submitted
to Congress. A precise description in heraldric language was submitted to
Congress. Although funds were appropriated for the reverse seal in 1884 the
seal was not cut. The acts of Congress were ignored in 1782, 1789, 1883,
1884 and 1902! In 1935, 153 years after the adoption of the seal; a die of
the reverse was cut to print on the dollar bill!

Автор ManeVEVO101 ( назад)
Wouldn't Bush have taken over the world with Satan

Автор ManeVEVO101 ( назад)
Is this really true

Автор TheVegan Voice ( назад)
What video is this on?

Автор Anonemus ( назад)
Oh, and I DID do my research. Maybe you need to do more research.

Автор Anonemus ( назад)
Umm. Wow you replied way too late. I don't even care about this comment
anymore. (I am ShockwaveSoundwavful)

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
google somethings operation ajax, operation northwoods,fda bayer
scandal,were the fda allowed bayer to sell hiv contaminated products over
seas , then look up memorandum 200, operation northwoods described the plan
to hijack airplanes crash them into cities in america then blame someone
else to go to war. kennedy refused to do it. google it see the declassified
documents right on wikipedia. its not stupid go to my fb page to kenneth
mageary is my name.i used to think it was bs did some research

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
google these things lucifer means bringer of light (illuminate) the
triangle aint complete so there goes your theory the illuminated all seeing
eye eye of lucifer/horus egyptian god of the underworld with the words he
approved the new world order in latin around it. google operation
northwoods, and then opr. ajax, then fda bayer scandal (they allowed hiv
cotaminated drugs to be sold over seas) and look up memorandum 200 and tell
me this is holy? theres more but start there. wikipedia has it all

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
ok non relative you say? well what if i could show you very real evidence
of sick devilish acts. look up operation northwoods.look up operation ajax,
look up fda /bayer scandal where they found outthis company had hiv
contaminated products and the govt, allowed them to sell it in france hong
kong and south america. then look up memorandum 200. go right to wikipedia
for all this. there is more but i dont have enough room to list the 100s of
incidents that are declassified under foia its scary

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
the little owl is a representation of lucifer wise creature of the night
when you look up bohiemian grove and see the 30 ft owl used in their
satanic rituals in which they do a mock sacrifice called the cremation of
care it is kind of scary. think about it the elites of society worshipping
a statue to represent a wise creature of the night and doing a ritual that
kills their careof the world and people in it.

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
13 consistantly throughout history has been linked to black magic (satanic)
evil, or bad luck and is consistant in masonic and illuminati . lucifer
means bringer of light or illumination thats were illuminati comes from the
word illuminate

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
actually i dont know where you got your info the encyclopedia and/or
wikipedia translates; he aproves or had approved novus ordo seclorum, new
world order; he has approved the new world order. the eye is an old
egyptian symbol for the eye of horus egyptian god of the underworld or
lucifer which means bringer of light or illumination. thus the light
surrounding the all seeing eye of lucifer. so break it down he has approved
the new world order not god but an egyptian diety.

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
whats insane? i can show you their devilish intentions. google operation
northwoods, operation ajax, bayer company selling a product contaminated
with hiv and the fda approved it to sell it only outside the us, france
hong kong south america, then look up memorandum 200. the 2 operations i
listed northwoods and ajax go right to wikipedia you can for the hiv
contaminated drug as well but u tube has an msnbc report that is excellent.
bohiemian grove is a ritual of cremating their care of the world

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
the all seeing eye goes back to the egyptians days the eye of horus,one of
just many gods they worshipped

Автор kevin maggarity ( назад)
really? lucifer means bringer of light. the eye of horus the egyptian diety
god of the underworld = lucifer. what divine guidance are they refering to?
google operation northwoods, operation ajax, memorandum 200, fda allows hiv
contaminated product to be sold in france,south america and hong kong, look
up these things, prescott bush funding hitler, and tell me who they get
their divine guidence from. how do you explain bohiemian grove and the owl,
the owl on the back of the dollar bill.

Автор PhriendOfYours ( назад)
No shit. ._.

Автор nsmbfan ( назад)
25 people liked a troll comment

Автор Lola Bubendorfer ( назад)
I mean, really? Putting their symbol on the DOLLAR BILL?

Автор Kim Jong-un ( назад)
And he pays you with jew gold and AIDS WHAT A DEAL hurry up to your masonic
lounge TODAY Can't find one? There are signs everywhere with their
compasses and squares

Автор Kim Jong-un ( назад)

Автор Kim Jong-un ( назад)
Illuminati needs to get AIDS Illuminati is pronounced free-mey-suhn.

Автор Paperboy John ( назад)
Actually the masons took the eye on the pyramid symbol only after the
creation of the dollar.

Автор Mr Bulldops ( назад)
The web on the back telling you WERE FUCKING STUCK AS SLAVES !!!

Автор crutSis ( назад)
Hahaha I've never seen anything that ridiculous.

Автор Anonemus ( назад)
The unfinished pyramid means that the United States will always grow,
improve, and build. In addition, the 'All-Seeing Eye' located above the
pyramid suggests the importance of divine guidance in favor of the American
cause." You guys are all paranoid. You may say that this is a cover-up but
it makes more since then this.

Автор Elijah Joyner ( назад)
Ain't no god when there's kids walkin with guns

Автор Ross Family ( назад)
this is insane

Автор dalan0201 ( назад)
13 stands for the first 13 colonies or states.

Автор dalan0201 ( назад)
0:08 "annuit coetus" is latin for "group agreed" not anything like
"enterprise success".

Автор NWO 1602 ( назад)
that little owl is very scary now. i never knew this info, school waste my
time for logic information i don't need.

Автор Jesse Munoz ( назад)
I just want god to come back ahhahahaha

Автор 1111e11 ( назад)
The Illuminati is for conspiritist's and the weak minded that are easily
manipulated. Its pathetic that people believe this non relative "evidence"
and take it so serious...

Автор TheHORNETZGaming ( назад)
The triangle has 3 points. The USA is not satanist, therefore it could not
be illuminati. The three points represent the holy trinity.

Автор Legendary Movement ( назад)
good video

Автор Rentes ( назад)

Автор The Job ( назад)
Sell your soul to satan..

Автор Majoras Mask ( назад)
Wanna know what it means just watch National Treasure LOL XDD

Автор Gianfranco Fronzi ( назад)
I say ignore them [ Illuminati ] , until your in the building that an
airliner hits .

Автор Arcane Brain ( назад)
Thank you Fiona. The jews control every country except for Libya, Cuba, and
Sudan. So that is why they will be the next to be invaded or put wars. Last
two were Iraq and Afghanistan. Those were the only 5 countries left who did
not have the world bank, jew owned. Now there is only 3 left

Автор Diego Fernandez ( назад)

Автор shola ryder ( назад)
you stupids you are such fucking assholes

Автор SHEwantTHEdable ( назад)
This is funny because the one dollar bill was made before bush

Автор Bodbyify ( назад)
No, new world order is Novus Ordo Mundi

Автор Fiona Fetra ( назад)
They (jews) are controlling the world. Look beneath the surface.

Автор darkoisdarko ( назад)
Money is not to make us survive fuck money fuck

Автор Manny Ramirez ( назад)
your a real american hero, i salute you XD

Автор Estephania Rodriguez ( назад)
in the dollar bill why does it say in God we trust and also the illuminati
symbolism. the eye for 666. I dont think money is the problem i think is us
making that up. only God knows alot more than us. Money is there for us to
survive not to believe in sings and make us all scare. Jesus help us all.
This world is going crazy lol they talking crazy.

Автор Angel benjie2craziii ( назад)
Wooww you niggas are really stupid if you actually pay the fuck atttention
you would see that illumanatis our enemy not him you guy must not know
nothin about them

Автор buttiflyify ( назад)
F U. the real threat is u fool.

Автор migs52213 ( назад)

Автор migs52213 ( назад)
you have to catch aids and die

Автор henry spencer ( назад)
worship jesus christ

Автор travise650 ( назад)
It really is a shame as to how much of this blatant satanic worship and
symbolism is going on in our society. And the majority of the people are
oblivious as to what is going on. It truly is a mockery.

Автор 2012Cthulhu ( назад)
Look for the eye in music videos, look for references to the illuminati,
nwo and "Rain Man" in modern music and music videos. Question why Ozzy and
Bush ate together soon after the 9/11 attacks and one one of Ozzy's album
covers he is holding his hands in a triangle form covering the right eye to
symbolise the eye you see on the bill watch all the modern music artists
doing essentialy the same thing, there are more videos about bills which
you can see more things. Too many coincidences

Автор poop poopcanzim ( назад)
hey dumb asses on the comments stop looking for reasons to say he is stupid
and lying wtf would he need to lie to u hes spreading good info .if your
retarted asses would open your eyes for sec maybe the message hes telling u
might make some god damn sense. other than that screw you im going to
ireland. see ya !!-_-

Автор Michael Williams ( назад)
and it shows up in many different religions jesus was followed by 13

Автор Michael Williams ( назад)
this is just a wild guess but the 1 in 13 might be the one society running
the three parts of the world washington d.c. not a city nor a state is were
they control the government vatican city not a city nor state is were they
run the world religion and london were they control the economy

Автор Michael Williams ( назад)
i know were scared of them, but i wish i was them

Автор PhriendOfYours (461 год назад)
Oh no. Your money is evil! You should send all to me so I can get rid off

Автор HAXUS ( назад)
in the beggining averyone was free for their own now theres government.
(presidents) illuminati members wich controll us and the system with money
they own us. they brainwash the army, navy, airforce etc. wich work for
them so we cant win is that right? or not?

Автор OnlyManny ( назад)
13 was the number of states in during the time of 1776 when the great seal
was made...that's why all those 13's are popping up but what does the
illuminati have to do with the number 13? Please explain.

Автор jordan pikulik ( назад)
its not illuminati its realy masonic dipshits. big differences

Автор Amy Zero ( назад)
i made something like this. check out my vid

Автор blacklightblinds ( назад)
Idk eat to blv I just love god

Автор shadowblood100 ( назад)
Also you must be a huge ignorant douche-bag

Автор ben bottemiller ( назад)
The World War in which we are engaged in is on such a tremendous scale that
we must readjust practically the whole nation's social and economic
structure from a peace to a war basis. It devolves upon liberty-loving
citizens, and particularly the workers of this country, to see to it that
the spirit and the methods of democracy are maintained within our own
country while we are engaged in a war to establish them in international

Автор j vasconcelos ( назад)
Masons actually dont bother with this because it gives more mystery to this

Автор j vasconcelos ( назад)
U idiots that's a masonic handshake. And after Brown (it hasn't been so
secret). The one dollar bill let alone the.constitution were created years
before freemasonry. Also the words next to unfinished pyrimid mean new
order of.world, which was something the founding fathers along with
everyone who came to the new world were coming here for. The all seeing eye
reminds masons, that god is watching over us

Автор mizphitmafia ( назад)
Wow people have awful grammar here

Автор trianglechoke101 ( назад)
fuck the new world order.they can ram that up their assesses

Автор Zhiya little ( назад)
@pilimidian you dummy you should go to church you dummy just because
celebraty dont mean you have to be they puppy

Автор Gat ϯϫϯ ( назад)
@pilimidian Develop a mental illness.

Автор pilimidian ( назад)
I want to join the illuminati, how do I join?

Автор Matthew Merrill ( назад)

Автор Fernando Roldan ( назад)
@Indr1DC01D 2012 is supposedly when the suns flares come towards us. but
other than that illuminati and god is real. theres so many signs and clues
out there put in plain sight. Pyramids with eyes everywhere you go, even
company logos are this symbol. explain that, ,

Автор Indr1DC01D ( назад)
The eye is supposed to be the Eye of Providence originally. Now it"s the
pyramid with the all seeing eye of Ra or Horus. I forgot if it's Ra or

Автор Indr1DC01D ( назад)
@Lordofthenipplerings Your data is correct.

Автор Indr1DC01D ( назад)
@toxicblitzTV haha

Автор Indr1DC01D ( назад)
@PlatanoTuSabe All your ideas and thoughts are not your own, and are given
to you from the shepherds who run the world. Humans are the sheep, and we
obey the shepherds. Thinking we live in a democracy, we live in a never
never land.

Автор Indr1DC01D ( назад)
@EvanarProductions The Grand Architect Jahbulon represents God and the
Devil in one. It because it's not a he or she, but a cosmic force beyond
conscientiousness both alive and dead. It is supposed to be the balance of
life itself (light:shadow,good:evil,benevolent:malevolent), but I do not
know if this is true, or if god is both, or maybe god is beyond ego, and
exists in its own universe, and he is not classified as good or evil, but
as nothingness.

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