New Shoes? - Red Hot 1000 Degree Knife Vs Shoe and More

Red Hot knife cuts a shoe, a tennis ball, soap, and a pile of sponges.
These running trainers were past their best, so I turned them into summer shoes! How To Make Fun Things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ki9Kta8g14&list=PLQ_T2NppE0PI1soHO1bZmTJOGTynkRYHD

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Music: Olde Timey Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Длительность: 4:13
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Автор tyhanrus baun ( назад)
It so ugly

Автор TheMegaNighthawk 25 ( назад)
Never thought of that

Автор kawaii atsumeTM ( назад)
I love your videos

Автор FootballKing // Reactions ( назад)
Who tf has a blowtorch??

Автор captain pancakez ( назад)
The whistling sound from the soap tho, that killed my ears

Автор Suliman Sharif ( назад)
but it was fun

Автор Suliman Sharif ( назад)
thanks no need ok

Автор Dennis Campbell ( назад)
Man get your workout on

Автор Rona Ibrahimi ( назад)
but a stil love your vidios and life hacse

Автор Rona Ibrahimi ( назад)
thats pryte dancheros dont you agre like if you agre😄

Автор Kawaii 6125 ( назад)
Yeah cuz everyone hates new shoes 👠 👞👟👡👢

Автор Ewan Hamer ( назад)
Please! Never try that at home

Автор MELİS Zengin ( назад)
kim türk

Автор ThatPlushGuyProductions 1987 ( назад)
0:30 so sadisfying

Автор Hypezern ( назад)
Omg..its so satisfying when he cuts the soap!😂👍🏼

Автор KH-mister ( назад)
ich hasse es

Автор KingOfSalt_I_Eat_Bricks Senpai ( назад)
0:40 i will show you a gang

Автор YOKEY ( назад)
pretty cool, HUH!

Автор AwesomeTron9000 ( назад)

Автор undertele fan ( назад)
poor spongbob😣😣

Автор ReneJosie Fernandez ( назад)
it's funny davehax

Автор The GHAT ( назад)
hi Mr dave

Автор Yaya n Koko ( назад)
do you got kids

Автор Pouya Langrodi ( назад)
I DONT LIKE THIS behave Dave look in the people in Africa dude stop making videos like this i dont want to hate but stop u could also give that shoes and tennis ball to people in Africa so behave dave

Автор Maddie310 ( назад)
I kinda wonder how the people at the store see this stranger buy almost 10 sponges.....

Автор LJM1125 ( назад)
I had my vowel up idkw idkw mean I don't know why

Автор LJM1125 ( назад)
The soap screek ahaha it hurts

Автор Aisling Dooley ( назад)
You should do a red hot knife VS reagular knife Vid

Автор 76matty lol ( назад)
what are does!

Автор Sidra Tanveer ( назад)
can I get 1like.

Автор CutieDudie Pikalukas funniol ( назад)
Wow, cool tho👍😎😎

Автор Iona Neve ( назад)
Is it just me who loves his voice?

Автор Spiderguy 21HD ( назад)
what are those!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор ciaran basra ( назад)
You can yose grule

Автор Blue sans ( назад)

Автор They Might Be Trickshots ( назад)
1000 degree knife vs hand

Автор Aileen Tiernan ( назад)
I love all your video you are so cool

Автор Juliaw89 Setalaw89 ( назад)
I feel so bad for all the knives that were heated up to their death. If you listen closely you can hear them scream like idiots. 1 like 1prayer for all knives that were tortured like this. #dontkillknives

Автор Sophie FeastBeast ( назад)
Alfie is now healed. He is a explorer now. Can I have 10 subscribers so Alfie can subscribe you in your real life?

Автор Sophie FeastBeast ( назад)
This is Alfie. He is suffering from the heat coz davehax cut him. He wants to be a explorer. Can I have 1 like to heal. Alfie?

Автор Gabriel Vance ( назад)
I got a dig bick you wrong that read

Автор Chelsea Cheek ( назад)
That was so cool with sponge 😀😀🔥🔥🔥🔥

Автор Clarissa Santiano ( назад)
Good luck with your life!

Автор Clarissa Santiano ( назад)
We are going out to be able too see you!!

Автор Clarissa Santiano ( назад)
I'm so happy to see you soon enough for you and me are the best way for me and my mom!

Автор Ayush mukesh ( назад)

Автор Muhammad Shah ( назад)
3:37 hahahahah 😂😂😂😂

Автор Kyo Alvein ( назад)
I hqve known you for so long and never bothered reading your channel name

Автор Hannah Poyser ( назад)
Ughhhh he sounds so annoying

Автор TheDrawinator ( назад)
All the people who disliked the video are crazy. This is one of the rarest hot knife videos ever! A GOOD ONE! There's even commentary! :D great job DaveHax!

Автор fenafeses ( назад)
at least you dont hear them scream

Автор Asma Fatima ( назад)
do a 1000 degrees spoon

Автор Gavin M91 ( назад)
I always find that if you warm your blade up you can put the tip in easier....

Автор AYUSH KANJIKAR ( назад)

Автор SadkoEU ( назад)
This guy talks as if he was talking to a bunch of retarded 10 year old kids

Автор Ian Corpuz ( назад)
i want to do some more davehax

Автор Akuma Roots ( назад)
Cut some Yeezeys. I want to see people suffer.

Автор TJ Williams ( назад)
Why do you sound so patronising its annoying

Автор firefox gaming ( назад)
that knife wasnt heated up or the handle would melt

Автор ELIT3 GAMER 52 bleach ( назад)
nice toe😂😂

Автор Sebastian Wright ( назад)
The way this guys talks 😹😹

Автор MLP Pinkie Pie Girl TV ( назад)

Автор kasperchamp ( назад)
This is ridiculous ... I love it !!

Автор Michael Roper ( назад)
That is the worst hack ever with the shoes

Автор CookieMaze 101 ( назад)

Автор มงคล ปินตา ( назад)

Автор Oliwia Mazurek ( назад)
ya do a giveaway and make videos more often

Автор XxCuteBubbleGum Girl Roblox ( назад)
When He Cut Through The Stack Of Sponges It Was Oddly Satisfying

Автор Tony Tablet ( назад)
siao ah the shoes cut until so bad liao still want to wear out?!?

Автор Osmin Quijada ( назад)
No way to cool

Автор Славик Егоров ( назад)
нахрена кроссы порезал?

Автор Feraas Nadim ( назад)
make spring life hacks,rain life hackes

Автор HammerMan Joe ( назад)
Lets just say that if he comes to a shoe store, they would say......... SHOE! GET OUT!

Автор Gill Powell ( назад)
RIP sponge bob Dave killed spongebob

Автор Gill Powell ( назад)
My friends knock for me they say
What shoes going to were today
Oh I'm wearing my shoes with feet at the front I cut the front of with 1000 degree knife
My friends leave

Автор LekTellce ( назад)
at least you are cutting old and bad shoes, not like the other motherfuckers who are cutting new phones , new Yeezyes and Jordans

Автор Valerie Teo ( назад)
You are very cool

Автор Mohammad Naeem ( назад)
Make more new video pls because I love 💕 your videos

Автор Ellis Warren ( назад)
The tune he uses is cool and annoying at the same time

Автор Dhananjay Kaushik ( назад)
Please donate the extra stuff if you have been gifted too much by god

Автор Spritz - Agario ( назад)
I ran out of toilet paper, so I had to use my glowing knife

Автор Chris Lopez-Moreno ( назад)
sponge - butter - cheese

Автор Chris Lopez-Moreno ( назад)
soda ichy

Автор Isabella TD ( назад)

Автор Heehaww 1 ( назад)
thought you were making yoga shoes!!🤗

Автор p creeper Zhou ( назад)
I like this video

Автор Anthony Perez ( назад)
Ur feet

Автор Anthony Perez ( назад)

Автор Zahra Khan ( назад)
Those shoes could have been on a needy mans feet

Автор Wengie's biggest fan ( назад)
this is to satisfying.

Автор Ivan Davidson ( назад)
what are those

Автор C BEAR ( назад)
2:39 I'm sorry but WHAT ARE THOOSSSE

Автор luke brown ( назад)
is davehax losing subs???

Автор Rana Kabir ( назад)

Автор Rana Kabir ( назад)

Автор Stacie Horn ( назад)
ahhhhh&hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but but 00000000000000000000000 ..

Автор Summer Gulley ( назад)
i love your vids

Автор anzalah qadir ( назад)
can you teach me how to make a large staff toy

Автор anzalah qadir ( назад)
can you tell me how to make a large lap

Автор The five finger fillet channel ( назад)
Red hot knife + sponge = satisfied

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