10 People Who Survived The Impossible

top 10 amazing people who did the impossible and survived extreme danger
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Автор Daniel Gee ( назад)
im surviving my parents.....

Автор Canadiangaming5 ( назад)
i went to school and survived.

Автор Monkey Butt ( назад)
Bruh, thats Impossible to survive it. I bet ya'll can go to a school and
video tape someone for Its Impossible To Survive At School!!!!!!!!!

Автор Zander Davis ( назад)
What about the kid who survived a plane crash in Alaska

Автор SchwiftedBear ( назад)
Here's a good lesson when hiking in a place where bears are common. Bring a
handgun, just in case bear spray doesn't work. Recommended calibers should
be .357, .44, .50, .308 (coach gun), etc.

Автор DataVortex101 ( назад)
I survived the Trump

Автор Tribal Nutria50 ( назад)
i survived the impossible

watched all three episodes of boku no pico

Автор Jerae Crawford ( назад)
I got bite by a tarantula

Автор raider 6911 ( назад)
I almost fell 2k feet and survived

Автор raider 6911 ( назад)

Автор raider 6911 ( назад)

Автор PopularPPos ( назад)
I should be no.1 cause I survived a day at school

Автор Jabari Davis ( назад)
Itwas amazing

Автор Solineis Rocha ( назад)
I bit my tongue and survived. amazing right

Автор Zacharie bucholtz ( назад)

Автор super saiyan god ( назад)
thank god all these people survied such endeavors i hope jehovah be with
you all have a nice day

Автор Moe Taha ( назад)

Автор Angel calibro ( назад)
I mean blood

Автор Angel calibro ( назад)
I lost 19oz of bloog from a nose bleed andi it kept pooring and i survived

Автор Angel calibro ( назад)
My Grandpa calibro survived Vietnam

Автор Devon Waage ( назад)
If it's impossible how do they survive humm

Автор Cooper Saffeels ( назад)

Автор Young Savage ( назад)
I think the one where he was being chased by Indians should be a movie

Автор xH4wk ( назад)
I stepped on a nail I almost died.

Автор Jessica Celine ( назад)
0:29, we will ACTUALLY become "WORM FOOD" or maggot food when we are dead.
They will eat our eyes, organs, e.t.c...
That's one of the reasons I want to be burned into ashes when I die because
I don't want my body parts to be in some WEIRD WORM'S STOMACH!

Автор Sub Zero ( назад)

Автор TAMMMS ( назад)
well then its not impossible

Автор Ardite_Cheese ( назад)
I survived the impossible

these Fucking comments

Автор jack cutts ( назад)
The fucking john colter one... no wonder they weren't friendly you cunts

Автор ItzHyper ( назад)
faze revel

Автор Riona Black ( назад)

Автор Jayla Mcgraw ( назад)

Автор Danielle_ Radcliffe ( назад)
Impossible says I'm possible itself.

Автор iiBananna ( назад)
I survived the Legend27's attack

Автор Superplanet ( назад)

Автор iSeanProductions ( назад)
But has anyone survived TheLegend27?

Автор Halder Garcia ( назад)
I survived the impossible...

Iss in school

Автор Halder Garcia ( назад)
I survived the impossible.... my mom😱😂

Автор Nicolas Vasquez ( назад)
My teacher gave me extra homework almost got a heart attack

Автор Veronica A ( назад)
Hey I'm polish

Автор James Bosworth ( назад)
i fell over onto my bed, i nearly died

Автор Itzblendy PV ( назад)
i smelt my friends farts i barely survived

Автор Dnieto Gaming ( назад)
What The..

Автор BAMBI The vacuum cleaner 5000 ( назад)
NO Hugh glass ?

Автор Jesus Magas ( назад)
You go guys comment over a game

Автор Rogue Gota ( назад)
I survived the impossible:

I went without wifi for 24 hrs :O

Автор Pretty Cat ( назад)
You also should never go near a human mother and her human babied cuz they
will tear you apart

Автор PotatoIsa ( назад)
Omg i survived THE inpossible: Homework

Автор Tee ( назад)
most people are so ungrateful to be alive *in my jigsaw voice*

Автор Jørgen Andersen ( назад)
the 14 year old girl that survived drinking bleach:^)

Автор Phoenix Rose ( назад)
you ain't survived the impossible until your wifi has been out for 4 weeks

Автор ChristiansFilms10 ( назад)
I survived from someone's bad breath! Needs mints

Автор Logan Aden ( назад)
My wifi went out for a weekend and I thought I was going to die 😅😑😳

Автор jacksepticeye3 Jamiefowler ( назад)
stabbed myself and surviveed

Автор Awesome Sauce ( назад)
Someone jumped on my head and I got 3 staples and survived.

Автор Awesome Sauce ( назад)
I fell off my bed and I survived.

Автор Toasty Stunts ( назад)
I had to go to the hospital once...........

I looked at my face.............

I'm still scared and paralysed...............

Автор A ( назад)
I got hit with a nokia brick. The phone realised I had a family and
sacrificed itself; what a true hero it was.
P.S I am living as one single atom.

Автор Bobbin Jove Badiango ( назад)
Try to love with my step dad

You wont last a second

Автор Leviathan05 ( назад)

Автор Habit ( назад)
Thumbnail= Apex's vid

Автор Humphrey Baker ( назад)
I survived not having WiFi for a week.

Автор Sophia Z ( назад)
I thought Cabeza De Vaca was going to be in here even though it was a
really long time ago

Автор red avenger ( назад)
I do not think u will survive if u looked at me

Автор Yoshiaki Shii ( назад)
You said Hiro Odona, not Hiro Onoda. I'm Japanese lol. I can hear the

Автор Ashlena Brown ( назад)
Stepped on a wood chip, barely made it

Автор Dr. Drew 25 Meisner ( назад)
I survived the impossible......... no mac and cheese for a day. It was
tough, but i refused to give up. And today I live to tell the story of how
I survived a day with out mac and cheese.

Автор Minma1 Gaming ( назад)
I broke my coler bone

Автор Grace Hoyle ( назад)
Isn't the Revenant a true story ?

Автор LIKE_A_ NINJA_111 ( назад)
Oh hell no not child's play not chuckey pls nooooooooo

Автор Treyvon Brigman ( назад)

Автор TOXIC GASES ( назад)

Автор Forces ( назад)
nice video

Автор craving gaming ( назад)
I survived the impossible living in my grandmas house

Автор Carash Bejoc ( назад)
i survived 6:53 minutes of boredom watching this

Автор Shuwensly Castillo ( назад)
i survived the impossible

ass whoopings😨

Автор ItzAmanda11 - Roblox ( назад)
I survived the impossible


Автор ItzAmanda11 - Roblox ( назад)
I survived 2016.

Автор nathan lorenz ( назад)
I stepped on a Lego once.

Автор Magic Wolf Gaming ( назад)

Автор Iplay 64 ( назад)
I live un Suriname

Автор Stan Jeebkes ( назад)
I need help im on a raft in the middle of nowhere

or Well in a game

Автор Fatal Lullaby ( назад)
Fuck ur subscribe button

Автор THE TIME IS MEOW! ( назад)
A kid in my school survived getting lit on fire by matches

Автор MADISON IS LOVE Maddie is life ( назад)

Автор SlipperySniper ( назад)
My freind survived a gunshot to the head with a 3% chance of death

Автор Tiger gaming1011 ( назад)

Автор Fire_Remix 13 ( назад)
HELLO!! My name is Normally Awkward. Nice to meet you:3

Hello from the other side!

Автор NUKE_ GAMING ( назад)
I survived 2 weeks without any connection to the internet

Автор Cratos Posthuma ( назад)
me and y dad were in the truck my door wasn't closed properly I tryed to
close it then it opens and luckily I was holding on😃

Автор SIR-MAX- 294 ( назад)
Far cry 4 anyone

Автор Ruth Jordan ( назад)

Автор Fixel Bus Driver Is the best ( назад)
I survived being not able to play my PS4

Автор Zavio ( назад)

Автор H4B33B R4HM44N ( назад)
i survived , getting out of bed on a school day

Автор kyle ross ( назад)
Are you rich

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