Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Final Bulls game !

MJ should have ended his career with this match

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Автор Jkavier vanegas ( назад)
Stocken was like 90s Stephen curry

Автор Kingdaddysplash , ( назад)
12:24 Steve kurr said fuck

Автор Whatsit tooya ( назад)
Why this bald headed dude tryna be like Kobe???

Автор Super Best Friends ( назад)
When stockton jumped in front of jordan it was a blocking foul. But when stockton did the same thing to rodman it was a foul on rodman? Bullshit ass refs. Not to mention jordan fouled the guy at the end by pushing him out the way. The nba is rigged.

Автор William Curtin ( назад)
Longest three minutes of my life

Автор Julian Granados ( назад)
he pushed him

Автор Bayley Reyes ( назад)
Love and miss you mj

Автор Tommy 23 Bulls ( назад)
Micheal Jordan greatest player ever Like if you agree

Автор Joe ( назад)
That gave me a boner. The greatest ever!!

Автор LeeAnthony Black ( назад)

Автор Swof ( назад)
considering the Jazz had the best point guard of all time (besides magic) and the best power forward of all time at the same time and they still lost I think it's safe to say Michael is the GOAT or at least one of them

Автор Fuck You Pay Me ( назад)
Curry is The 🐐

Автор Daeveon D ( назад)

Автор HandsomeBoy Rodel ( назад)
Kobe and Jordan ends their career against the jazz

Автор Grzegorz Stęplewski ( назад)
His Airness

Автор James B Jean ( назад)
Michael Jordan is still number one

Автор Dee Ca. ( назад)
Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were my childhood.
Even watching through the TV the excitement was intense, I can't imagine what it was like live but hey... at least I got to experience his play as it was happening,

Автор Александр Козлов ( назад)
Thank you for HQ

Автор Jray GQ ( назад)
Took Jordan 32 shots to get 37 points and it's fine for MJ. But when it takes Russ 34 shots to get 42 it's a problem?

Автор PackMaster T28 ( назад)

Автор Elias Woolfolk II ( назад)
that was a push off lol but damn what a shot.

Автор Haywood Smith II ( назад)
He didn't really "Push off." Did his hand make contact with Russell? Yes. However, look at 10:29
Russell couldn't stop his momentum after being crossed up...

Автор LHondrums ( назад)
History history HISTORY!!!!!!

Автор Eppie Goytia Olivares ( назад)
Best basquetball ever!!!

Автор Daniel Hegeman ( назад)
Great player, but:
2:36 - travel
2:44 - travel

Автор Lork Lorkman ( назад)
Sad to see his and kobes career come to an end in their respective eras...true greats...now we're stuck with bitch ass lefag james

Автор Big Smoove; Us Gordon Boys!!! ( назад)
They should've said Blake Griffin,Michael Jordan,Dreymon Green,Stephen Curry,Kevin Durant,Kobe Bryant, Lebron James,Kyree Irving, and Klay Thompson are top ones.

Автор Scott Garcia ( назад)
Carl Malone (puffs cigarette) haven't heard that name in years

Автор Ryan Ritter ( назад)
Hahaha, all this video shows is that Jordan got every call...the one under the basket he wasn't even shooting and went to the line. Then not to mention the "push-off"

Автор Janice Page ( назад)
That was the most amazing endings in NBA History!!

Автор G-Daddy YouTube ( назад)
Pussy white boy dived at the beginning

Автор John Joseph ( назад)
Growing up a Knicks fan I will always hate this guy....He's the best to ever do it....It's not open for discussion.

Автор فيصل العنزي ( назад)
the greatest of all time

Автор Donald Eugene ( назад)
the flagrant amount of mistakes that utah made in this game was staggering they should have easily won this game going away

Автор Rebecca Vitale ( назад)
Pleasant bear fifty guilt beer alter newly.

Автор Workin0nit ( назад)
I love MJ he's the Goat, but what I gotta a small problem with is people act like he never missed shot in the clutch when talking about how clutch Lebron is. Here you can clearly see him miss some really crucial shots. Idk just something I've noticed. Carry on.

Автор Another Person ( назад)
Final 3 minutes, video is 14 minutes long

Автор Dark Mirage ( назад)
life is so hard, for some more than others... but when i stop for a minute and think about... i was alive to watch MICHAEL AIR JORDAN, LIONEL D10S MESS1, cristiano ronaldo I AM HAPPY TO BE ALIVE

Автор Business man ( назад)
Rodman with all that shit in is hair😣

Автор Glafira Orchakova ( назад)
кто русский?

Автор Ismahan Haji Mohamed ( назад)
did u see the cross

Автор Erik Gordi ( назад)
That can't be a foul

Автор The Jokker ( назад)

Автор christopher campbell ( назад)
Yo Jordan is the Greatest 2guard not the BEST EVER ✊💯

Автор Roger Milla ( назад)
Karl Malone was fucking huge. He looks like one of those uncles at a family get together, and if you look at him you'd think he's fuckin trash, then he starts playing and nobody can fuck with him.

Автор Norwalkian ( назад)
Jordan's last Bulls game... against the Jazz... Kobes last Lakers game... against the Jazz

Автор Mayang Gurion ( назад)
mj Is stupid in the 3point shot

Автор Jack LaBella ( назад)
Jordan and kobes carreer both ended against the jazz

Автор TarBoysWorldWide ( назад)
Steve Kerr at 9:31

Автор Sportspantsvlogs ( назад)
Was this in the NBA finals

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
Fuck LeBron Jordan will always be the GOAT.

Автор Shadow Gaming ( назад)
I'm a Utah fan but I'm glad the Bulls won

Автор StuntingMonkey ( назад)
If Jordan didn't retire then he would of still be the best player in NBA history

Автор Sterling Guillory Jr ( назад)
that was a good game

Автор Christine Reiser ( назад)
Well the last 3 minutes we all thought

Автор Isaac Garcia ( назад)
uncle: how bright is your future
me: looks at michael jordans head

Автор Isaac Garcia ( назад)
uncle: how bright is your future
me: looks at michael jordans head

Автор XXXTENTACION is Naruto ( назад)
He is ok but Scalabrine is still he goat. No argument its not even close

Автор Tommy Hargrove ( назад)


shit i gotta go

Автор Tom Ubankes ( назад)

Автор Quintez Thompson ( назад)
Damn I remember watching this game when I was a teen!

Автор Matt Alley ( назад)
MJ got away with a bit of a push on Russell but still, epic shot

Автор Michael Busch ( назад)
anybody that gave that a thumbs down is a pure blooded hater. the GOAT!!

Автор Charles J Gartner ( назад)
10:06 ... How appropriate that Jordan's last shot ever was yet another dirty move. "Russell slipped"... slipped my ass. Jordan's shoulder to Russell's face then pushing him just to make sure he fell, errr... "slipped". Hope Jordan's proud that his final shot as a pro was pulling some shady shit just to get the win from a team that worked their asses off and didn't have to pull cheap shit to win. This was the Jazz's game... they were the better, and certainly classier team this year.

Автор Charles J Gartner ( назад)
5:00 ... that was nice of Rodman. As someone who grew up in Utah til I was 10, I always liked the Jazz, and this game was pretty heartbreaking. Jordan has so many rings, yet is willing to play (slightly) dirty for yet another ring from one of the great duos in NBA history, Stockton/Malone. Stockton didn't play his best this last three minues, 2 missed pretty easy shots, and then the final shot that that was pretty open. Oh well. Didn't happen. Hornecek's shitty pass early in this vid didn't help either.

Автор peter boyden ( назад)
stockton probably thought about that 3 so many times

Автор peter boyden ( назад)
poor jazz

Автор LG Darkk ( назад)
Micheal Jordan And Kobe Bryant both had their last game against the Utah Jazz

Автор Mohamad Canada ( назад)

Автор chaja95 ( назад)
also notice the commentators didn't even discuss if Jordan would miss those free throws or discuss the possibilities if he didn't hit both what would need to happen. you think if LeBron had 4 free throw attempts in the last 3 minutes in a finals game it wouldn't be talked about more at the time?

Автор chaja95 ( назад)
Bob costas used to call NBA games? and if Isaiah Thomas was good enough to commentate the finals why doesn't he still do it?

Автор Flaco ( назад)

Автор Cyborgude7 ( назад)
5:34 ... Did he just pat Karl malone's ass?

Автор nicholas pardy ( назад)
Why the fuck is this in my recommendation Box

Автор Max Steadman ( назад)
This is intense

Автор Viral Video50 ( назад)

Автор Just a Fisherman ( назад)
Only people who like the Sacramento Kings can like this comment.

Автор Giannis Anteyokounmposiwndowiukdowommsqowu ( назад)
Damn that 3 from Stockton, will go down as one of the greatest shots in basketball history. What a shot to bring the Jazz to a game 6 win.

Автор Ian and Caleb And derps and co ( назад)
Jordan is awesome

Автор KyleNoelMusic ( назад)
man gotta appreciate stockton's textbook shooting form

Автор commenter78 ( назад)
i was 20 years old back then. Time goes by.

Автор JonhyAR 10 ( назад)
los mejores 14 minutos de mi vida ❤

Автор Jestix - Pixel Strike 3D And Mcpe! ( назад)

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)
Greatest push off of all time against Russell....... 10:26 says it all

Автор THOSESHOES CP ( назад)

Автор Victor Hugo ( назад)

Автор Darwin Cung ( назад)
the best player all the time..michael king jordan

Автор JeffferyBathmer ( назад)
scott harper yah

Автор Plush brothers ( назад)

Автор sw00shsneakers ( назад)
michael is pretty bad tbh

Автор Larry ( назад)
I am nobody, but I will always believe MJ was the best ever. Loved to watch him play, even in OR

Автор carcaÑo restituyo ( назад)
look at Steve kerr lol who said in that era kerr is going to be the best coach for golden state ? kerr come back to chicago we need you

Автор ucf1999 ( назад)
Perfect time to retire.  But, he had other plans.

Автор Kevin Ba ( назад)
There can only be one NBA G.O.A.T and he's Michael Jordan. No one. I repeat no one can ever be as great!

Автор Kyro Apostle ( назад)
Sad....such a tragedy

Автор James Kingsman ( назад)

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