Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Final Bulls game !

MJ should have ended his career with this match

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Автор hi hi ( назад)
if you look rly close or even slow down the vid michael shakes his head and you can read his lips say no after he intercepts that long pass, man was not going to lose in g6 he said

Автор hi hi ( назад)
Michael was not about to let anyone beat him

Автор ChrisP Bacon ( назад)
I love how the video is titled last 3 min. but it is 13 min. long

Автор Kamouree Williams ( назад)
Michael Jorda 🚬 on them niggas🏀🏀😱😵😨🙉👏

Автор Angelo Martins ( назад)
da GOAT!

Автор Caio Pacheco ( назад)
Epoca boa Demais! saudades!

Автор Tina Herman ( назад)
I lové Michel jordan

Автор Tatem Hess ( назад)
12.26 fucking unbeleivable

Автор Sebastian Tannous ( назад)
Jordan broke the other guys ankles with like eight seconds left

Автор beezy yo ( назад)
WOW first time watching bbal this is amazing haha

Автор mieguistumas ( назад)
NBA was so full of personalities back in a day. Now it is just a bunch of kids and people who are gangsta rappers in their heads.

Автор momo momo ( назад)
god of basketball

Автор Jonathan Graf ( назад)
Watching this video today in 2017, King James can't even carry Jordan's jock strap. Lebron is not even remotely close to Jordan!

Автор IllCerberusllI ( назад)
nobody notice he says the cavs by a basket??? ok..

Автор KOBEandCAMBRIA24 ( назад)
dude omgsh. look how much space he has dude wtfffffffff. BEST CAREER MJ, duh... best PLAYER KOBE. its not debatable

Автор KOBEandCAMBRIA24 ( назад)
only if kobe could play white people and be SINGLE GUARDED IN A CLOSEOUT FINALS GAME LOLOLOL. smh. this jazz team like a nash and amare team but less athletic. mjs the most overrated human EVER. sorry.

Автор JAZ Z ( назад)
What year did he end in the NBA?

Автор AussieBattler46 ( назад)
only jordan can turn 3 minutes into 13 minutes

Автор nonokbh ( назад)
but this is crazy !!

Автор Robert Swinda ( назад)
You could literally say it was staged at the end with the strip from Malone.

Автор Flameking ( назад)
Funny how it's Jordans lasts 3 minutes but the video is 13 minutes

Автор Peter E. Limbu ( назад)
This never gets old. Still gives me goose bumps.

Автор Testikuski Testdriver ( назад)
That Rodman foul in the beginning is a fail on refs part. You are allowed to land and Jeff just ran under him. BS little guys suck.

Автор Ignatius Pascal ( назад)

Автор issei4210yt ( назад)
pause at 5:32 then press continue 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Ky Sun ( назад)
I seen this live on tv. Stockton and Malone two legends, their only problem is that they went up against the Greatest Of All Time Michael Jordan.

Автор Tupac Amaru Shakur ( назад)
This wasn't mjs last game tho it was his last BULLS game not career game

Автор skinsman82000 ( назад)
Jordan is so much better than the current pansies. They were allowed to actually play D in the 89s/90s😀

Автор Riccardo Portelli ( назад)
Is everyone retarded? Saying this was Jordan's last game.....

He played another couple seasons with Washington smh

Автор Albertano Morales ( назад)
fue el mejor mi idolo

Автор MaSter MusTard Shing ( назад)
I heard someone from the bulls shouting after the game: That was FUCKING unbelievable

Автор LeBron James ( назад)
LeBron's final game is probably gonna be against the Jazz

Автор TianoPCGamer ( назад)
Steps curry is better

Автор Justin Brooks ( назад)
Why do people keep saying this is his last game? This is his last game AS A BULL

Автор A Steezy Panda ( назад)
Kobe did it better.

Автор Meronard Merant ( назад)
push off

Автор Vendeh ( назад)
he was right tho! that wasn't a charging foul

Автор Elvin Jules ( назад)
Isaiah Thomas is a dumbass

Автор Elvin Jules ( назад)
utah jizz are chokers

Автор Jay Russo ( назад)
12:27 Steve Kerr said this is so fucking unbelievable 😂

Автор Jesus Gomez ( назад)

Автор Aslan Mars ( назад)
Something interesting is that Jordan push the butt of Russel with his left hand so that Russel lost his balance.

Автор Chris baez ( назад)
Who heard your fucking unbelievable

Автор Turquoise Sky ( назад)
Carr should have switched positions with Malone. Stockton should have then passed to Malone. There was enough time to pass the ball in the basket, at least get a foul.

Автор Brandon Aguero ( назад)
Kobe still goat tho

Автор Rogelio de Guzman ( назад)
MJ is the greatest basketball player. I have never seen a better player than him.

Автор Lisa Royal ( назад)
this intense

Автор Bleezy Bleezy ( назад)

Автор N4tive Gam3r ( назад)
lol kobe and mj last game was against the Jazz😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор lol jeldes ( назад)
gringos de mierda.... hablen español :'v!

Автор Josh Wall ( назад)
that seriously wasn't much of a push off. if you call it straight down the middle then you can't say it was a foul

Автор Drake West ( назад)
The Goat

Автор JBULL40 ( назад)
The Best!

Автор Soumava Chatterjee ( назад)
Well would you look at that... even the greats miss shots.
- To every MJ dick rider.

Автор Nichole Gonzales ( назад)
who's who¿ in the whole NBA endustry....

Автор OUAcedawg98 ( назад)
At 9:13 in the video jordan broke his ankles

Автор Signlan 26 ( назад)
no joke but before deadly crossovers ever seen in the nba it was AI who reinvented crossovers like that.

Автор ChazzerLemons ( назад)
Jazz call us now and we will verse legends on there last game so far done Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Автор Sarken ( назад)
Stockton should have tried to throw an alley-oop to Malone to win the game, idk, that's just my idea.

Автор Kevin Cruz ( назад)
funny both Kobe and Jordan ended their team career facing the jazz

Автор taibou44 ( назад)
and niggah still compare him with dudes this is a desrespect to MJ he is the goat

Автор Ayden Silva ( назад)
it's funny how a "last 3 minutes" can last 13 minutes

Автор Matthew406 ( назад)
That man's gonna be a legend forever.

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Автор 433 ( назад)
Ankles at 9:06

Автор canibizle777 ( назад)
MJ forever will be GOAT. He had everything, anger, team leader, carried a team by taking the last shot. 6 for 6.

Автор Mika Lopez ( назад)
sugar ray leonard

Автор Holden Debord ( назад)
wow skills

Автор sTalnaker13 ( назад)
It's just crazy the way this whole sequence went down. It was all MJ in these two minutes. Scores a quick 2 on one end putting the pressure on the Jazz to score, strips Malone, walking the ball down with such calmness, crossover, gamewinner. This is a Hollywood ending that really happened. That is why he is the GOAT.

Автор batman jeff42 ( назад)
his last game was with the Wizards

Автор haha nibor ( назад)
Jordan last game with Jazz, Kobe last game with Jazz... well, NBA makes money bcoz of players, and players makes money bcoz of NBA, NBA and players makes money bcoz of watchers... and the thing is they make story to make us excited and make us loyal and watch thier "game" bad english

Автор Idan cohen ( назад)

Автор Craig Stack ( назад)
epic he shoulda went out for good like this... epic... steve kerr at the end, "your fucking amazing man"

Автор Mr Beaned ( назад)
i heard "You're un fucking believable"

Автор shaglizzy11 jr. ( назад)
poor joedab

Автор Movie Trailers ( назад)
why does it say last 3 minute when the vid is 13 minutes

Автор Brandon barbosa ( назад)

Автор Patrick Hawkinson ( назад)
He was so confident that he ran time off the clock before he even took the shot.

Автор JJPHILLYLG ( назад)

Автор _SuchSkillMuchWow_ ( назад)
9:10 rip ankles

Автор Jojo Viray ( назад)
wish a prime mj could play just 1 game,. that would be epic.

Автор Mr Elnad ( назад)
Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Автор Mr Doffy ( назад)
Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Автор Long Shlong ( назад)
Mj's 'Last Game' against Utah. Kobe's last game against Utah. 4 years later: Lebron against Utah. 4 years after that, Gordan Hayward against Utah, with him still on Utah's team. BRUH.

Автор RiceGum ( назад)
I swear MJ ain't human

Автор cole persinger ( назад)
not his last after playing base ball he came and played and got killed in the 2nrd round of the playoffs

Автор Billy Cline ( назад)
LOL look how tired these guys are,,, Jordan 13 of 32???? can barley run up and down the court he's so tired lol. sorry but NBA players today are just built for the game.

Автор Fernando Juarez ( назад)
3 minutes but its 13 mins long

Автор Andrew D ( назад)
wow when I was young, I didn't believe it. but Jordan really pushed him...not enough to be crazy, just a nice little nudge. slick man slick

Автор Cameron Stone ( назад)
Jordan truly is the greatest. No competition whatsoever

Автор Erwin Wu ( назад)
I can't believe there's an argument trying to be made about who's the Greatest of All Time. I am so honored to say I was able to witness his magic growing up. I think this video sums everything up.

Автор Weese ( назад)
PEOPLE! This wasn't his last game!!!!!

Автор Caesar Vespasian ( назад)
The Most F%#&ing Unbelievable Of All Time

Автор 任善辉 ( назад)

Автор Ariel Agbonis ( назад)
to be this clutch at this stage of the game is just unbelievable.

Автор MuFu ( назад)
the guy said this is fucking unbelievable

Автор Swag Line ( назад)
did anyone yell "LETS GO MJ!!!!!!!!"if not (`_`)

Автор FANCY ASSASSIN ( назад)
Last 3 min it's 13 min long

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