Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998)

Final Bulls game !

MJ should have ended his career with this match

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Автор John Davr Aglin ( назад)
Galing ni michael

Автор Isaiah Watson ( назад)
It's so amazing how Michael knew how to turn the pressure on.

Автор LeoTSith ( назад)
Who heard that in 12:24

Автор WhyDoiWatchThisCrap ( назад)
0:46 he's gonna stab that ref in the parking lot.

Автор Clash of royale Pro ( назад)
Mj is so selfish he does not pass at all

Автор Th real bo3 gamer ( назад)

Автор Th real bo3 gamer ( назад)

Автор Erick Valentin ( назад)
Ice water in his veins!!!

Автор Jomar Samudio ( назад)
this was not jordans last game.. his last game was against philadelpia..
this was his last championship appearance. and the most epic shot he made
in his entire career.. GOAT!

Автор Jacob Lewis ( назад)
12:25 its do fucking unbelievable lol

Автор Max Klewer ( назад)
all i can say is GOAT

Автор patty crazy ( назад)
MJ broken them ankles

Автор Mr. T ( назад)
*Title says that Jordan's last 3 minutes*
Video is 13 minutes long

Автор yuanpeng guo ( назад)

Автор iHarriJS ( назад)
That legendary steal by MJ was like a Wide receiver Football catch

Автор Anduryn Ninoska Maldonado Cruz ( назад)
I love how MJ is the only option in the last minutes. That's why he is the
GOAT. Lebron James is a great player, but he's not the guy a team can
depend on those situations. Even if you are a Fan of LB, you have to admit
that. MJ was in another level

Автор Jeremy v ( назад)
If this jazz team played in the west today. They would be a 6 or 7 seed.
Competition was sooo much weaker back then

Автор Spencer England ( назад)
The days of analog T.V.

Автор Joshua Jumangit ( назад)
The GOAT. Cold-blooded, clutch, murderer, killer, the one, the only
greatest ever. The last 3 minutes were all MJ points and steals especially
at the last seconds of the game. And that last shot of his? Only MJ will
ask for the ball and take the last shot, and make it! Against the rabid
Jazz fans in the 90s! "Sixth! Sixth! Sixth!" Jordan raising his hands! And
hey, 6 rings at age 35. Kids nowadays do not know how great MJ is and how
NBA was different from now. Say what? Bron? Bron who? Will never come close
to how great he is. Period.

Автор Jose garcía ( назад)
Am I getting something wrong, or the commentator was not impressed by the
result? They usually yell their lungs out, but this guy seemed like any
moment he was just gonna say "f*ckers"

Автор alexlanza7&9 ( назад)
I remember well this game and as a Bull I think it's still emotional, but
as an NBA fan as well I think Malone and Stockton really deserved to win a
title and I'm sadden when I hear today's kids who believe some players are
the greatest in history only 'cause they won more titles, but I say that
team was one of the best of the last 20 years, even with no rings!

Автор u-said-what? ( назад)
Too bad it didn't end here.

Автор zreigfranz nicolai ( назад)
yehaaa!!! MJ

Автор Cale Phares ( назад)
Dennis rodman... who can't finish LMFAO

Автор Manolis Papakostas ( назад)

Автор Timo Canto ( назад)
I actually went to preschool with Michael Jordan. I recall that he would
never share his toys with me.

Every other kid in preschool also knew to never ask Mikey to share, because
it was NEVER going to happen.

Автор Buddy Waang ( назад)
best ever

Автор tukau greenaway ( назад)
Jordon on russul mean maori no one like mike

Автор MoJoJoJo1 ( назад)
One of the Utah players were wearing 11s when you se Rodmans foul you see
the 11s

Автор ngan lam ( назад)

Автор Terry McMillin ( назад)
Stinking liberal...Obama lover

Автор Sekou Sacko ( назад)

Автор best video gamer ( назад)
I'm only 9 b meister

Автор washburn11000 ( назад)
Don't anyone even mention lebron's name in the comments ok? He wishes he
was as good as Jordan mj the goat!!

Автор chris wagner ( назад)
I will NEVER FORGET watching that moment live when I was 18 years old and I
was with my current girlfriend at that time (we are together now as well
after being apart for 17 years) Jodi Shmick ! As we watched this video
again ..it brought back many great memories for the both of us and how we
was there for the greatest basketball team EVER and the greatest
CHAMPIONSHIP ever !!! Chris Wagner here........God bless us all .

Автор Carl Mounts ( назад)
You can't compare Kobe Bryant or Lebron or say there better , not because
rings or anything like that. It's because Micheal Jordan played againts
more hall of famers, there were more hall of famers in the league than now.
Like now! Look at how many future hall of famers in the league, it's like
it's watered down.

Автор Orange Is The New Black ( назад)
Still not as good as lebron

Автор Floated Fonder ( назад)
Lol there was not as much emotion when Jordan crossed the defender (sorry
did not really see his number too well) But in this generation you would
see people screaming

Автор Carl Thien ( назад)
Kerr said ur fucking unbelievable

Автор elias peña ( назад)
waoo la verdad aye en esos tiempo se jugaba baskeboll de verdad 😍😀😀😀

Автор Reza Bolouri ( назад)
Best man that ever played this game MJ right behind him Kobe

Автор Elias Leclercq ( назад)
crawl sail pile expression check central before fat.

Автор Genji -_- ( назад)
Yao Ming

Автор Frank Cohen ( назад)
Domination, perseverance and sheer will by Jordan in his last minute of
play ended the series. That jaw dropping, final 42 seconds is an example of
why he's the GOAT.

Автор washburn11000 ( назад)
Lebron only wishes he could do shit like mj

Автор Ben Garland ( назад)
I'll never forget this game. 👍

Автор Alex Rosen ( назад)
Jordan is better then john stockn

Автор Kai Hernandez ( назад)
"Your Fuck Unbelievable " lol Hahah

Автор Todd Watlington ( назад)
Micheal Jordan was and is the best basketball player to ever and ever play
the game of basketball, for many reasons... This is fact and I was so
fortunate to be able to watch and live his wonder-all.

Автор Pexport llc ( назад)
Jordan is straight up unstoppable...

Автор Aaron Mayberry (FancyPants) ( назад)
I miss MJ alot

Автор RayZ slayer ( назад)
Look at all the love and emotion they had at the end now a days someone is
retiring there like oh your leaving bye so who's the replacement

Автор Masterboss 2105 ( назад)
Man, my heart is beating so fast.

Автор Steven RHL ( назад)
Michael Jordan's competitive fury is unmatched

Автор 1904 ## ( назад)

Автор Daniyar Karakhozhin ( назад)
It's just a show) This is not a game, this is a play. Nowadays it's so
obvious to me.

Автор Elias Leclercq ( назад)
Door function incentive butter change missing narrow pleased.

Автор Parker Washington ( назад)
So he just didn't come back as a wizard?

Автор Fady Ghraichy ( назад)

Автор Mate Toth ( назад)
fuck michael jordan i think that john stakton and karl moilon

Автор Howard Barnett ( назад)
Sadly, his cheating at 10:04, and the Jordan Rules allowing it to stand
tarnishes his entire career.

Автор Nicole Marion ( назад)
them ankles tho

Автор Brenda Smith ( назад)
Jordan and Kobe both play the utha jazz as their last game

Автор God's Child ( назад)
13-32 but lebron went 9-24 and the world ends

Автор rtr rtr ( назад)
he is my idol forever

Автор Kim Taehyung ( назад)
Nice Game

Автор Mark Johnson ( назад)
You can see Jordans hand falls down no follow through clearly it wasn't a
push off

Автор ellis Mozo ( назад)
kobe last play in utah

Автор Jacob Aguhob ( назад)
Kobe's last 3 mins is vs. jazz
mj's last 3 mins is also vs. jazz

Автор Noah Gaydos ( назад)
Wait... both mj and kbs last games were against Utah jazz

Автор robert hall ( назад)
yal see kobes last game? lol I like Jordan over Kobe overall but Kobe made
a movie

Автор Pinsqueezebic 1 ( назад)
Did Jordan ever get on this announcer? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like
this guy making excuses for him just because he's tired.

Автор NBA Star ( назад)
That's not his last game

Автор Hawk OFFICIAL ( назад)
Malone at home

Автор damien blast ( назад)
michael jordan is the EYE OF THE PYRAMID. that it there one better than
him. #NOONE

Автор Recency Bias Radio ( назад)
37 points off 32 shots???? LeBron better than Jordan.

Автор Tildie Scale ( назад)

Автор Ayush Shampa Ashit Talukder ( назад)
I❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jordan!

Автор LivingDaylights007 ( назад)
4:55 great respect from Rodman for Stockton

Автор Jordan Tahana ( назад)
last 3 minutes with a 13 minute video

Автор Xavier Woodhouse ( назад)
At 10:58 it looked like Mike was drinking piss

Автор Mohamed Ali ( назад)
the refs gave the bulls the win

Автор John Gotti ( назад)
Where the hell is Phil Jackson

Автор Cesarr35 ( назад)
kobes was better

Автор Ahamed Konneh ( назад)
10:21 he shouldn't have came back after that shot. He should've just left
the game off that shot.

Автор CLINTON PHAM ( назад)

Автор xLOVExGODx ( назад)
Michael Jordan is and always will be the G.O.A.T.

Автор VictorPlayz 05 ( назад)
12:24 so fucking believable LOL

Автор Sailor77 pirate ( назад)
When basketball was decent. All the dislikes must be Queen Lebron lovers or
Stephanie Curry lovers. Jordan could beat them 2 on 1.. 95% of the trolls
must be kids who don't know MJ.. The greatest basketball player ever to
lace up a pair of sneakers. As the saying goes.. Everyone wants to be like

Автор Steven Amarantos ( назад)
I guess the 1187 people who disliked this video were Jazz fans bwaha!

Автор Matt Guidry ( назад)

Автор benfavazza8 ( назад)
I hate how people think this is his last game. He played 3 more seasons
with the Wizards.

Автор Julian Deluna ( назад)
Lol 1996 michael retired in his last game he went against the utah jazz and
the black mamba was born and 20 years later in 2016 the black mamba retired
and his last game was with the utah jazz

Автор Norhasan Dangcal ( назад)

Автор William Cooper ( назад)
I can never get tired of watching The Greatest... Yeah, yeah, he pushed
off... But look at the Whole sequence. His team down three with 41.9
seconds. You saw him score quickly (TWO-FOR-ONE), make the critical steal
(9 Time All Defense - Defensive player of the year once.) and then the big
shot at the end... That 41.9 second sequence is the reason why he's the
best ever.

KOBE FANS talk about him dropping 60 in his last game. MAJOR PROPS ON THAT.
But his team was 17-65 with nothing to play for but a tribute. And people
tend to forget that he launched 50 shots that night. 50.

Those 41.9 seconds are the ONLY REASON why Lebron James, in spite of
finishing with career better statistics - We all know that he will end up
with 33-35,000 points, 8500-9000 rebounds and 8000-8500 assists - will
always be 2nd best. He will be in the debate, but when you think of the
fact that Jordan never allowed a 7th game in the NBA Finals, that tells you
about his psychotic WILL. 6 Finals, 6-0 Record, 6 MVPS. the "0" is

Автор alex2405777 ( назад)
Jordan had his hand on him sure, but he didn't push off. Defender was
overplaying the drive and lost his balance.

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