Annie Lennox Logies There Must Be An Angel 2009

Annie Lennox Logies There Must Be An Angel 2009

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Длительность: 4:32
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Автор Sean O'Reilly ( назад)
I like for sure. Feel free to look at my Annie Lennox cover if time
permiits. thanks!

Автор H&K ( назад)
Can't believe they got One Direction this year, how LAME!

Автор minloute64 ( назад)
simplement époustouflant

Автор KimmyTisme ( назад)
I came to this video today after reading a critic's opinion that this was a
strange and angry performance by Annie Lennox......uuummm obviously the
critic never saw the performance and made it up as he went along....because
this was awesome!!!!!

Автор Sonny Anjangsono ( назад)
great! incomparable!

Автор Andrea Tharp ( назад)
HOLY MOLY! Name one artist at her age that can still hit high notes like
that! Annie's taken care of herself!

Автор jeffinsight ( назад)
I have watched this clip SOOOO many times since it went up in 2009. Annie
Lennox is UNBELIEVABLE. This is one of my favorite solo accoustic
performances of any artist ever.

Автор kyolym ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Micet ( назад)
♥ Annie Lennox ♥

Автор Sylvia Pals ( назад)
I know one Angel my mother she was to loveley for this world lots off love
from Holland

Автор diggler2002 ( назад)
totally rocks

Автор Gonzcast ( назад)
There was an angel, was singing and playing the piano... !!! Annie is the
supreme angel.

Автор detcelloc ( назад)
The Logies are Australia's TV awards. Our version of the Emmys, if you
will.. Problem is that most Aussie television is shite.

Автор detcelloc ( назад)
Annie was the glittering diamond amongst the steaming pile of shit that was
the Logies.

Автор Sheryl Ray ( назад)
Magnificent performance and, I must say, stunning video quality. I love it.
Thanks for sharing it.

Автор atolm1 ( назад)
what a feel good performance, i adore her.

Автор Chelsea Smith ( назад)
The Logies were absolutely appalling this year. The worst ever. But Annie
was absolutely phenomenal!

Автор Smirkles72 ( назад)
absolutely agree. she was angel sent from heaven to save the Logies.

Автор BC1000stars ( назад)
For 4 and a half minutes, Annie Lennox lifted the Logies out of utter
mediocrity. Thank goodness for her. An absolute superstar.

Автор H&K ( назад)
totally agree...

Автор H&K ( назад)

Автор dan710i ( назад)
I can't believe I sat through the Logies to see this! She was absolutely
amazing and well worth it.

Автор bomford187 ( назад)
I <3 Annie Lennox!!!!

Автор selfdefencecomau ( назад)

Автор RahRahGreg ( назад)
This was absolutely amazing, I adore her... those who said 'because of her
age'??? WTF does that mean? And also, to 40950999: I watched the Logies, I
didn't see Gretel for three hours?!? I doubt she would have had 30 minutes
of air-time...

Автор timw7071 ( назад)
amazing performance...highlight of a dull night

Автор Triathe ( назад)

Автор Casey Barnes ( назад)
Standing ovation at the end speaks for itself

Автор Chancenic ( назад)
I thought this was fabulous....at least she didn't need or use any echo
microphone assistance like one of the other female vocalists used on the
same show !!

Автор Debbie Hughes ( назад)
I'm such a fan of the original that I didn't like this performance at all,
Sorry Annie but you killed this song for me, I went straight onto Youtube
just to hear the original...not a good song with just piano...such a
shame...but I still love your music...just not the Logie version...

Автор izvestia03 ( назад)
i have read a few of the comments saying she didn't sound good--i don't get
it personally--i LOVE the rawness and richness of her voice-its everything
i want in a live performance--its torchsong raw emotion--not pretty
sacharine singing contest aka american idol--she is so unique and i like
her voice as it matures very much! just me humble opinion:)

Автор cindykaye ( назад)
its such a difficult song to sing live, for her age i think she did a great
job with it...sure she had to change it a bit to work with the piano, i
think she did pretty well, esp hitting those top notes! Anyway the logies
always suck for one reason or another, very second rate.

Автор psychone2 ( назад)
I'm really pissed that I didn't watch the logies now, I didn't know. I LOVE
this woman. she's so awesome.

Автор Ernie Kim ( назад)
Thanks for the performance Annie! It was the only way that the Logies could
have recovered from having to deal with Gretel Kileen for three hours...

Автор danccaddy (1268 лет назад)
im probably gonna be hated by everyone who is watching this. but i really
didnt liek that. i was watchijgn borat then switched it over int he ads.
and then saw it and was like wtf. she reminds me of a lsiten who is dieing
for soem reason. soz people not for meshes a freak ands ounds bad

Автор AUSTDOG1 ( назад)
WOW, was never a big fan but damn she has a great voice and the way she
powered out of the 1st few bars shows what a pro she is. Thanks Annie xxx

Автор H&K ( назад)
great... thought it was a beautiful performance

Автор davidauld ( назад)
Awesome! She still has it!

Автор aussieHK1 ( назад)
Musical Brilliance... I love the small snipet of the start of "Little
Bird"at the end...

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