Annie Lennox Logies There Must Be An Angel 2009

Annie Lennox Logies There Must Be An Angel 2009

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Длительность: 4:32
Комментарии: 29

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Автор Sean O'Reilly ( назад)
I like for sure. Feel free to look at my Annie Lennox cover if time
permiits. thanks!

Автор H&K ( назад)
Can't believe they got One Direction this year, how LAME!

Автор minloute64 ( назад)
simplement époustouflant 

Автор KimmyTisme ( назад)
I came to this video today after reading a critic's opinion that this was a
strange and angry performance by Annie Lennox......uuummm obviously the
critic never saw the performance and made it up as he went along....because
this was awesome!!!!!

Автор Sonny Anjangsono ( назад)
great! incomparable!

Автор Andrea Tharp ( назад)
HOLY MOLY! Name one artist at her age that can still hit high notes like
that! Annie's taken care of herself!

Автор kyolym ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Micet ( назад)
♥ Annie Lennox ♥

Автор Sylvia Pals ( назад)
I know one Angel my mother she was to loveley for this world lots off love
from Holland

Автор diggler2002 ( назад)
totally rocks

Автор Gonzcast ( назад)
There was an angel, was singing and playing the piano... !!! Annie is the
supreme angel.

Автор detcelloc ( назад)
The Logies are Australia's TV awards. Our version of the Emmys, if you
will.. Problem is that most Aussie television is shite.

Автор detcelloc ( назад)
Annie was the glittering diamond amongst the steaming pile of shit that was
the Logies.

Автор Sheryl Ray ( назад)
Magnificent performance and, I must say, stunning video quality. I love it.
Thanks for sharing it.

Автор atolm1 ( назад)
what a feel good performance, i adore her.

Автор Chelsea Smith ( назад)
The Logies were absolutely appalling this year. The worst ever. But Annie
was absolutely phenomenal!

Автор BC1000stars ( назад)
For 4 and a half minutes, Annie Lennox lifted the Logies out of utter
mediocrity. Thank goodness for her. An absolute superstar.

Автор H&K ( назад)
totally agree...

Автор H&K ( назад)

Автор dan710i ( назад)
I can't believe I sat through the Logies to see this! She was absolutely
amazing and well worth it.

Автор bomford187 ( назад)
I <3 Annie Lennox!!!!

Автор Triathe ( назад)

Автор Casey Barnes ( назад)
Standing ovation at the end speaks for itself

Автор Debbie Hughes ( назад)
I'm such a fan of the original that I didn't like this performance at all,
Sorry Annie but you killed this song for me, I went straight onto Youtube
just to hear the original...not a good song with just piano...such a
shame...but I still love your music...just not the Logie version...

Автор izvestia03 ( назад)
i have read a few of the comments saying she didn't sound good--i don't get
it personally--i LOVE the rawness and richness of her voice-its everything
i want in a live performance--its torchsong raw emotion--not pretty
sacharine singing contest aka american idol--she is so unique and i like
her voice as it matures very much! just me humble opinion:)

Автор Ernie Kim ( назад)
Thanks for the performance Annie! It was the only way that the Logies could
have recovered from having to deal with Gretel Kileen for three hours...

Автор AUSTDOG1 ( назад)
WOW, was never a big fan but damn she has a great voice and the way she
powered out of the 1st few bars shows what a pro she is. Thanks Annie xxx

Автор H&K ( назад)
great... thought it was a beautiful performance

Автор davidauld ( назад)
Awesome! She still has it!

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