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Автор Eric Johnson (6 месяцев)
Dear Brits
Please stop coming to vids about elite American military units to say your
guys are better.
We are your friends and allies, and we are not in a competition with you.
Please stop doing this as it is silly and immature.
Love Eric

Автор sf ferari (23 дня)
Brits have an avarage of 100% of war winning while america has like about
75% a lil more so with that statement i rest my case.

Автор Covert Commando (2 месяца)
Why are the Brits getting so mad?
We already know that SAS is the best and just because we made a vid in our
SF they lose there shit like we are trying to one-up them

Автор MaharlikaAWA (2 месяца)
So is Delta force part of the Army? For some reason I always thought it was
part of the Air Force. 

Автор Adam Sherman (2 месяца)
Am I right in assuming 20 years ago, this video wouldn't be published? I
get the feeling that even this stuff would be classified in the 90's.

Автор hey12358y (4 месяца)
Wanna talk elite, that last dude's hair. High-speed, low-drag mane there.

Автор Beau Truex (4 месяца)
These wanker ass Brits couldn't have made basic little own SOC

Автор krafty1708 (1 месяц)
R.E.B. Raised Eye Brow :O/

Автор Jeff Skipper (Scott Michaels) (2 месяца)

Автор DuckiMucky (11 дней)
what is the background music

Автор Matthew Smith (4 месяца)
these guys are what isis nightmares are made of. USA ALL THE WAY

Автор Dog (1 месяц)
You Deltas are bunch of undisciplined cowboys...

Автор Nibbly Nobbler (1 месяц)
To anyone trying to say your "thing" was harder: How angry your instructors
were, or how many pushups they made you do doesn't make you better.
Intelligence and will power are what make up the best of the best of any
operators in any branch.

Автор Philip B (1 месяц)
We are allies. If you don't think we trade training or weapons tricks of
the trade your dumb. Delta as everyone knows is based off of SAS. Also
Delta is a name that leaked out. There's another 20 units you never heard
of with guys without rank or uniforms that are assassins. 

Автор VJR117 (29 дней)
lol i thought you Americans were saying these guys are great... hahahaha so
sad. XD, not british btw.

Автор Klasa C (8 дней)
Don't make me laugh. I haven't seen a man coming first into the building
with long rifle yet xD

Автор Karl Pilkinton (8 дней)
The Unit.....Boys. cheers

Автор Errupttz (1 месяц)
none are the best. There's special forces for all types of combat, naval,
land, air. SAS may be better in airborne combat then a Seal but a Seal
would be better in water/amphibious assault. A Royal Marine would probably
perform better in a beach invasion then an Army ranger would. But an army
ranger would prob be more prepared in CQB then a Royal Marine. They all
specialize in different things but in the end all get the job done and they
all have their specialties which means none is better then the other. Also
special forces operators do not fight over who is trained better and whos
the best, they don't compare each other and think they are the best, they
respect all Special Forces and learn from them to get better and become
true warriors.

Автор Robert Byng (1 месяц)
I robert william byng was assined to delta force cia nsa in samoilia call
sign hammer.

Автор shallowcoder1 (7 месяцев)
You guys are arguing over units that you probably won't even get a shot at?

Автор Corey Fraser (5 месяцев)
My dad knows a guy named Jason Falla who was I think Aussie SASR (don't
quote me, I don't know a lot about Australia's military)

Автор itsma name (1 месяц)
We shouldn't really compare special forces with each other because they are
people who are protecting civilians lives. To me they are all champions and
so is every other soldier who protects civilians lives over his/her own.

Автор onlylikenerd (5 месяцев)
This is airsoft right?

Автор Bucephalus 1 (17 дней)
"They go by many names, all of them unofficial". I'm not an expert in
American Special Operation Units at all. But I always thought 1st SFOD-D
(1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ) was pretty official?

Автор Donato Losacco (13 дней)

Автор Robert Peters (9 дней)
Go Army beat navy. We are there for each other. We are Americans first
Michael Murphy a nave seal is a Legend a role model. When I was at Fort
Bragg there was no delta. I could never make it as a member of delta. Stick
together no matter what. It is about the team not yourself Airborne all the
way and then some Murph on

Автор John Hicks (3 месяца)
To be loyal of your own outfit and country is exactly what is expected of a
bunch of competitive, fit young men whatever unit they're in. I'm former
British Airborne, and naturally that's where my loyalties lay; but I've
worked with Marines and special forces from BOTH our countries, and it is
quite clear that NOBODY has a monopoly on professionalism or toughness. And
with regards to the Revolutionary war, you must have learned that us Brits
quickly lost momentum and the taste for a fight for the very rights we had
had a civil war over a century before. Hence why we chopped the kings head
off. We are allies, though albeit tiny in comparison to the might of the US
military, we should continue to learn from and train with each other as
there is a common enemy.

Автор dotppa (1 месяц)
Always some stupid asses making comments that doesn't have a single clue on
what a real school of "hard knocks" is all about. Put these mouthpieces in
the danger zone first and and up front and all the internet typing schit
they talk winds up in there pants and wind up a fricken casualty.
Internet-civilian asses are for sure to flame every post about "hardcore
military" being as they couldn't get off the couch except to get a free
check we all risked our lives for. Lazy ass dirtbag wanna be's.
To the topic flamers, Kilo-Mike-Foxtrot-Alpha!

Автор kid rock (1 месяц)
Jack murphy lone survivor ????? 

Автор Syed Gilani (1 день)
I am not British nor American. But I do have to say that the SAS are better
then the greens and ranger. That includes British SAS, Australian SAS and
New Zealand SAS. I can't say if the SAS are better then delta force. I
would think that delta is better. But this videos makes Americans special
forces look stupid and not as well trained as the SAS. 

Автор Joes GotYa (1 месяц)
Units such as Delta Force and 22 SAS are really only as good as the
intelligence apparatuses that support and "fuel" their purpose. You can
forget the sophomoric debates on training, tactics, and unit heritage. SAS,
Delta Force and most other nations SOF units are going to pretty much top
notch all around. However with that said, Delta Force and JSOC in general
have a HUGE edge in the intelligence world. General Stanly McCrystal and
Bennet Sacolic fused an industrial network of constant, flowing
intelligence from literally every agency, organization and branch into one
interconnected hub. The concept being described as the "unblinking eye",
JSOC and Delta Force simply-put have dominated the operational tempo from
day one. As Mark Urban described the relationship in Iraq,,, Delta Force
often played "Big brother" to the SAS for this very reason.

Автор TheDevildog1991 (2 месяца)
Technically, SFOD-D isn't part of the Army b/c it's still not officially
recognized by the US government. And they also have started taking guys
from the Navy and Marine Corps, too.

Автор SabreWolferos (2 месяца)
1:20 Holy shit, its Larry Motherfucking Vickers!!!

Автор callofduty gym (1 месяц)
i scroll down and see a bunch of keyboard warriors

Автор Sandro Bindelli (28 дней)
This selection course, Module A82, is the same for all NATO Tier1 special
force's candidates jerks.
NATO SF are all classified as Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 and within the same
class level the selection and training is 95% identical, the 5% that
differs is mostly about tactics and use of some weapon SOPMODs that are
specific for each country.
Grow up.

Автор VastGameMaster (1 месяц)
I wonder if MARSOC has a special missions unit too.

Автор mooshy94 (5 месяцев)
0:22 that grip doe..

Автор MARKSMAN108 (3 месяца)
this video is all false. I mean come on everyone knows that delta doesn't

Автор MrBCSKATE (1 месяц)
america is in world power not by letting other countries be better than us.
especially not better than our warriors. cag is #1 not in argument but out
of fact. US rules all. right??

Автор ST EKESON (7 месяцев)
the russian spetsnaz are better

Автор Wild_Gaming (1 месяц)
I like CSOR better

Автор Oktay Kaman (23 дня)

Автор RHA eaglestriker (2 месяца)
Sas showed all their selection why is delta trying to hide theirs. Pretty
ridiculous if you ask me.

Автор rougecards (2 месяца)
It literally pisses me off so much to see these keyboard soldiers arguing
over which country "is the best" and who has the most "elite" soldiers.
From someone who has served overseas with both Americans and British
soldiers (yes, I am Canadian), I can tell you that this kind of mentality
simply does not exist over there. We are all there to do a job, and to come
home safe at the end of the day. Yes, friendly competition exists, but you
will never see a true soldier look at another soldier and say that he is
better, or more capable. Until you losers sitting behind your computers all
day actually enlist, go through bmq and deploy, your words mean nothing.

Автор Keith Knoesel (4 месяца)
Marines have no special operators because marines are sent to die not to be
smart. Marines average 39 on the ASVAB. That is an average of STUPID. Die
for your county because you're an idiot.

Автор VredesStall (1 месяц)
"It's not the best guy who makes it...
it's the right guy".


Автор 991Weeman (3 месяца)
Umm why are all the top comments whining about British people bashing
Americans? Fuck man it happens all the time on both sides. Go on SAS vids
and it's all "Delta is better" blah blah blah. Just ignore the comments,

Автор Guillermo Campos (5 месяцев)
At the end of the day wen their out their in the field coming from any
branch, it really don't mater what they are! Being a delta or seal won't
save you're ass from any type of middle of from some assehe who plans
you're dead really well! It's all the same crap you guys! What's so unique
is that they have the balls to be out their getting killed 

Автор b'saidane abdou (4 месяца)
great army yeah ,
but i'm a navy and i think russian and algerian special forces is better

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