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The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор absolutetuber ( назад)
brian williams can tell you all about these guys....he bled with them

**in case your sarcasm meter is broken....that statement was made with
EXTREME amounts of it**

Автор US Army Sniper US Army снайпер ( назад)
LOL, I was reading the comments from the guy Tyrone, and dude is dead on.
SEALs are taken directly from Navy Boot-Camp which is a joke among Marines
and Army like myself. Now on the other side of the coin, DELTA tryouts are
conducted on Army Personnel who have already completed - Army Infantry
Training, Army Airborne, Ranger School, Special Forces Selection and
Assessment, Special Forces Q Course, Halo and Scuba School. The difference
is night and day. I would be like taking kindergartners then putting them
through training that has a 75-80% washout rate. Then taking College
Football Players and putting them through something that has close to a 90%
washout. Like really? Do we even need to think about how much more
difficult it really is in DELTA?

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
**seals** take guy out of basic navy boot camp, then they make it...
woopdie doo.. DELTA takes people who have: Attended Army Infantry Boot Camp
(Harder than Navy Boot Camp), already attended Airborne School, went
through SFAS (this is just SELECTION), then completed the Q Course. Already
completed a Language Course. Attended and completed Air Assault, HALO, and
in many cases SCUBA School. Attended and graduated Ranger School, and in
many cases Sniper School. I think people need to stop jumping on the
douchey seal bandwagon and really look at the training..... Most DELTA are
in their 30's.

Автор OgrsS ( назад)
Bordo Bereli siker atar .

Автор Teebiskit ( назад)
Jack Murphy looks like an IT guy

Автор see202uk ( назад)
Love and respect all the way from Kurdistan to the USA!

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
Okay, so I'm amazed at what this guy said. Ranger School has a 70-80%
washout. SFAS Green Beret Tryout has a 70% washout. The initial phase of
Delta Tryouts has 80% washout, and the second phase has 50% washout. And
who knows about the rest of the tryouts THEY DONT TELL US. Jezzzzzus.....
And I used to be like "derp, the seals have a 60% washout out rate". Fuck,
by the time you've hit DELTA level, the washout rate has essentially been
about 98%..... HOT DAMN!

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
**DELTA FORCE** The absolute Pinnacle of Special Operations. The only
Special Operations Group in Direct Communications with the Chief of Staff
and the President himself. Before you can even be considered (as in given a
fighting chance) you must already be (Halo, Airborne, Air Assault, Scuba
Qualified). Most guys who try, not only have ALL that, but also wear a
coveted Green Beret, which in and of itself is a feat. DELTA = #1 -- P.S.,
and this is only what they show you. I hear its months and months long

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
Ultimately, the evidence that September 11th was an al-Qaeda operation
rests entirely on the confessions of one man, Khalid Sheik Mohammad. We now
know that KSM, as he’s been dubbed in various reports, learned the hard way
to remember his role in 911. Naked and with his feet bound to a wooden
board, KSM’s lower half was elevated and buckets of water were slowly
poured into his nasal passages. Unable to breathe, with water entering his
lungs, he would have been sure that he was drowning. The natural human
reaction is to survive and the only way to survive is to tell the aggressor
whatever he wants to hear. It’s that simple. The main reason we don’t use
waterboarding here in America is that it simply doesn’t provide truth, only
words to stave off imminent death. After two years of this treatment and a
year of sleep deprivation, snarling dogs and humiliation, KSM also
“confessed” to every evil act under the sun over the past 15 years — to
planning 31 other attacks around the world.

We later learned that his interrogation was videotaped, but the tapes
mysteriously vanished. The 911 Commission, taking its cue from the Bush
administration, referred to the deranged KSM as a “super terrorist” or
“terrorist entrepreneur.” In June 2008, KSM appeared in a military court at
Guantanamo. Shackled and rambling incoherently, his initial complaint was
that the court-appointed artist had botched his profile, specifically that
his nose was drawn much too large. After the vanity issue, his next
complaint was another ramble about having been tortured for the previous
five years.

The President himself informed the nation in a September 2006 speech about
the success of the waterboard. Referring to another detainee, Abu Zubaydah,
al-Qaeda’s so-called planning chief, Mr. Bush said, “We knew that Zubaydah
had more information that could save innocent lives, but he stopped
talking. As his questioning proceeded, it became clear that he had received
training on how to resist interrogation. And so the CIA used an alternative
set of procedures. I cannot describe the specific methods used — I think
you understand why” — with a pause — “but I can say the procedures were
tough. After he recovered, Zubaydah was defiant and evasive. He declared
his hatred of America. During questioning, he at first disclosed what he
thought was nominal information — and then stopped all cooperation. Well,
in fact, the ‘nominal’ information he gave us turned out to be quite
important. For example, Zubaydah disclosed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — or KSM
— was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.”

The 911 Commission Report concluded that KSM was the “mastermind” of these
attacks, with financial and logistical support from Osama bin Laden. But
the Commission’s conclusions — or assumptions — are based entirely on
thirdhand testimony. Remarkably, no one from the commission was allowed to
talk with KSM or even with KSM’s interrogators. Americans have been given
proofs that amount to little more than words from men behind the curtain.
After torturing a prisoner, our government releases his “confessions” to
the media with no question as to its authenticity, just as the “confession”
tapes of Osama bin Laden give us another unverified source of
disinformation. When we consider that only one in seven Americans can find
Iraq on a map, the deception is like taking candy from a baby.

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
Two Delta Operators are on a bridge taking a leak. One says , Man that
water is cold ". The other says " yep , and it's deep ".

Автор Dogukan Postoglu ( назад)
Maroon berets are better than delta force .(Turkey)

Автор Joaquin Gerard Duque ( назад)
mr moron your a moron delta is better than sas. sas sucks ok

Автор Mr sCaMoron ( назад)
SAS wannabes. You can see how theyve tried to copy some of the SAS
selection process.
Charles Beckwith (Founder of USA DELTA Force)

Автор Jeffrey Vue ( назад)
The Delta Force is more of a top secret anti-terrorist military unit that
does hostage rescues and stuff. All I know about them is that nobody ever
hears from them a lot and their size is classified.

Автор Burak yüksel ( назад)

Автор Ken Clouser ( назад)
So, You need to do RASP and Try for CAG. . . That's some fucked up shit.

Автор Brilliant Bllue ( назад)
Marine Tankers are Tier 1.

Автор Mark Bunyard ( назад)
are you fucking serious....grow up....RLTW

Автор Adamxxo ( назад)
this is a special force been bullied by caveman in afghanistan. they lost
against caveman that only use donkey & AK 47

Автор campsite a (1157 лет назад)
I think it's pretty sad that they don't know what the requirements are...
or "would be" in their own opinions. Don Shipley says that it's pretty much
the same as Navy Seal training so they have no excuse to be really terrible
liars since the information is out there. Mr. Lamb obviously "doesn't have
a clue" because he shoots a glock, which automatically implies he lacks
skill in that department. You gotta be smoking some really harsh stuff to
pick a $500 gun over a $1500+ gun if you're supposed to be a "professional
level shooter"... of course, Mr. Lamb isn't. It's rather self-explanatory.

Автор cheezeman132 ( назад)
I know that Delta Force is an Army unit, but I've been hearing mixed things
about who is able to join. Can anyone tell me if US Marines are able to
qualify to become an Operator for Delta Force?

Автор frankcastle7777 ( назад)
I seems like delta force has their rifles jetted out like 3 GUN sport
rifles. Which I like and have both my M-4s out fitted like with tools I
need. Not tac-cool stuff.

Автор Dan Chube ( назад)
Good unit, better than seals similar to team 6 though , sas still number 1

Автор Drake Pepper ( назад)
This is not actual Delta footage these are recreations and footage of
Unlike the seals today Delta is very, very classified.

Автор Jeenius IAMa ( назад)
is there something like a "full documentary" of this? thanks

Автор Bob Jones ( назад)
Delta Force tryouts.
Tier 1 selection: burger-flipping competency.
Tier 2 selection: working the drive-thru window.
Tier 3 selection: customer service.

Lol just kidding Delta Force is badass and so is SEAL Team 6. National

Автор Really Happenings ( назад)
Of the 4 former operators interviewed in this video, I can imagine all of
them getting pretty serious in a room...

Автор Patrick Coumbe ( назад)
Seal Team 6 is Tier 1...

Автор Brandon.Plays.bass ( назад)
can you only be in the 82nd to become a delta? what if I end up in the 75th

Автор jhon doe ( назад)
Delta does not allow nerf guns, so there not exactly the "cool" team to be

Автор Hardasteele ( назад)
an enjoyable video.. but it doesn't even scrape the surface of truly how
elite and physically capable these individuals are.

Автор VietNameseBoyz6192 ( назад)
godbless American

Автор Duke Dillon ( назад)
Hey, does anyone know if there's a technical name for how he had his left
hand on the side of the handgaurd? ever since I first saw this I've
wondered that.

Автор Blake Hunter ( назад)
he was right, most people think its the 6'2 hardass MOFO cool guy that
makes it but a lot of the times its regular people. that's why I hate it
when people make fun of short people because a lot of the times the best
soldiers are the 5'8 short unpopular ugly kid whos gonna be a badass!

Автор angloengland ( назад)
Not a bad little group, the SAS training they inherited continues I see

Автор Haider Khalid ( назад)

Автор santosc91 ( назад)
It's a known fact that our SOF's were modeled after the SAS.Although they
all cross train with each other,the SAS was developed first back in the

Автор Jun A. ( назад)
I like that: "It's not always the best guy that makes it. It's the RIGHT

Автор Family Nurse ( назад)
The White House hasn't watched the abortion videos yet. It's free to sign
White House petition. tell everyone to sign all 5, free & powerful

Автор Steezus Chrìst Skateboarding (25 лет назад)
whos playing BF4?

Автор Norwegian733 ( назад)
I need a more relaxing job.
Maybe I`ll do this for a couple of years -.-

Автор 432fuuzz ( назад)
"most difficult combat courses in the world"
That's because half of the world does not show their combat courses to the
public. Seriously now, it's SURELY not the most difficult.
The secret Chuck Norris course is the most difficult. At the end, you get a
dick that's 2 meters, equal with 1% of the size of Chuck Norris'.

Автор Fat Autistic Nlgger ( назад)
im a sniper in delta force its really fun actually

Автор matthew patterson ( назад)
hahahah Henry you smerky birdy lol

Автор chltmdwp ( назад)
Don't ever meet these guys in person. Just don't! I am even scared to hear
their names!

Автор Lorenzo Abad ( назад)
They get the job done without any excuses the word impossible does not
exist in their vocabulary.

Автор Lorenzo Abad ( назад)
Thats what makes them extremely special and vary honorable.

Автор Fausto Braga ( назад)
The Best !!!

Автор beans rabba ( назад)

Автор Patrick Coumbe ( назад)
THE Unit... isn't always on combat, Seal team 6 is!! Seals are Alpha males

Автор itay rachmani ( назад)
Can a one recon marine be in delta force?

Автор JohnCrepea ( назад)
They don't have beards, they don't operate. Imposters.

Автор Herp Derp ( назад)

Автор Mr Pandas ( назад)

Автор Prodigy Luke (1127 лет назад)
Do you need a college degree for the 75th and Delta? Do most soldiers have

Автор saultube44 ( назад)
Full version link of this documentary please?

Автор Henry Rosenberg ( назад)
Hi, I'm a 12 year old MW2 warrior. I'm tenth prestige and I've killed
almost 30,000 Taliban. I've made try outs for only the most elite special
forces units such as FaZe and OpTic. Chris Kyle said in an interview he
studied my quick scope technique, but he still can't figure out how I am so
good. Although I have never fired any sort of weapon other than my favorite
nerf gun, I was wondering if Delta Force would be good enough for me or
should I go to an even more elite unit such as Seal Team Six?

P.S. When I am 13 my mom said she might let me get my first air soft gun!

Автор smayundav09 ( назад)
Delte Force is a terrorist organization.

Автор Zakashi ( назад)
Did you know that when the British SAS and the American Delta Force collide
the world implodes?

Автор Oprahs FatAss ( назад)
I've killed a shitload of people in video games

Автор Jarco Amézcua ( назад)
Yes Sir, Sir!

Автор Douglas Poulin ( назад)
My neighbor and I applied for "The Unit". He was selected, I wasn't.
Cookies crumble, and nothing can be done about it. These people are indeed
the baddest of the bad. Rangers, Special Forces and then further training.
You have no idea what entails reaching the goal of passing the course. I
was a "Leg" for 10 years. My respect and admiration for what these folks
do and are capable of doing, is only surpassed by my desire to have been
able to be a member. God speed my brothers, may your name never show up on
a casing. Duty, Honor, Country.

Автор DockingBlade ( назад)
Question: Who makes it in more sf or rangers? (I have no interest to join
the military I am just curious)

Автор zach ( назад)
You kids want some Delta Facts. Look up the kill to death ratio for the
Somalia Action's. 

Автор Strider J ( назад)

enough said :)

Автор Roger Ramjet ( назад)
Only kids argue about who's dad is tougher,,,,,, and its my dad.

Автор nghmat com ( назад)
Egyptian 777 forces can defeat them in minutes

Автор camas77721 ( назад)
Need Advice if anyone is willing to give some. I'm about to graduate from
college and plan on enlisting afterward. Ive wanted to enlist for several
years but decided to make good on my promise to my parents that if I were
to enlist, I would finish college first. It has nothing to do with wanting
to become an officer. I don't mean any disrespect by that or that I would
not want to be an officer I was just simply stating that it wasn't the
reason why I am waiting to finish school. Ive wanted to be a United States
Marine for as long as I can remember family and good friends served in the
branch, and I admire them greatly for many reasons however, I have the same
relationship with the US ARMY and would be honored to sign 18x and try out
to be a ranger and hopefully someday part of CAG. I am a warrior at heart
that loves to fight, especially when it comes to protecting someone that
cannot defend themselves. I fear no man and generally have the attitude:
I'm either going to accomplish my goal or die trying. I love hard work and
the pain and sweat that comes with it. I train by myself quite a bit. I
swim, I ruck with 60-90 lbs. I run, I swim, I camp, I hunt, I fish, I jump
rope, I do circuit training, lots of push ups, sit ups, scissor and flutter
kicks, sit ups and pull ups, I shoot with my Colt M4 Civilian version,
making sure to put lots of physical stress on myself before and during the
drills, varying distance, which hand i shoot with and positions, I practice
martial arts and boxing as well and lots of other things. Seven days a
week. I'm naturally smart and very well educated. I'm disciplined and
extremely respectful and understand and respect the need for a chain of
command as well as individuals that honor it. I would love to learn how to
"snipe" or shoot with precision at long distances, Scout and track and
basically everything taught in SERE, I want to be put in direct action
scenarios that require small arms (rifle, pistol, squad weapons, hand to
hand) combat, I want to be qualified to go and perform any task our country
and government might ever need someone to do, I want to fight. My question
is, what branch/mos/unit do you recommend that I aim for. I have been
pretty dead set on the USMC for a while but am open to hearing anyone
else's opinions. Thank you very much ahead of time.

Автор ronkerjake1 ( назад)
None of this footage is actual delta training... it's all ranger school and
some wannabe gi joe tacticool shooting range fuckbois

Автор David Boson ( назад)
it is a secret - except on Youtube

Автор Rob McKay ( назад)
Although the training is classified, from what they're saying, it seems so
much like SAS training that I'd be surprised if it wasn't exactly the same.

Автор D Piddy ( назад)
their average age is mid 30s? Is that true?

Автор dekippiesip ( назад)
Is the SAS comparable to delta force, or are they in the league of the
SEALS? I thought seals and delta force where on the same level and had some
operational differences, but it seems delta force are the special forces of
the special forces so to speak.

Автор JohnMark Reandilar ( назад)
Brits be bitching about american special forces .. Did you guys forget that
americans saved you from NAZI's ? so stop with the BS ..

Автор Syed Gilani (1158 лет назад)
I am not British nor American. But I do have to say that the SAS are better
then the greens and ranger. That includes British SAS, Australian SAS and
New Zealand SAS. I can't say if the SAS are better then delta force. I
would think that delta is better. But this videos makes Americans special
forces look stupid and not as well trained as the SAS. 

Автор Victor Aguilar ( назад)
puro cuento....invaden con numero ilimitado de tropas y armamento de
ultimageneracion,en contra de gente sin zapatos, sin alimentos y por armas
un revolver o vieja escopeta

Автор kartune gang ( назад)
Delta force is part of the army and MARSOC is part of the marines spec ops 

Автор Klasa C ( назад)
Don't make me laugh. I haven't seen a man coming first into the building
with long rifle yet xD

Автор Karl Pilkinton ( назад)
The Unit.....Boys. cheers

Автор Robert Peters ( назад)
Go Army beat navy. We are there for each other. We are Americans first
Michael Murphy a nave seal is a Legend a role model. When I was at Fort
Bragg there was no delta. I could never make it as a member of delta. Stick
together no matter what. It is about the team not yourself Airborne all the
way and then some Murph on

Автор DuckiMucky ( назад)
what is the background music

Автор Paul Hetherington ( назад)
You need a healthy PT " Don't quit - enjoy it attitude."

Автор Bucephalus 1 ( назад)
"They go by many names, all of them unofficial". I'm not an expert in
American Special Operation Units at all. But I always thought 1st SFOD-D
(1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta ) was pretty official?

Автор Harry Palmer ( назад)
These are nothing more than trained psychotic assassins. An expendable
gladiator working on behalf of corporations like Halliburton. It has
nothing to do about fighting for so-called freedom.

Автор sf ferari ( назад)
Brits have an avarage of 100% of war winning while america has like about
75% a lil more so with that statement i rest my case.

Автор Israeli patriot- Israeli SF videos ( назад)
"Its not the best guy, its the right guy".
Love that sentence.

Автор Sandro Bindelli ( назад)
This selection course, Module A82, is the same for all NATO Tier1 special
force's candidates jerks.
NATO SF are all classified as Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 and within the same
class level the selection and training is 95% identical, the 5% that
differs is mostly about tactics and use of some weapon SOPMODs that are
specific for each country.
Grow up.

Автор callofduty gym ( назад)
i scroll down and see a bunch of keyboard warriors

Автор Robert Byng ( назад)
I robert william byng was assined to delta force cia nsa in samoilia call
sign hammer.

Автор Daniel “Big Human” Jones ( назад)
Just a heads up, the people coming on here arguing which SOF is better.
Probably is a little kid, or a grown man who could not make it through
basic training. When "Charlie" Beckwith made The Unit, he made it because
he worked with Britain and saw they had a Premier SOF unit (British Special
Air Service), which inspired him to make 1st SOFD-D. Stop saying allies are
better than allies unless you have served in one of these units (Which im
sure 99.9% of people on here have not including me), and people who are
saying The Unit is public, that is a false statement. They have not
jeopardized anything talking about how hard their process is. ~Jones

Автор dotppa ( назад)
Always some stupid asses making comments that doesn't have a single clue on
what a real school of "hard knocks" is all about. Put these mouthpieces in
the danger zone first and and up front and all the internet typing schit
they talk winds up in there pants and wind up a fricken casualty.
Internet-civilian asses are for sure to flame every post about "hardcore
military" being as they couldn't get off the couch except to get a free
check we all risked our lives for. Lazy ass dirtbag wanna be's.
To the topic flamers, Kilo-Mike-Foxtrot-Alpha!

Автор Mami Burger ( назад)
Everyone knows LAPD SWAT is the best elite force in the world. SAS,
Spetznaz, IDF, FSK, DElta, Seals,GSGN, GSG9, etc. are all trash. If SWAT
was sent into war, war would be over in 1 week, but government want's war
to last longer so they don't send them in.

Автор Dog ( назад)
You Deltas are bunch of undisciplined cowboys...

Автор Nibbly Nobbler ( назад)
To anyone trying to say your "thing" was harder: How angry your instructors
were, or how many pushups they made you do doesn't make you better.
Intelligence and will power are what make up the best of the best of any
operators in any branch.

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