Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1

The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор boxer wayne (1 месяц)
Where did the Delta get the idea of selection from? and qualification
training? Oh i'll tell you where from the SAS. They are the first ones to
do selection in the 1940's and the first ones to do cycle of training which
is the qualification training. 1NZSAS selection process goes for 9 days the
Australian SAS goes for three weeks and the 22SAS 1 week. 1NZSAS cycle of
training goes for 11 months same as the Australian and the
Brits 6-9months. Delta Copycats at its best!

Автор Barret-tM98Bravo338Lapua (19 дней)
I was talking to a guy a my work. Is it true Delta had Bin Laden in their
sites? If so who didn't let Bush make the call to pull the trigger? Sorry
I'm sixteen, and I didn't quite fully understand the story...

Автор ArnoTrek (1 месяц)
Its not always the best guy that makes it, its the guy with the thickest
neck...thats the key

Автор Michael Ehline (2 месяца)
*Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1*

Автор Spartan536 (3 месяца)
The only reason why the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines take jabs at
each other is because there is no other force in the world that can take us
on, so we need to find someone worthy of a fight. Trust me when the shit
hits the fan if you have 2 or more SF teams in the area THEY WILL dominate
that space and will do so as 1 team, GET SOME! Hooah!

Автор HardcoreAmericanUSA (4 месяца)
CAG is awesome, DevGru is awesome, Army SF are awesome, MARSOC is awesome,
SEALs are awesome, AirForce SOWT are awesome, Force Recon is awesome,
Rangers are awesome, Sappers are awesome, Navy EOD is awesome, SAS is cool,
FSK is cool(i only say cool because im American and will always root for my
countries units more but still, MAJOR Respect), PJs are awesome, CIA SAD is
along, I mean we're all Infedel Strong, point that hatred towards the
Muslim Extremists, Communists etc.

P.S. Basic Army, Marines, Navy, AirForce and every other friendly Branch
are awesome

P.S.S. CAG/DELTA/ACE/THE UNIT/SFOD-D are my favorite. 

Автор kenny orozco (4 месяца)
What can I do to get selected for delta try outs. 

Автор Jack Colby (1 месяц)
Not that I know anyone in delta force put has anyone ever heard of guy
being only in 82nd and being recruited for delta?

Автор Method775 (2 месяца)
im reading Eric l haney's book right now ( inside delta force)
and he explains that the highest % of graduates ever was slightly above 8%.
and t

Автор USF DEVGRU (1 месяц)
Ok...Why is everybody fighting for who's better. "Delta Force is better!"
"DEVGRU is better!" No just STOP & STFU! SFOD-D & DEVGRU are both Tier 1,
both part of JSOC, both highly classified, etc. The difference is that
DEVGRU is part of the U.S. Navy & SFOD-D is part the U.S. Army. Others say
DEVGRU aren't 'highly classified' just because they killed UBL & that the
mission started spread throughout the media. Well of course it would spread
because Obama said he was dead & Many people wanted to know who killed UBL.
Just because SFOD-D is deployed more than DEVGRU doesn't mean Delta is
better & just because DEVGRU killed the most Wanted Man in the World
doesn't mean DEVGRU is better. In fact, there actually both similar in a
way. No matter what I respect both DEVGRU & SFOD-D. They served for our
country & that's all that matters. 

Автор ghostrider007ist (2 месяца)
forget this media hype , special forces are TEACHERS they must speak two
languages , they teach foreign armies ... Seals /Rangers/Marine Recon= they
just kick the door in and kill everyone ... Seals from the sky or sea ,
Rangers from the sky or land , Marines from where ever they are told
...Delta is made up from all the branches ...

Автор Mr Fantastic (1 месяц)
Everyone in the comments seems to be in the special forces, cool, didn't
know the internet was this badass.

Автор FreedomFighter2112 (4 месяца)
To put it into perspective how tough it is to get into Delta Force, out of
1300 regular Infantry Soldiers only around 40 will get selected to go to
Ranger School. Those are the elite Soldiers of their individual units. Out
of those 40 elite Soldiers, only about 10 will graduate from Ranger School.
Now, out of those 10 super elite Soldiers, only 1 will become a Delta
Forces operator. That's only 1 out of 1300 regular Infantry Soldiers. I've
served 21 years in the Infantry and have only come across 1 individual from
all the Infantry units that I've been in that went on to become a Delta
Force operator....that's how elite that Unit is.

Автор Adam Rosseau (3 месяца)
How is it possible to qualify to the standards if you don't even know what
they want?

Автор Max Bauer (5 месяцев)
If Delta is pulling guys in their mid 30's what is the age cap? I'm sure
they're not gonna be selecting 45 year old studs with a few years left in
the tank.

Автор danielmottweiler (2 дня)
These guys kick ass big time

Автор jon jonsson (2 дня)
pretty sure the requirements for delta are that you have to be a jedi
master of sorts lol

Автор Nick Magee - Brown (5 месяцев)
+Tacticalincentive The SAS are a bunch of fags with a fuckin stupid name.
DELTA Force and SEALS are the original and best. Why da fuck are you saying
they're based on a bunch of british fags. We americans Lead and the world
follows us. We're the Pitbull. Those brits are fuckin Poodles. USA!

Автор Mike Rob (4 дня)
looks like too much work, I'll stick to my POG life and get out in 2017 lol

Автор Andrew Fury (5 дней)
No matter what month, or what day you check these comments... Its full of
scheisse, shit, bollocks or wanna be comments.

Автор Big D Firearms (8 дней)

Автор Chaos_Hobgoblin (9 дней)
Oh hey, Jack Murphy at 0:44. He writes some great articles on SOFREP.

Автор david holleran (13 дней)
Its really funny because the way he held that gun with his lead hand on the
barrel at the 0:22 mark is exactly the way that Miculek.com- The Leaders in
Gun Control! teaches to hold it, and he was a pro gun competitor world
champion who has shoot a balloon from 1000 yards out with a handgun on
video, he even goes into detail as to why he holds it that way. Him and the
delta force in this video are the only two I have seen hold their rifle
this way.

Автор EEN9B (16 дней)
Quite a few Green Berets must wash out on this selection course then!

Автор Ryan Molina (4 месяца)
I'm trying out for delta.

Автор Mehmet arslanoğlu (22 дня)

Автор 1Bryce1 (27 дней)
That actually looks like fun.

Автор Austin Freund (5 месяцев)
Delta doesn't even exhist.

Автор Randy Mortel (2 месяца)
Everybody is saying that here in America, we have the best military. Mad
much as it is true that our military kicks ass, it can also be said that
Britain's SAS and Russia's Spetsnaz have strong capabilities as well.

Автор Eric Joseph (1 месяц)
where is the rest 

Автор Isukaman (2 месяца)
I have to admit: I would have never made it. But I still have the right to

Автор MacPcPro (5 месяцев)
You guys are a bunch of dumb fucks if you are comparing which branch is
better. If one is better then the other then no one would try out for the
other now would they?

Автор Running Goat (2 месяца)
Wow, never knew this "Unit" existed. ....................Pfffffft

Автор Marine Raiders MILSIM (1 месяц)
Theres an awful lot of footage of Marines in here for it to be about the
Army, like that footage of 3/6 in Fallujah Iraq.

Автор ninman58 (5 месяцев)
Just for fun I'd like to see 10 ex-Delta guys try SAS selection and
vice-versa. Just to see what they each think of each other's selection
courses, and also to see how many pass on each side. Not for bragging
rights, just for a bit of fun.

Автор Gürkan erer (3 месяца)
tell me, hands that can withstand a temperature of 90 minutes you have a
protecting equipment

Автор jbravo70 (5 месяцев)
I know I could never ever make delta but I think seals are tougher. Who

Автор Gary Schneider (5 месяцев)
You don't try out for Delta, you are selected. You can throw your name in
the hat but in the end it's a selection process.

Автор soaringthunderbird (5 месяцев)
Can anyone inform me what television program this short video is this from?

Автор Harry Nelson (1 месяц)
My dream job

Автор Obese Kermit (1 месяц)
i can do this, here someone hold my beer.

Автор David Owens (4 месяца)
When you parachute. Does it automatically open when you jump like in WW2 or
do you manually pull it open. 

Автор Ara Mina (2 месяца)

Автор Uberoott (2 месяца)
¿Dónde está el Capitán Price?

Автор The Deadman Airsoft (5 месяцев)
Wait, so after being a ranger, I can TRY to join delta?

Автор jamiva errday (2 месяца)

Автор ss hog (2 месяца)
everybody is highs speed and badass till they make history by fucking
up...thats when you are judged by others...

Автор Jamal Sheik (2 месяца)

Автор Andy Moon (2 месяца)
Even DELTA fears Chuck Norris...

Автор David Gullick (6 месяцев)

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