Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1

The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор Albert Head ( назад)
The "washouts" tend to do so for psyche reasons. they have to be a good

Автор Diego Rosales ( назад)
Anyone know what kind of rifle that is at 0:22?

Автор sancho7863 ( назад)
Yea! Go redskins! Even though they suck.

Автор Vüqar Orucov ( назад)

Автор Alpha or Elite ( назад)
Isis is tough untill these guy knock on there door.

Автор wolf king014 ( назад)
how was the force gonna go

Автор tyrantlord ( назад)
my parents always told me to dream big. I don't think this is what they had
in mind...

Автор Herb Rice ( назад)
Vickers Tactical! Hell yeah!

Автор specopsbrat ( назад)
My father was one. Dr. Michael Earl Swindle 5th Special Forces Green Beret.
4 tours in Nam and a member of MACVSOG and Delta.The toughest SOB that ever
walked the face of this earth.

Автор Operator Bunz ( назад)
The best of the fucking best.

Автор Ric Sagun ( назад)
10% of them who complete the selection,But 50% of them still wash out in
the course.Seriously?So that means 3-4 or neither no one even pass the
course.And there trainess are from the sf and rangers!!!.Wow.

Автор Ric Sagun ( назад)
10% of them who complete the selection,But 50% of them still wash out in
the course.Seriously?So that means 3-4 or neither no one even pass the
course.And there trainess are from the sf and rangers!!!.Wow.

Автор Romeo Rodriguez ( назад)
These guys sound scary as fuck.

Автор Thomas Patrick Parker ( назад)
There's Vickers Tactical! His youtube channel is great, would recommend to
anyone interested in military stuff.

Автор teebeeman ( назад)
This is why gender equality has no fucking place in the military.

Автор Sam Lewis ( назад)
y'know how you can tell these guys are American? 1:22 no burst discipline
just solve the issue with rounds down range

Автор Bj2K21 _ ( назад)
What age do you have to be to join the army

Автор Trakyalı ( назад)

Автор John Osborn ( назад)
A and B squadron aren't worth a fuck, tell them John Osborn (OTC-18/C SQDN)
said so.

Автор OBCaleb ( назад)
For those who think DEVGRU only recruits SEALs are a bunch of jerks, DEVGRU
formerly known as "SEAL Team 6" also recruits from SWCCs and Navy EOD,
comparing Delta with DEVGRU, Delta has more experience with clandestine
operations and CT operations, also Delta don't recruits from other branches
you need be in the Army no care if you come from regular units or special
operations units from USASOC.

Автор Mark' Anthony Par-Wise ( назад)
I didn't know they pick from the 82nd Airborne

Автор Bathory Tombstone ( назад)
At 0:22, that rifle is the AAC MPW for those who are wondering.

Автор John Michael Kane ( назад)
is there an equivalent of delta/seals in the marines?

Автор Blake Bezuidenhout ( назад)
I like the video I love the uniform and guns

Автор creepdad ( назад)
Do Navy SEALS and Delta force work together at all??

Автор TheRealJD TheRealJD ( назад)
Okay does people saying seals and marines are better than delta not know
that delta selects from them also and not all of them make the cut. It's
not just 75th rangers and Army SF.

Автор Andreas Vida ( назад)
An elite tool is still a tool. Hero number X. The hero whose name nobody
will ever know. Because nobody cares. a.k.a. slave.

Автор apo 49 ( назад)

Автор GerOffYeWeeBastard ( назад)
I'm an operator in one of the lesser known naval special forces units...the

Автор Melih Kızılbay ( назад)

Автор Melih Kızılbay ( назад)

Автор VWRabbit2008 ( назад)
4 out of 5 were linebackers

Автор Jakub F ( назад)
NKWD in 30's had also dedicated liquidation
teams - like CAG nowdays

Автор OutHereGettinIt ( назад)
If the average age is mid thirties then put them against an elite group of
mid twenties and see who wins....

Автор Skodz Gaming (Gaming Quebec) ( назад)
wow impressive, seems like the delta force is the real elite special force
of the US, navy seals are amateur compared to Delta, I mean seriously, navy
seals recruits from civilians...

Автор Gab Palmones ( назад)
Why does the US have so many tier one groups? like Navy Seals, Delta Force,
Green Berets, I don't know which is better or even tier one from the three
lol so many

bunch a fucking war criminals

Автор Night Stalker935 ( назад)
I'm writing a military thriller novel in which the main protagonist is a
Delta operator. Is there any specific place an operator would report to if
he was given command of a new team? Also, does it matter if I place his
private residence in Alexandria, VA? Thanks.

Автор nuck figgers (shitposting faggot) ( назад)
at 2:31 why the hell is that guy lifting 2 m16s? those things arent that

Автор Youtube Trend ( назад)
Bordo Bereli Vs Delta Force ?

Автор Alvin V ( назад)
I would bet there is a U.S. unit above Delta that the public doesn't even
know about at all because it is so, SO, Top Secret.

Автор aspiring Green Berets & Army Rangers ( назад)
only 2 ways to identify Special Operators in public, If they have pixelated
or blacked out faces.

Автор Jussi West ( назад)
Lots of talk who's the best ect. I wonder how much difference there really
is with any special forces. I believe experience brings confidence. If not
taking to consideration the modern tactics and weapons I'd say the toughest
soldiers were the different guys from many countries during ww2, spending
years in constant fighting and actually living a good life after that. But
modern tier 1 special forces guys probably don't differ much. Logic would
dictate you choose your operators or soldiers for what any mission needs.
And that's how it probably is. Maybe then having a very diverse special
forces where to pick and choose is the best way to go. That's why US must
have the best right? Wouldn't these be the same guys who get picked to
SAD/SAG? Oh well, interesting in anycase.

Автор Scar X ( назад)
So 90% of the Probationary soldiers we're kicked out?
Damn, only 10% made it, must be like 150 - 300 people passed the training.

Автор Foxtrot November ( назад)
What is the weight of the bag that each of the individuals carrying and
what's inside of it?

Автор Minivo ( назад)
6000th like yay and can you join if you are an officer

Автор Irontale ( назад)
the guy at 01:04 was a marine and the guys in 01:06 were marines to they
were not soldiers they are devil dogs come on AHC :P but you know what they
say "sometimes the best soldier for the job is a marine" idk why you would
go army reserves though if you want to be a marine :P

Автор Fesno ( назад)
eh SEALS are only better cause they swim. Both kickass tho.

Автор American Patriot ( назад)
Outstanding video

Автор Ken McNulty ( назад)
Guys, really?

Автор Storm Trooper ( назад)
Only requirement: operator beard. They select the best of the best beards
in the country. Only .26% of all beards are delta approved operator beards.

Автор mattyboy ahoy ( назад)

Автор cryora ( назад)
These ex Delta guys look really eccentric. They remind me of civilian
contractors, bouncers, mongol horse archers, and dwarven warriors.

Автор julio carrillo ( назад)
I thought Delta didn't have tryouts.

Автор Ali Cylol ( назад)
The best Maroon Berest ;)

Автор Jack Westmoreland ( назад)
"It's not always the best guy that makes it. It's the right guy." I found
that interesting. What does that mean exactly; not the best but the "right

Автор Pat McCrotch ( назад)
so many experienced SAS commandos in here lecturing us on who is the best

Автор hakan sırakaya ( назад)
turkısh bordo bereliler.......

Автор rohli estrada ( назад)
SEAL or Delta Force?

Автор rohli estrada ( назад)

Автор Mexican Spec Ops ( назад)
delta force vs devgru ??

Автор Mobil Fps ( назад)
5 delta force = 1 BORDO BERELİ

Автор JOHNNYGOX ( назад)
Only training of spetznaz is real hard,this is for laughing. All you
americans are for commercials and not for true missions. You lost all wars
you committed except the fake Iraq war. Pussies. RUSSIA

Автор Kaan Kahraman Suci ( назад)
bordo bereliler dalta forceye tecavuz eder

Автор Matty mo ( назад)
Where's the rest?

Автор Ralph Vermolen ( назад)
Why are U.S. Special Forces allowed to show their faces?

Автор D5quared91 ( назад)

Автор Super Cam ( назад)
For everyone saying this will be me 1 day stick a tick tack up your nipple

Автор atakan biçer ( назад)
Arkadaşlar Bordo Berelileri Görmedi galiba

Автор Jean-Paul Nederland ( назад)
they working out on apc, doing workoutS with m16

Автор Bathory Tombstone ( назад)
I wonder how a marine would do on Delta.

Автор HomleandSecurity ( назад)
And Ayatollah Obama has no respect for are troops!

Автор Mert Özgür ( назад)

Автор İsrafil Soyman ( назад)
Best Special Force team Maroon Berets..

Автор R ( назад)
Hey its larry

Автор Dustin Barlow ( назад)
Yea I was in Iraq in 2003, and I remember delta (didn't say they were but
you could tell), coming out of the desert in the middle of the night,
dressed in blue jeans, t-shirts, grizzly adams beards, long scraggly hair
and custom built HK416's. They re-supplied, grabbed chow and were gone in
under 30 minutes. Kind of eerie... lol

Автор SayNoTo Libtards ( назад)
If your watching this instead of training... You will NEVER be delta force

Автор Jeffrey Burton ( назад)
he thought it better to have writers focused on vigilantes of us all rather
than heroes we like. bride of texas.

Автор body lee ( назад)
bordo bereli siker

Автор Theo Davis ( назад)
I thought delta was not just army but navy and stuff too.

Автор hurleyinnh ( назад)
I was approached while in Germany in the 80's and I'm really nothing
special, but had really high test scores, not a big guy but in great shape
and am very good with a wide variety of weapons systems. But had not been
in home in over 2 years and would have to reup for 6 years so passed.

Автор ZEXATT ( назад)
0:53 background song ???

Автор GamerDares Wins ( назад)
Delta... based on the SAS by Beckwith after spending time working with the

Автор Eray ADIGÜZEL ( назад)

Автор IS0T0P3_90 ( назад)
Shit pay chance of dying everyday only idiots join the military

Автор Steven Mangram ( назад)
I met some delta guys that were doing TDY there. these were very cool
(always armed) but cool. They were training on th Abrams M1 and I assume
the bradly too. I asked one of the how to make Delta, and he simply said
that I didn't have enough on my uniform to even think about it. p.s. those
guys don't wear rank.

Автор Ragz24 ( назад)
I lost my friend in battle he got shot strait through the head he died for
our country for the team death match then My mom told me to clean my room

Автор PutinPissedOnMe ( назад)
Sorry guys but the Navy Seals buds tranning looks at more scarey than

Автор Corenne Taveren (Stormborn) ( назад)
Only 5%? They most be outstanding soldiers! God bless all the man and women
who fight for the rights and freedoms of Americans. Without them, we
wouldn't be able to live as freely as we do.

Автор Twest91x ( назад)
If only I could get into this...Would be my dream job.

Автор Preston Smith ( назад)
those guys are real rambos

Автор jrvbamafan1 ( назад)
I could do this....here somebody hold my beer....

Автор Laurentius Ivan ( назад)
That last guy look like the real life Matt Greaver from Sicario.

Автор Carl Saberhagen ( назад)
I shouldn't be saying this, but I was Delta Force. Sadly, though, my mom
made me turn off my Xbox so I'm not anymore.

Автор john doe ( назад)
Chuck Norris brought me here

Автор Youcef Mahdadi ( назад)
specialy trained dogs

Автор Steve Jump ( назад)

Автор captanka ciyalka xafada ( назад)
remember Blackhawk down

Автор 12345balla12345 ( назад)
I'm a delta Seal Sas grom green beret pararescue and operator....
Who wants my autograph?

Автор CumInYourCereal ( назад)
So like, what.. Are these Guys Global Elite or something?

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