Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1

The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор Eric Johnson (3 месяца)
Dear Brits
Please stop coming to vids about elite American military units to say your
guys are better.
We are your friends and allies, and we are not in a competition with you.
Please stop doing this as it is silly and immature.
Love Eric

Автор onlylikenerd (3 месяца)
This is airsoft right?

Автор mooshy94 (2 месяца)
0:22 that grip doe..

Автор boxer wayne (7 месяцев)
Where did the Delta get the idea of selection from? and qualification
training? Oh i'll tell you where from the SAS. They are the first ones to
do selection in the 1940's and the first ones to do cycle of training which
is the qualification training. 1NZSAS selection process goes for 9 days the
Australian SAS goes for three weeks and the 22SAS 1 week. 1NZSAS cycle of
training goes for 11 months same as the Australian and the
Brits 6-9months. Delta Copycats at its best!

Автор MattSynyster (3 месяца)
These guys are the definition of Badass,

Автор BrainDrilled (1 месяц)
Shut, the fuck, up. We DO NOT care about the SAS, if we did, we would all
be on a video which is about the SAS. This is not that video. I don't care
if you're some dipshit Brit trying to make his dick look big. Oh and we do
not give two shits about how Britain has been at war for thousands of
years, who the hell cares, because we kicked your ass twice in the 1700's
and the 1800's, there's a little history for you. In all honesty, you're
only making both Americans & Brits look bad. If you came here looking to
troll, good for you. Are you proud of yourself? Yeah? Good. Nice target by
the way, us beer drinking, gun shooting redneck Muricans will always bite
back. No go back to drinking tea and eating crumpets. Try not to get your
panties in a bunch "mates".

Автор yuKeepFcknWitMEEEE (2 месяца)
You don't have to be Special Forces or Rangers to join Delta. I served with
two people that were asked to try out while in the Mechanized Infantry.
They never returned, so either they failed and were shipped to a new duty
station or they made it. Now how they search you out? Shit knows.

Автор shallowcoder1 (4 месяца)
You guys are arguing over units that you probably won't even get a shot at?

Автор HardcoreAmericanUSA (10 месяцев)
CAG is awesome, DevGru is awesome, Army SF are awesome, MARSOC is awesome,
SEALs are awesome, AirForce SOWT are awesome, Force Recon is awesome,
Rangers are awesome, Sappers are awesome, Navy EOD is awesome, SAS is cool,
FSK is cool(i only say cool because im American and will always root for my
countries units more but still, MAJOR Respect), PJs are awesome, CIA SAD is
along, I mean we're all Infedel Strong, point that hatred towards the
Muslim Extremists, Communists etc.

P.S. Basic Army, Marines, Navy, AirForce and every other friendly Branch
are awesome

P.S.S. CAG/DELTA/ACE/THE UNIT/SFOD-D are my favorite. 

Автор FreedomFighter2112 (10 месяцев)
To put it into perspective how tough it is to get into Delta Force, out of
1300 regular Infantry Soldiers only around 40 will get selected to go to
Ranger School. Those are the elite Soldiers of their individual units. Out
of those 40 elite Soldiers, only about 10 will graduate from Ranger School.
Now, out of those 10 super elite Soldiers, only 1 will become a Delta
Forces operator. That's only 1 out of 1300 regular Infantry Soldiers. I've
served 21 years in the Infantry and have only come across 1 individual from
all the Infantry units that I've been in that went on to become a Delta
Force operator....that's how elite that Unit is.

Автор Bubba O (1 день)
I heard of a POG soldier who was invited to try out for selection with
Delta. He wasn't in the 82nd, 75th or SF.

Автор rougecards (2 дня)
It literally pisses me off so much to see these keyboard soldiers arguing
over which country "is the best" and who has the most "elite" soldiers.
From someone who has served overseas with both Americans and British
soldiers (yes, I am Canadian), I can tell you that this kind of mentality
simply does not exist over there. We are all there to do a job, and to come
home safe at the end of the day. Yes, friendly competition exists, but you
will never see a true soldier look at another soldier and say that he is
better, or more capable. Until you losers sitting behind your computers all
day actually enlist, go through bmq and deploy, your words mean nothing.

Автор John Hicks (10 дней)
To be loyal of your own outfit and country is exactly what is expected of a
bunch of competitive, fit young men whatever unit they're in. I'm former
British Airborne, and naturally that's where my loyalties lay; but I've
worked with Marines and special forces from BOTH our countries, and it is
quite clear that NOBODY has a monopoly on professionalism or toughness. And
with regards to the Revolutionary war, you must have learned that us Brits
quickly lost momentum and the taste for a fight for the very rights we had
had a civil war over a century before. Hence why we chopped the kings head
off. We are allies, though albeit tiny in comparison to the might of the US
military, we should continue to learn from and train with each other as
there is a common enemy.

Автор Spartan536 (9 месяцев)
The only reason why the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines take jabs at
each other is because there is no other force in the world that can take us
on, so we need to find someone worthy of a fight. Trust me when the shit
hits the fan if you have 2 or more SF teams in the area THEY WILL dominate
that space and will do so as 1 team, GET SOME! Hooah!

Автор b'saidane abdou (1 месяц)
great army yeah ,
but i'm a navy and i think russian and algerian special forces is better

Автор Paul Hetherington (2 дня)
Tagging my email - as FCC Net Neutrality. Obama + IRS. The psychology isn't
by - universal science knowledge whatsoever. No proxy too hack. The Light.

Автор Guillermo Campos (2 месяца)
At the end of the day wen their out their in the field coming from any
branch, it really don't mater what they are! Being a delta or seal won't
save you're ass from any type of middle of from some assehe who plans
you're dead really well! It's all the same crap you guys! What's so unique
is that they have the balls to be out their getting killed 

Автор alex frost (2 месяца)
Go look 1rpima

Автор 991Weeman (8 дней)
Umm why are all the top comments whining about British people bashing
Americans? Fuck man it happens all the time on both sides. Go on SAS vids
and it's all "Delta is better" blah blah blah. Just ignore the comments,

Автор IhateEuroTrash (1 месяц)
Brits and the rest of the EU punks are so insecure and brainwashed with
stupidity. Pretty much goes for Canadians, too. That's why they come to
elite U.S. military videos and spout their nonsense. And they call
Americans arrogant? Jeesh! 

Автор Jared Castaneda (1 месяц)
Not the best but the right. That's a life quote to follow.

Автор ArnoTrek (7 месяцев)
Its not always the best guy that makes it, its the guy with the thickest
neck...thats the key

Автор Keith Knoesel (1 месяц)
Marines have no special operators because marines are sent to die not to be
smart. Marines average 39 on the ASVAB. That is an average of STUPID. Die
for your county because you're an idiot.

Автор Alfred Jodl (4 месяца)
@ boxer wayne

Saying that 22 are more competent than Delta due to the fact that the later
modelled it's strategic formation and counter terrorist abilities on the
former is as ridiculous as suggesting that Gordon Ramsey's father is a
superior cook to Gordon Ramsey because he started chopping carrots before
Gordon Ramsey was conceived.
I would imagine JSOC have well surpassed the capabilities of UKSF what with
all the financial cuts on HM Armed Forces and the US military enjoying a
ten to one advantage in the selection pool for their tier 1 elements.

Автор Matthew Smith (1 месяц)
these guys are what isis nightmares are made of. USA ALL THE WAY

Автор hey12358y (1 месяц)
Wanna talk elite, that last dude's hair. High-speed, low-drag mane there.

Автор Corey Fraser (2 месяца)
My dad knows a guy named Jason Falla who was I think Aussie SASR (don't
quote me, I don't know a lot about Australia's military)

Автор glock2506 (5 месяцев)
Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1: http://youtu.be/59fL6ej_B-I

Автор plane47pl2 (1 месяц)
I know Delta Force and DEVGRU conduct missions together at times, but do
they also train in the same base ever or just meet up for the mission

Автор buggatti300 (14 дней)
that at&t commercial girl is so damn hot

Автор Andrew Garcia (3 месяца)
The most hardcore military units are the ones that no one hears about...

Автор Beau Truex (2 месяца)
These wanker ass Brits couldn't have made basic little own SOC

Автор Wild_Gaming (7 дней)
I'd rather be with Canada

Автор TheGoldFlash V1 (3 месяца)
This will forever be a dream of mine. One step at a time

Автор Michael Luna (1 месяц)
Hands down, the best of the best are; Special Activities Division. SAD
recruits all special forces from around the world. They use them and create
them for political purposes. 

Автор Dontre Blanco (4 месяца)
I really wonder who's better Seal Team 6 or Delta Force.... well I guess
ill find out for myself pretty soon.

Автор Hans Zimmerman (2 месяца)
SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force are equal, they are spec ops. They are just in
different branches SEALs are Navy and Deltas are Army

Автор MARKSMAN108 (29 дней)
this video is all false. I mean come on everyone knows that delta doesn't

Автор SinbliminalSinSation (1 месяц)
worked with these guys in afgany land, awesome groups of guys. There seems
to be no Criteria for selections, seems they build unique teams of guys
that specialize in different things. at least from personal view.

Автор Роман Смаилов (1 месяц)
Russian Spetsnaz GRU the best

Автор OregonGreen (1 месяц)
I could beat them all up

Автор Marine Raiders MILSIM (7 месяцев)
Theres an awful lot of footage of Marines in here for it to be about the
Army, like that footage of 3/6 in Fallujah Iraq.

Автор raymond swan (2 месяца)
Delta Force

Like the SAS but shitter.

Автор Sam O (1 месяц)
Thank you to America's silent warriors.

Автор Utsusemi (1 месяц)
if you're talking about whos better and what not, you already dont have a
fit mind for special forces in general

Автор Keith Knoesel (1 месяц)
If you're for racial equality you will tell barrack Hussein Obama to go to
hell. If you believe in racial superiority You better pray that the
Halfling doesn't choose you.

Автор 1988scottcarey (2 месяца)
The Canadian special forces are the only ones in the world who affiliate
with American Tier One special forces credited by the US Federal
Government.. nobody else..

Plus we both had the Devil Brigade in ww2, some 2000 Canadians and
American's killed 10,000 Nazi's

Автор Rob Lou (5 месяцев)
Boxer Wayne, yet another Internet professor who has no idea what the f#ck
he's talking about. 

Автор James Edward (2 месяца)
Anyone on here who is comparing one unit to another is definitely not in
special ops because you would know every special operations unit is better
at different things or specialize in one category more and you can't
compare the two

Автор NoOneImportant556 (3 месяца)
I love how they make Rangers, and green beret units look like top of the
top, tier 1 guys. I run into so many Rangers/paratroopers and berets on
base and they are regular joes. Never met a delta tho. But I'm sure its
close to the same thing. I've seen a few seals. They are athletic but don't
look like you would think, like the Hollywood actors who are 6'4" line

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