Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1

The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор Super Cam ( назад)
For everyone saying this will be me 1 day stick a tick tack up your nipple

Автор atakan biçer ( назад)
Arkadaşlar Bordo Berelileri Görmedi galiba

Автор Jean-Paul Nederland ( назад)
they working out on apc, doing workoutS with m16

Автор Bathory Tombstone ( назад)
I wonder how a marine would do on Delta.

Автор Settlement Defense Front ( назад)
This Is What The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_Base Aliens Capped In
New Mexico I Want To Meet Those Aliens firefights between aliens and the
Delta Force place the Dulce legend "well outside even the most far-fetched
reports of secret underground bases but is this legend inspires courage in
all serenians that these tier 1 morlocks are mortal and do die

Автор HomleandSecurity ( назад)
And Ayatollah Obama has no respect for are troops!

Автор MERTR ( назад)

Автор yusuf burak ( назад)
Best Special Force team Maroon Berets..

Автор Incest “Dicknugget” Wincest ( назад)
Hey its larry

Автор Dustin Barlow ( назад)
Yea I was in Iraq in 2003, and I remember delta (didn't say they were but
you could tell), coming out of the desert in the middle of the night,
dressed in blue jeans, t-shirts, grizzly adams beards, long scraggly hair
and custom built HK416's. They re-supplied, grabbed chow and were gone in
under 30 minutes. Kind of eerie... lol

Автор ‫هاشم ألماسي‬‎ ( назад)
Is it the best in USA ?

Автор SayNoTo Libtards ( назад)
If your watching this instead of training... You will NEVER be delta force

Автор Jeffrey Burton ( назад)
he thought it better to have writers focused on vigilantes of us all rather
than heroes we like. bride of texas.

Автор Türk Hacker ( назад)
bordo bereli siker

Автор Theo Davis ( назад)
I thought delta was not just army but navy and stuff too.

Автор hurleyinnh ( назад)
I was approached while in Germany in the 80's and I'm really nothing
special, but had really high test scores, not a big guy but in great shape
and am very good with a wide variety of weapons systems. But had not been
in home in over 2 years and would have to reup for 6 years so passed.

Автор ZEXATT ( назад)
0:53 background song ???

Автор GamerDares Wins ( назад)
Delta... based on the SAS by Beckwith after spending time working with the

Автор Eray ADIGÜZEL ( назад)

Автор IS0T0P3_90 ( назад)
Shit pay chance of dying everyday only idiots join the military

Автор Steven Mangram ( назад)
I met some delta guys that were doing TDY there. these were very cool
(always armed) but cool. They were training on th Abrams M1 and I assume
the bradly too. I asked one of the how to make Delta, and he simply said
that I didn't have enough on my uniform to even think about it. p.s. those
guys don't wear rank.

Автор Ragz24 ( назад)
I lost my friend in battle he got shot strait through the head he died for
our country for the team death match then My mom told me to clean my room

Автор SouthernStyleGamer ( назад)
Sorry guys but the Navy Seals buds tranning looks at more scarey than

Автор Corenne Taveren (Stormborn) ( назад)
Only 5%? They most be outstanding soldiers! God bless all the man and women
who fight for the rights and freedoms of Americans. Without them, we
wouldn't be able to live as freely as we do.

Автор Twest91x ( назад)
If only I could get into this...Would be my dream job.

Автор Preston Smith ( назад)
those guys are real rambos

Автор jrvbamafan1 ( назад)
I could do this....here somebody hold my beer....

Автор Laurentius Ivan ( назад)
That last guy look like the real life Matt Greaver from Sicario.

Автор Carl Saberhagen ( назад)
I shouldn't be saying this, but I was Delta Force. Sadly, though, my mom
made me turn off my Xbox so I'm not anymore.

Автор john doe ( назад)
Chuck Norris brought me here

Автор Youcef Mahdadi ( назад)
specialy trained dogs

Автор Steve Jump ( назад)

Автор captanka ciyalka xafada ( назад)
remember Blackhawk down

Автор 12345balla12345 ( назад)
I'm a delta Seal Sas grom green beret pararescue and operator....
Who wants my autograph?

Автор CumInYourCereal ( назад)
So like, what.. Are these Guys Global Elite or something?

Автор Joey Haggerty ( назад)
I got here from call of duty

Автор Casen Connell ( назад)
quick question for anyone that knows. is this a course to physically break
you, or is that not really part of it since to be in you have to already be
in the 75th/82nd/etc.

Автор sunger bob ( назад)
who owns the state, owns theese trained dogs..

Автор James Franco ( назад)
Cool I have a Vicker's LAV Glock 19 from Larry Vickers and a Viking Tactics
m&p9 from Kyle Lamb

Автор İsmail Ertuğrul ( назад)
Delta force is very talanted but maroon berets number 1

Автор Will Maa ( назад)

Автор Leighton J ( назад)
The guys you least expect are the real badasses lol

Автор falloutrangerlol ( назад)
You need to be able to walk ridiculously long distances with heavy backpack
on your back.

Автор jon willard ( назад)
God makes Delta Operators. The army just has to find the training staff who
can train them along with deriving the right training. The army also has to
weedout the guys who THINK they are Delta Operators.

Автор Spviet ( назад)
Anyone know where I can find the full video of this

Автор Michael Dove ( назад)

Автор irshc C. ( назад)
"I pity the fool!"

Автор king troll not happy ( назад)
if i train like rich potato can i make it whatever it takes

Автор Arguminium Marcelius ( назад)
Awesome. America innovates everywhere.
China? Copies, at best.
Russia? Flushes itself down the toilet.

Автор mahamad Nxnfhc ( назад)

Автор Bill Hughes ( назад)
i mean they are the cream of the crop of the cream of the cop. There is
also Delta operators then there are active NAVY SEALs but the SEALs will
say the team 2, 6 higher then Delta Force. Army special force take from
Rangers and Airborne. Although correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Автор Dan Fink ( назад)
Why give away your secrets

Автор CMARCELLO ( назад)
my sister's husband is a Green Beret and tried out for delta, made it to
the 2nd part but not any further. Those guys go through some shit. Aint no

Автор Arda PvP League Of Legends ( назад)
Bordeaux Berets Performing the Turkish power you still looking American
Delta Force a What pleased me the Die Abilene

Автор Christopher Joseph ( назад)
Yeah yeah I do the same training and I'm a supply Sgt.

Автор slingshotmcoy ( назад)
Delta force. Taking men who are already best of the best, then removing the
ceiling above them.

Автор David Galloway ( назад)

Автор pooplop ( назад)
All based off of the blue prints of the SAS.

Автор Adam Mertens ( назад)
Ops. I said the word "what" twice in my last comment so now the seal
fanboys are going to use that against me as to why I'm not right about this

Автор Adam Mertens ( назад)
"Selection is a month long course designed for the best combat hardened
soldiers in the U.S. Military." That's what what is says in the video so
leave me alone seal fanboys.😀

Автор Adam Mertens (219 лет назад)
If the seals are so much more classified then how come I am allowed to know
the training for the seals but not delta force?

Автор CaptainAthiest ( назад)
As a superhero i can testify that they are pretty good pretty realistic.

Автор matt brache ( назад)
Nobody will ever know what these guys do , what they do , keeps us all
safe, huge respect from the uk.

Автор R.C.L ( назад)
CIA S.A.D are the most elite special operations team.

Автор jeff ghant ( назад)
This sounds like a picky ass unit where they just arbitrarily choose
whoever. I'll stick with my seals.

Автор pinkeye00 ( назад)
Or the guy that didn't get his ass handed to him at the bar in Malaysia who
knew kung fu.

Автор Mario Soto ( назад)
here is my experience with Delta.I was an MP in Ft Bragg from '02 to 07,I
was told thru Tac to go and check a road,in end of year of '02,that had a
Road Gate,so I said...Roger,on route.little did I knew them that after
checking this Gate(I will keep the name of road under my bed even until I
die,you can thank me later Delta boys and girls)I saw this Man running,you
know,morning PT,and he looked like The Rock or some crazy
bodybuilder..,after a few minutes I thought...let me turn around because
maybe I am wrong...well...this slab of meat of man was gone...into the gate
of Delta...I know this...Chicken Road maybe?.good luck guys...My respects
to you Delta Force!.

Автор JeFFy GP ( назад)
I bet there is a secret service that we don't know about that kicks the
shit outta everyone.

Автор TheWhiteDeath ( назад)
what a tease!

Автор Mustafa Gökdemir ( назад)

Автор EdD5 ( назад)
So 95% of Rangers and Green Berets don't make it? Goddamn, that 5% are some
hard bastards.

Автор SeanP7195 ( назад)
Met several delta operatives when I was in the infantry. It is clear to me
that it is a completely personality driven entity. They never seemed to
talk down to anyone and were very approachable. Whereas many Seals and
green berets and especially rangers are very brash and overly confident. It
seems they have a disdain for the yahoo type and seek the intellectual
soldier instead. I got the feeling it was men who have probably been good
at any field they chose.

Автор shallowcoder1 ( назад)
U idiots in the comments do know that DEVGRU, DELTA, 24th STS, and SAS all
train together sometimes right?

Автор Poopus Clinch ( назад)
A soldier on the ground is just like a soldier under the ground. Worthless.
Get fuckt, military douche bags.

Автор pdoggy10inch ( назад)
are they blacks in the unit?

Автор Shiroto ( назад)
US Gov be like "Shhh this isn't real"

Автор Saladazz Salad ( назад)

Автор Saladazz Salad ( назад)
I saw some people using a "mutant" assault rifle so if you join delta force
you can use any gun?!?!?! Hell yeah im definitely using an AAC honey badger
and an m1911

Автор steven boyer ( назад)
Do you think i should go through rangers or green berets to get to there?

Автор Eduardo Rivera ( назад)
These guys are featured as part of the US Army in Act of Aggression and
they are awesome :D

Автор Garrett Holliman ( назад)
Actually DEVGRU is but whatever.

Автор Oğuz Gammer ( назад)
Marron Berets is the world's best soldiers

Автор vance carrillo ( назад)
Man! Most guys from cag are bat boys!

Автор vance carrillo ( назад)
Man! Most guys from cag are bat boys!

Автор TheProfessionalFPS ( назад)
It's funny how he says, "Based on what we know". You know the training's
gonna be a bitch if they're even keeping that from you.

Автор fleece johnson ( назад)
Tier 1 delta force

Tier 2 socom MARSOC green berets

Tier 3 seal team 6

Tier 4 grunt military

Автор İbrahim Kaçan ( назад)

Автор Philip Quaglino ( назад)
Mad respect for all special operators, no need for comparing who is better,
at teh end of the day all countries have their "best" and all are sent into
stupid difficult situations and their leaders know they are good enough to
come out on top.

That being said I learned something new, I had no idea Delta only took
seasoned Rangers and Green Berets, then some of those guys do not qualify.
Very similar to SAS when they say because you made it through training, you
may not be the right person and still not get in.

Автор absolutetuber ( назад)
brian williams can tell you all about these guys....he bled with them

**in case your sarcasm meter is broken....that statement was made with
EXTREME amounts of it**

Автор US Army Sniper US Army снайпер ( назад)
LOL, I was reading the comments from the guy Tyrone, and dude is dead on.
SEALs are taken directly from Navy Boot-Camp which is a joke among Marines
and Army like myself. Now on the other side of the coin, DELTA tryouts are
conducted on Army Personnel who have already completed - Army Infantry
Training, Army Airborne, Ranger School, Special Forces Selection and
Assessment, Special Forces Q Course, Halo and Scuba School. The difference
is night and day. I would be like taking kindergartners then putting them
through training that has a 75-80% washout rate. Then taking College
Football Players and putting them through something that has close to a 90%
washout. Like really? Do we even need to think about how much more
difficult it really is in DELTA?

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
**seals** take guy out of basic navy boot camp, then they make it...
woopdie doo.. DELTA takes people who have: Attended Army Infantry Boot Camp
(Harder than Navy Boot Camp), already attended Airborne School, went
through SFAS (this is just SELECTION), then completed the Q Course. Already
completed a Language Course. Attended and completed Air Assault, HALO, and
in many cases SCUBA School. Attended and graduated Ranger School, and in
many cases Sniper School. I think people need to stop jumping on the
douchey seal bandwagon and really look at the training..... Most DELTA are
in their 30's.

Автор OgrsS ( назад)
Bordo Bereli siker atar .

Автор Teebiskit ( назад)
Jack Murphy looks like an IT guy

Автор see202uk ( назад)
Love and respect all the way from Kurdistan to the USA!

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
Okay, so I'm amazed at what this guy said. Ranger School has a 70-80%
washout. SFAS Green Beret Tryout has a 70% washout. The initial phase of
Delta Tryouts has 80% washout, and the second phase has 50% washout. And
who knows about the rest of the tryouts THEY DONT TELL US. Jezzzzzus.....
And I used to be like "derp, the seals have a 60% washout out rate". Fuck,
by the time you've hit DELTA level, the washout rate has essentially
reached nearly 90%+..... HOT DAMN!

Автор Tyrone Biggs ( назад)
**DELTA FORCE** The absolute Pinnacle of Special Operations. The only
Special Operations Group in Direct Communications with the Chief of Staff
and the President himself. Before you can even be considered (as in given a
fighting chance) you must already be (Halo, Airborne, Air Assault, Scuba
Qualified). Most guys who try, not only have ALL that, but also wear a
coveted Green Beret, which in and of itself is a feat. DELTA = #1 -- P.S.,
and this is only what they show you. I hear its months and months long

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
Ultimately, the evidence that September 11th was an al-Qaeda operation
rests entirely on the confessions of one man, Khalid Sheik Mohammad. We now
know that KSM, as he’s been dubbed in various reports, learned the hard way
to remember his role in 911. Naked and with his feet bound to a wooden
board, KSM’s lower half was elevated and buckets of water were slowly
poured into his nasal passages. Unable to breathe, with water entering his
lungs, he would have been sure that he was drowning. The natural human
reaction is to survive and the only way to survive is to tell the aggressor
whatever he wants to hear. It’s that simple. The main reason we don’t use
waterboarding here in America is that it simply doesn’t provide truth, only
words to stave off imminent death. After two years of this treatment and a
year of sleep deprivation, snarling dogs and humiliation, KSM also
“confessed” to every evil act under the sun over the past 15 years — to
planning 31 other attacks around the world.

We later learned that his interrogation was videotaped, but the tapes
mysteriously vanished. The 911 Commission, taking its cue from the Bush
administration, referred to the deranged KSM as a “super terrorist” or
“terrorist entrepreneur.” In June 2008, KSM appeared in a military court at
Guantanamo. Shackled and rambling incoherently, his initial complaint was
that the court-appointed artist had botched his profile, specifically that
his nose was drawn much too large. After the vanity issue, his next
complaint was another ramble about having been tortured for the previous
five years.

The President himself informed the nation in a September 2006 speech about
the success of the waterboard. Referring to another detainee, Abu Zubaydah,
al-Qaeda’s so-called planning chief, Mr. Bush said, “We knew that Zubaydah
had more information that could save innocent lives, but he stopped
talking. As his questioning proceeded, it became clear that he had received
training on how to resist interrogation. And so the CIA used an alternative
set of procedures. I cannot describe the specific methods used — I think
you understand why” — with a pause — “but I can say the procedures were
tough. After he recovered, Zubaydah was defiant and evasive. He declared
his hatred of America. During questioning, he at first disclosed what he
thought was nominal information — and then stopped all cooperation. Well,
in fact, the ‘nominal’ information he gave us turned out to be quite
important. For example, Zubaydah disclosed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — or KSM
— was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.”

The 911 Commission Report concluded that KSM was the “mastermind” of these
attacks, with financial and logistical support from Osama bin Laden. But
the Commission’s conclusions — or assumptions — are based entirely on
thirdhand testimony. Remarkably, no one from the commission was allowed to
talk with KSM or even with KSM’s interrogators. Americans have been given
proofs that amount to little more than words from men behind the curtain.
After torturing a prisoner, our government releases his “confessions” to
the media with no question as to its authenticity, just as the “confession”
tapes of Osama bin Laden give us another unverified source of
disinformation. When we consider that only one in seven Americans can find
Iraq on a map, the deception is like taking candy from a baby.

Автор Roger Clemons ( назад)
Two Delta Operators are on a bridge taking a leak. One says , Man that
water is cold ". The other says " yep , and it's deep ".

Автор Dogukan Postoglu ( назад)
Maroon berets are better than delta force .(Turkey)

Автор Joaquin Gerard Duque ( назад)
mr moron your a moron delta is better than sas. sas sucks ok

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