Delta Force Tryouts | Delta Force: Tier 1

The Tier 1 selection process is among the most difficult combat courses in the world. Candidates are already very capable soldiers, but only 5% will pass and become Tier 1 operators. | For more Delta Force: Tier 1, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/delta-force-tier-1/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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Автор FreedomFighter2112 (2 дня)
To put it into perspective how tough it is to get into Delta Force, out of
1300 regular Infantry Soldiers only around 40 will get selected to go to
Ranger School. Those are the elite Soldiers of their individual units. Out
of those 40 elite Soldiers, only about 10 will graduate from Ranger School.
Now, out of those 10 super elite Soldiers, only 1 will become a Delta
Forces operator. That's only 1 out of 1300 regular Infantry Soldiers. I've
served 21 years in the Infantry and have only come across 1 individual from
all the Infantry units that I've been in that went on to become a Delta
Force operator....that's how elite that Unit is.

Автор kenny orozco (6 дней)
What can I do to get selected for delta try outs. 

Автор HardcoreAmericanUSA (6 дней)
CAG is awesome, DevGru is awesome, Army SF are awesome, MARSOC is awesome,
SEALs are awesome, AirForce SOWT are awesome, Force Recon is awesome,
Rangers are awesome, Sappers are awesome, Navy EOD is awesome, SAS is cool,
FSK is cool(i only say cool because im American and will always root for my
countries units more but still, MAJOR Respect), PJs are awesome, CIA SAD is
along, I mean we're all Infedel Strong, point that hatred towards the
Muslim Extremists, Communists etc.

P.S. Basic Army, Marines, Navy, AirForce and every other friendly Branch
are awesome

P.S.S. CAG/DELTA/ACE/THE UNIT/SFOD-D are my favorite. 

Автор Gary Schneider (26 дней)
You don't try out for Delta, you are selected. You can throw your name in
the hat but in the end it's a selection process.

Автор MacPcPro (23 дня)
You guys are a bunch of dumb fucks if you are comparing which branch is
better. If one is better then the other then no one would try out for the
other now would they?

Автор Austin Freund (1 месяц)
Tier 1 units are Tier 1 units, no matter what country their from. All Tier
1 units are highly trained and will bring someone down without breaking a
sweat, the best is the best for a reason.

Автор Mortar Clark (4 месяца)
I have a lot of work to do for Delta Force

Автор Jamie Beckford (2 месяца)
It's all about gravy at the end of the day.

Автор EclipseRanger (2 месяца)
Delta Team you are clear to ingage!

Автор Etienne Lesage (3 месяца)
Canadians recently formed a similar group called Task Force Arrowhead

Автор TNTBlaster (5 месяцев)
Youtube... home of people who argue about spec ops, when non of the people
talking have ever served in any branch of the millitary.. the typical
british person: lerks US millitary videos -- says shit like.. SAS is the
best!!!! the training is way harder !!!" Again, no one gives a fuck. The
typical american living in his mother basement: typically very angry, and
from the mid west; "The rangers rule!!!! all other branches just suck, the
rangers could do everything by themselves!!" Again, shut the fuck up, no
one cares. I wish I could disable comments, and not have to see such

Автор Dennis R (1 день)
Jack Murphy WAS NOT what you think he is....He is a total smoke-blower.
YES, he's assisted in extracts that were in deniable areas in OIF etc, but
don't get too hung up on his words. Being a freakin' ODA (which were the
guys basically waiting for a Tier 1 (and even Tier 2 depending on the OBJ).
You know all you guys wanna tell? (p.s, once he saw I as seeing
irregularities in his behavior (telling my family that I could die etc etc).
I thought that man was a brother in Army AND even the specialized guys
arent who you think the are. I respect Golemeski, I also respect many
others I won't list here...but you want facts? SEND ME A MSG, but as long
as anyone (whistling, terror stalking, and then what? We need to have a
group of the other JSOC groups. They said even a posslbe the "no! they are
just NOT power".
I spoke with treats (i bought a few for when we get home!!!

Автор Johnnie Walker (9 дней)
Delta Force is the best. No SEAL Team Six is the best. Its called DEVGRU
not SEAL Team Six get it right. No British SAS is the best, every SOF Unit
copied from us. No Australian SASR are the baddest MoFos around. Then a
Marine who just got outta boot camp and SOI comes.....Marines are the best
we are the best fighting force in the world we are the POTUS 911 force. We
are elite, did you hear me? elite damn it!!!

Автор Ryan Molina (7 дней)
I'm trying out for delta.

Автор David Owens (14 дней)
When you parachute. Does it automatically open when you jump like in WW2 or
do you manually pull it open. 

Автор JJ Hooles (16 дней)
I kind of understand where all the shit-talk about civilians comes from,
but honestly everyone was one sometime or other. Also just because someone
hasn't served, it doesn't mean that they are selfish,
willing-to-sacrifice-anything/one-to-save-themselves kind of people. Brave
men and women come from civilians, too. True I have not served, so I may
be lacking a side to this argument, however I wouldn't be so quick just to
throw the rest of the population into a single group. Are there those that
fit the "civie" description? Yes. Do they all? I would certainly hope not.
Anyway just my opinion on the matter.

Автор Max Bauer (23 дня)
If Delta is pulling guys in their mid 30's what is the age cap? I'm sure
they're not gonna be selecting 45 year old studs with a few years left in
the tank.

Автор a ba (1 месяц)
Just got done playing call of duty where do I sign up?

Автор ninman58 (29 дней)
Just for fun I'd like to see 10 ex-Delta guys try SAS selection and
vice-versa. Just to see what they each think of each other's selection
courses, and also to see how many pass on each side. Not for bragging
rights, just for a bit of fun.

Автор Tangent (24 дня)
Are the 90% of potentials who don't make it into Delta able to be selected
again for tryouts? Or do they draw from a completely new list?

Автор Deano (2 месяца)
anyone know where you can watch this in Europe, mil channel wont let us
watch it over here

Автор Vercingetorix Gaul (1 месяц)
I thought Chuck Norris was the Commander of Delta Force!

Автор jbravo70 (1 месяц)
I know I could never ever make delta but I think seals are tougher. Who

Автор PsychoSeal1 (3 месяца)
SAS selection training does last over a year though...

Автор lokis93651 (1 месяц)
this is best vid about delta force on youtube. short but comprehensive 

Автор Vinny Vidz (17 дней)
My dream that will come true

Автор OMGitsMoose (3 месяца)
The first time I heard the name Delta force, i laughed. You can't expect
your enemies to quiver in fear with that name. But any man who is willing
to die for me earns my respect. :)

Автор Kirill Bayne (3 месяца)
It's weird looking at these guys, they look like any normal guy u would see
at walmart, but could kill you with a bobby pin or some crazy shit.

Автор hazonku (4 месяца)
That feel when I've had to play Army Ranger for OGA groups & just giggle at
you kids & armchair warriors arguing about which Spec Ops unit is better.
You don't even realize do you? We all play on the same team, in the same
game, & even a lot of the same plays together.

Автор DisabledTomCat (3 месяца)
12-14 is too much

Автор john mactavish (20 дней)
"In the end, there’s no real definitive answer to who is tougher between
Navy SEALs and Delta Force — they’re both badasses in my opinion — and if
you favor either one over the other in terms of being tougher, that’s
pretty much like taking sides in an evenly matched Army vs. Navy football
game. Besides, I dare not side with either unit in this comparison of
toughness; I know both have the capacity to find me and take me out"


Автор FlagonFury (4 месяца)
In my experience, the difference between an elite and a common man isn't
natural talent, practice, or even experience. It's how much pain a man can
endure. How much he can sacrifice. How much of his humanity he can give up
for the sake of service. In my day, SEALs were tortured and trained to be
torturers. They were a psychological weapon that instilled fear in the
enemy like a nuclear submarine instills fear in a nation, except the SEALs
struck rather than sitting around in the ocean. The enemy never knew when
SEALs would strike, or if they were already being struck.
The changes in the role of SEALs today make me wonder what's going on with
the rest of the armed forces.

Автор TheTrinidad23 (1 месяц)
Where's the full episodes

Автор TheChiconspiracy (3 месяца)
Thankfully no one who is actually in the group cares what a bunch of
butthurt Marines, Navy Seal wannabes, and Foreign special operations group
cheerleaders have to say on the internet. 

Автор Trevor Hernandez (3 месяца)
I'm just a regular soldier. everyday they instill you to dare to become a
ranger. but i don't know if thats what i want. who knows i might sign up
later. these videos always intrigue me and are like brainwashing me to join

Автор Arthur Ponzarelli (4 месяца)
The Girl Scouts are the toughest!
You think I'm kidding? Try putting on a skirt and selling cookies door to
door in a country full of broke potheads and perverts.
The horror, the horror...

Автор MrAndyQuack (28 дней)
Agreed. Since Delta Force was modeled after SAS

Автор Maxx Payne (3 месяца)
"Delta Force" aka Marine boot camp

Автор Justin Arroyo (3 месяца)
They are more than just soldiers, they are a brother hood in between all of

Автор Nick Magee - Brown (1 месяц)
+Tacticalincentive The SAS are a bunch of fags with a fuckin stupid name.
DELTA Force and SEALS are the original and best. Why da fuck are you saying
they're based on a bunch of british fags. We americans Lead and the world
follows us. We're the Pitbull. Those brits are fuckin Poodles. USA!

Автор James Maddocks (2 месяца)
great video :)

Автор Gavin H (5 месяцев)
@RubyxCubyx you sound pretty knowledgeable. In which war did you serve? 

Автор Trevor Stewart (3 месяца)
Please watch my videos!

the websites; the attack; computer back from the Police; the ufos; and the
Police/Politicians/Lawyers not looking at my evidence...

Автор Jordan Chan (4 месяца)

Автор arminf06 . (4 месяца)
I was a PX ranger back in the day...

Автор Frank Masaniai (3 месяца)
I can do this! 

Автор Starmast3r (5 месяцев)

I've heard that song a million times. I'll never forget that one Gamespot
gameplay demo of "Black" for the PS2. It's probably some work for hire song
that they just threw in this documentary...

Автор unsc595 (5 месяцев)
Let's all remember that every SMU and every special force has their own
job, they don't do the same thing. Therefore no one is better than anyone
else, they all are the best at what they do.

Автор deadman123x (1 месяц)
Wait, so after being a ranger, I can TRY to join delta?

Автор nikonxxx (4 месяца)
It would be dream just to try out!

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