Championship Manager 97/98

Championship Manager 97/98 a.k.a. CM 97/98. Note: patched with v2.93 and played in DosBox Cafe and captured with HyperCam 2.

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Длительность: 3:56
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Автор Paul Coates ( назад)
Anyone have the link for the download?

Автор Tim Hook ( назад)

Автор reylocyelsew ( назад)
Please join us at cm9798.forumotions.in

Автор weetabixharry ( назад)
Where did you find the v2.93 patch? Everywhere I look the links are dead...

Автор edsloan ( назад)
google "dosbox for mac". erik nevland ftw!

Автор Robert Radwan ( назад)
Really? Could you tell me how? Or at least point me in the right direction?

Автор Michael Collins ( назад)
hi mate, you got any idea at all as to how i play cm9798 on a macbook??

Автор Michael Collins ( назад)
any joy with the macbook mate??? i really wanna play an upto date cm9798 on
my mac. how can i do it!?

Автор Nitehawkmk77 ( назад)
Man city at the moment but not having a great season

Автор Nitehawkmk77 ( назад)
thanks for the info, but already worked out :)

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
Only by cheating I can get superb moral

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
You may have to change your graphics adapter in dosbox.conf 

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
If you search Dosbox and MAC OS X in Google, you may find several guides to
get the game working in MAC OS X. 

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
If you use DOSBox, you play CM97/98 without any problems. If you search
cm97/98 dosbox in Google, you can find several guides to get the game

Автор MJPExeter ( назад)
Are there any downloads of this game ready to play on Windows 7???? Really
really want to play this game again

Автор Myopiniononly ( назад)

Автор Myopiniononly ( назад)
Tommy Svibdal Laursen...an absolute genius!

Автор John G ( назад)
anyone know if I can get this badboy to work on a modern macbook? If anyone
does know I'd be greatful if you could dumb down the advice as Im a novice
with gaming programs etc, cheers. 

Автор Nitehawkmk77 ( назад)
I've just found my cm97/98 cd downloaded ampshell and dos but still doe'snt
work any idea why???

Автор Robert Radwan ( назад)
Best footy manager ever. Two things that piss me off: 1) however good my
team plays, their morale is always much lower than in computer controlled
good sides like Man U or Valencia. It depends on the value of "motivating
ability" parameter, but it probably cannot be changed for the user, or can
it?? 2) many players just refuse to negotiate a contract with me but are
happy to talk to any other clubs that approach them Has anyone managed to
have most players morale at 'superb' level? How?

Автор Romamb ( назад)
@KingPadboy hey, regarding cm97/98 on windows 7.. is it an easy thing to
achieve, as i'd love to play this on a modern pc and enjoy this classic
again.. any tips or info you could offer would make me a very happy lad

Автор reylocyelsew ( назад)
I'm still in love with this game as anyone else who ever played it is too.
I've setup a forum at cm9798.forumotion.info please join it's still work in
progress but I'm on to it.

Автор zyzzyzus ( назад)
One of the first players I always signed was Ibrahima Bakayoko, he was so
good in CM.

Автор Wits' End ( назад)
I used to love this game so much

Автор Ian Astley ( назад)
@KingPadboy What is Ampshell? I got it working through DosBox but it runs
stupidly slow. How is yours for speed? 

Автор Romamb ( назад)
@KingPadboy hi, my old PC died so cant play this anymore bout would love
to(nostalgic) can u possibly get in touch regarding instructions on how to
do this? simple old game but what a great bit of fun. if you leave a
message i can give u my email address--thanks :) 

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
@Laoch111 Unfortunely not. Some editions of CM2 had sounds during a match.

Автор gavrfc09 ( назад)
i hate cheaters

Автор Andyc18 ( назад)
This was the first champ man I ever played. I was 9 years old and I played
it with my Uncle on his PC. I couldn't believe how good the game was, the
only management game i'd played before this was Premier Manager on the Mega
Drive. That was good but this was incredible, the level of detail was
astonishing for the mid 90's.

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
@KingPadboy ALT+ENTER = Full Screen

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
@KingPadboy Use DosBOX to emulate MS-DOS. If you go to the bottom of
Wikipedias page for CM 97/98, you may find a link to a website, which
contain database updates.

Автор The Brother ( назад)
@MrShaymanV cm4 was good and so was cm01/02. the ones after that are too

Автор Cristo Katsikas ( назад)
best football management sim ever, the new ones are too cluttered and
they're just not fun

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
@GalacticCantona7 I had use a Save Game Editor :)

Автор GalacticCantona7 ( назад)
Brilliant game was the 1st PC game I had. Great job with Kidderminister,
notice you had £950m budget for players in the player search screen 1:12

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
@fixidris DOSBox is avab. for MAC. DOSBox is a MS-DOS emulator.

Автор vannskranke ( назад)
HELP! I just downloaded cm 97/98 off the internet, and everything works
except this: when I start the game again after playing my saved game file
is gone. I had no problems with saving during play, but when I quit the
game it seems to delete itself, cause it`s not there the next time I play.
Help please anyone?

Автор RectifieD ( назад)
Update: I downloaded AmpShell for DOSBox and its worked! Thank You for
pointing me in the right direction :D Now, lets take a trip down memory
lane... SO Not going to sleep tonight lol

Автор RectifieD ( назад)
Sorry, I have the emulator/Virtual PC and in XP Mode, thats when the error
message occurs - It simply wont load in 7 I'll Download DosBOX, is it just
like a Dos Prompt?

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
Your error is due to lack of native support for fullscreen DOS-programs in
W7 You may try: - DosBOX (DOS emulator, freeware :) ) OR - You can download
a XP emulator for Windows 7 on Microsofts homepage.

Автор RectifieD ( назад)
what Operating System u running that on? Tried running that in XP Mode on
Windows 7 and it errors saying it cannot load "full screen"

Автор airlegend82 ( назад)
alfonso was the boy

Автор stuart Corner ( назад)
does any know a basic way to instail this on a windows xp computer?

Автор bluetonic78 ( назад)
Still play this with 09/10 data. If anyone is after the db1 files gimme a
shout and i'll be more than happy to send them. Will also do a video review

Автор robbieirish ( назад)
I respect that, but you should try the new one 2010. Have you actually
tried the new games yet? Cm 3 and 4 were great in its time, but the series
has advanced incredibly since then in terms of details, tactics, press and

Автор emree imeri ( назад)
dude fm 2009 and 3d i dont eve n want to see cuz it sucks, i still play cm
3 and 4

Автор grimm4 ( назад)
i still play this one, best version IMO. the newer football management
games are overbloated and overcomplicated.

Автор CrazyEyesKillah ( назад)
Yes he means Brazilian buck toothed Ronaldo, my fav Ronaldo!

Автор Regor Ttenneb ( назад)
I only had an Amiga when i was younger and I always remember standing in
Dixons looking at the back of the box of the PC game for minutes on end.
Always asking the staff 'when is it out for the Amigaaa!?'. Then I went
round to my mates house and saw it in all its glory on his dads PC. I
couldnt believe my eyes! I was used to the Amiga graphics but one look at
this and a few months later I had my first PC! Happy days.

Автор robbieirish ( назад)
god move on people! i met a guy out in korea and he didnt even know that
football manager 2009 was out! he had been playing championship manager 2
the whole time!

Автор xananadu ( назад)
i have championship manager 96/97. How can i get it to run on windows vista
ultimate 64-bit? any help i dunno how to get it to work with dosbox.

Автор kennardjon ( назад)
lol crystal palace are top of the prem

Автор boaby22 ( назад)
It was an epic game

Автор agrippa marcus ( назад)
This is still the only reason why i keep my 12 year old pc, just to play
this game. Its really awesome. So simple so much fun

Автор steeliejnr ( назад)
Just started playing it again! Still the best management game ever

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
I had to play CM 97/98 in DosBox, because CM 97/98 and lots of other DOS
games failed in Windows XP. Recently I changed my Geforce 7300 GT to a ATI
Radeon 3870 HD, and now I can play CM 97/98 without DosBox and with the
speed of my SATA-II drive :-)

Автор Matt M ( назад)
man i love this game and i still play it 2day and bt5w sheff united ar
bottom.. gettin lol

Автор arnold08 ( назад)
ahhh good times, good times. i started with 95/96 and then the 96/97
italian league. i wonder if someone has screenshots from those two. i
remember running to my pc as soon as i get home just to play this :)

Автор Tris Euro ( назад)
this was the best game ever,

Автор iggyfishtank ( назад)
you can play it on xp. you may need to fiddle around or use dos box but i
play it.

Автор Thomas Schjøtler Nielsen ( назад)
Im not sure, if CM 97/98 is released as Freeware/abandonware. I havent seen
it on any abandongames websites

Автор AdmiraI HaIsey ( назад)
Where can i download this from?

Автор BigChris1998 ( назад)
Boy do I miss this game. Spent more time than is considered healthy playing
this. Thank god you can't play it on XP. Thanks for posting.

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