The AMAZING rsps, Kilop-Scape (WEBCLIENT!)

http://www.kilop-scape.org - JOIN!
The BEST rsps out! We have a webclient! We are 24/7, 317, no lags, BEST OUT! RAPIDLY and I mean RAPIDLY growing community, we get 50+ new people every day!! This is truly the best server out! Join today!!!

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Добавлено: 736 лет
Длительность: 6:6
Комментарии: 54

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Автор 1click2fam3 ( назад)

Автор KnowYourEnemys ( назад)
artrune i want staff!

Автор Arturo Aguilar ( назад)
if anyone wanna be staff in my 508 pm admin positions still open

Автор Mark Lai ( назад)
@kilopism can i have free dclaws if i join coz iv played alot of servers
and got dclaws but the i either get jailed or banned for runshing and if u
give me dclaws i swear i wont rush

Автор Mark Lai ( назад)
@kilopism can i have free dclaws if i join coz iv played alot of servers
and got dclaws but the i either get jailed or banned for runshing

Автор ilonewolf3 ( назад)
hey this was made on my b,day nov 6th :D

Автор ilonewolf3 ( назад)
hey this was made onmy b,day nov 6th :D

Автор RobloxXD ( назад)
wait is it down?

Автор RobloxXD ( назад)
awesome fucking server!

Автор KnowYourEnemys ( назад)
u get on now by clicking the picture below the word "affiliate" then on top
left hit "play now" and it takes u to web client

Автор KnowYourEnemys ( назад)
i love this server!!!!!!! well.. 1 prob is its like hard to make money lol
but other than that its great!!!!!!!

Автор BerzekerGod ( назад)
Remember me? I Was An Admin On It! No Offence but after a few weeks it gets
sooo boring! i quit im not sure if my acc is still an admin im still on
rarly but add BerzekerGod

Автор Michael G ( назад)
omfg runescape and arcanists are so much better than fucking fag webclients

Автор GIANTISAK ( назад)
pm me if u change back to yanille

Автор TheNightridr ( назад)
is there still pking client?

Автор Benzo Stevens ( назад)
to play click the "web" button it just short for webclient...

Автор HackscapeDays ( назад)
@pk3pker you obv an idoit, even runescape lags.. There is no 100% Lag free
server in the world.. So go fuck yourself?

Автор HackscapeDays ( назад)
Its good, could use a bigger community, say are you on runelocus? That
would get you some newbies into your server. Good, but im looking for a
good pickup server, reply if you no a half decent ::pickup server, or a
server with easy-to-get vesta's. 8/10 for the video. 7/10 for the server.

Автор flameon7777 ( назад)
so much for webclient....

Автор kilopism ( назад)
@hornedreaper11 The glowing words that say "Kilop-Scape Pk Client" or
"Kilop-Scape Skilling Client"

Автор 6pack911 ( назад)
webclient gone?

Автор flingwind ( назад)
hai kilop this is tenac420 im going to try to do my best to donate so i
dont get kicked off while enjoying this pro game, ttyl

Автор Ik Ben ( назад)
haha failed server first u say lagg than minute later you said no lagg
failed server.

Автор watisnietingebruik ( назад)
kilop scape the best!!!!! greetz Davy,,Join kilop.. Speel kilop scape nu
echt heel vet spel!! groetjes Davy. account naam is Davytjeeh

Автор Skillingwork ( назад)
theres no webclient..

Автор TheDoggydoodee ( назад)
wow u look so hot!

Автор kilopism ( назад)
You fail! :D most people like it :)

Автор TheRshelp2009 ( назад)
this fails

Автор kilopism ( назад)
Not anymore, not until I can fix it

Автор gwordin ( назад)
Its not a webclient

Автор gwordin ( назад)
Not web client

Автор niravpatel02 ( назад)
it really changed xD

Автор UnderstandFree MusicBetter ( назад)

Автор Slorm5 ( назад)
kilopscape is retarded. when i was making a character, he was bending over
like he was trying to suck his own balls!

Автор kilopism ( назад)
lol every1 else likes it

Автор Slorm5 ( назад)
kilop scape is just a rip off of runescape, except its a really GAY ripoff
of runescape. kilop scape sucks my fat hairy balls

Автор kilopism ( назад)
If we change the graphics better, then there won't be many players online,
and there will be much lag, so we aren't going to a 508 anytime soon, sorry

Автор samko19966 ( назад)
dude did i need to downlaod something?

Автор koll728 ( назад)
yeah its a fuking good server i play that game every fucking day

Автор kilopism ( назад)
I know, I got rid of the webclient, and the new video is uploaded

Автор BleedPlox ( назад)
@kilopism Der's no webclient anymore

Автор kilopism ( назад)
PLAERS! Kilop-Scape is back up! But it doesn't look like this anymore!! I
will release a new video soon!

Автор junkmandrunk ( назад)
kilop add me stomper305 im in your server now please make me a mod i will
make a video about your server and tell them to join please make me a mod
im begging you!!!

Автор wrriorisdabomb ( назад)
kilop!!!!!! i miss youu!!!!!!!! :'(

Автор jkicool ( назад)
kilop i miss when we used to play rsps =(

Автор grand prophet. ( назад)
everytime i try to play its down wtf is up with that. u say it 24/7, i say
its 0/0

Автор bakuganboy1k ( назад)
is dat webclient cause im joinin rite now 6:00 im havin problems gettin on
webclient plz help

Автор kilopism ( назад)
will do

Автор kilopism ( назад)
No I am serious, we did. It was like 2AM so nobody was on. But, we shut

Автор jkicool ( назад)
get camista recorder

Автор Tim Young ( назад)
could i be mod please if i advertise?

Автор Bass Uleh ( назад)
bs u get 50 new players every day this is shit lol 5 ppl there and u say
now there is alot of people lol u fail

Автор kilopism ( назад)

Автор kilopism ( назад)
amazing is wat i say

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