Most People Will Hate This Look. Just Sayin.

If you want to see more videos like this then please 👍

As the title suggests...it's not a look that everyone will like or understand. Especially as the trend for very immaculate makeup is still at it's peak.
I love expressing my personality through the makeup I wear, lots of my inspirations have done that throughout history and I find it fascinating to watch the transformations and different aspects of a persons character that playing with makeup can highlight.
Some days I want to look pretty and some days I just don't care. Today, I don't care. x


Here is a closer look at this collection http://www.pixiwoo.com/2017/01/mac-make-up-art-cosmetics.html

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Автор AnticsintheForbiddenZone ( назад)
I love this look, I love these kinds of messy and disheveled make up looks,
they're my favourite thing to wear. Love your creations, Sam, they're
exactly what I want! Something fun, messy and unconventional with a
striking beauty to them. Stunning! xx

Автор lianabeth ( назад)
these are always my favourite looks to watch and also wear. one of the many
reasons i so look forward to when you film this kind of stuff! beautiful

Автор Samantha Kwait ( назад)
IF anyone liked this look, consider checking out Linda Halberg as well. She
does great editorial type makeup

Автор Maud Hendrickx ( назад)
Great look!!!

Автор ADPhotos ( назад)
these are some of my absolutely favorite looks that you do, where you just
sit down without a plan and play with the look as you go! release the

Автор Ashley Burnell ( назад)
i LIVE for messy glossy eye looks. if you wanted to do an "in depth" or
"affordable" glossy eye look i would love it and appreciate it. i've
experimented with paw paw ointment before but i think i hold back a little,
because it makes me nervous. i just need a tiny push of encouragement or
direction and i'd be all over it!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Cutie Bunny ( назад)
This looks like makeup the morning after going out to a nightclub, all slid
off the face and greasy and messed up

Автор Karen Hayward ( назад)

Автор TheLunedi1 ( назад)
Totally totally amazing!!! LUV that ❤️💋 I don´t know have you done any
totally "cruelty-free" not tested on animals make-up? It would my great if
you would. Thank you so much 👏🏽

Автор Emmeline Pankhurst ( назад)
Love this look, love this video. Brilliant.

Автор Amanda Nordman ( назад)
kick ass

Автор Annacent ( назад)
this looks like something a model will wear in an advertisement!

Автор Laura V ( назад)
I like watching videos like this, personally! There's so much creativity
and talent, and that's what makes it so great to watch, regardless of
whether a viewer will re-create it or not :)

Автор Nika Mikano ( назад)
Love the intro! I'm a teacher! LOL

Автор Nika Mikano ( назад)
Love the intro! I'm a teacher! LOL

Автор Ximena Martinez Palafox ( назад)
So chic...

Автор Sophie Elliott ( назад)
Loved everything you said in this video! You look so beautiful on your
Insta lately - saying that, do agree with you. I think way more about what
people will think about a photo before I post it than if I like it! x

Автор Hana 4care ( назад)
👌👌👌 amazing 😍😍😍

Автор kittenkisses ( назад)
Hahaha. love the title. I wish I could wear a look like this and not look
like a clown like you can 😍

Автор Lauren hill ( назад)
Woah she's really bad at eyeshadow

Автор applegreenviolet ( назад)
Uhmmm... I love this look

Автор Emily Atkinson ( назад)
I actually really enjoy your process and watching you play with makeup! I
find joy in seeing other peoples passion and it's like watching a music
concert, or an artist labouring over a canvas, or even a child
fingerpainting :) <3

Автор Lauren Pritchard ( назад)
Sam, this look is incredible! I love that you don't care about neatness and
rock these insanely grungey looks because these are 100% my style!

Автор Dineyram Artist ( назад)
I love messy smoky eyelooks!!!💙💙

Автор Melissa Veloso ( назад)
i honestly love this look, it gives off a more artsy and effortless vibe!

Автор Emmer Schmidt ( назад)
I think she looks good. When you're wearing a crazy look you also need to
have the confidence which she does.

Автор Del Hawk ( назад)
AHHHH I miss playing with make up !!! >,<

Автор Sour Muffin ( назад)
Insanely gorgeous.

Автор Jamila Ross ( назад)
Agree that social media makes you boring. You hit the nail on the head when
you said you'll want to say something but will completely change it
worrying about others. I totally neglect the real me there. PS I love you.
you're such a fox!!

Автор jessayca ( назад)
Click bait title guys 😞

Автор Amanda Parra ( назад)
This makeup is what I live to see.. love it!

Автор Brutality171 ( назад)
I love this look, i love you videos. It's real art and not mainstream
instagram liner and overdrawn eyebrows garbage... no hate tho

Автор TheRussianSasha ( назад)
Your eyelashes, are they real??? Crazy beautiful! And you have that "stage"
type of face, so this makeup fits you so well, no matter if you have
glitter in the crease or not lol I liked it, for aa party it is really
nice, plus it won't look much different when the party ends and you gotta
go home lol

Автор Kayla Danielle ( назад)
so sad how you have to explain yourself just for doing makeup you feel like
doing!! i for one looooove this look and just looks like these in general
where it's smudgy and undone pls do videos like these more often!!!

Автор Liz Corbs ( назад)
but...but...why?! so beautiful 😍

Автор unknowndeoxys00 ( назад)
For me I'd like the shininess down by a half-level, but otherwise it's not
a look to hate. :3 Couldn't wear it myself lmao, I already feel layered
when I wear even "clean" makeup for a day. This would still be fun to play
with though. xD

Автор Demet Demi ( назад)
it looks like halloween make up

Автор crazypickel ( назад)
I think that what a lot of people forget is that make up is not (only)
something to do just to look good/better, it is mostly an Art and body
paint (all in all). I really enjoyed the artistry in this and it is really
inspirational ! Keep those comin' !!

Автор Tami Dalton ( назад)
I actually loved the look. And I'm old enough to be your mum. I tried to
replicate the look minus the glossy, cause I don't have anything like it.
All the tips you showed, such as tight line and smudge through the lashes
and setting with same color shadow, were fabulous. I impressed myself!
(that hardly ever happens!)

Автор Spiritual State ( назад)
i rather watch this than the typical instagram overdone look

Автор Issy Housley ( назад)
I love this look so much, I've just came from the a Michelle Visage
tutorial and this reminded me of a more subtle Adore Delano type look,

Автор L RX ( назад)
I think the eyes are heavy, in the sense of, the layers should feel
uncomfortable. but the aesthetic I'm totally into. it's pretty much how I
do my makeup. not because of anything, but because it's fun as hell and
looks trashy, but in a good sense. in a punk sense.

Автор Julia Heidemann ( назад)
It looks gross and greasy. Just messy and not in a good way. It just looks
like you took all your eyeshadows and lipsticks and smudged them
everywhere. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

Автор Kati Grace ( назад)
I actually liked the eye look. I liked it better before you put the gloss
on though. All the different colors (that I probably would never think to
put together) and I was very interested in the process to get there. :) I
Like your personality also..will probably subscribe just to see
more...maybe :) lol

Автор Classique ( назад)
You have such beautiful eyes! Love this look, never seen anything like this
before tbh, wouldn't wear it myself but it looks so artistry!

Автор M.G Ellsman ( назад)
Sam, would you mind to create another look like this? I think the idea
about complementary or triadic colors will be fun. :)

Автор That one Girl Yonkers ( назад)
You're so cute lol Let's be BFFs

Автор Angelica LaBrake ( назад)
I love this look!

Автор End my life ( назад)
Why is this shit in my recommended?

Автор Linda Abrahams ( назад)
AGREED! PERFECT.............................YUCK! AGING!! OLD! NOT GOOD!
AND PERFECT BROWS...............OH NO!

Автор Tanja Pieksma ( назад)

Автор Taylor Kessel ( назад)
You should try the Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Cream. As someone who
loves MAC face and body, you will absolutely love it! Xx

Автор Olivia Ranger ( назад)
I LOVE IT. yes to a more natural brow and an even bigger yes to actual

Автор Deanna D ( назад)
what a mess! love it!

Автор Sian .Taylor ( назад)
Wow so much hate... I personally think this look its amazing!

Автор Alice Balloon ( назад)
I LOVE this look <3 This is exactly the kind of makeup I wanna do/see ! So
glad you did this tutorial and keep them coming !

Автор Lindsey S. ( назад)
Gosh I really like it! You're implanting ideas in my head

Автор Claire Valentine ( назад)
This is quite possibly this best eye make up look I have ever seen, ever!
I'm such a fan of the the really wet looking cream shadow and the red eye
gloss just takes it to the next level. Absolutely brilliant! So glad you
posted this !

Автор konni chipchura ( назад)
Love this so much 💗 true artistry at its finest , and you look positively
stunning as always 😊

Автор Jackie Klettke ( назад)
How do you two keep your teeth so white please?

Автор Aya ( назад)
I'm reminded of the 90's when everything had shimmer.

Автор Bianca Petean ( назад)
youtube needs more looks like this! I mean, can you find a gazillion
Instagram inspired looks, with that sharp cut crease, matte lipstick,
winged eyeliner on everything? YES! but can you find some good tutorials on
looks like this? Messy, and imperfect, and kind of like "lived in"? Not so
much.... I am actually really into editorial looks, I think they look
absolutely beautiful, they're creative and artistic, but for some reason
they're not so popular here on youtube...and that's a shame.So yeah,
pleeease do more videos like this one!

Автор Gemma Malone ( назад)
really love the look

Автор Rizzle42092 ( назад)

Автор Serendipity ( назад)
Your eyebrows are phenomenal!!

Автор Taiz Ulloa ( назад)
I LOVED IT ACTUALLY. I would use it without the gloss and maybe the glitter
(but you can rock this look so well!).

Автор fay g ( назад)
I guess a smoky eye is really innovative now? Also I never hear parents
talk about how they'll miss their kids when they go back to school, it's
always about how glad they are they'll be going back because they hate
them. lmao

Автор Elizabeth Daly ( назад)
I'm obsessed with this

Автор Ashlynn Kirkland ( назад)
it looks really muddy, almost greasy

Автор Rhiannon Potter ( назад)
YES!! A TRUE 90's grunge/high fashion/ heroin chic look. At least that's
what I take away from it. Maybe/probably not your intention, but I love it.

Автор Payton Wasemiller ( назад)
I loved this look so much

Автор Barbells and Broccoli ( назад)
I loved how messy this was but I feel like that gray lipstick would've
suited the look very well

Автор It's Jasse_Bruh ( назад)
I actually really like this look

Автор The Makeup Doctor ( назад)
I agree totally with the social media talk. I feel like I can't be
completely goofy or hyper like I normally am! Let's try to shake that, and
just be ourselves!

Автор Naomi ( назад)
its a look you see models wear in Chanel fashion shows

Автор Tamia Edrington ( назад)
I actually really like this it reminds me of something and I can't quite
put my finger on it. Beautiful look nonetheless very high fashion

Автор Meghan Baxter ( назад)
😩😩😩 this is beautiful and I love it. I love to see real artistry videos
on YouTube in an ocean of regurgitated Instagram looks. I can't wait to
pick up both the eye palettes for my kit 😁

Автор Lau ra ( назад)
i do love messy grungey looking makeup, i like this look a loot (plus your
amazing eye colour makes it x10 prettier)

Автор Diana Louise ( назад)
Love this video!

Автор lyds holland ( назад)
i love this look

Автор Aislinn Gavin ( назад)

Автор Dango Onigiri ( назад)
Not my style but it reminds me of the makeup people do for runaways.

Автор Nicole Chadwick ( назад)
I'm a makeup artist and the eyes were perfectly fine. Just because it
doesn't fit the society's current norm doesn't mean it's awful

Автор Layne Watts ( назад)
You're a badass

Автор Gracie Nicholson ( назад)
This reminded me that makeup has no real rules. I needed that, thank you !

Автор SpaceClown404 ( назад)
I like it

Автор Jo Lowery ( назад)
I absolutely love this look tbh... Make up shouldn't be perfect since
people aren't perfect, I think in a grungy dark photo shoot, this look
would look absolutely amazing, I just wish I could pull it off as well as
you do

Автор Lithunium Snow ( назад)
reminds me more of high fashion runway make-up! not bad!

Автор funkimunki16 ( назад)
I LOVE this look!!

Автор lillian girvin ( назад)
Ugh I think this is super pretty, like super cool makeup you'd see in a
magazine. The aesthetic is one of my favorites. Something I probs wouldn't
wear but that's cause of my oily eyelids and my need for neat makeup. I can
never seem to get the messy but I want it to look like that look.

Автор Captain Ford ( назад)
I LOVE this look. I wish more artist did things outside the box like this.
All their shit is the same. 😒

Автор William Patton ( назад)
fuck your stupid channel

Автор RS Sims ( назад)
I saw the thumbnail and DIED at how gorgeous this is! Then I saw the title
and my first thought was, "why would someone NOT like this look? It's
glossy and sultry and almost wet looking. It's simply gorgeous and makes
her eyes look solo pretty." As an artist who draws woman in complex and
stunning makeup this is soooo inspiring. I don't get why people wouldn't
like this. Maybe because it's messy? But I have OCD and am a perfectionist
and I still understand that sometimes messy makeup is even more raw and
pretty than perfectly blended looks.

Автор Kari “Lady of the Lake” S ( назад)
I've actually been wondering lately if social media has created a kind of
monoculture around makeup and even fashion. Before social media trends I
think there was a lot more diversity. We borrowed from celebrities perhaps,
but overall there was less pressure to do your makeup a certain way.

Автор H LP ( назад)
What's with the clickbaity title?

Автор Fresh_Water ( назад)
The eyeshadow reminds me of a discolored butthole

Автор Hawaii Mami ( назад)
I like this look 😐 what's wrong with it ?? The eyeshadow is bad ass 😎

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