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Автор Jon S (1 год)
They're migrating to the US!

Автор p nut (1 год)
freaks of nature

Автор y2knoproblem (2 года)
Are there any "mixed nuts" in Mindoro?

Автор TheSpritz0 (4 года)
Much prettier than regular girls!!!

Автор Jace Somoso (4 года)
is that really a lady boy at 0:12 ?? if it is shes so pretty! and where is
this club located??

Автор chine62 (1 год)
help a brother, i am presently without work...

Автор James V (4 года)
Gee, I wonder why it's called "Mixed Nuts".... only saw this to prove to my
old lady that lady-boys are from the philipines

Автор jocelyn flores (2 года)
theres have alot of beautiful ladyboys in the philipines not just in

Автор albinofoxyo (3 года)
@chihuahuense1962 this is Skrillex-Disco Rangers

Автор d0n7r33dd15 (2 года)
damn i gotta come down to the philippines one of these days

Автор ladyboyyuki (2 года)
love it

Автор NewChicago (3 года)
@chihuahuense1962 - Sounds like Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE

Автор Sheila Lancaster (3 года)
wow im in love with the girl in blue heshe is hot mmm

Автор Juan Carlos Lopez Natividad (3 года)
can someone tell me the name of the song please I like it very much

Автор Juan Carlos Lopez Natividad (3 года)
someone please tell me the name of the song ok? thanks

Автор Raul Huges (4 года)
very very sexy

Автор jocelyn flores (2 года)
bad romance

Автор BartySlartFast (2 года)
Yep! She`s gorgeous alright! She`s packing! So if ya spent a night with
her, you`d more than like wake up with a sore ass? Haha

Автор AMEN Leby (4 года)
go pinoy trannies !

Автор shanehayes01 (2 года)
I can't wait to head back to Manila this Dec...dayum.lol

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