Filipino ladyboy bar - Mixed Nuts

Filipino ladyboys dancing in Mixed Nuts bar.
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Mixed Nuts bar is located in Burgos street, Makati - Manila, Philippines
It was known as Birdies Cage before

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Автор maccas 55 ( назад)
freaks of nature

Автор Jon S ( назад)
They're migrating to the US!

Автор chine62 ( назад)
help a brother, i am presently without work...

Автор y2knoproblem ( назад)
Are there any "mixed nuts" in Mindoro?

Автор jocelyn flores ( назад)
bad romance

Автор jocelyn flores ( назад)
theres have alot of beautiful ladyboys in the philipines not just in

Автор d0n7r33dd15 ( назад)
damn i gotta come down to the philippines one of these days

Автор ladyboyyuki ( назад)
love it

Автор BartySlartFast ( назад)
Yep! She`s gorgeous alright! She`s packing! So if ya spent a night with
her, you`d more than like wake up with a sore ass? Haha

Автор shanehayes01 ( назад)
I can't wait to head back to Manila this Dec...dayum.lol

Автор albinofoxyo ( назад)
@chihuahuense1962 this is Skrillex-Disco Rangers

Автор NewChicago ( назад)
@chihuahuense1962 - Sounds like Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE

Автор Juan Carlos Lopez Natividad ( назад)
someone please tell me the name of the song ok? thanks

Автор Juan Carlos Lopez Natividad ( назад)
can someone tell me the name of the song please I like it very much

Автор Sheila Lancaster ( назад)
wow im in love with the girl in blue heshe is hot mmm

Автор James V (1232 года назад)
Gee, I wonder why it's called "Mixed Nuts".... only saw this to prove to my
old lady that lady-boys are from the philipines

Автор Jace Somoso ( назад)
is that really a lady boy at 0:12 ?? if it is shes so pretty! and where is
this club located??

Автор AMEN Leby ( назад)
go pinoy trannies !

Автор TheSpritz0 ( назад)
Much prettier than regular girls!!!

Автор Raul Huges ( назад)
very very sexy

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