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Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
I never say where I play because we do have casino execs reading these
pages. But you wil lrecognize me I am sure! Dominator

Автор Bryan Roesner (3 года)
You guys are great. But may I suggest you add Element 9: Tip your dealers
so they don't screw with you continually until you leave. All the tools
I've seen trying this crap are cheap fools.

Автор biggybilly (3 года)
After all that practice, what if you coughed, sneezed or flatulated in
midthrow? Holy Craps!

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@crawdad7 Your best bet is to leave the casino. An argument doesn't solve
anything. You can stop some of this stuff if you follow the 20 commandments
that are in our book. Basically they teach you how to act like a George at
the tables. Dominator

Автор Overlook (4 года)
great video, where is the Dominator positioning the dice before he throws,
is it right under his nose or just where his arm naturally falls to the

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@biggybilly Pretty funny! Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@boredtodelusionFan Actually we have software called Smart Craps that does
this calculation for you. You impute you throws and it will calculate the
edge you have when you are throwing the dice. You don't even need the
software to do the calculations, you could do it manually and see if you
are out side of the norm of a random roller. So it is the MATH people. and
the test is very easy to do your self! Dominator

Автор Nudgii (3 года)
Holy Sh*t it's Dominator :D I just saw a doc about you

Автор 51floordude50 (3 года)
Simply put, if setting the dice actually worked, do you think ANY casino
would let you do it?

Автор 187dAFeD (3 года)
@goldentouchadvantage why is your dvd so High i'm poor...xD I would so buy
it...but thats like half my paycheck...lol I love you guys I'm practicing

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@1REDDAWN13 A right hander has to stand with his right side against the
rail to shoot from SL. It is a more difficult shot because you can't reach
over the table enough to be square with the wall, so the shot has to take
an angle to the back wall. This shot is described in detail in our book
Casino Craps..shoot to win Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
Yep, you never want to to stay to long at the fair Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@1REDDAWN13 Great pun! :))))

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@187dAFeD Thanks for the kind words. Remember that if you do buy our DVD,
you can subtract the cost of the DVD at anytime that you want to take a
hands on seminar. I do understand about the cost in today's times. The book
will help you and if you call me and mention this post, I will give you 25%
off if you call in the next 7 days. Maybe that will help 866 738 3423

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
First the approval of message is a YouTube requirement so offensive
language and such is not shown. Your criticism of that shows where you
stand on Dice Control. Dice controllers don't need your belief. In fact as
I have said before, please shout it from the roof tops that dice control
doesn't work! Maybe the all the casinos in Mississippi, and in Vegas where
Frank and I are banned from playing craps will let us play craps again.
Shout it out at the top of your lungs! Dominator

Автор Brandon Aldridge (4 года)
good advice on postions @ the table being a lefty its kinda hard to get a
good spot but i know what area to keep my eve on

Автор Scott Martin (3 года)
I love it when the guy in the video says @ 4:58 "A proficient 3-V setter
will hit those numbers more (often) than 'probability' dictates." This is
math, people! It would be easy to set up a test to determine if he's right.
He says it will increase your chances, but he provides you NO statistical
evidence whatsoever. Also, even if you could increase your chances, you'd
still need to know by HOW MUCH it increases your chances so you could
determine if it is enough to overcome the house edge.

Автор scott blackula (4 года)
What I learned if I ever get so good not to get so greedy that casinos ban
you from playing.Stick and move take no more than a thousand and hit a
casino once a month so they cant remember who you are.I have multiple set
ups maybe about 16.Casinos arejust to wise to the most popular sets ups.I
use so many that I keepthem guessing

Автор scott blackula (4 года)
@goldentouchadvantage understood I hope I never have that issue lol

Автор Lawrence Stanfill El (4 года)
I bought the GTC videos. I've been praticing for about a year and i went to
the casinos out here and held the table for 35 minutes straight without
crapping out twice 2 nights ago. I need help with some sets though because
i got caught up in trying to hit my point versus just not crapping out. I
think you need a video dedicated to all the sets and hitting selected
numbers opposed to just the hard ways.

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
First GREAT JOB! Our videos can really help you in learning our throw! I
don't believe in changing sets to make a point. making your point is not
the object of the game of craps. The object of this game is to avoid the 7
as long as you can as you did with your 35 minute roll. Points will come,
but the hardway set is the best set to avoid the 7 and is what you want to
do. Again thank you for your praise of our videos! Dominator

Автор scott blackula (4 года)
Just curious what are your favorite casinos in Atlantic City to hit?If I
ever see you I would love to join the table

Автор Jesse Merchant III (3 года)
This has controled my throw and I win more

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
I hope you never do as well.

Автор nicksgamingstuff (4 года)
That game room is awesome! I want something like that in my house!

Автор Jim Welsh (3 года)
what a joke.....anyone that thinks this actually works is clueless....once
the dice are in the air and off the back wall it is totally random...these
guys just want your money..

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
Simply put, many people set the dice at a crap table. Setting the dice is
just a small part of the Golden Touch method of controlling the dice...a
VERY small part. If this doesn't work, then why was I booted and banned
from a major strip casino this past weekend Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@broesner Tipping and being a "George" at the table is important and is one
of our 20 commandments! Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@broesner Years ago a tip for the dealers could give you better
penetration. Today with the discard tray having that little cut in it for
penetration, it doesn't matter. I tip because I feel that if a dealer makes
the game friendly then they deserve it. Thank for the kind words! Speed
Count does work and you will get an edge with very little practice

Автор jwatson626 (4 года)
The field sucks on this table. I only put my money in the field if 12 pays
triple. Best of luck to all my fellow shooters!

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
I position my arm just where my arm falls naturally. Now for most people it
should be right under your nose Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (4 года)
Well first you must remember that the object of the game of craps is not
making your point but avoiding the 7. Don't get hung up on making your
point. But if you want to shoot for the 2 or 12 you can use the straight
6's or the cross 6 set. Those sets are all in our book "Casino Craps Shoot
to win" Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
Yep, the History channel did a one hour biography on my life. They did a
lot of research for the documentary! Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@cst2cst1 As I have said this before, please shout it from the roof tops
that my method of beating craps with Dice Control doesn't work. The more
people that don't believe the better for us! Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@Indianajesse3 Thanks! If someone wants to take the time to practice this
show and our betting methods in our book, they will WIN MORE! Dominator

Автор Golden Touch Craps (3 года)
@treyanyday There are part 1, 2, and 3. Thanks for the kind words! This
stuff really does work! Dominator

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