A Time For Us - Romeo and Juliet

The original idea and editing of this video and so your thanks :) belong to gonewiththetime YT user:

This is a very favourite song....
A time for us by Barrat Waugh.
The picture is from the movie Romeo and Juliet (1968).

A time for us, someday therell be
When chains are torn by courage born of a love thats free
A time when dreams so long denied
Can flourish
As we unveil the love we now must hide

A time for us, at last to see
A life worthwhile for you and me

And with our love through tears and thorns
We will endure
As we pass surely through every storm
A time for us, someday therell be
A new world
A world of shining hope for you and me

And with our love through tears and thorns
We will endure
As we pass surely through every storm
A time for us, someday therell be
A new world
A world of shining hope for you and me
A world of shining hope for you and me


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Автор Giorgio Rebollini ( назад)
Good song and film.

Автор Maria Tereza Ferreira ( назад)
Everytime I hear this song or see the film, I cry. It is such a sad & tragic love affair.
Sorry, I'm very sentimental :'(

Автор TheAnastasiaLee ( назад)
Very good rendition of this beautiful song!

Автор John Chetcuti ( назад)
Zeferelli and Rota made this Shakespearean classic complete

Автор Clarissa Kaulitz ( назад)
For some such as I, love is fear

Автор 72Moondoggy ( назад)
I was mistaken. it's Fur Elise written by Beethoven. Sorry about the mistake.

Автор 72Moondoggy ( назад)
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. But he got no credit.

Автор grabhs24 ( назад)
Im always crying when i hear this song *sniff*

Автор Teo QristesiaShvili ( назад)
The frankest playing ever! ♥

Автор Arango503 Roar ( назад)
So sad :(

Автор giang nguyễn hoàng ( назад)
i like it

Автор Chris Mc Evoy ( назад)
I agree

Автор Bogdan Setlak ( назад)
i'm sorry for my english. but it's soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet film, but what year?
really sorry for my english but i hope you understand. ;)

Автор dsadwarf ( назад)
Isn't the opposite of love hate??

Автор Anyelo Gonzalez Pratt ( назад)
Este drama se repite hoy dia en la vida diaria...Romeo And Juliet...

Автор daturainoxia1 ( назад)
A voice of dream

Автор James Osorio ( назад)
This made me cry a river.... :"<<<<

Автор Scoutpower1 ( назад)
Such a romantic love song!! Truly represents these romance lovers and others who are truly madly deeply, romantically in love like these two are!! Like soul-mates!!

Автор DancingRainbowws1 ( назад)
Just watched this...Olivia was only 15, Leonard, 18...rumored to have had a romantic relationship during and after. Bet the censors had a field day with this (considering the time...later 60's). Zeffernelli was way ahead of his time on this one( saw this when I was 16 originally).

Автор antonio junior ( назад)
Barratt I'll wait a new CD, please.

Автор Scoutpower1 ( назад)
This much better than "What Is A Youth?"

Автор star heart ( назад)
i really feel sorry for this. when hatred overpowers love- this is what happens:tragedy.
tsk2x. .tragic ending

cn't help crying..sob*

Автор davenourse ( назад)
Someday a time for us.For Wisia.

Автор Grace Stewart ( назад)
i think it's the other way around... efron wasn't even born when whiting was romeo. oh and sidenote to the world of youtube, olivia hussey is so gorgeous.

Автор Juliana Omokheyeke ( назад)
barratt waugh

Автор greg may ( назад)
Isn't the first 4 notes the "safe" signal from hunger games?

Автор John Nuta Tran ( назад)
Love is immortal as this song.

Автор 61raindrops ( назад)
Juliet looks Asian...she looks like my cousin...

Автор Lioness DeWinter ( назад)
@iamintheburg Why not? True art like this song and this film touches everyone on a deeply personal level. I identify with you. I felt much the same as you when I saw this at eleven years old. I've been bisexual since birth. :) Much love and respect to you. xo :)

Автор Ana Hoxha ( назад)
this movie is epic. no matter how many years will pass it will definitely the best realization. <3

Автор Pamela Vazquez-Whitney-Mintz ( назад)

I thought that Romeo and Juliet's main theme was hate. Unless you're talking about the song?

Автор Laura Quirk ( назад)
this was the fastest 4 minutes and 43 seconds of my life <3 <3

Автор doremi notes ( назад)
@maya25891 Press on "show more" to open the full description of the video and you will know... It's always the easiest way than asking and waiting for an answer.

Автор iamintheburg ( назад)
I was in 4th grade ...... I was gay.....as I'm gay now. And I felt the words and the worth of this song. I feel the words and the worth now. but it freaked me to hear the lyric then.............thought it was about me.

Автор MsXxxKittiexxx ( назад)
i luv this version screw the other one

Автор van hieu vu ( назад)
cry cry cry.....!!!

Автор doremi notes ( назад)
@lewispearl1 inspirational your comment... thanx

Автор AlexandreDumas2008 ( назад)
Who's doing the singing? She's got a beaufitul voice

Автор JudoGingerNinja ( назад)
very moving and tragic all at the same time!

Автор Ja Tr ( назад)

Translation: "This song is really good! I really like this song!"

For those who wondered, lolz

Автор goodguys9 ( назад)
Love is often mistaken for lust, for we often experience lust towards the ones we love; but make no mistake. Attraction of the flesh is far varried from attraction of the mind.

Автор Tuan Vu ( назад)
bai hat rat hay ! toi rat thich bai hat nay !

Автор Mai Anh Nguyễn ( назад)
what's the name of the performancer

Автор Irisha Bambolita ( назад)
can you tell me
who sing this song&)))thank you so much)))

Автор InfinitiesObserver ( назад)
beautiful music and heart-rending story, like the Chinese "Butterfly Lovers"

Автор Antonio Rodrigues II ( назад)
have i to ask a time for us?
if your beauty is in my mind &
your forms in my memory?
where i go i carry your taste in my lips.
when i’ll have you, filly,
if my desire is more strong
than all problems of your family?
pardon me but,
the existence isn’t a predicate.
i have to discovery you
..) A

Автор Fernanda Zamorano ( назад)
How do I have to search for this version of the song ??? I've been searching and I don't find it

Автор isarose rose ( назад)
i like this song but i prefer Josh Groban version better Un Giorno Per Noi

Автор TheLinkCourtet2 ( назад)
i have this as a flutesolo in my marching band

Автор Lovewithpanda ( назад)
i actually love tis movie...so sad n good...love tis song too..great meaning=]

Автор Rosalind Mercer ( назад)
The best version is by Pavarotti: Al giochi addio,, he sings it so sweetly in Italian which is a romantic language, that it will make you cry.

Автор stella Li ( назад)
@o0XOpheliacX0o i thought the exact same thing when our teacher showed this film to us

Автор ReginadeiCristalli ( назад)
a very beautiful song for a very beautiful story...

Автор Predy Va ( назад)
i love this movie, i saw it at skol n cryed almost the whole time lol

Автор iamintheburg ( назад)
I fell in love with both of them...I was 10 years old and Len and Olivia were the absolute ideal of what love was ........still very powerful and tender and I can remember very well - being that 10-year-old, starstruck or star crossed, or whatever.

Автор Free_Soul ( назад)
The best song , and the best love story , not because the ideea itself , but because the way is told , William Shakespeare , if you ask me is the worlds bigest artist .

Автор davenourse ( назад)
For Wisia,someday a time for us.

Автор noel morado ( назад)
truly a classic love story...

Автор Michael Perner ( назад)
As long as you realize that Romeo and Juliet is not a tale of true love. It is a tale of excessive infatuation. There are many underlying themes, but true romance isn't nesicarrily one of them.

Автор kkshab ( назад)
watched this movie when i was about 12 with my cousins and aunt and brings back a lot of good memories. thank you for posting it.

Автор Gustavo ( назад)
"Love is practiced in secrecy, as violence is demonstrated in public" - Elton John

Автор idonperg ( назад)
the film's version I think is called awhat is a youth and has different lyrics.. beautiful!!

Автор lovemanga195 ( назад)
this is THE best love song ever created

Автор Sanguiluna ( назад)
@abserve13 There is more than one type of love. You can't say one type of love is more "true" than another. The veracity of a love is dependent of the sincerity of the persons involved.

Автор GSmaniamsmart ( назад)
Absolutely Beautiful song......thanks for the great upload and lyrics as well :). 2 Thumbs Up!

Автор June Allan Guiñez ( назад)
HaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay A TIME FOR US my favorite one

Автор Liz Lancaster ( назад)
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo

Though I do wonder who sings this, they're really good!

Автор davenourse ( назад)
My favorite song,never sung better.

Автор Omar Baban ( назад)
Amazing! What a Love!!!!

Автор Nania77 R ( назад)
Barratt Waugh (a HE not a SHE :)).

Автор Spence True ( назад)
Excellent video. One of the most powerful love songs, and of course, one of the most powerful love stories. I give it a five tissue salute with a great sentimental HONK at the end. Bravo!!!

Автор HDbiikerchick ( назад)
Forbidden love - as old as time. One of the best songs ever written.

Автор charligirlangel ( назад)
It is what is inside that counts...the beauty within us...

Автор charligirlangel ( назад)
a true romantic...in an un-romantic world...

Автор Rienei ( назад)
=( so sad ending D:

Автор eagle86vic ( назад)
A superb movie with a fantastic song that's never tired of listening.

Автор kittykat7363 ( назад)
absolutely love this movie and song, timeless love story that moved me to tears the first time i seen it years ago and still does now. thank you for posting.

Автор Musashi Mu ( назад)
If ever a proof was needed that we can transcend the mortal coil, and allow our spirit to soar amongst the stars, and commune with gods, this is it. How can you improve it? How can you remain angry and upset in its presence? Impossible. Far better to let the beauty wash over you, if only for 4.43 minutes....(then hit play again!)

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