Oblivion Secret Weapon

*** NOTE *** This video was originally created as a joke. The weapon shown in this video was something I created as a mod; it is not in the actual game. Below is the text that accompanied the original post:

"Another video for my buddy, Phil: there is a secret weapon stashed away in the house from the lockpicking video. Watch to learn more!"

So yeah, apparently, a few other people were tricked as well.

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Автор Ray Shaffer ( назад)
big money. nice taste in music.

Автор cameran pargen ( назад)
fkn dumbass

Автор Tars Tarkas ( назад)
lol, got me.

Автор Nicholas Dunphy ( назад)

Автор Nightcaster460 ( назад)
It's obvious that this is a joke.

Автор Deez nuts “Derped Nova” Simmons ( назад)
read the description guys!!!!

Автор The Griffin (The Gaming Geek) ( назад)
Yay, it is there... X( Nothing is there and I know you say it is a mod in
the description but say in the beginning of the video and make everyones
life easyer in the future. By the way, it is a regular iron dagger...

Автор Domien Tack ( назад)
Great video :p

Автор Zurp #PrayForTheWorld ( назад)
i watched the hole fucking video thinking that its real ffs.... please
leave notes at the BEGINING OF THE VIDEOOOOO

Автор lvl 80 Lets Plays ( назад)
I got it it dose 1336 damage

Автор nick pelkey ( назад)
Delicious B8 M8

Автор Ryan Wilkins ( назад)
It's not even there asshole 

Автор Hollie Raymond (1226 лет назад)
Do guards respawn, its can you pretty much kill all of them?

Автор westmics ( назад)
Trick the world with that laugh lol good one tho lol

Автор Helio9938 ( назад)
That would have made the last 4,000 quests a whole lot easier

Автор the sad lonely demon ( назад)
Damn 1 hit kill 😶

Автор Mr. TipsandTricks ( назад)

Автор Rotten Head ( назад)
your voice sounds like Tom Hanks, you like to mess around you should make
calls and pretend your him.

Автор Noahphobia ( назад)

Автор olysheety ( назад)

Автор DakyGamingStudio ( назад)
400 lockpick on average?!? i don't waste any on very hard lol

Автор Chunky Lumpy ( назад)

Автор Simen Amundsen ( назад)
Its a PC mod.

Автор Simen Amundsen ( назад)
I MIGHT have used 2 LPs on a Very Hard door.. But how can someone use 400
on a average door... -w-

Автор Jiranun Rogl ( назад)
There is no wapon

Автор Yyn-zr ( назад)
on a average lock :/

Автор SkyTheButterK1d ( назад)
It's not there

Автор Odile Vidrine ( назад)

Автор ArComzGunr QRF ( назад)
I like apples!

Автор Wyren Smith ( назад)
use Skeleton Key, btw

Автор slendotroll ( назад)

Автор I'm Fake ( назад)
..... There is Skeleton key in Oblivion ( you have to go to the shrine of
nocturnal and do the quest ) and you get a key , u need an offering to the
shrine and u need to be high level to do the quest . Like i did now the
skeleton key you cant brake.

Автор Daemon Relius Xander ( назад)
Skeleton Key! XD

Автор xCosmicMuffinManx ( назад)
I thought this was real and now I'm gonna find a giant slaughter fish and
some hidden armor that is REAL :)

Автор Inhumane Reality ( назад)
read the description

Автор Ian Bartell :P ( назад)

Автор Ian Bartell :P ( назад)
i hate you i fell for that

Автор Andrew Kim ( назад)
Where can i get this mod?

Автор Dave Nix ( назад)
There is none in oblivion

Автор Dave Nix ( назад)
The Description said it was a joke , its a mod

Автор I'm Fake ( назад)
Why not u se the sceleton key ????? @_@

Автор TheNextHokage ( назад)
if u can read it was meant as a joke :I

Автор PainterBasketball ( назад)
No fucking kidding it's fake and there's nothing there! He kinda just so
happens to state that it's a mod he created as a joke!

Автор josiah hay ( назад)

Автор zachary Hiaring ( назад)
fake tryd it only weapon I foung was an iron mace in a chest

Автор Nicholas Fakira ( назад)
if u want more just duplicate them.........

Автор coolguy27799 ( назад)
Do you really think there would be a weapon that overpowered?

Автор casper130rocks ( назад)
then if it was a joke your a toss bag dumb wanker people want to see where
real weapons are not maid up ones ya dick if you got to make fake shit to
get people to watch you youtube stuff means ya a fucken looser

Автор JoOdYcHoPgAmInG ( назад)
I burglarized a poor mans house, took his green shirt, and ate his food for

Автор Bret McCarty ( назад)
wow you must be a horrible gamer if you broke 400 lock picks on an average

Автор Xever mitcha ( назад)
yes... yes it is

Автор Nicholas Fakira ( назад)
it is a mod you have to download it it is fake

Автор travis mccloud ( назад)
I hate u

Автор Geotheking ( назад)
Wasn't there

Автор elementalmaster27 ( назад)
Didnt see it :(

Автор Róbert Maxim ( назад)
What version of Oblivion is this ? It's way cooler than mine. :)

Автор Craftboy323pcGamer ( назад)
your a fucker

Автор Curious Undead | GFX and Commentary ( назад)
Read the description...

Автор Paul Wotherspoon ( назад)
Just tried this on the 360 version, its a mod.

Автор BreakneckJack ( назад)
is your second name M'aiq the liar? XD

Автор mineman trolz ( назад)
not thete

Автор Cristian Cortez ( назад)
Kill random beggers that bothers me but argonians that is were i draw the

Автор Potato OfDestiny ( назад)
clone like 300 lockpicks using the scroll method, then random attempt it,
don't lockpick it normally -.-

Автор mr.butler ( назад)
U sir got a subscribe

Автор klambert790 ( назад)
I checked, its not there

Автор Micecraftcreeps ( назад)
Nice mod whats it called?

Автор Micecraftcreeps ( назад)
Well your shit at lock picking then

Автор Nick Casebier ( назад)
should have picked the tower sighn

Автор checkitoutmanful ( назад)

Автор jay boy legend ( назад)
you do not

Автор GrandComradeLenin ( назад)
Its only an average lock too...

Автор silas ferguson ( назад)
you must really suck

Автор silas ferguson ( назад)
ohh downloadable content

Автор silas ferguson ( назад)
what does that mean

Автор Ashton Calce ( назад)
what dlc

Автор DustyZiroto ( назад)
Sorry. I thought meruans razor. Sorry

Автор DustyZiroto ( назад)
It's real. It's dlc on Xbox 360.

Автор DustyZiroto ( назад)

Автор simon harold ( назад)
I really really hate you. I watched the vid, went to the house, and then I
read the "NOTE".

Автор CrossFeast ( назад)
Is your life only worth 400 lock picks?

Автор Cameron Boudewyn ( назад)
Damn it u fag u ruined my life wasted 400 Lock picks

Автор Jake T R ( назад)
its a joke ...... mod

Автор strider paul ( назад)
it is not there i broke in two times and it is not on the table

Автор Carmen Guzman ( назад)
it's fake but it's a good dagger

Автор Eugene Pavlyuk ( назад)
lol idiots cant read the description great mod thiugh

Автор thegamer number one ( назад)
poor graphics of the game, I think

Автор Nikolaos Dafopoulos ( назад)
i went there and i didnt find it.maybe cause im level 8 :P

Автор Frabjous ( назад)
Are you Tom Hanks?

Автор Demoman457 ( назад)
Fuck you fucking troll!

Автор zak savin ( назад)
boo when i went to the house the dagger wasnt there !!!!!!!!

Автор Max Pratt ( назад)
you sound like tom hanks!

Автор 12345silentassassin ( назад)
oblivion is far better and if you wanna debate on this you will lose

Автор 12345silentassassin ( назад)
what do you record with please respond

Автор crank3691 ( назад)
because oblivion is much better than skyrim...

Автор Michael M ( назад)
this is only pc that sucks

Автор MrDbro94 ( назад)
He's on computer he spawned it there

Автор Nathaniel Fino ( назад)
O you tricked me.

Автор Nathaniel Fino ( назад)
I looked there and there was no dager and I am on the Xbox WHAT'S UP!!!

Автор xNeonSaphire ( назад)
it is for xbox or computer so dont cry

Автор edwierdo47ify ( назад)
Is this for a counsel like xbox or something?! If not i'll be really sad. :(

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