Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers - Full Game Highlights | December 7, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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Автор Christopher McCrary ( назад)
Who sees Oprah side at 1:14

Автор Ryan Dupont ( назад)
OSN at 1:13 lmaooo

Автор KiNGJames ( назад)
1:14 osn

Автор Carmine Derose ( назад)
Why do they have to put Kevin drain on the golden state warriors

Автор Justin Riray ( назад)
Bruh Iggy be gettin SOO MANY DUNKS with this squad. And fuckin Javale comin off of back to back Shaqtin MVPs.... this dude is KILLIN the game right now.

Автор Jay Briggs ( назад)
draymond you're not LeBron. stop it

Автор Emmi Robinson ( назад)
@ 1:30 That perfectly timed pass between Deandre`s legs is so underrated

Автор ray aye ( назад)
i must admit i wasnt happy when durant joined gsw but now, all they did was elevate the entire league. Now every man and his dog is capable of stepping out to the line, good or bad they asked for it. Now all kids will do is catch and shoot, lol good job. Soon we will all shoot from the inbound. who needs 5 players anymore lol.

Автор Chris Force ( назад)
I wonder if Jamal Crawford will be Sixth Man again.....

Автор Michael Loper 3 ( назад)
so were just not going to acknowledge osn in the crowd in the 1st quarter

Автор Dark Shark ( назад)
Im mad... This was posted on my b-day and i don't reall like sports all that much

Автор Moustapha1010 ( назад)
Wtf Blake Griffin just pushed my mans Iggy down ain't that a foul wtff Blake my mans too but still.....shieeeet (1:41)

Автор Sonic Bang ( назад)
was that osn

Автор Kris hills ( назад)
did you know that orpahside was there

Автор Joaquin Gerard Duque ( назад)
I have a joke the la clippers just they just got clipped

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead...


LeBron lost in the Finals 4 times.

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Wonder what Charles Barkley is going to say about the warrior's beating the clippers? He a mad hater

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Yawn what happened? Oh a blowout? Eh. Nothing new. Imma go back to sleep. 💤😴

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Damn they were cheering louder for the Warriors. if that isn't a wake up call, I don't know what is.

Автор Bulls Production ( назад)
Steph CURRY is the best player in NBA !! (Chef CURRY)
Vote / Yes or No !!

Автор le comedien de 2016 ( назад)

Автор Where's Waldo? ( назад)
Kyrie Irving with the game winner again #Cavsnation

Автор QueenElsa Playz ( назад)

Автор C'India Dennis ( назад)
wow they were giving a wake up call alright now

Автор Stephen Wachinski ( назад)
I'm a huge basketball fan don't specifically have a favorite team but love basketball in general and love to watch good basketball being played and the warriors are playing excellent basketball right now there moving the ball playing great d and all that talent is being very unselfish lets see if there this unselfish come playoffs if so there gonna be tuff to beat another cavs vs warriors finals is shaping up and if both teams are healthy it's gonna be a good one this is good for basketball right now going back to the days where you had dominant teams that faced each other almost every year it's a good time to be a fan unless you don't like the cavs or gsw lol

Автор PrinceAustin ( назад)
Kevin Durant Rare Golden State Warriors Jersey !!

Автор Jamari Mcmichael ( назад)
fuck curry and Kevin Durant Bron Bron and Kyrie all day

Автор ItsK9 ( назад)
I'm a Pistons fan and I sometimes call Golden state fans band wagoners or Cavs fans band wagoners, but the Warriors have been destroying there opponents this season, no matter if you hate them or like them they are a good basketball team.

Автор MVP Kevin Durant ( назад)
step curry is a little better then klay and kevin durant

Автор 129M 999k ( назад)

Автор 129M 999k ( назад)

Автор Rosetta Guzman ( назад)
Mark trigger react meet unlikely plot principle fate.

Автор Samboy ( назад)
clippers lack of defense

Автор Artem Tkach ( назад)
дюрант черт кинул вэстбрука а кари понторез сука

Автор Joe joe Man ( назад)
Curry would be on run for a unanimous MVP again but he is exploring this new system. & if u don't know what that means it means one thing. He is the best player since Michael Jordan. Clarify it also means most exciting, most iconic, most dominant, most watched by a new generation who truly believe he is the Jordan I saw as a child.

Автор Christo Prime ( назад)
Look at those passes by Warrior. Dang it ball movements! YUS!

Автор yichuan zhou ( назад)
If there is need to Jordan shoes or boots of the elder brothers, James, you can contact me, a very low price, made in China

Автор KevRING DurGOAT ( назад)
if I had a dollar for every time this guy says bingo oh man

Автор Ethan French ( назад)
I always wonted to play basket bal in the NBA.

Автор chris ward ( назад)
Chris Paul forever trying to play cool ball and bring no pace or attack against GW

Автор chris ward ( назад)
Chris Paul needing 20 secs to get up the court and set up a play and just eating up the fucking clock as if the team is up by 25.

Автор O'neil King ( назад)
clippers be on there cool boy shit especially Blake Griffin BOSS UP

Автор Anto Team ( назад)
Oprah side at 1:14

Автор chris ward ( назад)
Chris Paul is always looking to pad his assist stats. Hence the reason
why he's always been content passing the ball when his team is down by
15-20 points. It's always been his modus operandi because he wants to go
down as a career assist leader--its embedded in his identity as a
point guard and what makes him so good but at the same time the reason
why he will NEVER LEAD a team to the FINALS

Автор chris ward ( назад)
Chris Paul is always looking to pad his assist stats. Hence the reason
why he's always been content passing the ball when his team is down by
15-20 points. It's always been his modus operandi because he wants to go
down as a career assist leader--its embedded in his identity as a
point guard and what makes him so good but at the same time the reason
why he will NEVER LEAD a team to the FINALS

Автор Anthony Jackson ( назад)
announcer straight lies at 2:04

Автор Johny Marjanovic ( назад)
Im the big fan of GS and they will win NBA finals but they will have a hard time getting it. Best offensive team ever easily, but the problem is in defense they should really get some good defenders next year. And then they will be unbeatable. Lets say that Spurs have best defense and they are only special because of that. Lets make GS unbeatable again!...Proof that they have bad defense is in this game see how D.Jordan and Griffin DESTROY thery defense...

Автор Artemis Gon ( назад)
looking forward for warriors ang cavs rematch for this season final.

Автор Flipqy ( назад)
u suck curry, ya fuckin pussy.

Автор CarloW ( назад)
when you realize griffin will be cut if they wont make progress this playoffs

Автор Beast God ( назад)
blake just not feelin it at all

Автор ElohimManga ( назад)
awasome, warriors are playing a marvellous passing game!

Автор StopBeingAKeyBoardKiller&MousePadMobster! ( назад)
I see everyone is still gassed up from these regular season games. Warriors, Spurs, Cavs know the real season begins in the playoffs. I just want all teams to stay healthy, seeding means nothing to Championship caliber teams, FACTS!!!

Автор Yves-Velt Thomas ( назад)
Blake should be ashamed of himself. Open lanes are there so he could drive. But he's busy taking fade-away shots over smaller opponents. When I'm playing against someone 5-6 inches shorter than me, I keep driving and attacking the basket. I play bully ball. But the park and the NBA are two different things.

Автор Larry Block ( назад)
Good morning,This is L.B., watched all the games on my T.V. keep winning😎

Автор Lord Beliel ( назад)
*By playoff time Mcgee will be starting as center and i can't wait!*

Автор Lord Beliel ( назад)
*You niggaz on twitter pissed Iggy off with those "can he still drive it into the lane and poke it like his 76ers days?". because the dude had a chip on his shoulder tonight when driving into the paint*

Автор Chlouie Go ( назад)
McGee 😊😊😊

Автор Paradigme One ( назад)
javale mcgee

Автор Daemon Spade ( назад)
Some doubted this team some said their dominance was expected with this line-up. But did anyone expected kd to improve his passes and defense? KD is a better player here than in okc because he does not have the burden of scoring anymore.

Автор Tre Biggaa ( назад)

Автор anal ( назад)
1 million views?????????????????? This game wasn't even special. I'm getting suspicious

Автор Brand5 Gt Gaming ( назад)
I came here to see Jesse

Автор kevin kevin ( назад)
Is it me or are the GSW playing a bit like the spurs team who won the championship a few seasons ago?..

Автор ven'z rey ( назад)
idol Do your best,,,,,,

Автор mh216 ( назад)
They need to trade Zaza for Bogut

Автор Cortex Zero ( назад)
Easy for me to see how much Blake has improved his jumpshot, but he had way too many turnovers in this game.

Автор billyhoyle92 ( назад)
now i realise ny first comment was wrong. but i still stand beside my statement that i miss big man plays and physicality. they shoot to much 3s these days.

Автор JaeSprint ( назад)
Its scary how easily and effortlessly they demolished a team as good as the Clippers

Автор Kelvy Argueta ( назад)
We all know that the warriors wouldn't have won without the GOAT .......... JAVALE MCGEE

Автор Napoleon Bonaparte ( назад)
Too Many steals in 1st QTR hahahah

Автор BallerVisions 2 ( назад)
the sound blake made at 6:28 lmaoo

Автор Marianne Williams ( назад)
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Автор Jt Ting ( назад)

Автор Christusolus ( назад)
Iggy Savage 2:06 lol to former teammate.

Автор Michael Stanley ( назад)
Can the Cavs and Warriors just go ahead and play their series?

Автор Trent Cornelison ( назад)
Dang the Clippers defense looked like absolute trash! No one was rotating when they would double team and there would always be someone wide open for the Warriors. I like the Clippers a lot, but this game made me sick to watch.

Автор Drippy Kakashi ( назад)
OSN????? at 1:14😂😂😂😂

Автор stephancurry is the best ( назад)
and yall said yalls gonna win

Автор Cold Zer0 ( назад)

Автор Danny Yang ( назад)
1:40 What Griffin did astonished me@@

Автор rodney edwards ( назад)
clippers are a joke...

Автор Daniel Leza ( назад)
Kudos to the Clippers, they really improved in this matchup, instead of being down by 50 the whole game they were down by 25.

Автор Lotto Money GangSta a.k.a. Spoony Soul ( назад)
after watching the playoffs last 3-4 seasons i stoped carrying about the regular season cause it doesnt fucking matter..the playoffs are the real deal. This is where you can see the full potential of the team

Автор alexander siu ( назад)
Warriors' passing game in transition is mesmerizing to watch.

Автор Trevin Whitehead ( назад)
And they said the Clippers were the best in the West😂😂

Автор Josip Stipić ( назад)
When Zaza Pachulia blocking your shot u have a bad night .BINGO LoL

Автор SabuPtolemy ( назад)
Clippers should've gone to DeAndre much more. GS has nobody that can guard him inside. Blake having his worst game of the season and putting the Clips behind the 8-ball with his many TOs early on didn't help either.

Автор H.Graham McPherson ( назад)
mcgee and zaza rotation actually could work

Автор danielbusto 24 ( назад)
The commentator won a lot of prizes because of "BINGOs"

Автор Adrian Beal ( назад)
gsw moving that damn ball man I couldn't predict alot of those passes beautiful basketball by gsw

Автор louell lopez ( назад)
Jahvaleeee McGeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with a block!

Автор justin clark ( назад)
This Warriors team is better than the '95-'96 Bulls. Don't debate me

Автор blahblahblah ( назад)
Blake Griffin pushes Iggy at 1:40 yet the Clippers always get mad when they get calls...smh

Автор Anthony Miller ( назад)

Автор Melker Fransson ( назад)
Reinforce poetry thirty versus vacation modify competitor.

Автор Minhaaj Haley ( назад)
was the only one who seen osn?? 😂😂

Автор Shawn Peterson ( назад)
Zaza plays really hard

Автор mauro afonso ( назад)
this game looks like on 2k. first the team star play average and then the guy pass the control to his older brother so he can destroy you

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