9 LIONS killing 1 BUFFALO - Safari @ Tsavo East Kenya - 2012 (Video)

Incredible and rare video where you can see nine lions, one male with four females and four babies, who are killing one buffalo after three differents attacks lasted all day long from 6 am to 7 pm. At last, the pour bled and exhausted buffalo with hind legs broken, will fall down and die on the spot after the last attack we recorded.
It happened, during a Safari @ Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, close to a pond near the Voi Manyatta Camp in date February 22nd 2012.

- Video Maker: Philippe Renault Jr
released with a digital fotocamera Nikon J1 + Zoom 30-110 mm

- Safari Guide: Fabio Nero Watamu
- Driver: Sammy

- Producer: Teo Baba for Food For Fantasy production

Просмотров: 109431
Длительность: 8:14
Комментарии: 29

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Автор notnek202 ( назад)
how did the poor thing break both hind legs?

Автор santos Vigil ( назад)
la música de fondo es muy molesta

Автор PAULLONDEN ( назад)
Time for some cool shade....this cow is going nowhere.....

Автор Benedito Militão ( назад)
phillipe esse vídeo deve ser chato.

Автор WildlifeObsessed ( назад)
Bright Green colour needs adjusting a lot. What's with the camera shake too

Автор lorraine duplessis ( назад)
great video,thanks,to you lot out there ...put your sound off if music
bothers you.

Автор khd kh ( назад)
الموسيقى جميلة ولكن ليس هذا مكانها

Автор NavyOneKC ( назад)
I like the music. What song is that?

Автор Valerie Lusaka ( назад)
Very nice video and beautiful music. I thought that the children of a
certain age were prohibited in safaris.

Автор Sæwelō ( назад)
Hard to even conceive of more inappropriate music than this to accompany
the scenes filmed by you. I understand your decision to leave out the
original sound, I detest the sounds made by these rich greedy tourist
types, but this music is not suitable at all.

Автор Philippe Renault ( назад)
Sorry for the music... but some people round me was making to much noises
and babies crying because they were afraid so i could not put the sound of
the animals... regrets!!!

Автор George Boyd ( назад)
Safari hunts and kills should not have music playing over them. Let us hear
the sounds of nature.

Автор jolmeaki ( назад)
Why the elevator music? I want to hear the animals.

Автор d427ababz ( назад)
Poor buffalo.. It suffer so much...

Автор Ironlifeove ( назад)
Music is very unnecessary, sad vid 

Автор Ikem Onyinanya ( назад)
if their cowards they would'nt attack the buffalo in the first place and
okay, you think lions smell and are nasty 

Автор Патриот РФ ( назад)
Buffalo - Bravo! Nasty, cowardly, smelly cats... 

Автор Fackmylife ( назад)
Great clip, shame you put the music on it :(

Автор Pauli Hietala ( назад)
Change the music. It is not appropriate to this topic.

Автор Harry Texas ( назад)
OK, this is a pretty good footage but why music? 

Автор minsei ( назад)
thank you for your information. knowing these facts make the video more
interesting to watch.

Автор Philippe Renault ( назад)
The same lions broke the Buffalo legs early in the same day, about 7 am, in
a first attack but i do not have the images... I was not there but people
that was there told me what's happened before. The second attack start
about 5 pm. They was only waiting all day long the buffalo was out of the
water again. Then later they will kill the buffalo in a third attack close
to the water but at that time the buffalo was out and did not try anymore
to escape. Phil

Автор minsei ( назад)
do you know if the legs broken by the lions' attack or by an accident of
some sort?

Автор Carsten Aretz ( назад)
Thank you... You're awesome...LOL! And I read this comment I wrote, Jeez,
you must think I'm a prick. sorry about that. Anyway. I did like the clip
just so you know... :-)

Автор marlaypk ( назад)
Gymnopedie No 1 by Erik Satie.

Автор Philippe Renault ( назад)
It's the original LP version of Bob James & David Sanborm "Moon Tune"

Автор Carsten Aretz ( назад)
Do you have the rights to the song played here. I don't think you do, it
would have been nice if you wrote the composer... I've been trying to find
the original of this tune FOREVER, no such luck, now you have the
synthesized version and, guess what, NO SUCH LUCK! WHO THE HELL IS IT!? THE

Автор Romualdo Rosa de Souza ( назад)
It looks this old buff is badly ill. Also, he has no power to run away from
the lions. His hour has come, it's every living being life, no way out. 

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