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Автор Trevor Hanhilammi (3 месяца)
Catchy song

Автор haroldo paranhos (1 год)

Автор victor alvaro hernandez (1 год)
THE COMPUTERS - Love Triangles, Hate Square

Автор Fabrizio Baldini (2 года)

Автор Benjamin Gardiner (2 года)
The Computers are always producing stunning music. This album will not
disappoint fans and newcomers alike

Автор apenguinnamedabraham - Grace McEntee (2 года)
Just discovered this band in Kerrang!, I think I'm in love...

Автор BUMfaceMusic (2 года)
I love the song, I love this band and the end of this video actually made
me a bit sad 'cause I know the feeling. :L So much love for you guys! XD

Автор Dogbot (2 года)
This is just wonderful. :)

Автор thn thr (2 года)
but........... it's hip to be square /LB5YkmjalDg

Автор PERFECTCANVAS (2 года)
I'm Broke!!!!

Автор Radical Punk (2 года)

Автор PERFECTCANVAS (2 года)

Автор Aceson Divine (2 года)
Awesome !

Автор Gaby Gil (2 года)
There's a harry potter tattoo at 2:01

Автор Gianna P.T.O (2 года)
Johnny Cash <3

Автор chaarbie (2 года)
sounds like the hives - both bands are cool x

Автор Purdy van der salm (2 года)
I like the new sound but I loved the old one

Автор Fehzicle (2 года)
This deserves so many more views.

Автор Oba mot (2 года)
I don't understand the triangle stuff with all our current musician
artists, guess they all suck.

Автор James Pearce (1 год)
love it

Автор Jack Davis (2 года)
liking the new sound, although i do miss the harder edge of the older stuff.

Автор Shanny Rofe (2 года)
apparently hipsters also has a song now!

Автор Tiago Duarte (2 года)
Perfect !

Автор tanithkershaw (2 года)
Thats just the most amazing thing I ever did see (Alex hoovering...its a
rare sight) Love it!!!!! xxx

Автор Linda Wojnarová (2 года)
he's singing and not just screaming?! this is perfect!!

Автор Todd Pattinson (2 года)
SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT SCREAMING! Thought you were an average band until
you started singing properly so much better!

Автор dante anthony (2 года)
perfect 101

Автор Pedro Torres (2 года)
Great fresh music! Keep it coming!

Автор ollieplaysretro (2 года)
Why didn't they do a mix? I really miss their old stuff D:

Автор mecaemalestacuenta (2 года)
Good song. I like the sound.

Автор Alexis Ploen (1 год)
Kinda absolutely love it

Автор Y SUS (2 года)
It´s fantastick

Автор Aisha Ali (2 года)
Classic Queen.

Автор Eric Sonkaya (2 года)
you guys rule i never heard of you before but im glad i clicked the link to
this song

Автор 00idonthaveaname00 (1 год)
This almost sounds country.

Автор steven earnshaw (2 года)
Just came out today

Автор Bailey Flathers (2 года)
Freddie mercury!!!

Автор Aisha Ali (2 года)

Автор Thiscalamityofficial (2 года)
There's a lot of Elvis Costello in this. Love it.

Автор Lemonades (2 года)
'john is kill' 'no'

Автор andré foucteau (2 года)
Awesome guys !

Автор Axel Reunis (2 года)
Man, I really miss the screamings of Screamin Al Kershaw...

Автор steven earnshaw (2 года)
it came out 2 days ago

Автор Meneer de Winter (1 год)
Great song and a great album. I miss the punk edge a bit but this is good
as well. Looking forward to seeing you live again in the Netherlands

Автор Andrea Catani (2 года)
Questa spacca!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Brian Prince (2 года)
Thumbs Up if You got this from Bob Dylan's you-tube channel. Only 3300
Views so far...

Автор Chloe Boyce (1 год)
I don't like this :'( It's kinda creepy...

Автор HumanMonolith (2 года)
I miss the old style... made them sound a whole lot more unique. This is
fine, but it's no "Music is Dead".

Автор Tom Wade (2 года)
This makes me want to dance my balls off.

Автор pesb666 (2 года)
RIP Chorão 06/03/13

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