Jorn - Perfect Strangers -BEST COVER-

Best cover ever!!
there is no normal quality track for dis song here.. so i made one =)

Jorn Lande is a hard rock vocalist, and this cover is on his solo album Unlocking the Past.

"Perfect Strangers" is a song by the British hard rock band Deep Purple. It is the title track of their 1984 album Perfect Strangers.
The words tell of the sorrow of remaining "perfect strangers" after the end of a relationship. It is one of the few Deep Purple songs not to feature a guitar or organ solo. Band guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has called it his favorite Deep Purple song.

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Автор Sebastiansergio Castro ( назад)
jorn ok

Автор Rik Nel ( назад)
He should of been on stage with Ritchie tonight.

Автор bb jazzman ( назад)
Perfect strangers= Ian Gillan vocals

Автор Mr Orbyte ( назад)
Saw Jorn 2h ago with Avantasia. It was a massive show :)

Автор Dempa Lundquist ( назад)
I´ve heard some covers of this song over the years. Most of it is ok, this
is actually really good. But all of them has one thing in common. They´ll
get the vocal part, the bass, the keyboard and the guitars. But none of
them will get the drums of Ian Paice. None.

Автор Fabrizio asdjhajskdd ( назад)
Dimmu Borgir > Jorn

Автор Musicode ( назад)
Йорн очень хорош

Автор Rik Nel ( назад)
JORN new COVERS ALBUM out June 2016. 1st single on Youtube now. A cover of
a ( Frida )ABBA song.

Автор Marc Jackson ( назад)

Автор lucas tormim ( назад)
melhor cover

Автор Leandro Souza ( назад)
esse banda e demais adoro muito boa

Автор Divana Harston ( назад)
I always said if your gonna do a cover of another band make sure its better
than the original. I hate those bands who do crappie covers. Jorn did an
absolutely stellar job. ROCK ON BROTHERS!

Автор well Harper ( назад)
Arranjo foda!!!

Автор tomi leino ( назад)
tomba this is so goooood

Автор 4370chris ( назад)
One of the best covers ever>>>i bought this CD...because of it!

Автор Mario Cavichioni ( назад)
rok são para os loucos e puros de coração!! então por favor me coloquem em
um hospício pois sou louco desde o ventre de minha mãe!! um forte abraço a
toda gangue do rok !!

Автор lostintime86 ( назад)
too much studio

Автор Namra Ali ( назад)
I've been listening to the cover all this time...
But, DAMN!! It's awesome! Fantastic!

Автор Adri Haine ( назад)
have to agree, it is one of the best DP songs ever . Great to hear this
John Lande version.

Автор Carlos Magno ( назад)
Um dos melhores cantores da cena atualmente,manda muito!!!

Автор Дмитрий 1978 ( назад)

Автор KISSArmy Libby ( назад)
HOW does a song like this get a thumbs down??? they must've been tone deaf
lol this freaking ROCKS

Автор James Arnold ( назад)
I prefer the original, but I'm not blind to the fact that this is a really
good cover.

Автор Yarcan Bukrek ( назад)
fuck ! damn perfect

Автор Mark Birchette ( назад)
Perfect Strange Cover !!!! :-)

Автор Rik Nel ( назад)
NOT on the Dio tribute Album........way to help JORN sell records ! This is

Автор Mark Birchette ( назад)
Awesome cover though !!!! Peace

Автор Mark Birchette ( назад)
DEEP PURPLE cover, not DIO , I'm a bit confused about this ? Why is the
album titled DIO ????

Автор Dion Slade ( назад)
The best cover

Автор HarisNoor ( назад)
Thank you for covering this song and keeping the passion alive! Perfection!

Автор Sam Levin ( назад)
This is even Better than Dream Theater's cover, which was excellent too.

Автор Lord Morthorister ( назад)

Автор greed ( назад)
Perfect Cover

Автор Gungrave N ( назад)

Автор Ricardo Sanches ( назад)
awesome voice

Автор jannsi lecker ( назад)
great cover,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Автор Simo Alatalo Alatalo ( назад)
tykään ku hullun puurosta

Автор Too Wild ( назад)
Fucking awesome cover !

Автор ECBrazil \o/ ( назад)
Oh MY ........

Автор вадим смагин ( назад)
ученики переростают своих учителей

Автор Sergio Di Grazia ( назад)
I M P R E S I O N A N T E....WOW

Автор Fredrik Hoffmann ( назад)
Jorn is allso a fantastic imersonator it seems... Wow he nails it !

Автор Rockerdrummer75 ( назад)
Change the cover art please! This song isn't on Dio cover album, it's on
Unlocking the Past.

Автор Deen Gabriel MSG ( назад)
Bravo! Probably One of the Best covers ever ... Jorn Lande's Vocals and
this cover is very much above and better than the covers done by some
"Black Metal Clowns" who sing like as if they have dildos shoved up their
arses! You can't play "Black Metal" Covers of such classic songs and some
"Anti-Christ and his Grandma" Bands don't get it!

Автор Deen Gabriel MSG ( назад)
Blitzkrieg Strangers!!!
One of the very Best among the few "New Age" Hard Rock/ Metal vocalists
around with Janne "JB" Christoffersson.
Been a fan of Jorn's work since "Lonely Are The Brave" - Much RESPECTS to
Jorn and his ardent fans - you guys sure have good taste in music!

Автор kev andrew ( назад)
this guy can do no wrong a perfect metal singer he rules the globe

Автор Queerien lannister ( назад)
i've got the og and cover synched of perfectly and it sounds amazing.
fucking awesome

Автор Tales Oliveira ( назад)
It's an absurd how good this cover is! Jorn is a genius!

Автор zom 63 ( назад)
Who's here singing?Jorn or Ian?Great Cover song.

Автор thezill69 ( назад)
Just. WOW!

Автор ihave2rocks ( назад)
Is there a reason he sounds like Deep Purple's singer in the original?

Автор Anup Chakraborty ( назад)
So melodic..... Want some crunch in vocal ..... But love it 

Автор raul molina (1459 лет назад)

Автор Irla Costa ( назад)

Автор araka neuman ( назад)
one of the best covers ever, in in all categories.

Автор Luna Lu ( назад)

Автор Pedro .Kalicheski ( назад)
Jorn is great, but best cover of this song is dimmu borgir's hands down

Автор holidaythailand2010 ( назад)
Excellent version.

Автор Subhroneel Bhattacharya ( назад)
nah ... much too emotions

Автор Electric John ( назад)
This is very good, but not better than the original. When Deep Purple
toured the Perfect Strangers album thru Texas I was blessed to attend a
concert and it was so fine. Ian sounded very good that night, and Richie's
showmanship was so flamboyant his passion put fire in his guitar. Jorn and
his band are excellent too. Now let's ROCK.

Автор John Felix ( назад)
Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: https://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор John Felix ( назад)
Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: https://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор luismagrojacinto ( назад)
Ganda Jace! é assim mesmo!

Автор Simo Alatalo Alatalo ( назад)

Автор TheSmiler62 ( назад)
Jorn has done some amazing covers....And this certainly does not

Автор Juan Alarcon ( назад)
Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: https://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор Vhaldemaar Butcher ( назад)

Автор PΔGΔK† ßΔSILIK† ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Moreira ( назад)
wonderfull song ,perfect.tanks jorn.

Автор Mario Markovic ( назад)

Автор Rosman Ismail ( назад)
Can anyone please tell me on which of Jorn's album can I find this cover,

Автор Maurício Fernandes ( назад)
Sem palavras... Somente ouvidos.

Автор виталий лемперт ( назад)

Автор DeadlyRamon ( назад)
Love the Deep Purple Mark II cover, but why show an image for Jorn's Dio
tribute album? This song isn't on it.

Автор Jorge Gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Bis (469 лет назад)
As good as the original

Автор Claudius Ernst ( назад)

Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: http://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор Remus Rigo ( назад)
Deep Purple cover

Автор Martin allmam ( назад)
Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: http://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор ekostopoulos ( назад)
Wow. Just wow...

Автор Juan Alarcon ( назад)

Автор Juan Alarcon ( назад)

Автор Letzter Willy ( назад)
20 pupstomper!

Автор Kevin Norman ( назад)
He is a fellow Norwegian that comes from a STRONG! Bloodline...WHAT CAN I
It is a bloodline of WARRIORS!

Автор Dozer eyes ( назад)
Damn that was impressive 

Автор Salvo Cammaroto ( назад)
...ed ancora cover!

Автор Алексей Шашлов ( назад)
Cool \m/

Автор Martin Cigorraga ( назад)
The cadence of this version remembers me to Sabbath.
It isn't a bad cover, not at all, but it is far from being the best.

Автор Lucía Lu ( назад)
Como me.gusta

Автор 63bmf ( назад)

Автор Werede ( назад)
That soundeffect at the beginning is from the latest War Of The Worlds. Its
the tripod that makes the sound to call back the aliens

Автор Carlos Lima ( назад)
Oh my god. Its perfect!!!

Better than original. Awesome.

Автор Rik Nel ( назад)
his new Dracula Album is excellent.

Автор Lucía Lu ( назад)
Jorn - Perfect Strangers BEST COVER: http://youtu.be/5e6m0VbgSGc

Автор Bjørn Helseth (778 лет назад)
Mmmmmmm......lovely music :)

Автор F.R.A.N.K.™ ( назад)
It's better 12392193129321313 times than the original... :X 

Автор Christophe Collin ( назад)
Un très bel hommage à Deep Purple. J'apprécie le style propre à JORN

Автор Douglas Vieira Rios ( назад)
E rindo quando os espíritos aparecem
Toda sua vida
Sombras de outro dia

Автор hfleth ( назад)
It's hard to make a good cover of ANY HM-song. There's allways a lot of
feeling at play. However I think Jorn has one of the (living) best voices
in HM. And I think his cover versions of songs like Perfect Strangers (DP),
The Sun Goes Down (Thin Lizzy) and I walk alone (T Turunen) are OUT THERE

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