Senegal Parrot Talking and Singing

My senegal parrot talking and singing. Sorry for my annoying voice, I tried to edit it out as much as possible :)

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Автор Seroj Petrosyan ( назад)

Автор christie silva ( назад)
nice message Janice!!

Автор Janice Gruver ( назад)
My senegal came from an environment where he bit and got punished.I was
bitten many times every day. Instead of of reprimanding as he expected, I
would cry that it hurt. Tell him it's OK, I <3 him. Seeing his empathy, I
would ask why hurt me. Be positive, tell them how nice/wonderful they are
until they believe it. Love & empathy worked. Happy Bird= Nice Bird. Now
23, he loves to go out, kisses kids on their nose & very tolerant of all
the kids wanting to hold him. Very proud, love him so much.

Автор Joseph Anderson ( назад)
IDK if you're aware, but I think Annabelle might be male. Not that this
matters, just saying. The tail undercoverts on female senegals are usually
green, and the green "V" on their chests extends between the legs.

Автор Julia DeCaro ( назад)
It depends where you get them. Mine was $600 and I think that's about

Автор sydney porter ( назад)
will someone tel me how much a senegal is??

Автор tmf1977 ( назад)
UPDATE: Sadly, our little martian man (as we called him) passed away on
Monday. We are devestated to say the least and our house has been
uncomfortably quiet without him. 

Автор TheMissBish ( назад)
How old is she :)?

Автор Mehki ( назад)
Awww...she's a little cutie. I love birds.

Автор neilamadhava ( назад)
This video's audio could make them most annoying alarm noise ever :) Cool
you got a senegal talking though - all mine does is fly on me when he wants
to poop

Автор Dennis Nakashima ( назад)
What a cool bird!

Автор tmf1977 ( назад)
We have a senegal that's almost 7 months old and so far he says "pretty
bird", "Phoebe" (my dog's name), "sweatie pie", "Trent" (my nephew's name),
"uh-oh", and "yum yum". We starting to train him to say "hello". Love this

Автор CeruleanSilver ( назад)
My Senegal really loves this video! :)

Автор kamizaCondor ( назад)
Just saying your voice is not annoying at all. Beautifull voice :D

Автор climid ( назад)
my senegal parrot loves this video.

Автор Carla Salazar ( назад)
soooo cute !! 

Автор Bird Man ( назад)
You should get her a bigger cage

Автор vlal28 ( назад)
I love it when you are singing and she is singing back to you. That is
lovely... really lovely. 

Автор Chrisiswhoa ( назад)
I LOVE ur senegal...I've had mine for a lil over a year now. Wallie is
about 16 months old. How old is Annabelle?

Автор doobyboy21 ( назад)
Hi Annabelle!!!

Автор Josh O ( назад)
you're confusing it lol

Автор Sassy Devil ( назад)
What a cutie! Very well trained. And your voice isn't annoying. :)

Автор Miss_Anna ( назад)
I just moved into a house where I'm not allowed to have a pet where I live
and grew up with pets. I'm so lonely =( I need a bird so bad!

Автор molllyr ( назад)
I really like this video. So cute!

Автор molllyr ( назад)
I relly lika this video. So cute! :) 

Автор Jek ( назад)
I just adopted a 4 year old Senegal. He wouldnt let anyone hold him but now
he does! Problem is he wont talk. He has said hi a few times, mostly for my
boyfriend. Any advice on training?

Автор Chris K. ( назад)
why is there a christmas tree there in april? :P

Автор hack4100 ( назад)
my senegals the only 1 that doesnt talk she will whistle give kisses &
laughs but no words my blue crown conure picked up quicker. did you own her
as a baby?

Автор Aaron ( назад)
My bird curses :(

Автор Sassy Devil ( назад)
Annabelle is totally cool! And I see in the comments she has a birthday
this month, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNABELLE! BTW, your voice is *not*
annoying; you have a lovely voice. :)

Автор Stinky21 ( назад)
sounds like fred

Автор doobyboy21 ( назад)
I got a second hand senegal parrot and the damn thing keeps biting me all
the time ! any tricks for a nicer bird ? Thankx !

Автор Nukawin ( назад)
My mum has a senegal called Paddie, she seems to only like my mum however,
she has drawn blood from everyone except her! Also, she doesn't talk, our
other two parrots (an african grey, Riko, and an indian ringneck, Mika) do
talk! Paddie only mimics the telephone, I wonder why?

Автор lemurfan123 ( назад)
@roamdaboardlife Wow, that's the BEST Senegal ever!

Автор lemurfan123 ( назад)
Awesome bird!!! 

Автор Robodragon ( назад)
how old does these guys get ? .. Because I've heard 60years old.

Автор vinnyvangough ( назад)
Lovely bird, My senegal Clive, just loves listening to this video. He is
very arrogant when he wants to be and is such a character. But you just
cant help but love him.

Автор britt gallicano ( назад)
how old is annabell? so cute! i have a 7year old senegal who loves everyone
and never bites anybody! 

Автор brittanyv326 ( назад)
Your voice isn't annoying, lol. Beautiful bird, that's incredible that he
knows so much and speaks so clearly. I have a 5 month old Sennie and she's
not very vocal at all. I love her just the same even if she never utters a
word, but it sure is amusing to watch one talk!

Автор Tails the Gamer ( назад)
nice vid, i am gonna get my one senegal parrot tommorow. a 2 year old
one,who lived with another senegal parrot, but it got teased all te time.
So she is very sad now and gets a new owner, ME!! hihihi

Автор Maria Eugenia Ramírez ( назад)
Thanks a lot for your advice, I was saying something to him but I quit
after few times, I going to start again and keep doing it, so maybe he can
learn some words. Thanks againl.

Автор yosbo s ( назад)
hey, i have a senegal to and got it when he was about 8 weeks old. he
couldnt talk at all when i got him. what i advice u to try is to use the
same phrase everytime u greet him , for example i said hey paco taco (paco
is her name) and after a month orso she started to greet me with hey paco.
ofc this doesnt work on all parrots but it did on mine he is now 1,5 years
and can say up to 10 full phrase,s also not all parrots will talk ps sorry
my my bad english

Автор viciousphishes ( назад)
I have a senegal that I just got a few weeks ago. She is 6 years old. She
was locked up all the time, and not happy at all. She is now talking up a
storm! She was very interested in this video. Can you tell me how long it
takes your bird to learn a new word or phrase? Peanut seems to pick things
up over night!

Автор Maria Eugenia Ramírez ( назад)
I have a Senegal named "Shakira" he tries to bite my boyfriend all the time
that he wants to feed him or going around him, I found a strange thing he
didn't talk at all, he makes noise like smoker alarm when I am not around.
I am wondering if the senegals they don't talk or is just mine I have been
trying to teach him but doesn't work. Any advise?? Thanks for helping.

Автор birdlady423 ( назад)
PRECIOUS!! SO TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL!! Blessings from Linda & Geronimo

Автор Maanleentjh ( назад)
he's very clever and talkable i hope my sennie does it to he's now 7weeks

Автор Breigh METCALFE ( назад)
I absolutely love this video! Thank you for sharing it!!! She is just soooo

Автор greystormbird ( назад)
what a sweetheart! I had a senegal, Billy, who died 6 years ago. I got him
as a baby and hand fed him. He was 11 years old when he died. I still miss
him. He said "good morning", "come here", "hello", he whistled and danced.
He also was very good at imitating the smoke alarm, which was very annoying
at times. My african grey still imitates Billy...which makes me smile. It
is like he is still with us.

Автор militaryqt ( назад)
think it's shandy since that's her account name

Автор Craig Hunter ( назад)
She is adorable!

Автор Deb Ammons ( назад)
Adorable I am getting a 11 year old next week owner has to rehome. I am so
excited but sorry for her she is so upset. You true friends and animales do
not care that you have a high voice. Animals see the true you. I am 360 lbs
my animals love me for me as well as people who looked beyound the outside.

Автор dharmabird67 ( назад)
Oh he is so smart and sweet... I had a sennie girl Lani who passed away
almost 3 years ago - I still miss her so much..:( She only learned how to
say her name and some cute whistles and sounds like the microwave, phone,
sneeze, etc. I hope to get another sennie one day soon - I love their
spunky personalities :)

Автор jmstraight ( назад)
My sun conure really liked this video! Annabelle is a very good talker!

Автор mcbewley ( назад)
Not fake. Why do you think that? Parrots can certainly talk and sing.

Автор Vogelfreundin ( назад)
I've got a Senegal called Robbie who is 29 known years old. He came to our
family at the age of 6 from a different family. He's probably wild caught
but very, very tame. He spends most of the day on my shoulder making noises
of all kind, saying his name, my name and imitating several alarm clocks of
the past 20 years plus squeaking like some of our doors in the house and a
variety of other noises like the zip of handbags. Pity he's old and almost
blind now because I love him lots.

Автор Cinnamon Kejaro ( назад)
Wow! Your Sennie says a lot! I have one too, she's 8. She says a lot of
things and makes a lot of noises and whistles, she clucks like a chicken,
too. but she really doesn't say more than 2 syllable words. I try and get
her in action on video but she clams up as soon as she sees the thing. I'll
have to sneak up on her with it.

Автор Jargo Maide ( назад)
i got senegal name kiku and 20 years old and hes boy and really pretty
talking too and dancing

Автор Jargo Maide ( назад)
i got senegal parrot hes 20 years old and cute hes legs are pink =)

Автор charliepoet13 ( назад)
not usually it some cases maybe but usuallly a wild senegal cant be tamed.

Автор LoJack ( назад)
i used to have a senegal!! where did u get this bird?

Автор ChrisiB ( назад)
My Senegals Star and Domingo LOVE to watch your video - it's their favorite
show! They whistle and chatter along. Star began to say "Hi Brian" about a
month ago and we could not figure out who he knew named Brian - finally
just realized where he learned it. Ha ha!

Автор Peedge80 ( назад)
Go figure! I just picked up my Meyers Parrot (15 weeks old), and I have
cough. He is clearing his throat after 2 days and makes kissy noises. Great
job on training him. If you have any advice, please send it my way. This is
my first bird, and what a joy!

Автор Peedge80 ( назад)
How long did it take before he said his first word? How old was he?

Автор Chastity Z ( назад)
She is do cute. I have one too. She says some really cute things. She has
this scarey laugh. Her name is Maggie.

Автор AstronautToast ( назад)
So cute! I just can't get my Senegal parrot to do that. It's not mine, but
it's my mom's. Did it say shake it, shake it, shake it? That's cute. I do
have my own bird named Isabella, she's a Meyers parrot. I try to teach her
how to beatbox and talk, but she can't, either.

Автор jo0ba ( назад)
"It's Okay!" sooo adorable! I wish my Senegal will talk like that, he's
only a baby for now. Thanks for sharing this video, it makes me smile :)

Автор gossett2006 ( назад)
I LOVE Annabelle! I have an 8 month old females Senegal named Tilly and she
loves the video too. Hope she learns to talk like that. I work at home so
she is out with me all day and I am her human. I talk and sing to her all
the time and she loves it. What a great bird and video. Thank you for

Автор serenity73 ( назад)
wow, what a sweet sweet bird.

Автор iAmTheQuam ( назад)
we have jacky and he meows and does crazy things! omg that is crazy lol!

Автор rockybeach1 ( назад)
Thanks for the kind words and the great information, this is Kayto's third
home he was a poor scared little sennie that would fly away at a site of a
hand now after five days Kayto is bonding very nice with me.

Автор rockybeach1 ( назад)
I have a 6 month old rescue sennie named Kayto he is doing very good just
had him 5 days.

Автор rockybeach1 ( назад)
What age did Annabelle start talking?

Автор rockybeach1 ( назад)
This is a very well loved and taught sennie the best I ever heard talking
and singing nice video thanks for sharing these special moments with us.

Автор bowlingballout ( назад)
Gotta love those Sennies

Автор Ellen Uittenbogaard ( назад)
ohh.. ha ha.. this is too cute!! My sennie only says two words.. gosh!! bye

Автор Daniel Moore ( назад)
how cute sengals are such sweet birds

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