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Автор Joseph Anderson (2 года)
IDK if you're aware, but I think Annabelle might be male. Not that this
matters, just saying. The tail undercoverts on female senegals are usually
green, and the green "V" on their chests extends between the legs.

Автор Shaaandy (4 года)
@AngelCutieUtie Thank you!!

Автор Breigh METCALFE (5 лет)
I absolutely love this video! Thank you for sharing it!!! She is just soooo

Автор birdlady423 (5 лет)
PRECIOUS!! SO TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL!! Blessings from Linda & Geronimo

Автор haxsorz (8 лет)
how old is your parrot? mine only says hey paulie copies the microwave

Автор yosbo s (5 лет)
hey, i have a senegal to and got it when he was about 8 weeks old. he
couldnt talk at all when i got him. what i advice u to try is to use the
same phrase everytime u greet him , for example i said hey paco taco (paco
is her name) and after a month orso she started to greet me with hey paco.
ofc this doesnt work on all parrots but it did on mine he is now 1,5 years
and can say up to 10 full phrase,s also not all parrots will talk ps sorry
my my bad english

Автор littledanii (8 лет)
my god...never heard a sengal talk like that..i have 1 too

Автор Shaaandy (8 лет)
Thanks for the nice comments. We love him very much. He started talking at
about 6 months old. His first "word" was a cough, as my sister-in-law was
over and she had a bad cold and was coughing and out of the blue Annabelle
started coughing. He's not always such an angel though :)

Автор Jargo Maide (7 лет)
i got senegal name kiku and 20 years old and hes boy and really pretty
talking too and dancing

Автор Chastity Z (7 лет)
She is do cute. I have one too. She says some really cute things. She has
this scarey laugh. Her name is Maggie.

Автор Shaaandy (7 лет)
Just a stupid song that I made up that has other lyrics, but those are the
ones he knows.

Автор jmstraight (6 лет)
My sun conure really liked this video! Annabelle is a very good talker!

Автор 12cu294xxx (5 лет)
shake shake shake lol

Автор Nukawin (4 года)
My mum has a senegal called Paddie, she seems to only like my mum however,
she has drawn blood from everyone except her! Also, she doesn't talk, our
other two parrots (an african grey, Riko, and an indian ringneck, Mika) do
talk! Paddie only mimics the telephone, I wonder why?

Автор Shaaandy (8 лет)
Thanks. Check out clicker training. My senegal bites as well, but you have
to learn to avoid the bite and also, make sure you are not teaching him to
bite. They bite because that's their only means of defense if they feel
they are threatened. There's a clicker training group on yahoo called
BirdClick, I highly recommend you check it out. It's all about positive
reinforcement, it's easy, and your bird will love it. Also, check out the
book, Clicker Training for Birds by Melinda Johnson.

Автор Shaaandy (8 лет)
That's great that you have a rescue! You are doing a good thing. I don't
know if they all can talk like mine, but if you talk to yours a lot, Kayto
will probably pick up on something. Even if he doesn't pick up something,
it will help wiith the bond. Mine is a biter though, and I don't know why
yours is a rescue but if he has bitiing problems, you might want to check
out clicker training. All positive reinforcement.

Автор Dante Aligheri (5 лет)
She is adorable!

Автор twinkler123 (7 лет)

Автор ERICAPETS (7 лет)
i love ur sengal parrot.very clever talker&cute.i have sengal parrot who i
love&there personailty are so nice.does ur go on its back cos mine goes on
back&also if go out room for min squaks at me to say come back lol..does
urs doin anthin else aswell talking?

Автор Shaaandy (5 лет)
Thanks so much for the comment! I am so happy to hear that George has a
good home now.

Автор vinnyvangough (4 года)
Lovely bird, My senegal Clive, just loves listening to this video. He is
very arrogant when he wants to be and is such a character. But you just
cant help but love him.

Автор CeruleanSilver (2 года)
My Senegal really loves this video! :)

Автор Izzy (4 года)
@roamdaboardlife Wow, that's the BEST Senegal ever!

Автор JenniferHollidayxxx (8 лет)
aww, what a good bird!! ^__^

Автор Peedge80 (7 лет)
How long did it take before he said his first word? How old was he?

Автор Shaaandy (5 лет)
Not all sennies can learn to talk well... Some are just more interested
than others. But, they all love it if you talk and sing to them a lot. If
yours will learn to talk it will be because you talk to him/her a lot.

Автор sydney porter (2 года)
will someone tel me how much a senegal is??

Автор Shaaandy (4 года)
@roamdaboardlife - Annabelle is going to be 8 in November. Thanks for the
kind words! He, however, does bite. He doesn't mean to be "mean" but I'm
the only one that can hold him, though he loves attention from anyone.

Автор Shaaandy (7 лет)
Oh. That is sooo cute. :)

Автор molllyr (4 года)
I really like this video. So cute!

Автор goanna92 (4 года)
I just moved into a house where I'm not allowed to have a pet where I live
and grew up with pets. I'm so lonely =( I need a bird so bad!

Автор rockybeach1 (8 лет)
Thanks for the kind words and the great information, this is Kayto's third
home he was a poor scared little sennie that would fly away at a site of a
hand now after five days Kayto is bonding very nice with me.

Автор kamizaCondor (2 года)
Just saying your voice is not annoying at all. Beautifull voice :D

Автор Maanleentjh (5 лет)
he's very clever and talkable i hope my sennie does it to he's now 7weeks

Автор kathy0777 (5 лет)
She's soo cute!! How long take you to make her learn? How old was her when
you buy her?

Автор rach2828 (7 лет)
awesome video! showing it to my senegal right now :)

Автор proviewsg (7 лет)
Wow he's really an excellent talker. If my Senegal Parrot, Kermit is able
to talk like that it will be a BONUS. I'm really impress with your training
techniques. So far it's the best talking Sennie I ever seen.

Автор Shaaandy (5 лет)
Mine does like others, but I'm the only one who can hold him because he's
pretty aggressive. Clicker training can help. But, all birds are different,
so it's hard to say. But, they are a HUGE commitment and require lots of
attention. Make sure the girlfriend likes birds and is very patient. :)

Автор karenmtyrer (5 лет)
yes afraid dont seem to go to everyone and can give a nasty bite... if they
like you they are loving and very talkative.. like to chat and want
company... mine attacks just about everyone but me not loud noisy birds
like conure

Автор hopkit0 (8 лет)
smart bird mine only says hey guy and copies the microwave

Автор Aaron Williams (4 года)
My bird curses :(

Автор Shaaandy (5 лет)
The top is separate. This cage is now his sleeping cage, I actually bought
a much bigger one 2 years ago. When I got him, they told me they liked
smaller cages, but since then, I did learn that he should be in a much
bigger cage. Luckily, he is usually out of his cage anyway. So, if you have
a sennie, I recommend a much bigger cage than the one I have in this video

Автор proviewsg (7 лет)
Annabelle is really sweet and cute. Our family intended to get a Senegal
too. We read a few articles stating that it will be better picking a new
senegal after 7-9months old, as they will be more confident and don't
exhibits extremely shy & bossy behaviors. Any advice what age of a senegal
will suitable? Btw hw old is Annabelle when u gt him?

Автор Shaaandy (8 лет)
Thanks... That's funny that your girl is named Zach and my boy (we found
out later that he is a boy) is named Annabelle. Annabelle tries to be
sweet, but he does have quite a bite on him. We're working on clicker
training to try to improve that.

Автор Mehki (2 года)
Awww...she's a little cutie. I love birds.

Автор nilejada (5 лет)
my baby george came from a bad home they kept him locked up 24 7 and said
he was aggressive and didnt talk ive had him now for 5 weeks hes about 18
months old and hes talking and whistling now i put your bird on for him
every day and hes besotted lol and learning new things all the time

Автор Stinky21 (4 года)
sounds like fred

Автор neilamadhava (2 года)
This video's audio could make them most annoying alarm noise ever :) Cool
you got a senegal talking though - all mine does is fly on me when he wants
to poop

Автор Shaaandy (7 лет)
Hi Amanda, Thanks. Not all birds talk, so yours may or may not talk. It
doesn't mean yours is less smart or anything, some just do and some don't.
They can all learn tricks though, check out clicker training. There's a
yahoo group called birdclick that's great that can teach you, and they love
to learn. Mine learned to talk because we constantly talked and sang to
him, and he just picked up on it.

Автор Ellen Uittenbogaard (8 лет)
ohh.. ha ha.. this is too cute!! My sennie only says two words.. gosh!! bye

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