Learning Colors Video for Kids, Learning Colors in English.

Helping kids learn colors, using colored toy balls & Alphabet letters. A great E-learning Video teaching kids to learn colors in English.

Learning Colors using colored toy balls and introducing the first letter of the color. How to identify Colors, and Learn letters of the Alphabet. E-learning is an excellent tool used to help kids learn how to communicate in English.

Intelligent Kids World - iKIDSWORLD creating FREE Educational E-learning videos for Children. Our Video Flashcards & eBooks help Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarten Kids learn The Alphabet Song, Colors | Colours, Numbers, Counting, Animals & much more.

We help create a Learning Environment that will Engage Kids & Encourage them to Interact. We achieve this by using a cute child's voice throughout our video's to relate & maintain the attention of our little viewer's.

Occupy your kid's time efficiently and effectively. Having a routine will encourage responsibility and help children develop quality skills that will allow them to succeed and excel in school.

学习颜色 儿童
学習色 子ども Gakushū-iro Kodomo
सीखना रंग बच्चे
aprender los colores niños
cores aprendizagem crianças
يتعلم الطفل اللون
Apprendre l'enfant des couleurs
узнать цвет детей deti uchat·sya tsvet
lernen Farben
colori di Apprendimento
colori di Apprendimento

子供のためのアルファベット。アルファベットの歌からの手紙Sを学習。スイミングプールで泳ぐことを学びました. 幼児や未就学児のための教育ビデオ。コメントを購読してお任せください。

الفيديو التعليمية لمرحلة ما قبل المدرسة والأطفال الرضع. الرجاء ترك تعليق والاشتراك.

Jamal Qazi. All Rights reserved 2011.

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Good new for you ,discover ten ways to support your child’s
English-learning at home here :http://englishwithyourchildren.blogspot.com/

Автор Casual Creations 4 Kids ( назад)
Another good way of teaching colors: https://youtu.be/yvUXVFtWRuo

Автор KidsPlanet ( назад)
Qaziinc, I really like your channel

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Автор Animated Surprise Eggs TV (996 лет назад)
Nice way to learn colors and some letters! ♥♥♥

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k. there 3 k likes and 4 k dislikes WTF

Автор Goran Arkan ( назад)

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Best TV shows for learning english
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZUZX-NNADI Enjoy!

Автор KidsPlanet ( назад)
Really funny ! Like it!

Автор Interesting tv ( назад)

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Автор ‫نبيل سليمان‬‎ ( назад)

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Cool! : D

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Howdy guys! Really love the channel! If you want to check out some of Amy's
songs where her and her animal friends dance visit youtu.be/e7ItgCeIeX4

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really nice :-)))

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Hi! I got inspired by my toddler to make videos similar to this just
recently because I noticed she loves watching them on youtube and she
actually learns from them. I subscribed to you hope you can sub to me too
and check out my videos. :)

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Can you SUBSCRIBE to me!?!?

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adorable way of teaching colors! :)

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I like It :-)

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Вот классный сервис для изучения английского http://goo.gl/DKpvNv

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Автор Childrenofworld2014 ( назад)

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
This was one of our first few videos. We wanted our son to learn colors and
letters, but didn't want him to be bombarded by flashy bright colors and
animation. How did your toddler react this this video?

Автор 范芸華 ( назад)

Автор Lea Tucker ( назад)
Why are there only 5 colours?

Автор Bernadett Nis ( назад)

Автор Karan Goedan ( назад)

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
That's great! Did you find the colored balls?

Автор MrNextOne ( назад)
Thanx a lot.I living in Hungary(Europe).We have IKEA,too.I try to get

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello mrnextone, thanks for watching. What country are you from? In North
America, you can get them from Toysrus, Walmart, Target, Masterminds, IKEA,
and many other department stores with children products.

Автор MrNextOne ( назад)
Where can I get those balls?

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello, welcome to QAZIINC, home of iKIDSWORLD. Prior to releasing the
video, we asked ourselves the same question. The answer was simple - Our
children are intelligent. There minds are able to comprehend the difference
between objects, images, sounds, taste, texture. Using the video on our
children has helped them learn their letters and Colours | Colors. The
Letter Y is not not always the color Y, The letter R is not always the
color Red. Challenging your childs mind will help development.

Автор XffTheGrid411 ( назад)
I don't understand why you didn't match up the right colors with the first
letter of each word for each color... For example the letter Y should be
yellow, the letter R should be red, and the letter O should be orange for
orange... wow!

Автор XffTheGrid411 ( назад)
I don't understand why you didn't cordinate the proper colors with the
first letter of the word for each color.. Forgot example the letter "Y"
should be yellow .. not some random color..

Автор Jonatan Garcia Diego ( назад)
J !.@

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello Hen, thank you for leaving a comment. Do you have children?

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello Randy, welcome to iKIDSWORLD. How old is your little one?

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Learning Colors Flashcards for Children. #kids #preschool #preschoolers
#kindergarten #children #daycare #homeschool #montessori
#EarlychildhoodEducation #Earlychildhood #Earlychildhooddevelopment #Parents
#parenting #Games #Activities #Toddlers #Babies #elearning #USA #UK #Canada
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Xxxviii Bmp

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hi, thank you for watching and leaning a message. Do you have children?

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Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hi, thank you for leaving a comment. Did you get a chance to watch some of
our recent uploads?

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We'll be running a few contest in the near future. Lookout for chances to
win some FREE iKIDSWORLD swag | merchandise. Follow us on Twitter &
Facebook for further instructions.

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
How did your child react to this video? Did they become engaged?

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hi Dufas, thank you for leaving a comment. Why do you suggest using Black
for the letter?

Автор Dufas64 ( назад)
Need to use black for letters

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Welcome to iKIDSWORLD Javed, we hope you enjoyed this video. 

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hi Jazmin, thank you fro leaving a comment. Do you have any children?

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i am random :-)

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
We gave Purple the day off. Thank you for leaving a comment. What's your
channel about?

Автор ngradrian ( назад)
where's purple?

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Lkkjhj. , .

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епдиретли тваьсбмсьмьмитиимьитс чтсьмтмьмити мбмьтбмьиььтмбибиьиор.олльэьб

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
hola, gracias por dejar un mensaje. How old is your child!

Автор Brenda Magaly Salazar ( назад)
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ las estrellitas y los corazoncitos los coloco
mi nieta estrellita

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We are learning simple features that make song educational to young English
learners around the world and create a song value to a young emerging
speaker everywhere. Thank you for responding and I'll update my channel for
easy visibility. More power and Godbless

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello, thank you for leaving a comment, tell us more about your channel?

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Hello, finally I've launch my ball song and learning songs for children.
Hopefully some viewers can visit my video. Thanks you so much and God

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Hello narek, thank you for leaving a comment. Did you enjoy this video for

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ok cool 

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some of our other learning videos for children?

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One fell off and bumped his head....

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five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
What activities are you showing your children to learn colours|colors?

Автор Qaziinc ( назад)
Hello Francis, thank you for leaving us a comment. Have you had a chance to
browse through our other learning videos for children?

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