Snake With 10 Heads.. Caught in Srilanka

Please Count the heads of the snake

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Автор Corbin Blake ( назад)
12 not 10

Автор จิรารัตน์ เพียน ( назад)

Автор Ciara The Weeper ( назад)

Автор keira jones ( назад)

Автор keira jones ( назад)
only one snakes shadow i can see on the grass, where r others........

Автор Anmol Goel ( назад)
Jai ho nag devta

Автор Chandan Chauhan (1172 года назад)
Photoshop fail.... Hahahaha... Plz photoshop shadow tooooo....

Автор ashutosh singh (1839 лет назад)
Bullshit!!! If there is a ten headed snake, they should have that snake's
video where the animal is in motion.

Автор Tal Egosi ( назад)
soooooo fake look at the shadow, it only shows one snake head

Автор Seth Gutierrez ( назад)

Автор Robert Hocker ( назад)
I hard "2 heads are better than one"; but...Damn!!...[LOL]

Автор Girish T G ( назад)
My God...... .

Автор Billy Kan ( назад)
You are so stupid look at the shadow. Only one head and the snake got 12
head are you bad at counting your number at school. Noob

Автор Rice Cube ( назад)
umm good job with the photoshop but r u stupid enough to NOT see the

Автор neriah sushienae ( назад)
kanang mulihok jud para mutoo ang tawo nga tinood jud

Автор jade perrin ( назад)
photo shop isn't entertaining people. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT NOW.
by the way it has 12 heads

Автор Mauricio Niles ( назад)
the coming days are coming the serpent stand for satan

Автор carlos quijano ( назад)
Hella photoshopped 

Автор swathysathyan sathyan ( назад)

Автор Ngây Thơ Bin ( назад)
pts vl @@~ disslike

Автор Chinthana De Silva ( назад)
Dont tell lies please

Автор John K.S ( назад)
fake as shit

Автор Jay Stryer ( назад)
I'm pretty sure his snake will win, not yours. :) 

Автор Zefoox Razvan ( назад)
fuck this 

Автор InteractiveSunny ( назад)
How come the shadow is for only one head... fucking stupid amateur

Автор Apple Slizer ( назад)
seems legit

Автор sandun dhammika Perera ( назад)
any good tutorials on learning PHOTOSHOP up to the skills that you

Автор sandun dhammika Perera ( назад)
hay dude, our snake is greater than your snake. Invite him to face to face
fight with our snake. Your snake will lose at the first round.

Автор John Aries Casanova ( назад)
There's 12 heads

Автор Rukus 69 ( назад)
My thoughts exactly...and we dont thave to think too hard to figure out

Автор TheAustraliaShark ( назад)
Nice photoshop

Автор Rajakumaran Rajkumar ( назад)
can u explain why need ten heads?

Автор Caesar88888 ( назад)
Why only photo? why not video? =)

Автор vineet loomba ( назад)
this all is fake,stupid. 

Автор Jolly Jr Chavez ( назад)
Nice EDIT !! You may take years to practice PHOTOSHOP! 

Автор 2006mukesh ( назад)

Автор Sim Wrangler ( назад)
I make a 10 headed snake too with Photoshop.

Автор john lagazo ( назад)

Автор Holly Wood ( назад)
People cant even count!

Автор Holly Wood ( назад)
I wish you could see the rating before you clicked on the video.

Автор jessi burke ( назад)
Ignore these naysayers! Keep expressing yourself. be honest though! 

Автор Rex187 ( назад)
nice PS ^^ ( PS = Photoshop ) 

Автор raven lewis ( назад)
what the fuck?!! 

Автор MonsterJJ ( назад)
that is shopped of the photo

Автор Patrick Aurich ( назад)

Автор desiree lindsay ( назад)

Автор hello9820 ( назад)
Nice photoshop

Автор nagarjun m ( назад)
look at the shadow friends....photoshop edittion

Автор Erica Wilson ( назад)

Автор Stephen Atalebe ( назад)
Read the novel The Mystery of the Snake with Seven Heads to find out more 

Автор MrPhatNOB ( назад)
If you look closely at 1:08 you can tell its fake..

Автор lauralee026 ( назад)
snake with ten heads caught in srilanka supposedly grew two more

Автор Keera Mcneill ( назад)
I, personally, have not seen one. But that does not mean that there can't
be one!

Автор csmenik ( назад)
I'm sure its hard to beleive for people who haven't seen a real cobra in
their backyard. but if you grew up in Sri Lanka specialy in the North side
there's a high chance for you to bump in to a 3 headed, 5 headed, 10 headed
as well as 12 headed snake even while you are playing with your friends. we
even have a island called 'snake Island'..we do have lots of stories about
these kinds of snakes all in our history... DON'T SAY FAKE because you

Автор Rhylan25 (1733 года назад)

Автор sedjetra ( назад)
Snake With 10 Heads.. Caught in Srilanka... Done in Photoshop

Автор Jarrai Jallow ( назад)
12 heads

Автор Disguiseduser ( назад)
yep 12 

Автор jacob normandin ( назад)

Автор Fernando Schiling ( назад)

Автор Karthikeyan (KBala27) ( назад)

Автор ahmad patel ( назад)

Автор charlespontoon ( назад)
Tsk tsk tsk.......

Автор Vijay Baidya (Manne) ( назад)
Look at the shadow. 

Автор vinaygandhi23 ( назад)
its fake snake..

Автор Pinyora Laub ( назад)

Автор savannah estabrook ( назад)
actuly it has 12 heads

Автор Rapunzel Maaren ( назад)
Photoshop ftw :P

Автор Gfsgh ( назад)
it look like a fan 

Автор Primlal D ( назад)
photoshop shop shop sh ]

Автор hakeem abdulla bappu ak ( назад)
but this plastic made.?. 

Автор Rasheed Elipparakkal ( назад)
you could make it 100 heads with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP

Автор Caleb McCreary ( назад)
that is twelve heads not real 

Автор ReDucT0r ( назад)
I won't stop clicking on photoshop ones, till I find the 50 headed snake

Автор sw00p99 ( назад)
That's a turkey's butt photoshopped on a snake 

Автор LienChing Ching ( назад)
CARMA .....:) God the Creator..... let me see and breathing looooooooongggg
to watch 

Автор revolutionaryjake ( назад)
india is so full of shit!

Автор wolfgang169 ( назад)
medusa dropped her wig

Автор izas firmanda ( назад)

Автор justin miller ( назад)
yea 12 

Автор Devon Galligan ( назад)
U can tell that is fake as lil wayne!

Автор Lâm Nguyễn ( назад)
This is Fake 100%

Автор pedro el charcho ( назад)
You forgot to put the big fake shadow in behind it Bro '''', that aint no
12 headed shadow ,, Pretty Gay'''''

Автор cowgirlbecklyn youngblood ( назад)
11 heads and i think im in the wiredpart of youtube so i think ill just go
back to watching agt

Автор MrWowzers567 ( назад)
Where in the hell is Srilanka?

Автор Void Raider ( назад)
you clicked it because it's funny to see people's sad attempts to forge

Автор Robbie Cameron ( назад)
snakes born with more then 1 head only have a 40% chance of surviving to
get to adult size, more then 2 and its about 20% to get to a yearling size,
12 heads full adult? very hard to believe. 

Автор AgostinoOpazz ( назад)
to write to the guy who posted it : fuck u 10 times!XD

Автор mazensyrian1 (1916 лет назад)
I saw snake with 30 heads but in my dreams hahaha

Автор Vishal Arimanithaya ( назад)
This is fake but there really are 5 headed snakes in india

Автор skylar thomas ( назад)
Well if you all look and count properly....who ever put this up can not
count how many times they photo shopped the heads...THERE ARE TWELVE HEADS

Автор charan (356 лет назад)
there is only one head see the shadow clearly 

Автор Dipto Hafiz ( назад)
its not true 

Автор Julio Juliopolis ( назад)
Well done ikarockz! Now the only mystery remaining is for us to figure out
why whoever edited the picture decided to remove the other shadows. Hmmm...

Автор Sima Nuri ( назад)
if u said 10 why did u count to 12..........

Автор poorvesh mistry ( назад)
Hey u fooled with editing the picture of a cobra, but y u were not able to
do anything for its shadow ?

Автор aman khan ( назад)
so wildy vdo 

Автор nords unsi ( назад)
I congratulate the artist of this picture,,,, I wish and I hope that I can
witness this kind of living things...

Автор RUSHNBOBO ( назад)
We have to, it's our sick human curiosity

Автор RUSHNBOBO ( назад)
now show me a multiple headed snake that is actually moving.... 

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