Snake With 10 Heads.. Caught in Srilanka

Please Count the heads of the snake

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 1:25
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Автор Billy Kan (2 месяца)
You are so stupid look at the shadow. Only one head and the snake got 12
head are you bad at counting your number at school. Noob

Автор Neek Panchal (3 месяца)
umm good job with the photoshop but r u stupid enough to NOT see the

Автор jade perrin (4 месяца)
photo shop isn't entertaining people. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT NOW.
by the way it has 12 heads

Автор Girish T G (1 месяц)
My God...... .

Автор Mauricio Niles (4 месяца)
the coming days are coming the serpent stand for satan

Автор carlos quijano (5 месяцев)
Hella photoshopped 

Автор 2006mukesh (1 год)

Автор soLarEclipse199 (1 год)
i ABSOLUTELY HATE such misleading videos about animals....

Автор poorvesh mistry (1 год)
Hey u fooled with editing the picture of a cobra, but y u were not able to
do anything for its shadow ?

Автор TheAustraliaShark (1 год)
Nice photoshop

Автор skylar thomas (1 год)
Well if you all look and count properly....who ever put this up can not
count how many times they photo shopped the heads...THERE ARE TWELVE HEADS

Автор Sima Nuri (1 год)
if u said 10 why did u count to 12..........

Автор vishva eshu (1 год)
anna bond

Автор Ngây Thơ Bin (5 месяцев)
pts vl @@~ disslike

Автор kmanmoney065 (1 год)
hehehehehe -_-

Автор Jarrai Jallow (1 год)
12 heads

Автор John Aries Casanova (10 месяцев)
There's 12 heads

Автор turk smash (1 год)
this is so real

Автор Gfsgh (1 год)
it look like a fan

Автор Pinyora Laub (1 год)

Автор hello9820 (1 год)
Nice photoshop

Автор ostube111 (1 год)
i came here after watching snake with five heads ..

Автор SoniaG1108 (1 год)
a 1mn 25 sec video, just in time to count out all these heads... of course,
I came just after watching snakes with five heads X)

Автор Modshop DANMARK (1 год)
You don't say?

Автор Rajakumaran Rajkumar (1 год)
can u explain why need ten heads?

Автор Robbie Cameron (1 год)
snakes born with more then 1 head only have a 40% chance of surviving to
get to adult size, more then 2 and its about 20% to get to a yearling size,
12 heads full adult? very hard to believe.

Автор cowgirlbecklyn youngblood (1 год)
11 heads and i think im in the wiredpart of youtube so i think ill just go
back to watching agt

Автор kashiful hijab (1 год)
12 heads

Автор anand Hospet (1 год)

Автор gentatadakatsu (1 год)

Автор 178Rex (1 год)
nice PS ^^ ( PS = Photoshop )

Автор xristospont (1 год)

Автор Zefoox Razvan (9 месяцев)
fuck this

Автор Rasheed Elipparakkal (1 год)
you could make it 100 heads with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP

Автор seanbebek71 (1 год)
Fuck this

Автор Milliam Rentas (1 год)

Автор AlromaithiAD (1 год)

Автор Dipto Hafiz (1 год)
its not true

Автор Romeo Friginal (1 год)
its 12 head not 10

Автор MrZLinKY21 (1 год)
that is shopped of the photo

Автор pedro el charcho (1 год)
You forgot to put the big fake shadow in behind it Bro '''', that aint no
12 headed shadow ,, Pretty Gay'''''

Автор Jagjeet singh (1 год)
see the shadow of the snake lol

Автор sandun dhammika perera (10 месяцев)
any good tutorials on learning PHOTOSHOP up to the skills that you describe?

Автор Julio Juliopolis (1 год)
Well done ikarockz! Now the only mystery remaining is for us to figure out
why whoever edited the picture decided to remove the other shadows. Hmmm...

Автор MrPhatNOB (1 год)
If you look closely at 1:08 you can tell its fake..

Автор vineet loomba (1 год)
this all is fake,stupid.

Автор Jay Stryer (8 месяцев)
I'm pretty sure his snake will win, not yours. :)

Автор sandun dhammika perera (10 месяцев)
hay dude, our snake is greater than your snake. Invite him to face to face
fight with our snake. Your snake will lose at the first round.

Автор revolutionaryjake (1 год)
india is so full of shit!

Автор Caesar88888 (1 год)
Why only photo? why not video? =)

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