Rambo: First Blood ( Ending Credits )

Rambo: First Blood

Artist: Dan Hill Lyrics
Song: It's A Long Road

It's a long road
When you're on your own
And it hurts when
They tear your dreams apart
And every new town
Just seems to bring you down
Trying to find peace of mind
Can break your heart
It's a real war
Right outside your front door I tell ya
Out where they'll kill ya
You could use a friend
Where the road is
That's the place for me
Where I'm me in my own space
Where I'm free that's the place
I wanna be
'Cause the road is long yeah
Each step is only the beginning
No breaks just heartaches
Oh man is anybody winning
It's a long road
And it's hard as hell
Tell me what do you do
To survive
When they draw first blood
That's just the start of it
Day and night you gotta fight
To keep alive
It's a long road ...

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Автор dizzyboy352 ( назад)
i think the message of this movie is that when u stand up for what is right
this is what happens to u. obviously the average man gets beat down way
before rambo, but this takes it to the extreme where a man can stand up for
what is right against anything. similar to the story 1984 where a man who
wants to do good finds he is alone in a sea of ppl doing evil. just like in
real life most ppl just go with the flow and don't try to stop evil when
they see it.

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)

Автор Tt TTRugbyVids ( назад)
And Battlestar Galactica

Автор STONECOLD1987 ( назад)
Rambo was so cool! I just love the franchise. It wasn't his fault, that cop
started it from the beginning & they didn't realize they were going up
against a 1 Man Army :D

Автор TheBelal7 ( назад)
indeed bro but in this 20th century they have made some very good movies as
well like Gladiator, LOTR trilogy, Thank god for Rambo 4! And Sly is crazy
about Rambo 5 :) But yeah a lot of good movies was made back in the days! I
think you forgot The Terminator! I'm only 19 years old but I have seen so
many old movies thanks to my older brothers :)

Автор corbenfan84 ( назад)
it is a long road when your on your own

Автор technoman232 ( назад)
And how could you forget Rocky?!

Автор Adam J ( назад)
Full Metal Jacket, Indiana Jones

Автор *You'll never know* ( назад)
its happening to us OIF/OEF vets too. Its just more institutionalized and
insidious. Rambo is a joke in the real Army, but the theme of this movie
hits me like a ton of bricks.

Автор TheAllience ( назад)
CGI was the death of movies, I feel for the new audiences of today that get
force fed fake explosions over a great story.

Автор MONTARE9 ( назад)
fekkin brilliant movie

Автор MONTARE9 ( назад)
teasle was a veteran of the Korean war-the forgotten war.

Автор smirov ( назад)
Why are you pushing me?

Автор Pełny Magazynek ( назад)
Teasle was fucken asshole

Автор The Scorpion ( назад)
wow, I now realize that rambo had an extreme case of Post-Traumatic stress

Автор berke hürtan ( назад)
olm movies old movies

Автор ZANEJOHN ( назад)
its First Blood 2 that gave the Rambo movies the "bad image" as a shoot em
up movie. its all about killing and Murdock im coming to get YOU stuff hehe

Автор David Hauntz ( назад)
Sly gave voice to the experience of the boys comming from Vietnam. Had
everyone stood up the way Rambo did, we would have a better Union today.

Автор nestorhill ( назад)
the 80s...

Автор TolgaBey ( назад)
Truly the best of all 4

Автор toddsmitts ( назад)
What I found fascinating when I first watch this movie was I wasn't sure
who to root for. Yes, the sheriff is a crude bully who roughs up a drifter
who hadn't hurt anyone, but Rambo deranged overreaction makes it almost
impossible for me to identify with him either. Interesting that there's no
clear-cut goodguy or badguy.

Автор Adorno37 ( назад)
right, just like District 9 was about the zionist world conspiracy, wasn't

Автор WinMore ( назад)
I think the acoustic version is better than the actual song itself.

Автор myviewsontheworld (575 лет назад)
I personally liked it, as in its all over, no bang, or gun fire or killing,
its all and its all road, but I can see ad respect your opinion.

Автор WinMore ( назад)
Good movie, but the end credits song - totally the wrong fit and really
pathetic. Probably friends of Stallone thats why it made it in. Or some
producer, maybe a band member blew one of the execs. WORST SONG EVER. HATE
IT. Good movie though.

Автор Wildcock23 ( назад)
Indeed it does

Автор Francis Lalonde ( назад)
if they used the instrumental version instead would you find it less

Автор Killjoy45 ( назад)
Not only the veterans from Vietnam, but all from every war.

Автор sableflare ( назад)
Despite being from the 80's, this song still holds true today in 2012

Автор ChernovFan100 ( назад)
I watched this movie a few days ago and I watched 2008 Rambo movie this
morning. I also hope to get Rambo 2 soon. To be honest the scene at the
start of this video where Rambo cries over the death of his friend in
Vietnam is one of the most memorable movie scenes I've ever seen...

Автор ChernovFan100 ( назад)
And Scarface

Автор robertmasterchannel ( назад)
Rambo forever!

Автор Raymond Gonzalez ( назад)
I love this song I will use for my wife's Electra and Elise.

Автор Junkmaster3 ( назад)
Oh shit. when i see this movie i wish i lived in the 80's. It seemed to be
such great years.

Автор thetwentyteens ( назад)
When I was a kid, I thought he said, "I was in this bar with some guy."

Автор gonzo0071 ( назад)
It's the cheesy song at the end that makes it comical. Would've kept it's
emotion if they stuck to the score. But as soon as the song plays I start

Автор edgehogR ( назад)
I don't think theres anything comical about having your friend's blood all
over you and watching him take his last breath beside you and not being to
do anything about it

Автор d1sc0verer ( назад)
Don't forget SCARFACE

Автор Six-String Steve ( назад)
don't get it. where's the comedy?

Автор Jason W Baccaro ( назад)
Well spoken. My father was one of them.

Автор funcooldrew2 ( назад)
he very good

Автор Viejoamigo ( назад)
Don't tell me this guy can't act. DON'T. Fuck you.

Автор SuperMichuPL ( назад)
This song make me soft...

Автор redspecial27 ( назад)
I have a friend who I dedicate this song to.. it's how he lives. He's 24
and both his parents and gramdparents are gone

Автор Daniel Ryan ( назад)
This movie struck a cord for me when I saw it for the first time, as my
father was a Vietnam veteran, and while he never really had PTS his
experiences definitely haunted him; I will never forget him breaking into
tears when we visisted the Vietnam Memorial during a trip to Washington DC.
I expect it is just a matter of time before this movie is remade with John
Rambo as an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran.

Автор Da Cashman ( назад)
Just saw this movie for the first time. Was super surprised and really
impressed. If this is a gourmet dish, most action movies look like a meal
at McDonalds.

Автор blackmask352 ( назад)
I almost cried when the end credit song came

Автор xpto228 ( назад)
The whole ending of this movie is incredibly powerful. And the very last
still of the movie is astonishing, especially the expression of Rambo.

Автор gonzo0071 ( назад)
By not sticking to a score for then end credits, they turned it from a
powerful action/drama to a comedy

Автор doms Last ( назад)
Legendary Movie , the music at the end makes this brillant.

Автор EricLynchSucks ( назад)
@masterofthenothing Not JUST anti war hippies dude. Just regular americans
that claim to be "pro troops" but dont even acknowledge the shit that
Americans did over there. Hate the American government for it. Blame the
moronic generals and officers. But the soldiers are always, and always
should be untouchable.

Автор mike marques ( назад)
the walk out of police station is the greatest scene in the history of
movie making astonishing

Автор IrishGurl524 ( назад)
to true man

Автор Taubi81 ( назад)
@MissDanosaur Horatio. ;-)

Автор Jaegar Ultima ( назад)
@MegaLongshaft Blame the advent of newer media like CGI, youtube, etc I
hear that popular culture analysts say that the next ten years will be the
worst for pop culture, real talent is no longer viable business sense
everything seems to immerse itself with trends if you think about it the
past 10 years have really pushed the last shreds of actual entertainment
out the window and the assholes that defend the new wave shit are making
things worse, yes some of us hate it and we'll keep bitchin'

Автор MrCouchmen ( назад)
That wad not nice years for vietnam soldiers returning from war.

Автор Xxandrew01 ( назад)
@TheProudPaki Obama is not cruel tho i agree about bush.

Автор masterofthenothing ( назад)
@Li4mEvraz it shows us quite a bit of what's out there, but it shows a
helluva lot more of what brave patriots suffer when they come home to a
bunch of anti-war hippies

Автор vonVince ( назад)
Many people fail to see the point in the movie, seeing it as some generic
"shoot them up" type of movie, even though only one person dies in the
movie - as a result of an accident. No; the movie is about what many
Vietnam veterans endured at home - being treated with disdain while being
effected by what they went through in the war.

Автор arcticridge ( назад)
Best freeze-frame ever.

Автор badfckr1 ( назад)
this will always be my favourite movie.i watched this as a kid and i'll
never forget the feeling it gave me.

Автор iwatchedraysnewvid ( назад)
@LoLzZ85 Stop trying to sound like you know anything about movies.Posing as
a person who has an actual critical opinion and not some teenager that
wants to seem cool.Shut the fuck up.

Автор ooooICEMANoooo ( назад)
An nobody would help!!!

Автор Thermalfiredotcom ( назад)
What a great, great movie. The ending should be on the top of a top ten
list of great endings.

Автор Criss Reznor ( назад)
its a long road

Автор mjrockyrambo ( назад)
太好的Ending了!!! 真的太好了,Rambo.............the man against the world!

Автор jenova94 ( назад)
@shireman700 emotionaly yes they are weaker but rambo 4 had action that
made this look like bambie, either way rambo is an epic series

Автор superthundereagle sean ( назад)
That what you got from this movie.

Автор TheInfamousWolf ( назад)
this last moment fuckin gets to me....its so intense...

Автор LoLzZ85 ( назад)
schmaltzy ending, corny 80's MOR song, cheesy freeze frame shot lol...
still a great movie.

Автор superthundereagle sean ( назад)
This movie is not a shot them up move. it real sad.

@MegaLongshaft But i did watch Gremlins for the 20th time today lol

@MegaLongshaft Agreed the only movies i like these days tend to be low
budget as a slight reminisce of the classic 80's and 90's

Автор MegaLongshaft ( назад)
Shows how good the films were in the 80s when they still stand true today
and the best films I can think of since 2000 include Rambo 4, Rocky 6 and
Die Hard 4. For a good ending to both franchises, I think at the end of
Rocky 6 he should've hung his gloves on Mickey's headstone and then at the
end of Rambo 4, hung his dog tags on Colonel Troutman's headstone.

Автор MegaLongshaft ( назад)
@WILLUSUBSCRIBE The majority of western films are now crap concepts and
remakes! Even Asian cinema has taken a bit of a plunge, with Japanese, Hong
Kong, Thai and Korean films not as strong as they were in the 90's. Such a
shame but I'm so glad I grew up when I did, upto 50's was the golden age of
film, 60's & 70's breaking new ground, 80's for ultimate film
entertainment, 90s continued on up to mid way and Japanese films really
took off outside Asia, 2000 onwards CGI, CGI, remake, CGI, jank.

Автор Michaela Kubíčková ( назад)
I love this movie from 13 years (im 18 years old and im girl), Classic
movie :'(

Автор R. Harms ( назад)
@eugene680 right - all soul is lost these days

Автор IronEagles16 ( назад)
It´s a fantastic movie; it's not only action movie...). It shows us that
war is hard but it's harder to come back your country and watching how
hippies say you: "Killer of childrens...and watch you with bad eyes...".
People don't have fucking idea how hard is the war. It's easy to talk about
soldiers and war being home on a chair. God bless Vietnam veterans!. They
are Rambo!.

Автор McTellious ( назад)

Yep agreed 80's and 90's movies were the best

Автор eugene680 ( назад)
Wish movies these days would go back to how they were made in the 1980's.
None of this cgi, fast editing, wire work, fast forward, shaky cam and 3-D.
They are all crap.

Brilliant move - timeless classic

i thought he said something about a '67' chevy convertable and riding until
the wheels fell off was that before this bit?

Автор TheProudPaki ( назад)
Excellent movie and fantastic ending, he is telling about the vietnam war
here how he was used and when he came back what treatment he got....fucking
governments just use their soldier whether its a U.S soldier or a Pakistani
soldier.......i know how are they being used for money and power by cruel
politicians like bush,Bhutto,obama.... etc...these things lead to military
coup in my country......but u know what taliban also keep the same
feeling...once heroes now terrorists its a big difference!

Автор Naveed lal khan ( назад)
iam a commando too *burps* oops

Автор Flavio Kersting ( назад)
@rawgofar i agree 100%.

Автор Marcatolegato ( назад)
what's the music that is just before the song ?

Автор lurch321 ( назад)
This last scene is very difficult to watch.....................yet you
can't look away.

Автор Daniel Vargas ( назад)
epic ending...

Автор Li4mEvraz ( назад)
Rambo is such a legend. Why does he not do more movies? This film is packed
with sadness, humour and there's also a lot of seriousness about it. People
have lost their families out in the war and I don't know weather it does or
not but this shows a slight example to me of what it is like out there.

Автор Freddy moostaff ( назад)
Tekrar Sevgiler ve Buyuk Saygilar Kardesim(Tatarianhunter) sagol
cevapina,Kim nederse desin,ama Benden sana ve Butun Mehmetcikler
Kardeslerime,Allah Razi Olsun ve Allah Onlari Insallah Korusun diye
dualarim sizinle kardesim, Mother fucker Kalles PKK,Sanki Turkiye size
borcu var,Picler,Gidin Yarrakistan Bulursunuz! (Kusura bakma kardesim).

Автор Susan Morris ( назад)
@rawgofar I do too rawgofar....absolutely worship him. He's an awesome
actor...screenwriter, director...everything the man touches turns to Gold.
he's not given enough credit for his talents.

Автор pazza7 ( назад)
@tatarianhunter sorry for your loss brother

Автор tatarianhunter ( назад)
@kemalmstf silahtan yana sıkıntımız hiç olmadı kardeşim,inanırmısın taşla
çatışmaya girsem bile umrumda olmazdı...bize koyan yok
sayılmamızdır...yüzbinlerce asker geçti bölgeden onbinlercesi çatışmaya
girdi,sakat kalanlar haricindekilerle kim ilgilendi,kaç tanesi intihar
etti,aile faciası yaşadı,insanlardan saygı gördümü bunları kimse bize
sormadı bayramdan bayrama hatırlanan gaziler dışında...bize affedermisiniz
diye sormadan birilri birilerine devamlı af çıkardı burada...

Автор tatarianhunter ( назад)
@akipetrovic in army one think was important for me and for the
others...,brotherhood of soldiers...I didnt fight for my country or another
think,when we were fighting and dying there that was not important for the
civilians and politicians...I fought there for only my friends...civilians
or politicians can not understand that...only we can understand that...

Автор Freddy moostaff ( назад)
To: Tatarianhunter: Hello My Friend,I Know very well of what you must have
endured as a Turkish Soldier (TSK) Fighting in those difficult South
eastern Turkish mountains.The conditions are very Harsh also,Being A
Turkish Commando Is Very Special To Me,(Worlds Best Commandoes) Against
Those cowardly PKK Terrorists! They seem to be getting their weapons from
Russia,as they all use Russian weapons,not sure how they get them,maybe
from some other Turkish enemy Border,Thankyou! "Her Turk Asker Dogar!

Автор James Ericson ( назад)
Green Barads did everything. They were strong and brave. Just a few
survived.. And when they finally returns to their homecountry they're were
not welcome!? That is what this movie is bout. And the intro is so amazing.
Allt he mountains and the lake. Really good, love it. 10/10 !

Автор Asextor ( назад)
Best Song..

Автор eugene680 ( назад)
Trautman: " Strickly speaking, he slipped up. You're lucky to be breathing
". He's right. Rambo's job in Vietnam was to kill. Period.

Автор Dennis Cremer ( назад)
is one of the best actor in the world...even in this film at the end he
shows a professionalism .... when it comes to feelings ... as it should be
after the war and then lead to war at home.....that's my opinion ....great

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