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Автор Nate Clark (5 лет)
rambo movies were good till they came out with rambo the fight continues

Автор Thermalfiredotcom (4 года)
What a great, great movie. The ending should be on the top of a top ten
list of great endings.

Автор sableflare (2 года)
Despite being from the 80's, this song still holds true today in 2012

Автор STONECOLD1987 (1 год)
Rambo was so cool! I just love the franchise. It wasn't his fault, that cop
started it from the beginning & they didn't realize they were going up
against a 1 Man Army :D

Автор pazza7 (4 года)
@tatarianhunter sorry for your loss brother

i thought he said something about a '67' chevy convertable and riding until
the wheels fell off was that before this bit?

Автор kombajndosalatek (5 лет)
yeah! I thought about it the first time I watched this. BTW- one of the few
movies that made me cry. Seriously! ;]

Автор funcooldrew2 (2 года)
he very good

Автор Jason W Baccaro (2 года)
Well spoken. My father was one of them.

Автор edgehogR (2 года)
I don't think theres anything comical about having your friend's blood all
over you and watching him take his last breath beside you and not being to
do anything about it

Автор Freddy moostaff (4 года)
Tekrar Sevgiler ve Buyuk Saygilar Kardesim(Tatarianhunter) sagol
cevapina,Kim nederse desin,ama Benden sana ve Butun Mehmetcikler
Kardeslerime,Allah Razi Olsun ve Allah Onlari Insallah Korusun diye
dualarim sizinle kardesim, Mother fucker Kalles PKK,Sanki Turkiye size
borcu var,Picler,Gidin Yarrakistan Bulursunuz! (Kusura bakma kardesim).

Автор eugene680 (4 года)
Trautman: " Strickly speaking, he slipped up. You're lucky to be breathing
". He's right. Rambo's job in Vietnam was to kill. Period.

Автор TheProudPaki (4 года)
Excellent movie and fantastic ending, he is telling about the vietnam war
here how he was used and when he came back what treatment he got....fucking
governments just use their soldier whether its a U.S soldier or a Pakistani
soldier.......i know how are they being used for money and power by cruel
politicians like bush,Bhutto,obama.... etc...these things lead to military
coup in my country......but u know what taliban also keep the same
feeling...once heroes now terrorists its a big difference!

Автор Wildcock23 (2 года)
Indeed it does

Автор richard kukliński (4 года)
Great music! Classic Jerry Goldsmith

Автор Tt TTRugbyVids (1 год)
And Battlestar Galactica

Автор Nick Baizel (4 года)
The shock after war. Rarely talking about it but it exists.

Автор redspecial27 (3 года)
I have a friend who I dedicate this song to.. it's how he lives. He's 24
and both his parents and gramdparents are gone

Автор kmkamusa (5 лет)
This song is good, for those who have been there, and this is the only
Rambo movie with integrity. Of course Stallone can act, it is us that

Автор Killjoy45 (2 года)
Not only the veterans from Vietnam, but all from every war.

Автор corbenfan84 (1 год)
it is a long road when your on your own

Автор James Ericson (4 года)
Green Barads did everything. They were strong and brave. Just a few
survived.. And when they finally returns to their homecountry they're were
not welcome!? That is what this movie is bout. And the intro is so amazing.
Allt he mountains and the lake. Really good, love it. 10/10 !

Автор blackmask352 (3 года)
I almost cried when the end credit song came

Автор Dennis Cremer (4 года)
is one of the best actor in the world...even in this film at the end he
shows a professionalism .... when it comes to feelings ... as it should be
after the war and then lead to war at home.....that's my opinion ....great

Автор Daniel Ryan (4 года)
I suspect we will see a remake of First Blood within the next ten years,
only John Rambo will be transferred into an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran

Автор Salvatore Bonano (4 года)
that's not just a movie it's a way to live.. every time i watch this movie
my skin is freezing .. :)

Автор arcticridge (3 года)
Best freeze-frame ever.

Автор callofdutyguy9 (5 лет)
@GABRIO4 american

Автор IronEagles16 (4 года)
It´s a fantastic movie; it's not only action movie...). It shows us that
war is hard but it's harder to come back your country and watching how
hippies say you: "Killer of childrens...and watch you with bad eyes...".
People don't have fucking idea how hard is the war. It's easy to talk about
soldiers and war being home on a chair. God bless Vietnam veterans!. They
are Rambo!.

Автор MONTARE9 (1 год)
fekkin brilliant movie

Автор superthundereagle sean (4 года)
This movie is not a shot them up move. it real sad.

Автор Francis Lalonde (2 года)
if they used the instrumental version instead would you find it less

Автор Adam J (1 год)
Full Metal Jacket, Indiana Jones

Автор Criss Reznor (4 года)
its a long road

Автор Li4mEvraz (4 года)
Rambo is such a legend. Why does he not do more movies? This film is packed
with sadness, humour and there's also a lot of seriousness about it. People
have lost their families out in the war and I don't know weather it does or
not but this shows a slight example to me of what it is like out there.

Автор Flavio Kersting (4 года)
@rawgofar i agree 100%.

Автор lurch321 (4 года)
This last scene is very difficult to watch.....................yet you
can't look away.

Автор TimerbombMan (4 года)
Real man aren't afraid to cry

Автор M۞d3sty (1 год)
its happening to us OIF/OEF vets too. Its just more institutionalized and
insidious. Rambo is a joke in the real Army, but the theme of this movie
hits me like a ton of bricks.

Автор myviewsontheworld (2 года)
I personally liked it, as in its all over, no bang, or gun fire or killing,
its all and its all road, but I can see ad respect your opinion.

Автор GeekingForJesus (4 года)
Man, it breaks my heart every time I see a fellow man cry. You know that
means something's wrong. When we cry, something big must've happened. It
just breaks my heart every time. Man, great movie. Thanks for the upload.
And thanks Stallone.

Автор Taubi81 (3 года)
@MissDanosaur Horatio. ;-)

Автор bluefinz27 (4 года)
He keeps callin my name.. I wanna go home Johnny.. I wann drive my chevy! I
said well what I can't find your fuckin legs.. I can't find your legs!

Автор nestorhill (2 года)
the 80s...

Автор Adam Molinar (5 лет)
They don't make them like this anymore.

Автор KingDT2007 (4 года)
kirk douglas was orgianlly suppose to play Col Trautman but did not in the
end because he felt the movie should have ended like the book they did
shoot the alternate ending similar to the book but the studio executives
wanted this ending instead at least it help to continue the moive franchise

Автор ZANEJOHN (2 года)
its First Blood 2 that gave the Rambo movies the "bad image" as a shoot em
up movie. its all about killing and Murdock im coming to get YOU stuff hehe

Автор masterofthenothing (3 года)
@Li4mEvraz it shows us quite a bit of what's out there, but it shows a
helluva lot more of what brave patriots suffer when they come home to a
bunch of anti-war hippies

Автор William McGuire (5 лет)
I used to wake up and not know where I am, it happens from time to time,
but it's not always a bad thing, this movie rocks!

Автор toddsmitts (2 года)
What I found fascinating when I first watch this movie was I wasn't sure
who to root for. Yes, the sheriff is a crude bully who roughs up a drifter
who hadn't hurt anyone, but Rambo deranged overreaction makes it almost
impossible for me to identify with him either. Interesting that there's no
clear-cut goodguy or badguy.

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