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Jordan Maxwell exposes the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church and religion in general. Maxwell ties together astrotheology, symbolism and the true meaning of common words we use everyday to demonstrate how every culture has been a victim of this corrupt cabal. For many Christians, this video will resonate as heresy, but for a few, it will be their awakening.

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Truth Frequency Radio website: http://www.truthfrequencyradio.com

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Автор Candice Lee ( назад)
Jesus lord, people actually believe what this video is saying?? You guys
are out of your mind. Total waste of time.

Автор One True Faith ( назад)
What does "man made" Protestant churches have to spread to HIDE THE FACT
1500'S "MAN" MARTIN LUTHER??? See above.

Автор Shirley Hux ( назад)
say what you want that picture of the pope is a child flesh eater. just
look at him. and that's supposed to take the place of the most high.
people study the word for yourself and have other sources with like the
bible dictionary and so on and that with the internet should point you in
the write direction to get out of all religions and just praise his holy

Автор Richard Diaz ( назад)
Zorro was based on a real person. His name was Joaquin Murrieta. He was a
miner and married. He was beheaded once he was caught.

Автор Mack Masters ( назад)



Автор Karl Chrilders ( назад)
As for Catholicism, it's paganism not Christianity.

Автор Karl Chrilders ( назад)
No mystery whatsoever! Gods word is final will and does endure...

1 Peter 1:25King James Version (KJV)

25 But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which
by the gospel is preached unto you.

Автор james Vallance ( назад)
Amen is, So be it.

Автор James Richardson ( назад)
Sunday so you're a sun worshiper. IT'S A WORD IN OTHER LANGUAGES IT HAS
NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SUN... it's literally just man made language.

Автор alexa phillips ( назад)
The Hebrew word “amen” originally derives from another Hebrew word of
similar meaning: ʼāmán. It is sometimes theorized, probably incorrectly,
that this Hebrew word has its origins in the Egyptian god Amun, which is
also sometimes spelled “Amen”. SO MUCH FOR UNBIASED RESEARCH ON in5D's

Автор Scott Burney ( назад)
I so thankful for Jordan Maxwell !!!!!!!

Автор Wieslaw Syposz (natural things) ( назад)
I realized now where Michael Tsarion gets his material and idea from. He
even adopted your style of speaking Mr. Maxwell...

Автор Aicha Belcaid ( назад)

Автор Norman Odinson ( назад)
How do centaurs fit into all this?

Автор 2012Kapu (1840 лет назад)
soooo.... just couple of honest questions... A) where did the money come
from for J. MAXWELL to get to go to the vatican? ( a vacation 95% of the
rest of us could not afford) and B) being who he is (a leader of the "truth
community" and "enemy of the elite"), how did he get hooked up with such a
"special" tour that the rest of us "can't" get??? Can you say "I am a
lemming"? Sure... I knew you could.

Автор Paul Whitehead ( назад)
The Catholic religion is a creation of the roman emporer Consintine as way
to consolidate his rule in the Byzatine empire . The church it's self
admits this

Автор Solar Hellas ( назад)
Catholic means universal, literaly of everybody in greek. Not in roman. Why
the old testament is important? isn't it under the interference of the
allien reptiles?
The greek word (the verb) is ΚΥΒΕΡΝΩ (Spelled kyvernò) which meand i govern
and the government is ΚΥΒΕΡΝΗΣΙΣ (spelled kyvèrnisis) Religion should be
sth like a router to connect you with spirituality exactly as the router
connects you with then internet. But somebody find out its very usefull for
them to highjack the "router" and use it for their own benefit. And this
became easy for them because humans has low levels of integrity and
permited because there is a part of humanity who has invested their wealth
and well being on the dark consciousness and cooperate willingly with the
highjackers. That's way religion lost at list in a part its function of
router connecting to the spirit and became a software set for secular use
obtained by control over the mind and the actions of the people.

Автор msi gtx ( назад)
He existed. The Chosen One.

Автор Tony Snow ( назад)
if this intrests you, I highly suggest buying the 2 part book by Marty
Leeds, Pi and English Gematria. amazing explanation of etymology and the
hidden occultist message of life in the new testament.

Автор Tony Snow ( назад)
if this intrests you, I highly suggest buying the 2 part book by Marty
Leeds, Pi and English Gematria. amazing explanation of etymology and the
hidden occultist message of life in the new testament.

Автор Happy Girl ( назад)
He is no professional I worked that out in the first ten minutes.

Автор Mr. Sir ( назад)
He needs to give more credit to the people in this country, i think there's
many of us who are awake who have studied enough history to connect the
dots we just need there to be a way for us to be heard but it may take
something very bad to happen to the country for us to finally rise up and
demand the government make some major changes but it may be too late by
that time to save the current system and that'd mean we would have to take
the country back and reinstate the constitution while backing our money
before they create their empire and gain total control. It's going to get
bad if we continue down this path i just hope there's enough of us awake to
understand who is controlling the show so we can cut the head off the snake
or we will get lost fighting the wrong people or even each other and we'll
fall with the country.

Автор zooologist ( назад)

Автор David Ross ( назад)

Автор Racism IS a Disease ( назад)
*Fear-Mongering and Dis-Information*

Автор cameraTV1 ( назад)
great stuff

Автор ALF ( назад)
haha Christians worshipping fish gods and praying to Amen Ra. Idiots

Автор abilio silva ( назад)
I think he should understand more about the Saturday, and than he would
understand Rome, and who they are

Автор jenna capone ( назад)
If I ever heard more of a pot of bullshit its this guy Maxwell..Since he
knows soooo much..Let's discredit Christianity love it !!..Did I hear
correctly when he said he believed aliens are our creators? lol unreal
..Funny how he will say Jesus is the sun God ....I guess his little green
friends deserve the real credit..I agree 100 percent the Vatican is
corrupt ,but I do feel this garbage is as well..He spoke of evolution
..you believe we came from apes? Your 50yrs of research is all bullshit!
this guy probably works for the powers that be..He calls the rest of us who
believe we came from our divine creator sheeple lol Why ?because we do not
want to believe in little green men ..You sir need to get your facts
straight before feeding people all this bullshit ..you do have truth to
some of what you speak of , but the rest of your theories {Theory meaning
not a proven fact} is horse shit..

Автор BourneFreeATL ( назад)
Amen ( Amun) and Ra come from ancient Africa... The nile valley
civilization. The north kingdom of Ra lead by Aha (Narmer) defeated the
South Kingdom of Amun lead by one called "The Scorpion" - As a unifier, Aha
declared a new kingdom under "Amun Ra"(symbolized by The Sun Disc with
Wings) allowing the southern name of the principle (Sun) to go first,
uniting the entire "nile valley" and began the dynastic eras (Wa'Set,
Ta'Set(Kush),and Ta'Mari (Khemet). (4000 MILES running FROM central Africa
OUT TO the mediterranean, meaning what the "greeks" came by after the nile
was dry and named "Egypt" was south kingdom). These were NOT "Sun Gods"
they were "Sun Principles" -You "worship and believe in "Gods", but you
PRACTICE and RESPECT principles. These people never believed in "Many
Gods". Thats a western misinterpretation.... and terms of "egyptology" a
deliberate one. Second hand knowledge from third and forth-hand
information. The "Dagon" of Phoenicia were not worshipping "fish" this was
a "celebration" taken from the DOGON of the nile valley and way older than
anything in Asia or Hinduism... What we call "Asia" and "Africa" were once
one land mass so some argue origins from "Asiatic" perspective, and I
respect that view somewhat, but for now all of the oldest "things" (tools,
evidence of devices such as fire, math, home building, animal domestication
and human remains from pre-historic to modern) have been found in AFRICA
("Ethiopia" to be exact and "Alkebulan" to be formal) for over 50,000
years the DOGON were star charters who did NOT "worship" stars!
(goddamnit)... but used the language from recording their movement to
develop tools, math, calendars, to advance the people etc., -They also
believed that we humans were not earthlings, but that we are "starlings in
earth-packaging" and even DaVinci, Einstein and Neil deGrasse Tyson
eventually agreed. The reign of the west (or the mentality forced upon it)
has destroyed this world... Jesus and all. Lies for breakfast, Apathy for
lunch and government sanctioned genocide for dinner. Every people the west
subjugated gave them a piece of culture they did not have already. For at
least 2 millennia the west said it had a "right" to rule because it was
"superior" to all the world's indigenous it was robbing, raping,
plagiarizing, revisionist history-ing, castigating by "color" and
land-grabbing from. We would hardly need a "superior race" of human to
leave us with THIS kind of world. So it (the pathological supremacy
mindset) must have been the first "lie". Which further means....that if you
wanted the TRUTH you would have to give up on your most cherished lies.
...yeah, any day now.

Автор Before I ruled the earth ( назад)
Even if any religion was true and god really exists

how can a man submit himself and obey to a god just because he is powerful
and mighty

thats just pathetic

if god existed, i would not change a damn thing about my life

religious people are entirely motivated by fear

they fear death, they fear gods anger, they fear hell.. they have no
principles and no balls

a real man cannot be religious

a real man rather dies or suffers in eternity than sacrificing his
principles and morality

Автор queen bee ( назад)
i wonder wat nternet he finds his info from (the frequncy radio guy)---bcuz
amen mean a whole lot more than "amen-ra"---all this is real info mixed
with skewed perception and bias. GOD help us all! :)

Автор Saul Maxwell ( назад)
Reading all comments shows we are all divided! NWO are truly masters cause
this is what they planned and accomplished. So, lets keep fighting with
each other. Obey your Masters!

Автор Latitude North ( назад)
Maxwell is a true american hero, in the land of the indifferent and
willfully ignorant...

Автор mloon1313 ( назад)
so wait a minute- in one video he says the worship of mithra was changed
into the worship of jesus , and now he says its the worship of a fish god>?
which is true or is both true?

Автор mloon1313 ( назад)
im sorry but jews dont end their prayers with amen- and even the english
translations of the bible never mention the word amen- they say selah-
meaning done or finished

Автор eriduh173 ( назад)
canbt find ment meaning mind anywhere. so from the begining of this we are
lied to.

Автор reksub ( назад)
the ass licker host should have asked if his name was Russell pine.which it
is.he calls himself jordanais Maximus cos he is Vatican scum

Автор Davide Le Dingue ( назад)
christianity is cancer of the mind

Автор FreeYourSpirit4Ever ( назад)
thanks for the info.
most of it I already knew...but intresting again and its mostly all true.
look it up people!!

Автор thesacredcowtipper ( назад)
Maxwell wants us to get our beliefs from Steven Spielberg [around 1:19].
LOLOLOLOL. Doesn't he realize Satan [Lucifer] perverts what God does?
What we see on earth through the Hebrews and the Old Testament are a type
and shadow of what already existed in Heaven. Lucifer was an archangel so
he would know exactly what the MERCY SEAT in Heaven looked like [what the
ark of the covenant was patterned after], then Satan would try to pervert
it giving a similiar idea for the Egyptians to do.

Remember in the gospels where Jesus tells the one Mary to not touch Him for
He had not yet ascended unto the Father? He had to sprinkle His blood upon
the mercy seat in Heaven.

Genesis 3:15 prophecies of the Messiah coming. This is called the
protoevangelium. This is why Satan has always attacked the Jewish people to
try to kill off the one that was to come and do him harm. 

Автор sheila jolly ( назад)
we all come from a womans womb,so if we are told by YASHUA that we all are
bros/sisters than we all are Christ in the flesh.Yeah rap ur mind around
that thought

Автор sheila jolly ( назад)
Jesus is a fic shunal character for YASHUA,who walked the earth

Автор derekcolman ( назад)
WTF. I never heard so much BS in my life. This nutcase makes up shit as he
goes along.

Автор Rose ( назад)
Vatican is just another CULT, just more powerful than all the others. David
Icke makes more sense.

Автор Rose ( назад)
This is just "twisted"

Автор Wil Rey ( назад)
Its interesting what he said that the new testament is important, but he
also said that Jesus never existed. That is what the new testament is
about. (Jesus) No one can prove that Jesus did not exist, Actually there is
more proof that he existed then there is proof that he didn't. And why
would people go to there death for preaching the gospel when they knew that
were at risk. Or they didn't exist neither?

Автор Wil Rey ( назад)
AND that was the reason for the reformation of the church. somebody knew
that something was wrong. 

Автор Wil Rey ( назад)
It is also worth noting that two faiths developing in the same area of the
world at the same time are likely to have similar ideas and practices,
regardless of their level of interaction. Ritual communal meals and the
theme of sacrifice for salvation, for instance, were common not only to
Mithraism and Christianity but much of the ancient world. How many cults,
religion, faiths or what have you were similar to each other in the ancient

Автор moonlightskier ( назад)
This info on Vatican world control and corruption has been supported by
news breaks over past few years since this interview...Karen Hudes, Sr.
Attorney of World Bank whistleblower claims US taxpayer dollars are routed
thru clearinghouse in Britain and large percentage then handed over to the
Vatican! Italian police investigating the remains of missing girl found
inside the Vatican! International Tribunal of Crimes Against Humanity,
Both Queen Eliz and former Pope Ratzinger charged with involvement in
missing and dead children. Don't know about you, but I wasn't too happy to
hear Karen Hudes disclosure that she has first hand accounting knowledge
that the money trail leads from US citizens tax dollars going straight over
to the Vatican. That should be upsetting ALL tax paying Americans? I found
it to be very illuminating and inspired me to begin to look at the hidden
roots of religion and government. Have some coffee...and wake to learn the
hidden truthes folks.

Автор CarLy Louise Wicks ( назад)
.. amen has nothing to do with any sun god if you wanna base that on
facts,,which so far hebrew, judaism, and greek text back it up to mean
truly or it shall be so or so be it.. get educated and God help you to
spread truth not opinion.

Автор thesacredcowtipper ( назад)
Catholicism is based on paganism. That's what Constantine did. He merged
old pagan worship with Christianity = Roman Catholicism. Look at the
symbols in Catholciism. You have Dagon[ fish god], you have the p/x symbol
which is really perverted. Even Albert Pike of the Masons tells you what
these symbols are all about. The hierarchy in the Catholic church only
allows its member to know so much. They would consider the basic catholic
to be [an uninitiate; goyim, catachumen; ignorant; stupid].

Protestant churches are worshipping dagon? Where is this guy getting this
stuff? Somebody please tell me. I debunked him on several things he said
just in the first 10 minutes I listened to. I can't waste my time on

I jsut ask all you that are quick to listen to some of these guys to
actually crack open a Bible and read it and learn history and ask the Holy
Spirit to give you understanding.. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4,5 to take
heed to what you hear for many false prophets would arise in these last
days and DECEIVE MANY.

Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven
to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for
seasons, and for days, and years:

Satan perverted what God had made and hence we have the perverted astrology
today. To say the Bible is a metaphor is blasphemy. It's black and white
and I guess Jordan doesn't like that. 

Автор thesacredcowtipper ( назад)
Roman Catholicism and Christianity are two different things. For this guy
to say ALL religion is bad shows his ignorance. True Christianity was way
before Catholicism existed: True Christianity A.D. 32 started: Catholicism
started around A.D. 317 to 325. True Christianity established most of the
worlds hospitals, gives billions of dollars and time to help people off
drugs, free medical care, etc. every single year.

Jesus did not exist? Wow. This guy needs to get help. He might be
schizophrenic even. Mithra is the cult of Christianity? The new testament
is an encoded story? He sounds like an atheist evolutionist who has no
logical reasoning abilities. This guy is really really deluded and ignorant
of what he talks about. He claims to have done a lot of research. I will
give him just a few major things he apparently never found out probably
because he is making a lot of things up tomake money off books, etc. (1)
13 secular historians wrote about Jesus. (2) Some wrote of his miracles.
(3) The Jews never denied the existence of Jesus. (4) As much as the
RELIGIOUS Jews hated Jesus, they never showed the body of Jesus to prove He
did not raise from the dead. (5) The Romans who didn't want upheavel in
their kingdom never showed the body. (6) The disciples he claimed never
existed were all martyred except for John Who wrote the three epistles, one
gospel and the book of revelation who got exiled on the isle of patmos.
Apparently, he never read any of the early church fathers after the first
disciple who were before the early Catholic Church fathers like Augustine.
Boy, this guy knows nothing ro is mixing his thoughts with many other
things. Anyone who says Catholciism is the same as True Christianity
doesn't have a clue what Christianity even teaches. 

Автор Peter S. López (Che Petá) ( назад)
@Peta_de_Aztlan~ Creator help us! Simplify what can be misunderstood as
complex and be aware of experts with their own spins.


The word amen (/ˌɑːˈmɛn/ or /ˌeɪˈmɛn/; Hebrew: אָמֵן, Modern amen
Tiberian ʾāmēn; Greek: ἀμήν; Arabic: آمين‎, ʾāmīn ; "So be it; truly") is a
declaration of affirmation[1][2] found in the Hebrew Bible and the New
Testament. Its use in Judaism dates back to its earliest texts.[3] It has
been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for
prayers and hymns.[2] In Islam, it is the standard ending to Dua
(supplication). Common English translations of the word amen include
"verily" and "truly". It can also be used colloquially to express strong
agreement,[2] as in, for instance, amen to that.[4]

Автор Lee Johnson ( назад)
There are so many Gods Worshiped by Humans at this time, that one wonders,
is there A, Galactic God, who has a Flying Saucer, going around and
keeping the heads of all the Religions in Line. When a Mormon dies and
becomes a God over his own Planet and has Multiple Wives, to have sex with,
and create all the People on his Planet, is the Galactic God, the Boss over
all the Mormons who became Gods, when the Mormons Died.

Автор Tom Skylark ( назад)
Aliens come when the religions unite. 2 Thessalonians 2:11

Автор elucidative ( назад)
Cooper and Maxwell were in different locations with different stories of
when JFK was assassinated. 

Автор Paul Hogan ( назад)
crazy people saying crazy things to crazy people,what could go wrong

Автор DEPLORABLE FLEA2000 ( назад)
Do you think fish believe in Cod ?

Автор DEPLORABLE FLEA2000 ( назад)
dont agree with putting up pictures of the pope like that and im not

Автор Tammy Fisher ( назад)

Автор One Holy Catholic.... ( назад)
Let you Light shine,,, stop spreading lies.
Love your neighbor, stop Judging others so you won't be judged.

Автор vladim ispravnic ( назад)
catholic jesuits=illuminati=elite masons,knights of
malta,cfr,bilderburg,bohemian grove,a couple families
overall the jesuits control everyone
the jesuits started the agenda of the illuminati
infact they trained illuminati members since childhood

so who are the jesuits
they are the popes milita,the popes cia,the popes kgb
they started 500 years ago
there mission was a one world government controlled by them
with the pope at the top

they assainated countless kings and leaders acorss europe and the world
when they exposed themselves they assumed a new title
they spread their recruitment
they started the masons
little puppets who would take their orders even dow they wouldnt even now
they are doing the will of the jesuits

the jesuits set up a couple elite masons who would control the little masons
now the jesuits through their network control all the banks across this
world through families like the rothschild

these jesuits and their puppets the masons
they all practice the occult they pray to satan and demons

now why would catholics pray to satan and demons

its simple
the lord jesus warned us that satans chosen anti christ would position
himself in the christian church and force a one world law or government

the pope is the anti christ which christ warned us of

if you dont believe in christ who loves you
you better start
because his prophecy is being fullfiled
dont allow satan to fool you
the prophecies of christ are true
jesus is going to come back soon, but like the lord jesus said when the son
of man will return will he still find faith in the world?

Автор Pilgrim Bobby ( назад)
Intelligent and well-read, Jordan offers food for thought for unbelievers.
Nevertheless, through Yeshua is Salvation. Increasingly, I think Maxwell
will come away from the pagan astrotheological path, likely a final
vestigial remnant of his Catholic upbringing -- the latter which he has
hitherto so well exposed but still tethers him from final emancipation. I
would not be surprised if he ultimately declares the truth of Yeshua,
albeit in ‘Maxwellian’ speak, as he arrives at the conclusion through
metaphysical/astrotheological enquiry, rather than faith. While his
word-analysis is insightful and informative (he truly understands the power
of words), ATM he is still lost (his belief in aliens being just one rather
sobering proof of that) in my opinion. Whether you want to accept it
metaphysically, spiritually or through faith, Yeshua saves... something
Judaism is blinded to. For all its wisdom, Buddhism offers no salvation
(even the bloody Gnostics place Jesus at a higher level than Buddha),
Catholicism is merely Babylonian corruption, and Islam its "baby".
Ultimately, in his word-analysis, I suspect Maxwell will realise that
Yeshua is the Word (i.e. literally Salvation). 

Автор koolkol009 ( назад)
Sorry!!! muslims do not say amen we say aameen like in aahh meeeeen nothing
near like amen! We use Arabic and Arabic is distinct form English and every
I type amen in Arabic google does not accept it as aameen!Tough for google
but not for muslims because our prayer is essentially in Arabic!

Автор Anthony “Stone” Williams ( назад)
It's true the Amen is in reference to Amen Ra. However, Amen Ra is in
reference to the Hindu Sanskrit word "AUM", as in the tones that eminate
from our star and the center of the solar system and universe. Jordan
Maxwell as well as David Icke are being led by some kind of spirit. They
admit it! Be careful who you listen to. Shalom and Namaste 

Автор Gissie D ( назад)
So you say but you also beleive those of true faith because would you
condone sleeping with your daughter?Arent you doing brain washing to arent
you doing group ni wevdidnt dont mislead people God was with the people.
You are finding meabing of wirds and saying the church took them.what if
the others took the word Armen from beleivers.All you have to di is talk
about sour dough. Also there are many false accussets ib the secular world
to they seem to think its game to falsely accuse faith people

Автор JESSE KING ( назад)
Everything he speaks is of the revelations of the HOLY BIBLE JESUS CHRIST
IS ALIVE he also said something is going on everything is corrupt (YES) it
is didnt JESUS CHRIST tell us in his word about all this didnt he say that
nation's will rise up against nations and that they will start killing who
all believe in JESUS CHRIST everything you said about whats going on in the
world JESUS CHRIST ALREADY SAID THIS but you say JESUS CHRIST never existed
WOW you will know he did when you die you say its all mind control cant no
one control your mind but youself but thats your given right you dont have
to believe in JESUS CHRIST thats your choice BUT dont tell people JESUS
CHRIST never existed and use his words WOW WOW you uses his words but he

Автор Robert Lombardo ( назад)
This man is an antichrist,just like the devil he puts some truth with his
lies and twists it around!

Автор valerie byrd ( назад)
He is Lying about saying There is no Son of GOD . FOR SON OF GOD CAME IN

Автор Calvin “Lord Kailash” Deans ( назад)
thank you brother 

Автор William Smith ( назад)
Look up the times when Emperor Constantine was in charge. His mother was a
devout christian and on her death bed he promised to transform the Roman
Empire into a more Christianized nation in order to keep the peace between
Rome and it;s citizens. For it's time it was the smartest political move
because he gained favor of the people for doing so and insured that war
would strop between pagan rome and the newly found religion of

Автор William Smith ( назад)
The Vatican is connected to the Catholic Church and it is just a marriage
between Paganism and Christianity. Anyone who doesn't believe it clearly
doesn't know anything about this organization. It isn't a matter of
believing it is a matter of knowing which is much more powerful. The Romans
used to be Babylonians in ancient times and throughout history they have
moved and restructured their organization to blend in with modern day
society. It is literally the biggest forgery in history and it's soul
purpose to be used by governments throughout the world to maintain order of
the masses throughout the entire world. If it isn't the Church then it
would most likely be Free Masonry which was heavily involved in changing
Vatican 1 to Vatican 2. There is much evidence that says Masonry
established this Pagan church to begin with so they can control the masses
in order to help install the New World Order. This my friends is nothing

Автор Inception1338 ( назад)
Dagon Fish God - a Worship dominated in the Vatican.
--> dont I know such a person from stargate ?

Автор iwantastiffdrink ( назад)
The lies have been exposed and the code has been broken! Barney the
Dinosaur is the anti-Christ!!

If you'll believe the utter nonsense that this buffoon peddles (I think his
real name is Rev. PT Barnum), why not believe that too?

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire ( назад)
There is a dude that has a great understanding of the encoded messages if
you are interested. Tube this> 446 Revelation Man With 7 Stars. All his
lectures are truly enlightening.

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire ( назад)
How did he get the special tour? A Jesuit maybe? Just wondering.

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire ( назад)
See>>> cesars messiah Jesus a roman invention
. and later watch all Tom Campbell in Calgary .

Автор Chris Yau ( назад)
If Jesus does not exist, then Lucifer does not exist. Jesus is not the Sun
god. If Jesus is not the begotten Son of God, then there is no heaven or
hell. Then it's time to worship the stone where all life evolve

Автор Themother ofserpents ( назад)
How poetically apt that Maxwell, with his adolescent intellect, misses the
point of A Beautiful Mind - whose main character is delusional and
paranoid, filled with pattern mania. Pattern mania and parallel mania is
the foundation of these moron conspiracy nuts. Applying 7th grade algebraic
logic and substitution principle to everything in history and politics is
for children. But I guess these fraud podcasts need something to talk about
because reality eludes them.

Автор MZ pollyannaprissypants ( назад)
wait, in the book that the Europeans trace their bloodlines back for
thousands of years has a lineage of Muhammad , and Buddha, if he didn't
exist how did he leave family behind? Burke's Peerage, and The Peerage.

Автор MZ pollyannaprissypants ( назад)
people need to study Latin once again...

Автор Que Levi Abraham ( назад)
If the Pope is the Vicar for Joshua Bin David AKA Joshua BIn Yosef and the
keeper of the earth in his absence than he should be challenged, fired and
removed on premise of zero confidence and neglect of the earth. The earth
is being destroyed.

Автор MZ pollyannaprissypants ( назад)
thank you for the edification

Автор Sood81 - Hasbara trolls belong in Khazaria ( назад)
Sood811 second ago

Joo's control the media, not indians, indians didn't take over palestine
and claim it as their own. Lots of indians live in poverty. You won't find
joo's living in the streets in any country you go. They own and trade in
diamonds and gold. They never do manual labor, they just own stuff and have
desk jobs. Of course I'm talking about AschKKKenazi's. They own hollywood
and create stereotypes of other cultures, while they make themselves look
like innocent victims in every movie or documentary. 

Автор KatherinVII ( назад)
" All those who deny Christ are sent out by the anti Christ spirit ".

Автор Richard E Cashen ( назад)
Follow what this man says. He is speaking truths. The Christian church
today is APOSTATE. Ever since 325 ad the Roman Church, the great whore has
hijacked the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified, murdered his
followers. . If one would follow the symbols, rituals, ceremonies,
bloodlines all the way back to ancient Egypt, Babylon and ancient India.
The story is crystal clear, Lucifer is all through these religions as he is
in the ritualistic Christian church, as well as Islam and Judism. All are
Luciferian beliefs and structure. The war is between Christ and Lucifer.
What most Christians push is this Jesus that is really Lucifer taking gods
name in vain. Follow the characteristic's of these gods. They have been
warring here for thousands of years. The Prophet

Автор lunaluv77 ( назад)
the hat is the fish...the obelisk shaped steeples n buildings are
representing the penis of Osiris

Автор lunaluv77 ( назад)

Автор chuck ching ( назад)
a sloppy jooooooooooooooooe juicy juicy jesuitssssssssss

Автор missin me ( назад)
talon t38'' bro. u almost made me cry'' jesus will not miss to grab u''
when he comeback'' u did the right job'' thanks for the info. 

Автор ProChoiceJesus ( назад)
Bunk. Religions that supposedly pre-date and allegedly are just like
Christianity have been debunked time & again. What a bunch of anti-christ
hogwash and deception. 

Автор Kirsten Kellogg ( назад)
He's got it right! The Bible is the key to operating upon the Holy
See/commerce (Old Testament is the Law and New Testament is the REMEDY -
can't make a law without offering a remedy). In order to truly operate as a
Sovereign, one must understand these principles so that he can maneuver
between legal fiction (Uniform Commercial Code/statutory law) and natural
law. And if one does any TINY bit of research, one will learn the basis of
Christianity is all based on pagan myths and astrology.

Автор Kris Brown ( назад)
its simplier to say that he himself has been mislead like you yourself have
been. life is very interesting and madame blavatski may have been correct
in her assumptions of where the world maybe heading towards. 

Автор Barbara Rae Gurley ( назад)
Laudium.. You are absolutely right.. My first clue was a video where he was
praising Madame Blavatski the occultist, friend of the Lucious Press and
Alaister Crowley.. A real Whack Job ! (All of 'em) 

Автор RostedSheep ( назад)
I'm going to give Jesus a sloppy Joe and get his white robes dirty.

Автор jksynth ( назад)
Very interesting. But. Is . It. True?

Автор porkyo123 ( назад)
I'm not waiting for Jesus to return someday, I can't wait to meet him

Автор porkyo123 ( назад)
If this was true he would on been whacked along time agol LOL.this needs to
be debated.

Автор Igor Zolski ( назад)
in order to acquire their wealth. All the wars have to do with the rivalry
between the templars (french masons) and the priory de sion ( English
masons). The bible is written in a esoteric language in order to protect it
against the secret societies. There is some truth in what Maxwell is saying
but he's deliberately spreading disinformation. His been on a crusade to
destroy Christianity for quite some time now. Thats why people like him are
still alive and people like bill cooper are dead 

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