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Автор Lucivaldo Loureiro Neves (1 месяц)

Автор Racism IS a Disease (1 месяц)
*Fear-Mongering and Dis-Information*

Автор mankind.vs.NWO (1 год)
the best ever researchers of the NWO

Автор EricTheLeisurologist (1 год)

Mr. Yoshimoto, are you getting this, this is part of the insight that you
and the "Concerned German Citizens" have been looking for...but strangely,
of all of the insight, Hindu's Brahmans and Sikhs, who in fact lie squarely
at the seat of all human power and influence for the full span of commonly
known recorded human history, and their Kalki Avatar are strangely missing,
not to mention the original inconceivable human treachery of the Ethiopian
Empirialists of the African so-called dark continent...but even given its
solely Eurocentric focus, its all still very interesting.


Автор derekcolman (1 год)
WTF. I never heard so much BS in my life. This nutcase makes up shit as he
goes along.

Автор elucidative (1 год)
Cooper and Maxwell were in different locations with different stories of
when JFK was assassinated. 

Автор Wil Rey (1 год)
AND that was the reason for the reformation of the church. somebody knew
that something was wrong. 

Автор Latitude North (1 год)
Maxwell is a true american hero, in the land of the indifferent and
willfully ignorant...

Автор bpm hopper (1 год)
haha Christians worshipping fish gods and praying to Amen Ra. Idiots

Автор Wil Rey (1 год)
It is also worth noting that two faiths developing in the same area of the
world at the same time are likely to have similar ideas and practices,
regardless of their level of interaction. Ritual communal meals and the
theme of sacrifice for salvation, for instance, were common not only to
Mithraism and Christianity but much of the ancient world. How many cults,
religion, faiths or what have you were similar to each other in the ancient

Автор queen bee (1 год)
i wonder wat nternet he finds his info from (the frequncy radio guy)---bcuz
amen mean a whole lot more than "amen-ra"---all this is real info mixed
with skewed perception and bias. GOD help us all! :)

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire (1 год)
There is a dude that has a great understanding of the encoded messages if
you are interested. Tube this> 446 Revelation Man With 7 Stars. All his
lectures are truly enlightening.

Автор Inception1338 (1 год)
Dagon Fish God - a Worship dominated in the Vatican.
--> dont I know such a person from stargate ?

Автор CarLy Louise Wicks (1 год)
.. amen has nothing to do with any sun god if you wanna base that on
facts,,which so far hebrew, judaism, and greek text back it up to mean
truly or it shall be so or so be it.. get educated and God help you to
spread truth not opinion.

Автор Robert Lombardo (1 год)
This man is an antichrist,just like the devil he puts some truth with his
lies and twists it around!

Автор Ralph Williams (1 год)

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire (1 год)
See>>> cesars messiah Jesus a roman invention
. and later watch all Tom Campbell in Calgary .

Автор moonlightskier (1 год)
This info on Vatican world control and corruption has been supported by
news breaks over past few years since this interview...Karen Hudes, Sr.
Attorney of World Bank whistleblower claims US taxpayer dollars are routed
thru clearinghouse in Britain and large percentage then handed over to the
Vatican! Italian police investigating the remains of missing girl found
inside the Vatican! International Tribunal of Crimes Against Humanity,
Both Queen Eliz and former Pope Ratzinger charged with involvement in
missing and dead children. Don't know about you, but I wasn't too happy to
hear Karen Hudes disclosure that she has first hand accounting knowledge
that the money trail leads from US citizens tax dollars going straight over
to the Vatican. That should be upsetting ALL tax paying Americans? I found
it to be very illuminating and inspired me to begin to look at the hidden
roots of religion and government. Have some coffee...and wake to learn the
hidden truthes folks.

Автор Dwayne Martin (1 год)
What You Don't Know??????????

Автор valerie byrd (1 год)
He is Lying about saying There is no Son of GOD . FOR SON OF GOD CAME IN

Автор Cecilia Cruzata (1 год)

Автор BourneFreeATL (1 год)
Amen ( Amun) and Ra come from ancient Africa... The nile valley
civilization. The north kingdom of Ra lead by Aha (Narmer) defeated the
South Kingdom of Amun lead by one called "The Scorpion" - As a unifier, Aha
declared a new kingdom under "Amun Ra"(symbolized by The Sun Disc with
Wings) allowing the southern name of the principle (Sun) to go first,
uniting the entire "nile valley" and began the dynastic eras (Wa'Set,
Ta'Set(Kush),and Ta'Mari (Khemet). (4000 MILES running FROM central Africa
OUT TO the mediterranean, meaning what the "greeks" came by after the nile
was dry and named "Egypt" was south kingdom). These were NOT "Sun Gods"
they were "Sun Principles" -You "worship and believe in "Gods", but you
PRACTICE and RESPECT principles. These people never believed in "Many
Gods". Thats a western misinterpretation.... and terms of "egyptology" a
deliberate one. Second hand knowledge from third and forth-hand
information. The "Dagon" of Phoenicia were not worshipping "fish" this was
a "celebration" taken from the DOGON of the nile valley and way older than
anything in Asia or Hinduism... What we call "Asia" and "Africa" were once
one land mass so some argue origins from "Asiatic" perspective, and I
respect that view somewhat, but for now all of the oldest "things" (tools,
evidence of devices such as fire, math, home building, animal domestication
and human remains from pre-historic to modern) have been found in AFRICA
("Ethiopia" to be exact and "Alkebulan" to be formal) for over 50,000
years the DOGON were star charters who did NOT "worship" stars!
(goddamnit)... but used the language from recording their movement to
develop tools, math, calendars, to advance the people etc., -They also
believed that we humans were not earthlings, but that we are "starlings in
earth-packaging" and even DaVinci, Einstein and Neil deGrasse Tyson
eventually agreed. The reign of the west (or the mentality forced upon it)
has destroyed this world... Jesus and all. Lies for breakfast, Apathy for
lunch and government sanctioned genocide for dinner. Every people the west
subjugated gave them a piece of culture they did not have already. For at
least 2 millennia the west said it had a "right" to rule because it was
"superior" to all the world's indigenous it was robbing, raping,
plagiarizing, revisionist history-ing, castigating by "color" and
land-grabbing from. We would hardly need a "superior race" of human to
leave us with THIS kind of world. So it (the pathological supremacy
mindset) must have been the first "lie". Which further means....that if you
wanted the TRUTH you would have to give up on your most cherished lies.
...yeah, any day now.

Автор One Holy Catholic.... (1 год)
Let you Light shine,,, stop spreading lies.
Love your neighbor, stop Judging others so you won't be judged.

Автор Wil Rey (1 год)
Its interesting what he said that the new testament is important, but he
also said that Jesus never existed. That is what the new testament is
about. (Jesus) No one can prove that Jesus did not exist, Actually there is
more proof that he existed then there is proof that he didn't. And why
would people go to there death for preaching the gospel when they knew that
were at risk. Or they didn't exist neither?

Автор abilio silva (1 год)
I think he should understand more about the Saturday, and than he would
understand Rome, and who they are

Автор Saul Maxwell (1 год)
Reading all comments shows we are all divided! NWO are truly masters cause
this is what they planned and accomplished. So, lets keep fighting with
each other. Obey your Masters!

Автор jenna capone (1 год)
If I ever heard more of a pot of bullshit its this guy Maxwell..Since he
knows soooo much..Let's discredit Christianity love it !!..Did I hear
correctly when he said he believed aliens are our creators? lol unreal
..Funny how he will say Jesus is the sun God ....I guess his little green
friends deserve the real credit..I agree 100 percent the Vatican is
corrupt ,but I do feel this garbage is as well..He spoke of evolution
..you believe we came from apes? Your 50yrs of research is all bullshit!
this guy probably works for the powers that be..He calls the rest of us who
believe we came from our divine creator sheeple lol Why ?because we do not
want to believe in little green men ..You sir need to get your facts
straight before feeding people all this bullshit ..you do have truth to
some of what you speak of , but the rest of your theories {Theory meaning
not a proven fact} is horse shit..

Автор Rose Stephenson (1 год)
Vatican is just another CULT, just more powerful than all the others. David
Icke makes more sense.

Автор Davide Le Dingue (1 год)
christianity is cancer of the mind

Автор Sood81 (1 год)
Sood811 second ago

Joo's control the media, not indians, indians didn't take over palestine
and claim it as their own. Lots of indians live in poverty. You won't find
joo's living in the streets in any country you go. They own and trade in
diamonds and gold. They never do manual labor, they just own stuff and have
desk jobs. Of course I'm talking about AschKKKenazi's. They own hollywood
and create stereotypes of other cultures, while they make themselves look
like innocent victims in every movie or documentary. 

Автор Paul Hogan (1 год)
crazy people saying crazy things to crazy people,what could go wrong

Автор Alan Carter (1 год)

Автор sheila jolly (1 год)
we all come from a womans womb,so if we are told by YASHUA that we all are
bros/sisters than we all are Christ in the flesh.Yeah rap ur mind around
that thought

Автор Rose Stephenson (1 год)
This is just "twisted"

Автор Before I ruled the earth (1 год)
Even if any religion was true and god really exists

how can a man submit himself and obey to a god just because he is powerful
and mighty

thats just pathetic

if god existed, i would not change a damn thing about my life

religious people are entirely motivated by fear

they fear death, they fear gods anger, they fear hell.. they have no
principles and no balls

a real man cannot be religious

a real man rather dies or suffers in eternity than sacrificing his
principles and morality

Автор Calvin Deans (1 год)
thank you brother 

Автор JESSE KING (1 год)
Everything he speaks is of the revelations of the HOLY BIBLE JESUS CHRIST
IS ALIVE he also said something is going on everything is corrupt (YES) it
is didnt JESUS CHRIST tell us in his word about all this didnt he say that
nation's will rise up against nations and that they will start killing who
all believe in JESUS CHRIST everything you said about whats going on in the
world JESUS CHRIST ALREADY SAID THIS but you say JESUS CHRIST never existed
WOW you will know he did when you die you say its all mind control cant no
one control your mind but youself but thats your given right you dont have
to believe in JESUS CHRIST thats your choice BUT dont tell people JESUS
CHRIST never existed and use his words WOW WOW you uses his words but he

Автор Pilgrim Bobby (1 год)
Intelligent and well-read, Jordan offers food for thought for unbelievers.
Nevertheless, through Yeshua is Salvation. Increasingly, I think Maxwell
will come away from the pagan astrotheological path, likely a final
vestigial remnant of his Catholic upbringing -- the latter which he has
hitherto so well exposed but still tethers him from final emancipation. I
would not be surprised if he ultimately declares the truth of Yeshua,
albeit in ‘Maxwellian’ speak, as he arrives at the conclusion through
metaphysical/astrotheological enquiry, rather than faith. While his
word-analysis is insightful and informative (he truly understands the power
of words), ATM he is still lost (his belief in aliens being just one rather
sobering proof of that) in my opinion. Whether you want to accept it
metaphysically, spiritually or through faith, Yeshua saves... something
Judaism is blinded to. For all its wisdom, Buddhism offers no salvation
(even the bloody Gnostics place Jesus at a higher level than Buddha),
Catholicism is merely Babylonian corruption, and Islam its "baby".
Ultimately, in his word-analysis, I suspect Maxwell will realise that
Yeshua is the Word (i.e. literally Salvation). 

Автор eriduh173 (1 год)
canbt find ment meaning mind anywhere. so from the begining of this we are
lied to.

Автор Tom Skylark (1 год)
Aliens come when the religions unite. 2 Thessalonians 2:11

Автор Tammy Fisher (1 год)

Автор koolkol009 (1 год)
Sorry!!! muslims do not say amen we say aameen like in aahh meeeeen nothing
near like amen! We use Arabic and Arabic is distinct form English and every
I type amen in Arabic google does not accept it as aameen!Tough for google
but not for muslims because our prayer is essentially in Arabic!

Автор Anthony Williams (1 год)
It's true the Amen is in reference to Amen Ra. However, Amen Ra is in
reference to the Hindu Sanskrit word "AUM", as in the tones that eminate
from our star and the center of the solar system and universe. Jordan
Maxwell as well as David Icke are being led by some kind of spirit. They
admit it! Be careful who you listen to. Shalom and Namaste 

Автор iwantastiffdrink (1 год)
The lies have been exposed and the code has been broken! Barney the
Dinosaur is the anti-Christ!!

If you'll believe the utter nonsense that this buffoon peddles (I think his
real name is Rev. PT Barnum), why not believe that too?

Автор Abdullah S (1 год)

There is some very interesting information here... look at it from open
mind.. and don't take it for "truth" take it for inspiration to look into
certain subjects. in the second half he speaks a lot on American Government

Автор sheila jolly (1 год)
Jesus is a fic shunal character for YASHUA,who walked the earth

Автор reksub10 (1 год)
the ass licker host should have asked if his name was Russell pine.which it
is.he calls himself jordanais Maximus cos he is Vatican scum

Автор MIZZ darkerPerspective (1 год)
wait, in the book that the Europeans trace their bloodlines back for
thousands of years has a lineage of Muhammad , and Buddha, if he didn't
exist how did he leave family behind? Burke's Peerage, and The Peerage.

Автор Mandel Brotwurstershire (1 год)
How did he get the special tour? A Jesuit maybe? Just wondering.

Автор Quasi Ibraehim (1 год)
If the Pope is the Vicar for Joshua Bin David AKA Joshua BIn Yosef and the
keeper of the earth in his absence than he should be challenged, fired and
removed on premise of zero confidence and neglect of the earth. The earth
is being destroyed.

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