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Jordan Maxwell exposes the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church and religion in general. Maxwell ties together astrotheology, symbolism and the true meaning of common words we use everyday to demonstrate how every culture has been a victim of this corrupt cabal. For many Christians, this video will resonate as heresy, but for a few, it will be their awakening.

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Truth Frequency Radio website: http://www.truthfrequencyradio.com

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Автор Tony Snow ( назад)
if this intrests you, I highly suggest buying the 2 part book by Marty
Leeds, Pi and English Gematria. amazing explanation of etymology and the
hidden occultist message of life in the new testament.

Автор Tony Snow ( назад)
if this intrests you, I highly suggest buying the 2 part book by Marty
Leeds, Pi and English Gematria. amazing explanation of etymology and the
hidden occultist message of life in the new testament.

Автор Freeur Mind ( назад)
He is no professional I worked that out in the first ten minutes.

Автор Mr. Sir ( назад)
He needs to give more credit to the people in this country, i think there's
many of us who are awake who have studied enough history to connect the
dots we just need there to be a way for us to be heard but it may take
something very bad to happen to the country for us to finally rise up and
demand the government make some major changes but it may be too late by
that time to save the current system and that'd mean we would have to take
the country back and reinstate the constitution while backing our money
before they create their empire and gain total control. It's going to get
bad if we continue down this path i just hope there's enough of us awake to
understand who is controlling the show so we can cut the head off the snake
or we will get lost fighting the wrong people or even each other and we'll
fall with the country.

Автор zooologist ( назад)

Автор David Ross ( назад)

Автор Tony Stipic ( назад)
Have to be careful what we say. No such thing as christ means no anti
christ as well. Whoever the made up jesus was. Even if jesus was a name for
the sun. so i understand by this jesus is the sun personified. but why and
by whom?

Автор Racism IS a Disease ( назад)
*Fear-Mongering and Dis-Information*

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Folks, this man is a wild loose cannon. Check out some of the other videos
where he talks about the Popes head cover. In other videos he says the
cover represents the Male Penis. In THIS video he changes. He now says the
Pope's mitre represents a Fish Head [ancient Fish God]. How many other
times has this man contradicted himself to sell you Books and Tapes? Do
your homework. Yes, Mary worshiping catholicism is occultism. NO -
catholicism has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Folks, please read what I have written and whatever you do, make no mistake
to confuse the Un-Holy Roman Catholic Cult (church) with Biblical
Christianity. They are like oil and water. They do NOT belong together.
They are NOT the same. The World System is corrupt - he's right about that
fact. But, true Biblical Christianity, has nothing to do with this World
System. Jesus has already made it abundantly clear to all of us when He
said: "My kingdom is NOT of this world..." John 18:36.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
When he talks about the "Vicar," he's talking about the Vicarius which is
Latin for "Instead of." This is where he once again conflates truth with
his own deceit. It is true that the Roman Catholic cult is highly corrupt
and NON-Biblically sourced. Catholicism, does not represent Biblical
Christianity. It is know as the Papal Bull of 1302, by Pope Boniface VIII.
It is called: Unum Sanctum. Essentially, all roads to salvation pass
through the Pope, which is clearly NOT Biblical, folks.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell, is so wrong. Throughout the video he
continually links Christianity to the Catholic cult. For any born again
believer in Jesus as Lord and Savior, this is total heresy. Why? There are
many reasons but one clear reason has to do with the the Catholic
cult/church elevating Mary to deity status. The literal praying to Mary, is
the deification and elevation process and that is not Biblical on ANY
level. Stop equating true Christianity with Catholic cultism.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell, is extremely transparent for anyone
having the smallest amount of insight on Biblical concepts. Folks, the
Bible actually MAKES his argument! The Bible prophecies about the end times
and the great apostate (falling away) and the great deceiver (anti-christ)
who will appear as light to the world. That cancels the Bible as being
fictional, if you follow his logic. Yet, he continually misplaces
Christianity inside that which Christianity itself warns about.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell, is very confusing. On the one hand he
says that he does not believe that Jesus ever existed, nor any of the New
Testament writers. Yet, he completely ignores the physical and
archaeological evidence for the historicity of the Biblical scriptures and
how they far outweigh any other writings of antiquity AND he NEVER once
tells you WHEN the New Testament was written or WHO he believes wrote it.
He simply draws wild conclusions without being asked for proofs.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
What I find so fascinating here, is that Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell,
while intimating that he's genuinely interested in the story of Jesus,
never once tells you what his 46 years of research leads him to believe
about the Old and New Testament scriptures and what they mean for the
historical Jesus. All he does is sit back and lob grenades at Christianity
and equates it with the False Church, which most informed Christians
already understand to be the Holy Roman Catholic Cult/Church.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
All the teaching of Mithrasim are NOT Christian principles and/or concepts.
It was historical revisionists such as Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell,
who conflated that which Mithraism added to its own occultic religion
during the time of Antoninus Pius, 160 A.D. This man takes part truth and a
lot of lies from astro-theology and co-mingles them together into a mosaic
of deceit and half baked concepts that sound plausible on the surface, but
fall apart after only a small amount of research.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Russel Pine -aka- Jordan Maxwell, begins with a fundamental error.
Mithraism, was a pagan religion with its earliest roots in Persia, and did
NOT originally include the Christian tenets of Virgin Birth, Bodily
Crucifixion, Bodily Resurrection and Bodily Ascension. Moreover, it was the
Roman version of Mithraism, that ADDED Christian concepts LATER. The
"taurobolium" blood ritual in the Mithra/Attis cults was not written about
until AFTER A.D. 160. Clearly an A.D. 'amended' religion.

Автор QuantFx ( назад)
Jordan Maxwell, is not Jordan Maxwell. His name is Russell Pine. Probably a
Jesuit counter-agent. If the "knowledge" he was dispensing was so
transformative as to shake the very foundation humanity's false belief
system(s), then why sell such "knowledge" in the form of Books & Tapes
which he frequently does during his traveling road trips? Prophet or
Profit? He mixes historical truth with modern fiction and that's really sad
for those unaware. Christianity is not false. Religion is false.

Автор ProChoiceJesus ( назад)
Bunk. Religions that supposedly pre-date and allegedly are just like
Christianity have been debunked time & again. What a bunch of anti-christ
hogwash and deception.

Автор Kirsten Kellogg ( назад)
He's got it right! The Bible is the key to operating upon the Holy
See/commerce (Old Testament is the Law and New Testament is the REMEDY -
can't make a law without offering a remedy). In order to truly operate as a
Sovereign, one must understand these principles so that he can maneuver
between legal fiction (Uniform Commercial Code/statutory law) and natural
law. And if one does any TINY bit of research, one will learn the basis of
Christianity is all based on pagan myths and astrology.

Автор Kris Brown ( назад)
its simplier to say that he himself has been mislead like you yourself have
been. life is very interesting and madame blavatski may have been correct
in her assumptions of where the world maybe heading towards.

Автор Barbara Rae Gurley ( назад)
Laudium.. You are absolutely right.. My first clue was a video where he was
praising Madame Blavatski the occultist, friend of the Lucious Press and
Alaister Crowley.. A real Whack Job ! (All of 'em)

Автор RostedSheep ( назад)
I'm going to give Jesus a sloppy Joe and get his white robes dirty.

Автор jksynth ( назад)
Very interesting. But. Is . It. True?

Автор Jony Islan ( назад)
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Автор porkyo123 ( назад)
I'm not waiting for Jesus to return someday, I can't wait to meet him

Автор porkyo123 ( назад)
If this was true he would on been whacked along time agol LOL.this needs to
be debated.

Автор Igor Zolski ( назад)
in order to acquire their wealth. All the wars have to do with the rivalry
between the templars (french masons) and the priory de sion ( English
masons). The bible is written in a esoteric language in order to protect it
against the secret societies. There is some truth in what Maxwell is saying
but he's deliberately spreading disinformation. His been on a crusade to
destroy Christianity for quite some time now. Thats why people like him are
still alive and people like bill cooper are dead

Автор Igor Zolski ( назад)
Jordan spinning it around like always. Completely plays down the
significance of the Freemasons who are the main players in this all. The
knight Templars exist today under the name of the French Grand Orient
Masonry. They are ones who have infiltrated the catholic church as revenge
for burning de moley at the stake. The other main player is the English
grand lodge masons who caring with them the Merovingian heresy. The
Merovingian kings were the real ones behind the destruction of the templars

Автор chinesesloppyplop ( назад)
Christianity and all the religions before it are based on the sun and the
12 signs of the zodiac, that's why the painting of the last supper has
jesus (the sun) in the middle and the 12 disciples (12 signs of the zodiac)
are split into 4 groups of 3, the 4 seasons with 3 months in each one. when
jesus fed people with 2 fish the sun is in age of pisces, (pisces 2 fish)
when jesus meets the man carrying a pitcher of water its the sun entering
the age of Aquarius.

Автор Kola Finger ( назад)
Very interesting and informing piece of vital information. Thanks.

Автор James Reder ( назад)
Easter, Christmas and Valentine's Day, are Catholic names for occult rites.
So is the steeple (Sun God's Penis) on Sunday mornings: His Rebirth. YHWH
is angry for being mixed with sorcery and having His names replaced by LORD
and GOD: The Names of Ba'al, (Jeremiah 23:27) so He cursed us like Judah.
(2nd Corinthians 6:14-18) The word, wicked in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, the only
solution to our curse, means witchcraft! Teaching children such traditions
will earn you a special curse. Mark 9:42.

Автор SamusAranFan ( назад)
I dont like religion at all people should be free thinking not pounded with
religion since birth because its what people want other people to believe
... No f that i dont believe what people tell me too i ask questions and i
sure as $*** aint gonna believe a god who condones rape mass murder slavery
sexism racism and thinks gay people should burn in hell. That you can do
all the bad $*** you want but as long as your a believer you can be spared
nope doesnt sound like a god to me

Автор Luke Good ( назад)
What a pile of fish crap. yes the Vatican is into Dagon/sun worship, the
reformation was against this. It was about the BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ONLY.
Maxwell says Jesus is aquarian religion cos he tells a disciple to ask a
man for water. c'mon now how thick does he think Christians are. There is
only one way to test Jesus - pray in the name of Jesus in pure honesty and
he will answer . Maxwell has many truths but the reason he hasn't been
whacked is cos he Is anti-Christian he is a shill

Автор Hatter Reeves ( назад)
When are people gonna see that the hero story of jesus returning to save u
at the very end IS A HOLLYWOOD STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON! its manipulation
ur gonna wait while ur country and world falls apart cuz its the divine
will of god that was written in some book given to u by some humans ! Come
on! They gave u a prophecy of doom with a hero ending! theres no hero
coming but they are taking over while u sit back like children and wait
they are manipulating u like SHEEP WAKE UP DAMNIT! WAKE UP!

Автор Hatter Reeves ( назад)
Saturday = SATURNday SUNday = the SUN friday = VENUS Satan is derived from
the planet Saturn with the 6 pointed star imprint on saturn. Lucifer is the
bright and morning star = venus or Sirius its all Astro theology Religion
is used to control you they give u prophecy such as revelations and Isaiah
and tell you its the will of god when infact its their own written will so
they can take power while you sit back and wait for a savior they promised

Автор Hatter Reeves ( назад)
wow the pagans copied it first! wow u are wrong 1st off Pharaoh akhenaten
was the frist to say there was 1 god named Aten! Christianity is many myths
combined into one and the whole thing is SUN WORSHIP Jesus is the Sun of
God he is the light of the world = SUN he shall come from the EAST =SUN He
is the bright and MORNING STAR = SUN born to a virgin = VIRGO He is the
LION OF JUDAH = LEO he is the LAMB = ARIES he died on the cross = SOUTHERN
CROSS CONSTELLATION! he was a fisherman = Pisces

Автор Hatter Reeves ( назад)
jesus ruled in the time of Pisces which was the time of Dagons fish god is
pisces like Abraham was in the time of Aries, now we are in the time
Aquariuses egyptians worshiped the bull which is mentioned in the bible of
Moses which represented Taurus.......dagons was before mithra and all this
started with Egypt look up " Christianity is an Egyptian myth" on Youtube

Автор Hatter Reeves ( назад)
I don't get how u can say the church is a fraud and turn around and say
christ is above and beyond assholes. christ is religon and its a trick to
get u to wait for his return and let the world fall apart cuz all you gotta
do is wait for jesus thats all religous brainwashing to make you stay on ur
knee's and what have you been studying the bible? given to u by the
catholics! written by the elite! i bet u didn't the Catholics removed
reincarnation in 545 AD from the bible so what do U really know?

Автор Franko Figueroa ( назад)
Yvette so u think u just appeared out of bacteria? The church is a fraud
but what the creator did for you has nothing to do with religion...so
please redicule them but Christ and god are above and beyond this assholes
ruling the world, but Yvette all will come to judgement..they will pay for
there tirrany..I bet my life on it.

Автор Franko Figueroa ( назад)
I understand religion or its belifes ..but when this asshole says Christ
"never existed" all those years of study dint work..fuck u Maxwell

Автор TheSNOTTBALL ( назад)
First he said that christianity came from mithra. Then he switched to dagon
the fish god. Which is it?

Автор Rasul Abernathy ( назад)
there is no jesus and u pray to the Africans of Kemet which originally was
KMT then turned into yup u guessed it Egypt when the freeks I mean greeks
encountered them can i get an Amen Ra I say Ra for my name that's what they
call me. I love the waking of my ppl and others we r such a great race

Автор Jim Rothon ( назад)
Is this guy for real No Jesus

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
Solstice of the Winter, and how many people they have murdered. I remember
the fact when Michael Joseph Jackson played the he hate Christmas game and
to end Christmas because he did not celebrate it, will not hide their
crimes. No longer in hiding their crimes against humanity, hiding and doing
wrong. I am going to fight them for my future generations no matter their
hide and lies. Expose the Exposers and their lies including Francis, then
we can have peace.

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
The Masons and all of their dealings with be exposed for the world to know,
they can no longer hide, all of them and this Big Red Michael Joseph
Jackson even though he faked his death he call himself Satan and the other
guys are all complicit in the reign of terror and I will continue to expose
them all in the Vatican. Elizabeth knows and they became Islam, Jews all
roll into one for the people. Religion they could care less about it for
the people. They all will be exposed for the world to see.

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
The people fed off of the children as in the Mason tools, this is the
supper and how so many have fed off of us, through the music industry,
movie industry, inventors getting their ideas from those they have
microchipped, and this is the metaphor meaning of feeding the thousands off
of two fishes, they are horrible people, and this is why Hollywood has fed
off of my family and many more because the Michaels was my controllers and
handlers. They will keep their hands off of my family, expose them

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
All Lies and I said so, they do not have power over me anymore. The Michael
Jacksons made themselves God, Jesus, Devil, Lucifer, Noopooh and Zoopooh
and all those in their circle of the Masons, those in media, and or anyone
who work in Hollywood. Dagon, Dragon they changed their whole meaning, the
Organization is a criminal empire as is religion. I looked at his document
and this explains the boat and the big fish in the boat. The fake bomber
being caught in the boat, their deceit, no more.

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
They do not own me, my family or any one, they are robbers, pirates,
kidnappers, abusing and breaking their own laws. The world shall know and
to end their Secret Society of the Church, they are murderers, dividing and
conquering families and did you know one of the Michael Joseph Jackson call
himself Ray, Big Red, Satan, the Devil, no more of hiding their lies. None
of the alphabet agencies did not knock on my door when my family, friends
and other people were being murdered the world over

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
This is the meaning of their outright blatantly wearing the fish hat, and
kissing the cross and this is why the Michael Jackson s men have called
themselves Jesus and this is true and all of those in their circle. These
people have taken unsuspecting children as their slaves, misusing humanity,
they will be exposed for the world to know . They church of England,
Vatican have corrupted spiritually. Jesus/Horus and may the new age Jesus
please be brave and bad and stand and be accounted.

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
I wouldn't have minded religion, accept their attempted murder, the theft
of children's lives, the hypocrisy of using children to open their mouth as
a fish, take in the penis and swallow the semen (see men) Holy See with a
lot of holes. It is wrong to use children for pornography and then say you
love them. The supper of so call Jesus is sitting at a table metaphorically
eating off of the flesh of innocent children, stealing their whole life,
the Masons and their so call God. Expose the exposer

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
Tell those pedophilias, child murderers, lives thieves, robber barons, and
god did not make me, and the true creators of the universe is out and
beyond and not some fool in a space ship that claim he is our father in
heaven. Inform the Vatican their religion is a fraud, remember the Vatican
is willing to shed blood to conceal their fraud upon the world. If you are
true, and loving there is no need to continue to hide from the people. The
Vatican is a detriment to society.

Автор Yvette E ( назад)
Jesus is a fraud, and tell the Vatican, Michael Joseph Jackson, Elizabeth
of England, the Church of England that I said it. They are a fraud and has
been for a long time. It is Jesus that is the one murdering, abusing and
sexual assaulting the children. The whole world will know since they claim
they are BAD,

Автор Genechanger ( назад)
A Paedophile, a Rapist and a Catholic Priest Walk into a bar. He buys a

Автор Christ the Eternal King ( назад)
Oh you wretched man-get down on your knees & pray for forgiveness.To
mistake this filth for a good deed towards civilisation is insanity
itself!The Church you're attacking has moulded some of the purest Saints
that have walked the earth.Why not concentrate on THOSE,instead of
re-crucifying Christ with this slander?Christ HEALS the wounds of all who
are abused-as HE was HIMSELF-also by His own people.Will you NEVER
understand?When HE passes Judgment it is TRUE-when we do it,it's to

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
Thank you for rpoving another point :) Here is a documentary on your very
own UFOtv that verifies the flood of the Bible to be true. A boat exactly
300 cubits in length at 6800 ft above sea level and even the anchor stones
with crosses inscribed onthem by the early crusaders who knew what they
were for: Noahs Ark. Wow.. you are ignorant arent you. Enjoy the
documentary!!! Its even on google maps watch?v=w9pAjv1WgNg Watch! Here
comes some dumbass reply from you

Автор son new ( назад)
christianity is a fiction. The Judeo/Christian bible is chock full of blood
sacrifice- HUMAN blood sacrifice. Most xians rely on what their preacher
has to say and/or are too lazy or mentally challenged to read and study for
themselves. How many people bother to REALLY THINK?? In addition to the
blatant human blood sacrifices for jehova, bloodbath after bloodbath took
place under the direction and orders of this bloodthirsty entity in the
form of numerous wars and other acts of inhumanity.

Автор son new ( назад)
Knowledge comes from Satan. The "Jesus" character has acted as the thought
police for ultimate control. Wars have been fought repeatedly over beliefs
and ideas. Control what is in the mind of humanity and you will control

Автор son new ( назад)
please got to exposingchristianity on google. or joyofsatan

Автор son new ( назад)
Example: Exodus 20: 16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy
neighbour. Stolen from the Code of Hammurabi, 3: "If a seignior came
forward with false testimony in a case, and has not proved the word which
he spoke, if that case was a case involving a life, that seignior shall be
put to death."

Автор son new ( назад)
THE FLOOD The Flood Story from Gilgamesh predates the Christian account by
well over 1,000 years or more. The Judeo/Christian Bible claims that
"Yaweh" incited the flood. In truth, "ENLIL" allowed the flood to take
place. Tracing Enlil's origins here on earth, we have found he is also
known as "Bel" which evolved into "Baal" and eventually "Beelzebub."

Автор son new ( назад)
· THE CREATION/GENISIS: The Enuma Elish predated the bible by a minimum of
1,000 years, and is presumed to be much older. The tablets are now in the
British Museum. · The Atrahasis Story predates the biblical Genesis account
by over 1,000 years or more. Both of these creation accounts predate
Christianity and the Judeo/Christian Bible by centuries. Both reveal there
were "GODS" not "One God." This is where the Jews made mistakes, along with
the many contradictory scriptures.

Автор rockbeat4 ( назад)
Like I said sonny boy, buy a good Crobar. Satan will rule U in the lake of
fire. He will treat U like deserving NEW SON, he will destroy U in hell. U
then will CRY for Jesus. Some people like U have to learn the hard way.
Satan will turn on U and when he does in that day U'll think UR so proud of
your decision. Sad! Remember Jesus SAVES, Satan destroy's. U still have
time to REPENT! Oh! If U believe so much in your papa, tell him to tell U
if he TREMBLES at the name of JESUS?

Автор rockbeat4 ( назад)
Whoever listens to U or pays any attention to U is listening to a false
ignorant person of stolen and modified propaganda of old enough history of
devil illusions and lies. Repent! So mr. lucifer kiss BUTT, tell us what
old enough pagan religion is the Bible stolen from? How was that so called
( by U ) pagan religion modified from it's history. Show us facts and not
your lucifarian lied of something made up by U and your Papa the DEVIL.
What;s the name of that pagan religion? Tell us Dude!

Автор rockbeat4 ( назад)
Dude! be careful what U say about Jesus, U will eat your words and REGRET
what U said. Satan will not save U from Gods WRATH. Satan loves idiots like
U especially when U join him in the lake of FIRE and tells U SUCKER U
believed my lie. Buy a good crobar, You'll be chasing Satan in the lake of
fire for eternity. That's when your big bragging of your papa Lucifer will
end and you'll regret your words when it's to late for U. Gee! U love the
father of LIES. Good grief!

Автор jeetkunedoremixer ( назад)
I would like to know were you learnt that from.

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
HAHAHAHAAHAHA So what ur saying is that u worship satans PHALLIC PENIS..
ok.. Afterall thats what ur POS false religion revolves around including
esoteric false romancatholicism a counterfeit. u should research who your
real occult masters are. Its obvious u are a result of satans deception
that he puts on others. ur pathetic lil copycat master knows his time is
short. Ive read the script I know how it ends. w u all burning in hell with

Автор son new ( назад)

Автор son new ( назад)

Автор son new ( назад)
thanks for the replay. you see how your rotten idiot jesus bad sprit with
in you is making a mess in you?. first of all we believe ENKI
=SATAN=LUCIFER all the same name. ENKI in summerian text is our father the
mighty SATAN/LUCIFER himself. first of all for you reference go to
JOYOFSATAN read. if your rotten jesus refused tell him father SATAN/LUCIFER
will burn you. I know you are praying for a long years but still your doom.

Автор jeetkunedoremixer ( назад)
Where the heck do you get stuff from?

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
That's funny. Hail whatever gods you want, you'll just end up like the
rest: sad, dead & alone. If your satan was from before the "bible era" as
you call it (which shows how ignorant you are) than why are you using a
bible name or names only mentioned by the bible. ur an idiot LOL The Torah
was written before the bible & that is where u are getting it from. Ancient
Sumerian texts confirm it & guess what, that is the oldest civilization to
be on the planet. PRAISE JESUS Christ, the Lord of lords.

Автор simpleRATRAY ( назад)
I had sex with my priest a few times when I was 14, I remember he was such
a hypocrite.

Автор son new ( назад)
Yes I praise FATHER SATAN/LUCIFER. but our true father SATAN/LUCIFER is not
what your bible said and I believe not based on the bible but based on
practical truth. our father the mighty and true creator of humanity was
before what you call the bible era. the jews created the stolen and
corrupted history in ur bible for their own power and advantage over

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
You Praise lucifer/satan yet call the Bible which explains the existence of
his pathetic attempt at power and even the occultists Blavatsky, bailey,
crowley, teilhard de chardin verify this... ur a hypocritical fool praying
on the less informed. thats all. Funny, you deny the BIble but praise
satan? like thats not obvious... You wannabes are getting pathetic in your
attempts lol

Автор RayneOfLyte888 ( назад)
Everyone look at the video on my channel about the truth of Roman
Catholicism. I literally break down everything about the Roman Catholic
Church bit by bit. Spread the word.

Автор son new ( назад)

Автор son new ( назад)

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
every1 in debate w me removing their comments? maybe bcuz they dont stand
on truth...

Автор Lilly Clair ( назад)
amen means yes people dont say amen to pray that Amen Ra

Автор truthseeker7676 ( назад)
Are you a truth seeker? Google search 'Truth Contest' & open "The Present"
at the website ..... what this book says will change your life forever.

Автор derpy derp ( назад)
wow that is some real comment cancer this vid has

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
Its almost sad to see ppl so ready to hate the Christians falsely. just
like the Nazis did w the Jews, & Nero did w the early Christians of Rome
when he burnt it for a song. Hate based upon ignorance. NERO & HITLER
presented "new" concepts to the people w hidden intentions. Hitler was a
well known FAKE christian who practiced the same witchcraft as the jesuits
& freemasons. FACT: THEY ALL BOW TO THE PAPACY, masons, witches, warlocks,
new agers, FAKE christians. IDENTIFY the true enemy ppl: satan

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
OF course the word CATHOLIC is NOT found anywhere in the Bible. What you
have to understand is that Rome is and always has been a wolf in sheeps
clothing. They are the very gnostic, esoteric, occult, sun worhsipping,
pagan, new age, blavatsky, alice bailey, crowley sex magic, satanic , UN
endorsed pagan ploythiestic religions that are enslaveing the world. In
UNDER ROME. Google it. I even have the video on my channel.

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
ur problem of paying attention to previous statements is beyond atrocious.
I told you the jesuits are the keepers of the ancient mystic religions of
babylon, assyria, egypt, and many other pagan religions. Even Albert Pike
and Robert Mackey (Morals & Dogma & Ency. of F.masonry) both acknowledge
this fact. Hitler, who was an occultist & satanist esoterically,even stated
His SS was based on the jesuits. Like I said , the qoutes are in those vids
and easily verifiable. So either put up or shut up

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
"You dig your own grave, not my problem" I find ur statement rather ironic
since u want to blame Biblical Christianity as the "end times lie" yet use
the Bible for ur own agenda??? good example of what hypocrites do. "WOE
UNTO THOSE WHO CALL EVIL GOOD AND GOOD EVIL" Isaiah 5:20 u all have been
warned out of love. But I guess truth takes a back seat to idiocy nowadays
when hate & ignorance are such common social traits. Lord Jesus Help us.We
are living in the utopian IDIOCRACY.

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
The fact that ur IGNORING the FACTS of the Jesuits control into the entire
new age stew that JM pushes should speak volumes to the ppl watching me
converse w someone so obtuse to learning. I thought u were on this quest
for (gnosis)? knowledge except Jesus' huh? Dont any of you see the obvious
hypocritical lie of this whole new age RELIGIOUS thought pattern you all
are falling for? its inherently ANTICHRISTian. if ur so smart & do ur
research u'll find Rome the head of it all not the west

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
9 commandments huh? there u go again using a book that u claim is invalid
for the justification of ur own ignorance. u couldnt be more of a
hypocrite. I have yet to see 1 factual statement form u. rather mudslinging
instead of research. either offer proof that JM is NOT involved w the NWO
new age agenda under the vatican, or forget a response. Again u prove the u
are under the lies of antichrist. exactly What my Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ described the ignorant would do...Prophecy in action

Автор WakeU.S. from Slumber ( назад)
Obviously your going to deny all the truth just put b4 you. Thank you for
exactly proving my point. IGNORANCE reigns supreme as the majority. Well,
you enjoy that party while it lasts. Maybe somebody who has actual proof
will actually take up the challenge. Not holding my breath...

Автор starelative ( назад)
I should be fine then.

Автор MillionthUsername ( назад)
Lying is a sin, and liars will be punished no matter who they are.

Автор starelative ( назад)
Catholics loved the art, beauty and history of Mesoamerica so much that
they melted all the gold statues and destroyed the literature. Star Trek
borg = Rome

Автор starelative ( назад)
If lying is a sin, then medieval Catholic leaders will be in the deepest
depths of "hell" (kudos to the Nordic pagans for giving that word to the
Roman church)

Автор MillionthUsername ( назад)
You don't make any sense. Your comment is unreadable.

Автор starelative ( назад)
As far as astrotheology goes, I think people like are missing the point.
Current astronomy explains the movement of heavens quite well. I don't see
how it was so hard for ancients to just come out and say they meant
movement of celestial bodies. Why encode it and obfuscate it behind a story
about resurrection and atonement? No, scriptures don't just apply to
planets. They apply to planets, people, atoms, and everything in the
universe. Micro to macro. All things follow the same pattern.

Автор starelative ( назад)
Jesus may have existed, but we have gotten 100% of our "knowledge" of him
through Rome, the same that has used this story to control for two
millennia. The Latin Vulgate was the only Bible for hundreds of years. I
feel there is some truth to the Jesus story, but it could be symbolic. It
would be just as truthful in its ancient Egyptian form, or Druidic form.

Автор starelative ( назад)
Romanism and Chrisitianity love calling outside views "sick". They invented
"truth" after all 2000 years ago. 2000 years of "non-sick" people
self-flagellating, denying themselves natural sex and procreation, and
killing heretics by fire, while there weree 1000s of years of "sick" people
preceding it.

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