Joe Rogan Experience #895 - #WhoIsFat Weigh-in - Day 2

Joe is joined by Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer for Day 2 weigh-in of their weight loss challenge.

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Автор kazecoah ( назад)
I'd pay money to conversate with Joe or Tom. Bert is cool too

Автор 8thlvlMage ( назад)
3:27:06 was super awkward for a moment. Holy moly lol.

Автор tengu ( назад)
bert looks like he got fired from medieval times

Автор TorontoSportsFan ( назад)
Ladies and gentleman, it's one white chick a year

Автор brian sullivan ( назад)
What's funny is he never said Pete Holmes

Автор Pyrolusion ( назад)
"I meant the fucking team!" I had to pause to catch my breath after that

Автор V ( назад)
ari's breakdown is amazing

Автор Rob Jomes ( назад)
2 ugly Jews that are comedians but not funny at all, cheap Hollywood kikes
suck my dick

Автор Domzdream ( назад)
Bert should just keep going with the weight loss. Why stop there. That's
like a guy who's just graded onto a black belt, then stopping because he
think he's reached the end line. No you keep going man.

Автор Domzdream ( назад)
Man, I don't know why people are into sleeve tattoos. It just looks like a
pile of muddy crap. First two years, yes it looks great. Then it starts
fading, and getting irregular, and blurry, and it just looks like bruises
rather than artwork. Joe literally looks like he's got purple arms now.

Автор Jouko Kolehmainen (Xollo) ( назад)
team competition joe+tom and aubrey+bert hunting elk or something. one idea
among hundreds

Автор Manuel Camarillo ( назад)
hey joe how come you don't get tosh on your podcast and or with tom segura.
that would be freaking hilarious.

Автор Dazed andConfused ( назад)
Fuck Ari!

Автор j wittyz ( назад)
lol Ari is such a cheap sack of shit

Автор Judas ( назад)
Sweat it out and get an adderall prescription. And all that pizza eating
just makes me hungry.

Автор Lemonpi3 ( назад)
Randomly Noticed: They are eat pizza the same way hahaha

Автор 503 503 ( назад)
Big ass titties

Автор Harry Verolme (TPT) ( назад)
You are all such amazing guys. Please keep this up.

Автор Ramon Hurtado ( назад)
Fat Jitsu match!

Автор Lionel Emata ( назад)
Of course that un-funny Ari will welch on his bet. He also claims to be a

Автор 11468864 csu ( назад)
underwater city. cough bioshock cough

Автор MR.STUKES ( назад)

Автор Litre uhh Cola ( назад)
Bert look's like the porn star nobody wants to hire with that facial hair.

Автор Emilie C ( назад)
There's reminders here in Atlantic Canada every year for Moose season to
"try" and get a bull rather than a cow so the numbers are more likely to
keep growing. But the licenses are by very limited lottery so you shoot
whatever you see first if you won a license for the season.

Автор arthurv321 ( назад)
Time stamp when Bert throws wife under the bus? Lol

Автор fredguy2 ( назад)
2:04:40 Uh Bioshock?

Автор Chris Kenny ( назад)
At 159:44 They both tell Burt that he shouldnt give a fuck then not a
minute later he says Russell Peters was dating the dumbest human being in
the planet amd they both turn on him lmao "Bro what r u doing"
....Dickheads lol

Автор John Niola ( назад)
Congratulation to Bert on becoming a musketeer.

Автор Clay Zeigler ( назад)
"Did you have him in your deadpool?" lmfao that was savage

Автор Andy Morin ( назад)
you need to have bert on more often. he is great to watch.

Автор scubagravy ( назад)
Joe Rogan..... you're a fucking sellout..... of all people, you've crossed
the line.

Автор dancemag ( назад)
Brace Land 100% looks like Rob Lowe in that first picture...

Автор Dinco422 ( назад)
2:44:10 fuck me... that's what a real friendship fucking is BOIZ!!!

Автор Mike Lowrey ( назад)
I'm feeling the love with (almost) everyone in these comments!

Автор thecommentqueen cb ( назад)
You're both still fat...

Автор Loki Lyesmyth ( назад)
229 beards disliked this podcast.

Автор Sammy Chow ( назад)
get Chappelle pleaseeeeeeeeee!

Автор Dinopolese Sharkosaur ( назад)
burt pulled the christian slater on the caviar

Автор S Wirtjes ( назад)
I laughed so much, this Trifecta has to be added to my top list of
Podcasts. ROFL Best time this week laughing, tru Comedians are just amazing

Автор Tweedle dee ( назад)
you cant just break out the drinks and the pizza! SELF INDULGENCE PODCAST!

Автор Tweedle dee ( назад)
quit talkin' about pizza!!!

Автор vito mirr ( назад)
this thing is so ridiculously engaging and pointless it reminds me of the
heyday of the howard stern show. can't stop listening.

Автор Bobby Larkler ( назад)
I'm surprised nobody from Connecticut is butt hurt over joe's comment, I
guess it must be true?? 😂

Автор Dinopolese Sharkosaur ( назад)
Burt's look: 1/3 Fu-Man-Chu + 1/3 OC Choppers + 1/3 Homeless 80's Cop

Автор Dinopolese Sharkosaur ( назад)
burt and tom NEED to do an adventure/competition series!

Автор lucidchips ( назад)
young jamie with the fear factor idea!!! would 100% tune in for that

Автор TheScottGillies ( назад)
Where's THIS PART at?!? “There's no explanation for my hydration
and it's like cuttin' the water was like a vacation” - Tom Segura

Автор Xander ( назад)
crossshit! bert don't

Автор johnnyjmac ( назад)
Tom's new stand up special on Netflix is great

Автор MykTheOccultist ( назад)
so did ari pay up or not?

Автор Firstname Lastname ( назад)
I wonder who gets on top... Bert or Tom. Maybe they alternate lmao

Автор derp ( назад)
hmm went to went to school with a jake smith whos a hardcore MMA guy and is
a correctional officer now maybe the same guy

Автор Axel Beaulieu (OJI OUTLAW) ( назад)
why didn't you write "i'm left-handed" lmfao

Автор VisioPhobia ( назад)
Joe just invented Bioshock 2:04:20

Автор mungofish81 ( назад)
Beard off at 2:42:00

Автор crackers472 ( назад)
I never care about eating on podcasts, except for this one. Bert's eating
sounds are that of a complete and total mouth-breather. GOD DAMN IT'S SO
IRRITATING. Anyway, who cares, I still like all of them. Just had to get
that out right quick.

Автор tuxedojones ( назад)
joe calling people retards while pouring coke first and jack daniels after
to make a jackncoke? the audacity!!!!

Автор B-Grade Productions ( назад)
how longs that guy gonna take to get a slice of pizza >.<

Автор NR JZ ( назад)
Each have to make a dune buggy or something like that and then you have to
race them

Автор wywyguy ( назад)
Hysteria comes from the Greek word for womb

Автор Chad Lesperance ( назад)
best podcast ever

Автор Luis Jacome ( назад)
Bring Martin Shkreli, an argument with Shkreli and Joe would be great!

Автор Leroy Harder ( назад)
If they want to carry this forward, a bit of competition trying various
amateur sports in the area.

Personally I would suggest rowing as one. Lots of potential for torture on
the rowing machine in the gym, and a bit of fun on the water in tippy
boats. A test of both skill and strength/endurance for bigger guys. And low
impact, not much chance for injury. Bring in some knowledgeable folks in
respective sports to coach and talk about the sport in the process.

Автор William Watts (Brad) ( назад)
The Esoteric Machinist

Автор Christian Ibarra ( назад)
where is the part where Ari starts complaining?

Автор KingDevilsEye ( назад)
Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer give female comics a bad fucking name.

Автор 666VeniVidiVici666 ( назад)
Joe told Jon Jones, when Jon was invited to the show, not to eat/chew
infront of the mic which disturb the listeners. But here they are , eating
and chewing a lovely, fucking, pizza!

Автор Logical BulletAnt ( назад)
For a good time call (713) 492-5832

Автор Chad Goings ( назад)
weigh in is over, please get dressed

Автор NATRON ( назад)
Tosh as a guest would be an epic show.
An idea for the next bet: Powerlifting Comp

Автор Dan Gonsalves ( назад)
doesn't Joe kind of make Ari's point when talking about Connor and Nate's
weight cut ability? LOL!

Автор Jacob Walls ( назад)
Bert has the worst laugh...

Автор Loki Lyesmyth ( назад)
Gods damn Ari is an annoying jewbag.

Автор Unknown _User ( назад)
Ok this podcast is now 6 days old....how about a new one??

Автор Thomas Kernan ( назад)
ha yea the red hair discrimination doesn't bother me, but south park helped
with that..

Автор Reuben Hill ( назад)

Автор Sean Cash ( назад)
What the fuck Ari??... Indian giving Jew bastard... Can't stand people that
make a bet like this and then look for every excuse to back out... and Joe
being an apologist for him is bullshit. Pay up Ari, you cheap fuck!...

Автор Taming the Life ( назад)
That "Doctor Squirts" segment hahahaha

Автор Joshua Mirabella ( назад)
Bert: "We in?" Tom: "For what?" Bert: "I love you." Tom: "Ok". lmfao I
fuckin love Bert. <3

Автор EuphoricRager ( назад)

Автор Terry W ( назад)
Now Bert looks like a slightly heavier 1990 James Hetfield. Good job, boys.

Автор TrojanMan 928 ( назад)
Awh FUCK! I didn't know Bert was a ATO!? We are sworn enemies now! Lol

Автор Darryn Eynon ( назад)
How long can you go sober?

Автор TPMEZ ( назад)
21:41 when Joe asks for coke i was like wait wtf on stream?! then he said
diet coke... was like ohhhhhhhh.... coke... right, got ya.

Автор chris rhoads ( назад)
This is a fucking hilarious podcast! Great job on the weigh loss fellas!
Keep that shit up!

Автор Jeremy Kean ( назад)
I've been desperately wishing for a new competition show to replace Kenny
Vs Spenny, Bert Vs Tom would be a fucking dream come true.

Автор Terry W ( назад)
These 2 pods made me feel all fuzzy inside. Also, #fuckari

Автор muaar ( назад)
@24:22 unless you're redban ;)

Автор Don Koovey ( назад)
oh my god please do a documentary series of Bert Kreischer and Mel Gibson
smoking meth

Автор asad mohd ( назад)
the way Bert laughs reminds me of scooby doo.

Автор 23 Savage ( назад)
Bring on alex jones

Автор NATRON ( назад)
Burnt Chrysler, fuckin up the rotation lol!

Автор THEMathsdebater ( назад)
The greatest podcast I've ever seen.

Автор Larry Knight ( назад)
So they lost so much 2 days??

Автор Anthony O ( назад)
one of them needs to be coached by renato laranja

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