How to get the Andromeda or AT 400 IN GTA SA

This is a Tutorial on how to get the AT-400 (747 Airplane) in gta San Andreas the plane show in the video is NOT A MOD.

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Per la guida andare su http://gta-mod-trucchi.blogspot.com/2008/09/ottenere-l-andromeda-in-gta-sa.html


Автор Blake S (2 месяца)
Nice landing 

Автор Hrvoje Cerin (4 месяца)
i want andromeda

Автор Erdal Ersin Elbet (2 месяца)
andromada wanted :(

Автор KillTheChandeliers (3 года)
does this plane appears on ps2 san andreas as well? :/

Автор tugay332 (2 года)
Perfekt land!

Автор x3wenjin (1 год)
Sucks not using free run wasting time zzz

Автор IzmirMr (3 года)
@otbopl thats not nice word to say

Автор lucas1535 (3 года)
@fatalkill504 man now you make them happy please man dont answer this

Автор thehobo00 (3 года)
@robinap99 it's a mod. i guess the controls are identical to the Hydra but
it looks different. the actual plane is an F-35. i think the plane is also
in real life called the Joint Strike Fighter

Автор Hemo A.H. (1 год)
is the hydra that the stupid plane in bf2 the

Автор selwyn dolor (1 год)
this video suck the original CARGO PLANE! and you need to have a monster
truck just to get in!

Автор aizat arif (1 год)
i know how to get andromanda plane(for complete game)(i think) just playing
around the airport or wait and use see andromanda is landing!

Автор Lachlan Bresser-Powell (1 год)

Автор frohman3 (2 года)
Uh, the AT400 is actually based off a 737... But no worries.

Автор XteremeShit12 (4 года)
nice f-35

Автор Claude Speed (1 год)
All You Have To Do Is Go To The Hanger In The Las Venturas Airport And It's

Автор superflypenguinguy (4 года)
The Hydra And Velocity Meter Are Mods

Автор fatalkill504 (4 года)
@robinap99 It came with my game you can't download it individually. plus I
don't recommend it its very annoying, I uninstalled it.

Автор kurosaqui21 (2 года)
yes you cant drive at 400

Автор Diego Basoeki (8 месяцев)
how do you open that big gate?

Автор Simmo110 (2 года)
i liked the way you landed the hydra

Автор GrizzlyMizzly Chaim (2 года)
i dont know what you cheat in the beginning but thats not a hydra!

Автор Cupcaik Mupcaik (7 месяцев)
Transformers:starscream? hydra?

Автор Ma4aronz Productions (1 год)
The Most terrible pilot of the world = fatalkill504

Автор XxJUGGERNAUTxX (2 года)
Now that's what you call a woman pilot.

Автор TheXtraMan99 (1 год)
I thought that that hydra was a F-22 Raptor

Автор maumau1997 (1 год)
Andromada is not at 400

Автор monster (1 год)
Lol i call it Always starscream

Автор רפאל רחמימוב (1 год)
nice F35

Автор spyro442 (3 года)
you moron that does not look like a 747 it looks the 757

Автор iapplekid (3 года)
whats the code?!

Автор ladawg81 (1 год)
Andromada is bigger. It's the one you board during stowaway mission.

Автор jameswhall1013 (3 года)
dude how do you get all that fuckin stuff.........i could never do it..i
like ur vid tho

Автор Hugo Vieyra (3 года)
y el andromeca and the andromeda? guy stupid

Автор progamer580 (4 года)
that are mods

Автор The Dima (5 месяцев)
fucking CHEATER

Автор Nathan Bell (3 года)
wtf!!! is this a mod???

Автор sy375289 (3 года)
is the first plane a f-35 or a hydra?

Автор HaterzOwnYoAss (4 года)
omg why do you say andromeda or at-400? they're two very different planes...

Автор Sky Eye (9 месяцев)
Park a car under it and jump on the car. You should be able to get on.

Автор sy375289 (3 года)
5 35!

Автор alan jay (3 года)
im way better than u by far!!

Автор Adam K (4 года)
I've got custom androm in my gta sa and during stowaway missions I can't
catch it plane hahaha

Автор Mathias .Reviews (2 года)
its not amod but these plane isnt the andromeda!

Автор Odlanos (4 года)
Nice landing with that hydra =D Skills

Автор rmonger51 (3 года)
no thts a 737 the 747s have 2 decks

Автор hellx159 (3 года)
@otbopl someone talking that doesn't know grammar or correct word usage.

Автор luke3686 (4 года)
@robinap99 u can get a stuntplane

Автор aWiibitcrazy (4 года)
The AT-400 is a 737 not 747!

Автор Kostas Koussoulas (7 месяцев)
u dont have to take the hydra

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