10 Historical Mysteries of the Civil War

Were submarines and airplanes really used in the Civil War? From haunted forts, to mysterious glowing wounds, these are 10 Historical Mysteries of the Civil War !

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6. USS Keystone State

5. Confederate Flying Machine

4. Winans Steam Gun

3. The Gettysburg Ghosts

2. Mysterious Submarine Discovery

Stonewall Jackson Mystery

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Автор robert beyea ( назад)
fuck ghosts

Автор Tony s flips Martin Jr ( назад)
we are all related to somebody in the Civil War

Автор Aiden Shannon ( назад)
Just sub

Автор Gage Grossman ( назад)
Just subbed

Автор Cale Harkey ( назад)
So the confederates were very inventive

Автор Hdichdksocudjw Cjsjdhccuiksjxh ( назад)
My great great great uncle was one of the people on the U.S.S Keystone. I actually never knew until now they found the ship.

Автор Lil' Pliosaur ( назад)
1 fotoshoped

Автор Adrian Neils ( назад)
Yes indeed. The Hunley had to 'RAM ' ships because in the Civil War era, hydraulics and pressurized compartments could not exist. In fact the Hunley could not dive very deep.

Автор stevebrownrocks ( назад)
It's a generally accepted fact that Gen. Jackson was accidentally shot by nervous pickets at night, when the Gen. Was scouting with a group of aides & was mistaken for Yankee scouts. It's unfortunate, but things like that happen in war.

Автор tullaholicful ( назад)
that's P.T. Beauregard not P.T. Bogart lol

Автор Pepe Putin ( назад)
That bird was actually a drone disguised as a bird.

Автор MatT RM ( назад)
Merry Late Christmas

Автор TOP OF THE GAME ( назад)
Just subscribed bro it's cool 👍🏾

Автор Anders Konkol ( назад)
i subscribed

Автор William Edmondson ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Justin Martyr ( назад)
So MANY IDIOTS & their Comments!!! I Choose NOT to REPLY
to ANY of these Cum Suckers & their low I.Q. Comments!

Автор Anthuan Martinez ( назад)
I live at Columbus Georgia

Автор JJplayerdude Alex ( назад)
Subscribed nice video

Автор That guy named Harrison ( назад)
What the fuck is this music thanks for the nightmare

Автор Robert Fustin ( назад)
The one photo of the Pterodactyl, only one as the other appears photoshopped, I've seen 2 versions of this same photo, taken close together I assume. It has all the hallmarks of being authentic, as the paper, it's age and other unique qualities of the Cameras of the era. There were numerous stories from the south and west of leathery birds that were difficult to kill from the time. Furthermore the appearance of a Pterodactyl was unknown at the time to have been faked, several dozens of eye witnesses throughout the west describe it in the era, the 1800s, just as you see it. BTW The Thunderbird is described in some ancient American Indian Stories as not being feathered.

Автор The DarKnight ( назад)

Автор Bill Anthony ( назад)
For being shot down with civil war weapons, that bird looks in remarkably unwounded shape... lol!

Автор hunter andries ( назад)
I just subscribed

Автор Spanky Schooler ( назад)
The first picture of the pterodactyl is a fake. The Union soldiers were NOT that well fed and the photo does not show up in any books or records before 2001. ALSO!!!! An American film & TV production company named “Haxan” claims to have staged the shot and its fake Pterosaur for their TV series “Freaky Links”, a program on mystery- and paranormal themes for Fox TV in 2001.

Автор Jessica Bell ( назад)
I only watch 2 ghost hunter

Автор ThunderKnight 16 ( назад)
just Subscribe to ur awesome channel Its so Awesome

Автор ADHD Crafter Randy Jr. ( назад)

Автор Chewy RealOrFake ( назад)
He actually died by a union and not by his own one sniper on union side was not seen and no this is not a theory cause it's true a union sniper shot him.

Автор DubStepPlain ( назад)

Автор Robert Scott ( назад)
I meant steam I'm using audio talk

Автор Robert Scott ( назад)
I watch that MythBusters episode about that sting canon

Автор kyblue32 ( назад)
Very cool

Автор Odus Stotts ( назад)
just subcribed

Автор Dawn Deer ( назад)

Автор Minecraft Central ( назад)
OMG!!!!!! I live in Columbus Georgia

Автор Michael Ceres ( назад)
I’ve toured the Chancellorsville Battlefield several times, and the Park Rangers, as well as historians conclude that Jackson’s attack on the Union Right, which concluded at dusk, left both union and confederate infantry and cavalry units disorganized. Indeed, both Union and Confederate units were adrift without knowledge of the friendly and enemy lines.

Over a dozen instances recorded from both Confederate and Union diaries, detail enemy units stumbling into one another resulting in sporadic, but vicious eruptions of musketry and bayoneting. Several Union units, and stragglers, found themselves behind confederate lines. Stumbling about in the dark, these units crossed back and forth into confederate-held territory. The Confederates, who scrambled to form a solid line of denial, at times found themselves conversing with Union soldiers they mistook as Confederate. At other times, Confederates mistakenly fired on other Confederate units. Another aspect not reported, were Union Cavalry units trapped in enemy territory galloping through the confederate line or lost, galloping into the confederate line.

The Confederate officer-in-charge of the line that fired on Jackson, had been run through from the rear by a lost Union cavalry squadron. This happened whilst General Jackson was out on reconnoiter of the Union lines. Upon returning, the Confederates thought the Union cavalry had returned and fired in the direction of the approaching hoofbeats.

Автор da'dub ( назад)
. you can also look at the sharpness of the photos and see that there modern please

Автор Confederate Reenactor ( назад)
1st one is BS, the ghost isn't period correct, last one was friendly fire. Stonewall wore a blue McDowell cap and the confederate forces thought him and his staff were a union calvary unit

Автор Sle igh ( назад)
Just subbed to dis cewl chennel

Автор john Magill ( назад)
Had family on both sides of this war. The most prominent was William Harrison Magill who was also a veteran of San Jacinto. he was Sam Houston's  2nd Sergeant under Capt. Jessie Billinglsey. This is very fascinating to me. New subscriber here also.

Автор C G ( назад)
I just subscribe to the channel

Автор blueknight ( назад)
Friendly fire? I've never been shot but I'm pretty sure it doesn't feel friendly.

Автор General Montgomery ( назад)
Well the thunderbird picture is not real because Muskets back then were very inaccurate especially with bayonets with it.

Автор Tux Cat ( назад)
number one i think union soldiers kill him those they sniped him

Автор Noah Cook ( назад)
It was a thunder byrd, WILD ZAPDOS HAS APPEARED

Автор Freddy Brea ( назад)
Today it's easy to not believe, computers always have you on the edge of doubt. But photos from the non film era make you say hmmmm.

Автор TDubs ( назад)
Stonewall Jackson wasn't second in command in the CSA. He wasn't even second in command in the Army of Northern Virginia. He was third, behind Longstreet. PGT and Joseph Johnston were ahead of him in the army as a whole.

Автор RB M ( назад)
General P. G. T. (Pierre Gustave Toutant) Beauregard. That's Bow-Ree-Guard. Not Bogard. He commanded Charlston's defenses and fired on Fort Sumter, defenses at 1st Manassas, second in command of the Army of Tennessee, Shiloh and Corinth, the Southeast coastal defenses, and so on. A very high ranking and important Confederate General. Get it right. The wonder weapons of the Confederacy would not have changed the outcome of the War for States Rights. The South simply did not have the troop numbers that the Federals did. It was a war of numbers and attrition. 10th Amendment States Rights and the free will of the American people ended in 1865 when the unConstitutional Federal system of government took over.

Автор Jacob Mitchell ( назад)
On stone wall Jackson
You would not have shot your commanding officer probably

Автор Fly_Guy 69 ( назад)
not every Confederate soldier was racist like Stonewall Jackson and he did set a bad name for the Confederacy. so it's most likely that it was treason.

Автор Kid Ballers ( назад)
Just subscribed

Автор AcquaPlumbingLLC ( назад)
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Автор Erik Charles ( назад)

Автор Mr. Gay Production ( назад)
Just subscribed enjoyed the vid

Автор planetar ( назад)
The man in the Union outfit was casting a shadow, hardly ethereal.

Автор Comrade Dimitri ( назад)
Im going to Gettysburg soon.

Автор 1917 ( назад)
Gettysburg is haunted trust me I work late nights there over the summer and day shifts in the fall creepy stuff goes down

Автор kahetel13 ( назад)
get some sinus medicine you fuck

Автор ETHO reaper ( назад)
I subscribe shot me out

Автор redimixofmd ( назад)

Автор mustangbeauty4 ( назад)
Thunderbird = fake as shit

Автор Fitzy Holden ( назад)
yeah ...... I call massive levels of bullshit..... drowning in it in fact.

Автор Joseph Boyer ( назад)
I know where the tons of Confederate gold and silver is buried.

Автор Chris .Appel ( назад)
My gosh the narrator voice is terrible..

Автор Sammy Villegas ( назад)
I subscribe

Автор bocme262 ( назад)
I didn't know Quagmire was narrating videos now.

Автор Kingfish ( назад)
The confederate men that shot at General Jackson , had been charged & surprised by a group of union cavalry earlier that day. Jackson , who was very hands on in his battles , had moved ahead of his own lines with a group of his aides & couriers on a old road leading into the woods to reconnoiter the enemies line for perhaps a surprise night attack upon the enemy ... A very bold move considering night attacks were extremely rare , due to the fact men would be basically blind & could be firing into their own men . But Stonewall was the epitome of bold & surely wanted to move on the feds while they were near panic & before the enemy could finish building the defenses , that he hear them building ... Jackson & his men came out of the woods right in front of previously spooked soldiers . Thus his fate was sealed along with Confederacy .

Автор Some Guy ( назад)

Автор Mark Foor ( назад)
The story about Jackson is true. He was shot by pickets from the 18th North Carolina Infantry. One of the reasons that they might have thought him to be a Union officer was because it was raining that night and he was wearing a rubberized rain coat that was black in color. In the right moonlight it might have appeared to have a bluish tint. The raincoat and Jackson's uniform that he was wearing that night are on display in the Virginia Military Institute's museum, as is the mounted hide of his horse, Little Sorrel.

Автор Jon Smith ( назад)
confederacy > union

Автор eric777100763 ( назад)

Автор Toriano DiCicco ( назад)
I subbed!

Автор Steve Pritchett ( назад)
I subscribed 🤗🤗🤗

Автор Adam Haney ( назад)
What kind of countdown has Stonewall Jackson's death as number one. There was no conspiracy, or mystery there.

Автор Dante Paradis ( назад)

Автор Ron Johnson ( назад)
The gold and silver at the Bank of Columbus, Georgia, was being held by the Bank President, W. H. Young, on October 13, 1862. It had been removed rom New Orleans prior to this for safe keeping. General P. G. T. Beauregard made an official demand for the coinage on October 16, 1862 so it could be moved to Augusta, Georgia and turned over to T. S. Metcalf. General Beauregard took the coins by military force on October 16 and Young disclaimed all knowledge of the contents of coinage that were in his vault. The reason was apparent due to the amount being 57 kegs of gold coin amounting to $2, 323,798.79 dollars and 201 boxes and 3 kegs of silver coin amounting to $216,000 dollars. his total had not been itemized by Young when he received it from R. M. Davis with the Bank of Louisiana. It had been sitting in the vault uncounted, and when forcibly removed by General Beauregard, Young refused to sign receipt for the amounts shown, and claimed he did not know the contents. Therefore this huge sum of millions in coinage can be traced to the Government Depository in Augusta, Georgia in care of T. S. Metcalf on October 16, 1862. My source- [Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series IV, Volume II, pages 122-123. Copyright 1900 Washington Government Printing Office.] I advance this mystery one step further for treasure hunters. Thanks.

Автор Almira Hadzihrustic ( назад)
I subscribed this chanel is amasing

Автор NHE4 ( назад)
Anyone who has been on the receiving end of it will tell you that there is no such thing as friendly fire.

Автор Timothy Boyle ( назад)
1st photo. BULLSHIT.
Oh please.

Автор Troy Scott ( назад)
cool channel just subscribed

Автор [154thTN] Seth Adam ( назад)
The only mystery I want to know is how to dumb asses today believe the Civil War was not about slavery despite the overwhelming evidence that it was.

Автор Ayden Mullen ( назад)
did you no where the first shot was fired it was at fort Sumter I whent to fort Sumter

Автор Jack Mayer ( назад)
I subbed #cool

Автор MY ADD ( назад)
i subscribed amazing

Автор EricTormentasGaming ( назад)
i love you videos keep it man just subed

Автор josenildo carvalho ( назад)
é mentiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 3 vezes OK ist's

Автор reesysleather ( назад)
wtf is with the shitty voice

Автор Joseph Mazzurco ( назад)
I admit it. I am an idiot. I fell for this crap and watched part of it. They also left out that Elvis and his alien baby fought in the war.

Автор Historical Eradication ( назад)
Blacks want all this history erased.

Автор l Enchmentkid ( назад)
I subrebed

Автор raf 1 ( назад)
How do we know that the bird may be real but the people in the picture are fake?

Автор Justin Zimmerman ( назад)
I am sorry, but the narrator is a fucking imbecile.

Автор Eric Stoverink ( назад)
"Finally found the H.L. Hunley". The H L. Hunley was found in 1995.

Автор Darth Sidious, Sheev Palpatine ( назад)
the 1st wisconsin Calvary captured Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, the mystery is how is this fact not common knowledge, I mean WISCONSIN captured Jefferson Davis, that's meme worthy of ever heard it.

Автор Blakester597 ( назад)
Just subbed. Maybe do a video on what happened to Rosa Charmichael after she was abolished from Geyttysburg Pa

Автор King 5 Gaming ( назад)

Автор Noah Smith54 ( назад)
just subscribe awesome channel

Автор John Sy ( назад)
Stonewall Jackson was NOT Lee's second in command. Jackson was junior to his fellow corps commander, James Longstreet

Автор BigMarsh ( назад)
FUCK the Confederates! (waiting for the triggered racists)

Автор Bruce Larrow ( назад)
wheres the raid of st albans in this mix there was some money that went mssing from that as well

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