10 Historical Mysteries of the Civil War

Were submarines and airplanes really used in the Civil War? From haunted forts, to mysterious glowing wounds, these are 10 Historical Mysteries of the Civil War !

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6. USS Keystone State
In November 1861, members of the Wisconsin militia were expecting a large shipment of weapons from the large ship called the USS Keystone state, but they never got their arms. This was an elaborate ship and was dubbed the Palace Steamers from it’s comfortable design. Certainly no ordinary cargo ship. With a crew of 33 people, it left Detroit and was set to land in Milwaukee but this never happened! The people who expected the delivery thought the ship just sort of vanished in mid air. Finally in 2013 the ship was found at the bottom of Lake Huron, near the city of Alpena.

5. Confederate Flying Machine
A letter to Jefferson Davis was uncovered in the National Archives in Washington DC about an astonishing claim. Richard Oglesby Davidson proposed idea in this letter of building a flying machine capable of traveling at speeds of 100 miles per hour, if the Confederate government provided him with 1500$. This man was actually known for his inventive capabilities and wanted to provide the confederacy with his idea that came 40 years before the wright brothers. However, his offer went initially ignored by Jefferson Davis. Once again but more towards the end of the war, he proposed his idea to Robert E. Lee, including blueprints.

4. Winans Steam Gun
Many mysterious, experimental weapons came out during the civil war, like this double barrel cannon for example and the designs are some what baffling. One of these weapons was the steam powered that rotated discs rapidly and fired projectiles. This would essentially replace gunpowder and be much quieter. This would essentially be able to fire an impressive 250 rounds per minute. This would be quite impressive considering modern machine guns normally range as low as 300 to as high as 1800 rounds per minute. Newspapers claimed it was be a war ending weapon. This weapon was on its way to be sold to the south when the union confiscated it. Some sources claim that this was put to use during riots. A Mythbusters experiment concluded that this idea never could have been lethal unless it was from point blank range.

3. The Gettysburg Ghosts
Gettysburg was one of the hardest fought in all of the civil war and the casualties seem to be countless. Many believe believe that this battlefield is haunted by the ones who lost their lives here. There was so much energy that just seemed to be lost here that it almost seems that there’s no way for it not to be haunted. It’s believed that during the 3 day battle, there were 50,000 casualties. Buildings nearby have been featured on Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures. Tourists who come to visit Gettysburg, often get a ghoulish surprise and noticing white orbs in their photos. Many people claim that this photo here is just a man in a union outfit walking to the right side of the road. But there were no re enactments this day and this was in an isolated area. Others claim to hear musket fire in the middles of the night and the eery smoke that seems to float over the battlefield. If there’s anywhere that’s haunted in the US, it’s this place.

2. Mysterious Submarine Discovery
Experts claim that they finally discovered an elusive submarine called the HL Hunley that was used by the Confederates during the civil war. Some historians claim that this was the first submarine to ever sink a warship in battle. It was found off the coast of South Carolina. The design was actually used to ram explosives into enemy ships and not for firing torpedoes. This took place in February 1864 when the HL Hunley took down the USS Housatonic Sloop Ship. You can tell the design is somewhat primitive but looks sort of like our modern portrayal of a submarine.

Stonewall Jackson Mystery
Stonewall Jackson was a major factor in the Civil War and his demise is shrouded in mystery. The confederate commander was 2nd in command, only behind General Robert E. Lee and a military genius. Could a confederate general of his magnitude have possibly been killed by a mistake like friendly fire like most people claim? He was shot by his own troops during the battle of Chancellorsville on May 2nd 1863 and this basically became a turning point in the war. Some believe that the positioning of the moon that night actually made his coat appear to look more dark blue which made the commander. Others claim it was nothing short than pure treason. They’re many conspiracy theories out there that claim many people didn’t support some of denouncing slavery in the south. Some people claim that they were in on the conspiracy but only after the war was over, possibly to get some fame. Friendly fire or unfriendly fire? What do you believe?

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Автор Yoan Perez ( назад)
I love this channel!

Автор Kermis the wall street Frog ( назад)
1st one is soooo fake

Автор Lexi May ( назад)

Автор Ian Poremba (Gameflyer) ( назад)
i subscribed

Автор Harry Daniels ( назад)
I don't believe anyone of these

Автор OGSpaceCadet ( назад)
There were more Americans killed or injured in that first big battle at
Shiloh than ALL previous American wars (Revolutionary War, War of 1812,
Mexican War, etc.) combined. Over 25,000 casualties were suffered. The
Civil War would go on to kill over 650,000 Americans, more than all other
wars before or since combined. Vietnam cost almost 60,000 Americans over
more than a decade of fighting. Gettysburg lasted 3 DAYS and there were
well over 50,000 killed or injured. Think about that for a second. That war
was a horrific meeting of tradition (lining up in rows on an open field and
shooting at each other) and technology (the introduction of the rifled gun
barrel, which greatly increased the accuracy of shots at long range as well
as the soft lead minie ball that was designed to inflict unspeakable damage
to human flesh). I hope the horrors of that war are always remembered,
because we know what happens when history is forgotten.

Автор Rab of Belfast ( назад)
I have always found a fascination with all the historical surroundings
among the American civil war . I look at the photos and sometimes feel
sorry for those poor guys life being bad enough dodging gunfire to even
more misery having to sit still for give and take 3 days whilst them old
slow photographs at that time were took ---- - .. Can we at least scratch
our noses ? No private , just keep still :(

Автор Jim Mc ( назад)
I don't believe in the supernatural but I have to tell you. The battlefield
at Gettysburg does creep me out, it just feels like you're being watched.

Автор Eff Ortless ( назад)
Im from danville Illinois and i have seen a thunderbird twice in my life..
it is the same size as the bird in the pictures. But it doesnt look like a
prehistoric bird. It looks like a giant crow.. huge with darkest black
feathers. It has eyes like a human. Or human like. Its scary.

Автор Bryan Fording ( назад)
I think Stonewall Jackson was shot for refusing to blow his nose when
addressing his troops...listeners got so sick of it, one of his troops
decided to shoot him, rather than to continue to listen to his affectated

Автор Bryan Fording ( назад)
For God's sake...stop talking through your nose.

Автор Ryan Andricsak ( назад)
Just subscribed. Cool and interesting channel

Автор A M71 ( назад)
There is not that much of a mystery behind Jackson. He was natorious for
venturing out at night and in front of his troops. He had been reprimanded
several times earlier in the war. AS for those pictures--there were proven
to be hoexes and the images were taken from early fangoria type magazines.
And as someone who has been to Gettysburg, there are always re-enactors
roaming around

Автор Dustin Horton ( назад)
Stopped watching after the dinosaur.

Автор Thomas Mann ( назад)
Well, at least the Hunley is real. The rest is a crock. P.S. Get a new

Автор Richard Seemiller ( назад)
i subscribed

Автор cody Slagle ( назад)

Автор DCM YouTube ING ( назад)

Автор alex mcgrew ( назад)
great video loved it

Автор Michael Tyson ( назад)

Автор Minnesota Green ( назад)
I just subscribed

Автор Edward Austin ( назад)
awsome channel and videos

Автор Steven Serial ( назад)
I can see it know the evil pterodactyls vs Abraham Lincoln. What a
magnificent movie Idea.

Автор Samantha Schaffer ( назад)
new favorite channel. totally peeks my curiosity:) aannddd subscribed

Автор David Cross ( назад)
Although not particularly clear, a photograph at 3 minutes, 31 seconds
showing a hand holding the rail on the stairs was actually taken by the
Rev. R. W. Hardy, at the Queens House, Greenwich, London, England. I have
no date for the picture, but at the time it was taken the figure on the
stairs was not visible. And the photograph was certainly not taken during
the civil war in the USA.

Автор antares4s ( назад)
Stonewall Jackson wasn't second in command of the Confederate army. That
position was held by James Longstreet.

Автор yoyourcrazy _ ( назад)
not to be blunt but your intro is cancer

Автор The Emerald minecart// KynTEM ( назад)
just subscribed

Автор ryan barker ( назад)
why is there not a movie about the lost gold? seems like a cinch to write,

Автор sleepyeyedboy ( назад)
... You, and anyone who thinks these are 'mysteries' are complete idiots
yet you are clearly meeting with much success. I hate the world.

Автор Catrin Griffith ( назад)
I'm thinking most of this is a hoist and not real

Автор Terence Kreft ( назад)
Well, that was disappointing, it said the Civil War and then talked about
the US civil war all the time. No Marston Moor or anything. (g)

Автор thai expat ( назад)
Talking to quickly

Автор Matthew Taylor-Kielbowick ( назад)
Number 1 taradactal

Автор simcityman81 ( назад)
10) That photo is a photoshop prank. You're an idiot to believe it.
9) There was no gold. It had all been spent in order to finance the war.
8) They did confirm that the glowing was due to P. luminescens and their
nematode partners
6) Wrong in so many ways.
3) Can confirm, yes, very haunted. But the picture is b.s. There are living
histories and reenactments there nearly all year long.
2) Not sure how this was a mystery considering that, yes, it is the Hunley
confirmed with dna tests of the crew and metallurgical analysis
1) Jackson was actually somewhat closer to 4th or 5th in command, not
second. He was killed by friendly fire because he was way too far in
advance of his own lines while scouting. It was confirmed through
interviews and documents that the men who shot him were guilt ridden their
entire lives and were great supporters of Jackson during his life.

Автор Jack M ( назад)
Favorite new channel as a history major (:

Автор JOSHUA FLESCH ( назад)
I just found out that the regiment from my town the "116th volunteer
Illinois rehiment" was at the seige of vicksburg

Автор code-name breaker ( назад)
same just subed.

Автор Goth Sans ( назад)
I subscribed to a amazing channel

Автор David Clifton ( назад)
I think the bird picture is fake it's reenactors

Автор Michael Lawson ( назад)
#10- Not a civil war period photo. It's a later hoax. #8- Not a mystery. It
was a bacterium that was not pathogenic, and that created a natural
antibiotic to kill off competing bacteria.

Автор Big BangGames ( назад)
Oooooh I live in Wisconsin

Автор Joe Momma ( назад)
Did Sherman burn Columbia, SC on purpose? (Yes...duh). I will see him burn
in the Gates of Hell, and so shall he forever burn.

Автор TheDesertwalker ( назад)
Cache like cash. Cashet like cash-ay......Jesus , c'mon.

Автор Prem Prem ( назад)
0:52 thats actualy a pterosaur and was a fake photo btw just subscribed

Автор AJ C ( назад)
When I went to Gettysburg back in 2011 with my parents my mom took a
picture near this old building and there was a orb floating which she
showed me 3 seconds after she took it with a camera.

Автор memecel betio ( назад)
just subscribe your channel and ilove it

Автор Keith Staton ( назад)
complete made up cRap

Автор Wallace Raymond ( назад)
In reference to the Pterodactl photos, the first photo of this bird taken
during the American Civil War is definitely photo shopped. In the second
photo look closely at the men surrounding the subject. The two men out of
four sitting on the ground in the middle have Winchester Rifles. The man on
the far left is wearing a post civil war gun belt. Then take a look at the
head gear of the man on the far right. Strange hat for that era. Unless
there was two occasions where there was a Pterodactl I will have to assume
both are bogus photos. People still and always have perpetuated hoaxes .
Ever hear of the Cardiff Giant? check it out here on you tube.

Автор dovets ( назад)
LOL, Thunderbird mystery/ hoax! "But where did people of that time get a
photo of something like this?" I think hoax would suggest it is a modern
rendering purported to represent a civil war photo..... Just saying.

Автор Fox Benton IV ( назад)
Stonewall was not second in command, he was a Lieutenant General, he was
the equal to James Longstreet

Автор Matteo Fabre ( назад)
Besides traveler universal enroll if grace limited her statistics.

Автор Trent Norton ( назад)
the keystone went down because it's crew was made up of keystone cops.

Автор Cox Painting ( назад)
proof it😎😆

Автор The NoodlePiggy ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Robin Sattahip ( назад)
Mystery; why the soldiers on the North bothered to fight? Wouldn't they be
proud of what America has become today.

Автор Historic Town / Battle Town ( назад)
I've actually found some confederate treasure!

Автор Historic Town / Battle Town ( назад)
Interesting channel, thumbs up!

Автор Jeppe Ilsøe Ring 8C Hornslet Skole ( назад)
American Eye+ I believe that you don't know your history and or anything
about the American civil war. And no the south will not rise agin. (I am

Автор Jarett Bill ( назад)
just subed this is a good channel

Автор datguy damage ( назад)
I love and hate wars you know the hate part

Автор William Knight ( назад)
my grandmother told me that my great grandfather Fowler shot a southern
general but for fear of reprisal left the south to live in the north. I do
not know the where abouts of the letters she showed me. She passed away.

Автор Eddie reyes ( назад)
Just subscribed really interesting channel

Автор Jimmy Haber ( назад)
I am so sorry, but your voice is not suited for narration my friend. I had
to stop watching because it sounds like some 16 year old boy is speaking,
Annoying and repetitive. Great videos, but maybe think of finding voice
talent? My opinion only. Good luck!!!

Автор Ruben Ramos ( назад)
Subscition from Azores Portugal :)

Автор SpiffyFoot c ( назад)
Wow in number 10 the bird was a bit strange

Автор MrEpic Playz ( назад)
1:10 BRB have to dig in my backyard see u later

Автор mnpd3 ( назад)
Except for the piece on the Hunley submarine, pure hogwash.

Автор tom bats ( назад)
The double barrel gun was to fire two shells connected by a chain. It did
not work, because it was impossible to fire both barrels the same time and
it ended up injuring the artillery men instead of their target.

Автор john dary ( назад)
Selma Gomez sat on my face. Her pussy stinks. I ate it anyway.

Автор kevin lin ( назад)
i liked and subed

Автор Ralph Reagan ( назад)
sorry its bs

Автор Cassandra West ( назад)
'Great finds. Thanks!

Автор Laura Sainz ( назад)

Автор Mono Palle ( назад)
This is awful... You REALLY think a "giant bird" like that would go
unnoticed by the scientific community? Like some group of soldiers, born
and raised in the US, would just take a photo with it, and discard it?

Автор Wayne Seibert ( назад)
Nothing mysterious in any of this... everything has been explained...even
the ghosts.

Автор nothing to see here, move on ( назад)
steam-powered flight inventors predate the civil war and continued until
about 1960. Nothing really came from it other than concepts and small
models. Jet engines drove the final nail in the coffin.

Автор Beaverj420 ( назад)
I grew up in a small town just outside of Gettysburg called hunterstown. my
parents own a pre civil war home and it was the creepiest place to live. we
heard walking, doors opening and slamming, belongings missing for years and
then just turn up in plain sight, both my parents have seen figures moving.
the home was used as a field hospital and was in the Civil War times
magazine with a pic of the house with 17 dead soldiers layer out in front
of the house. I still to this day don't like being there.

Автор Terry Russel ( назад)
At 07:10 ish
Wasn't Genera Longstreet also wounded in the neck in a similar fashion ? I
seem to recall that from one of my extra-curricular studies.

Автор Loose Unit ( назад)
Great video.

Автор James ( назад)
This is what is known as BULLSHIT!

Автор Alex Popper ( назад)
You have a new sub

Автор eric777100763 ( назад)
bird looks like a dinosaur

Автор Vince chavez ( назад)
and your ass

Автор Vince chavez ( назад)
like your vids

Автор dennis masters ( назад)
I went to the battlefield close to Chattanooga Tennessee and I found a mini
ball. which is cone shaped projectile, early version of modern bullets. I
dug it out of a tree took it home with me which was a bad idea. I started
experiencing paranormal activity like shit falling over and my bed shaking
wildly at night. then one night I had a dream that I was in the confederate
soldier and I got shot. I then was laying on the ground seeing blood
pouring out of a wound on my thigh. before fading away I saw I was next to
the very same tree where first found the round. I returned the round where
I found it and everything went back to normal. idk way just thought I'd
share that.

Автор TheMighty Chabunga ( назад)
My people came to US from Scotland and Norway after civil war.
So funny when blacks say "you white people owned slaves".
My people were the bottom class,considered of less worth than a slave.We
never owned slaves and were lucky to be able to come to the US.

Автор Claret Mug ( назад)
I have lived in Vicksburg all my life. I metal detect as a hobby and have
never heard of some giant bird being killed here.

Автор Richard clarke ( назад)
Myth busters just pushes an agenda and doesn't always tell the truth. That
weapon most likely worked and MB is covering f it up!

Автор Mark Anthony ( назад)
It's "War Between the States"

Автор Station Rental ( назад)
OMG, where to start? What a farce! The first photo is a fake. The soldiers
are modern reenactors. Uniforms, acoutrements, are wrong. Hair styles,
facial hair and how the stuff is worn is clearly 1970's. The General is
P.G.T.Beauregard not "Bogard". There was gold bullion but the confederacy
never minted coinage. General TJ Jackson was shot by his own troops because
he and his staff were mistaken for an enemy patrol and the position of the
moon had nothing to do with making his coat look dark because it was a
rainy night and he was wearing a black rubberized raincoat. You need to do
more research before you post this misinformation.

Автор Greene Leeves ( назад)
The pterodactyl photos are modern, recent gag photos done by living
historians who use authentic and repro photo equipment to get very genuine
seeming photos.

Автор Global Avenger ( назад)

Автор Dave Carsley ( назад)
Some of these are completely explained. Take #2 for instance- *you*
yourself explained it to me. What's mysterious about it?

Автор Puff Dragon ( назад)
At about 3:20 you say "someone even captured an audio of a little girl
calling for her cat"?
Really, dude?

Автор Warrior Wombat ( назад)
friendly fire, it's not friendly if it kills you.

Автор Epic Mojo ( назад)
I subbci

Автор Steve Bovard ( назад)
The dryest humor that I have seen on the web in a long long time.

Автор Rock City Marco ( назад)
great content in this video I really enjoyed the channel very informative
well edited great narration... thanks guys Happy New Year!!!

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