Divinity 2: Flames of Vengeance - Final Mission: Part 1

As some people have problems finishing this mission I uploaded one of my playthroughs that went pretty well.

I did not save and load to make the movie more fluid, so if you do you should have even less problems.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 6:22
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Автор tehanu99 (3 года)
@Syberdoor lol i get lvl 60 at start maybe because i continue whit old char

Автор Jorgo Janella (2 года)
@MisterAndy666 why don't you download a trainer. use unlimited life for a
reboost of life and the deacticate it. pretty easy ^_^

Автор GTadamisthe1 (3 года)
Can I start the game on my original divinity 2 character? Or do I need to
complete the game again to play the new flames of vengeance?

Автор fallenangel2100 (3 года)
@Syberdoor so this monday is the release date or is it the day theyll tell
the ACTUAL US release date for later? plz keep me posted if you get the
date syberdoor really wanna get DKS

Автор TheEvilInuyasha (2 года)
ich hasse das wenn der sagt " wohin fliegt ihr" xD ich
liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiebe drachen :3

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@GTadamisthe1 You have to complete the game while FoV is installed, meaning
you need to install FoV and then load your latest save of the endfight and
finish it again, then it will take your old character. for the expansion.
Otherwise you can also create a new one only for FoV.

Автор GTadamisthe1 (3 года)
Ok, thanks. just checking, but this is the same for the xbox 360 version?
Right? Ie, you don't install things on xbox

Автор fallenangel2100 (3 года)
@Syberdoor ok then any idea when the US release for dragon knight saga
might be?

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@fallenangel2100 In the official forums the word is that an announcement
regarding the US release of DKS for Xbox360 is due to monday 24th of January

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@tehanu99 You are obviously playing a quite different version then, I was
level 46 and It would have been next to impossible to be 77 level higher at
that point. Anyway this was unpatched FoV for the PC lvl as said 46,
Attack: 46 - Defence: 64, the Spell does 600 dmg and burns for 8 seconds,
Difficulty: normal

Автор Thunker71 (3 года)
That final mission is a shit ! Damn ! Where are the epics battles ?

Автор faustinogarcia7 (2 года)
Se me muere el Zepelinn!

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@fallenangel2100 I might be misinformed but afaik there will be no FoV on
the Xbox, because of problems releasing a non stand-alone addon on this
platform. The only way is to get "The Dragon Knight Saga" which is the
complete collection with enhanced graphics as a re-release.

Автор fallenangel2100 (3 года)
is FOV out on the US yet cuz i cant seem to find it on the xbox website
only get the armors dlc

Автор MisterAndy666 (3 года)
I´m lvl 46 with 46 damage and 46 defence. I even set the difficulty all the
way down and I just can´t get through this :-( Is it just me that suck at
this? :D

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@MisterAndy666 Many people have problems with this mission, that's why I
amde the movie. But if you ignore the guy and save often it should be

Автор MisterAndy666 (3 года)
Thanks for the reply! Great video btw :-) My problem right now is that I
have saved (F5) in a spot where the ship has like 25% power left. No matter
what I do I can´t beat the towers before they destroy the ship :-( And my
last save game is waaaay back so I don´t know what to do to get through
this. Bad habit of F5 saving killed me I guess...

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@MisterAndy666 It's a bit unfair that in the end the ship always takes some
damage so with 25% left it's probably very hard. Isn't there like an
autosave the game creates before the mission or something?

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@fallenangel2100 In the meantime they announced that Atlus will be
publishing DKS in the US. It will be available in Stores on April 12th

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@GTadamisthe1 I'm sorry I have no idea how the xbox version works, I only
know that you cannot get only the addon on the Xbox. For more details on
that you should try asking in the forums on larian com

Автор tehanu99 (3 года)
how the hell is possible you destroy towers on 2 hits omg ??

Автор Syberdoor (3 года)
@tehanu99 The fireball spell does this amount of damage without any
modifications. Maybe it depends on the level you are but I doubt there are
big differences ... What level are you and how much fireballs do you need?
Also you do realize that this is from the expansion and not the maingame

Автор tehanu99 (3 года)
@Syberdoor yes i do...i also have expansion and iam lvl 123 and i need 3

Автор lathondra (3 года)
thank you for posting otherwise i would continue to 'breathe' the towers
for long:)

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