ICE CUBE - saints row 2 marcusgarlick


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Автор Kaiya Kersh ( назад)
Let's see you do better yuh little punk ass bitch.you're probably 9.it
takes him like 2 1/2 hours to make these people. Give him some credit.

Автор MrNateboyz ( назад)
marcus you suck at this crap

Автор rapfighter95 ( назад)
song: Wiley - Gangsters

Автор jordin gonzalez ( назад)
@marcusgarlick good job man

Автор FamasFTW98 ( назад)
your very good at making these lol

Автор NICand JULIOcomedy ( назад)
whats song is this

Автор jlafloe619 ( назад)
Make Everlast. that'll be tight

Автор lilkroc09 ( назад)
wats the name of the song in the beginning?

Автор MacRichards15 ( назад)
your other ones are 10/10 but this one is 4/10 so i think you should look
at yuroklbm in terms of ice cube..

Автор soulboy150 ( назад)
Make Pharrell plz because people say I look like him.(not to be gay)

Автор aathebest1 ( назад)
what's this songs name?

Автор chad strang ( назад)
what is tha name of dis song man?

Автор Sk8fuckdabest ( назад)
where is the song please?

Автор pannekoek141 ( назад)

Автор pannekoek141 ( назад)

Автор pannekoek141 ( назад)

Автор Ali Öz ( назад)
please create polat alemdar! please man.....please

Автор jaiten12 ( назад)
turn the volume down if you dont like the music

Автор PressBtoWin ( назад)
he actually did post all of the formula for the nose...

Автор ZEAK125 ( назад)
no offence but that song :( GANGSTERS GANGSTERS ............ GANGSTERS
GANGSTERS....................GANGSTERS GANGSTERS so anoying

Автор •R3volver Ocelot• ( назад)
yeah that bitch got old he used it on to many video's

Автор sursvgsoldier ( назад)
make three 6 mafia dj paul juicy j and project pat

Автор Kameron Eastland ( назад)
wat the freak you didnt put all the codes for the nose thats a freaking rip
off you now how freaking gay that is im telling the youtube owner and im
not playing thats gay as heck

Автор Brudajunior ( назад)
the song is fucking borring dude!

Автор Diogito D ( назад)
chris tucker or ice cube

Автор Manne Spartan ( назад)
the thug him self

Автор Kieran layton ( назад)
wiley gangsters

Автор Kieran layton ( назад)
its wiley gangsters

Автор Abner Romero ( назад)
lol ya se como hacer a ese wey en mi consola xD

Автор azenramster ( назад)

Автор Mors Regis ( назад)
he looks like a hobo with down syndrome...

Автор luca R ( назад)
i dnt think it quite looks as good as it cud

Автор James Mills ( назад)
hi could you make akon plz

Автор Tinke187 ( назад)
awesome. ice cube is the king.

Автор Farzad Jami ( назад)
wats the song!!??!!??

Автор MarcusGarlick ™ ( назад)
what kind of comment is that?

Автор erkefinis ( назад)
haha thats awsm

Автор Jesse Laitinen ( назад)

Автор xXxLooneeyxXx ( назад)
way too fat

Автор HandyManny00Lobos ( назад)

Автор buggeazy ( назад)
and its decoding its all about image

Автор KeepItEasy ( назад)
ohh uhh. They get a coding program (its called a game graphics engine) and
then start coding every single line that then ingame asks the game to
change the corresponding slider.

Автор bombshelldc ( назад)
make tupac

Автор buggeazy ( назад)
then explain to the brotha from anotha motha how they get the realisum of
the face not of one word i want you to break it down im listening class is
in cession

Автор KeepItEasy ( назад)
i do .

Автор buggeazy ( назад)
you dont thas fosure lol

Автор KeepItEasy ( назад)
uuuuhhhh . Do you even know what a fire wall is? and a CHIP. What chip? Do
you mean the graphics card? wtf. be more clear.

Автор buggeazy ( назад)
maan its the program thats built in the pc that the electrolites that
brings the fire wall up thew the eye of the chip thats inplanted in the

Автор KeepItEasy ( назад)
wtf ?

Автор Plaskiz ( назад)
make eazy, plz.

Автор buggeazy ( назад)
were the hell they get the mega bites to make this that realistic?

Автор Fr0z3nSw0rd ( назад)

Автор exportar0 ( назад)
check out my xzibit creation!!

Автор Deontre Harris ( назад)
make eazy e and i'll subscribe

Автор kissidude ( назад)
yea!!!!!!!!! this is the shit man!! THNX ALOT!

Автор kissidude ( назад)
feelin u!:D

Автор CreaTive142 ( назад)
Hommie you should make Eminems Formula :D cause your works are great :D

Автор Jimmy Darmody ( назад)
Yeh, Eazy E or Ryder from GTA SA (They look almost the same anyway lol)

Автор Christian McDonald ( назад)
yea i wish they did too

Автор TOorRandyMoss ( назад)
i wish they had jerry curls so i can make him boyz-n-da-hood style

Автор 0251Code ( назад)
wiley - gangsters

Автор Demoriye E ( назад)
Make Eazy Motherfukin E yall need to make him cause ever since i got this
game nobody has been making HIM

Автор Demoriye E ( назад)
Make Eazy Motherfukin E yall need to make him cause ever since i got this
game nobody has been making

Автор ASSIANRED ( назад)
thats great but insted of he goatee do a beard but its still great

Автор WSGRECORDS ( назад)

Автор gameprogta4 ( назад)
wat's da song?

Автор russak789 ( назад)
thank you very much....how can you do this?

Автор JungleSquid ( назад)
If only you could have a Jheri Curl hairstyle, then you could do one of him
in his NWA days.

Автор hisfather79 ( назад)
the best design for saints row 2 ...thank u very much

Автор moneychaser26 ( назад)

Автор Sky Walker ( назад)

Автор Nonno ( назад)
can you make will smith:)

Автор sjolander ( назад)
Could you make Bruce Willis? :)

Автор big johnson ( назад)
u r really good at this can u make tupac or notorious b.i.g

Автор younameit34 ( назад)
the music sucks but great tut, really looks like ice cube.

Автор RazorCutzProductions ( назад)
pretty good but i think mines better

Автор rrmedrano ( назад)

Автор MarcusGarlick ™ ( назад)
i like this comment. it aint so demanding lol

Автор rockcity859 ( назад)
common eminem plz

Автор ThaPS3Channel ( назад)
make t.i

Автор JDLProductions272428 ( назад)
yea eminem!

Автор bdhjfdhjohb ( назад)
nice man

Автор Jimmy Darmody ( назад)
Not your best, but pretty good.

Автор Overballen95 ( назад)
very good !! but plz..... make eminem xD

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