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Автор Overballen95 (5 лет)
very good !! but plz..... make eminem xD

Автор bombshelldc (5 лет)
make tupac

Автор manu777777777 (5 лет)

Автор dboifresh01 (5 лет)
make rick ross

Автор JungleSquid (5 лет)
If only you could have a Jheri Curl hairstyle, then you could do one of him
in his NWA days.

Автор PressBtoWin (4 года)
he actually did post all of the formula for the nose...

Автор rapfighter95 (2 года)
song: Wiley - Gangsters

Автор mannesk8 (4 года)
the thug him self

Автор pannekoek141 (4 года)

Автор mrzpeachezz (3 года)
is ok o guess u can do better

Автор HandyManny00Lobos (5 лет)

Автор rrmedrano (5 лет)

Автор xXxLooneeyxXx (4 года)
way too fat

Автор Kieren Layton (4 года)
wiley gangsters

Автор Brudajunior (4 года)
the song is fucking borring dude!

Автор lilkroc09 (3 года)
wats the name of the song in the beginning?

Автор Sk8fuckdabest (4 года)
where is the song please?

Автор moneychaser26 (5 лет)

Автор JDLProductions272428 (5 лет)
yea eminem!

Автор mrjeremysmith601 (4 года)
all of yours is good but dis one horrible

Автор buggeazy (5 лет)
were the hell they get the mega bites to make this that realistic?

Автор Jimmy Darmody (5 лет)
Yeh, Eazy E or Ryder from GTA SA (They look almost the same anyway lol)

Автор Diogito D (4 года)
chris tucker or ice cube

Автор aathebest1 (4 года)
what's this songs name?

Автор Farzad Jami (4 года)
wats the song!!??!!??

Автор sjolander (5 лет)
Could you make Bruce Willis? :)

Автор nonno418 (5 лет)
can you make will smith:)

Автор WeDaBest4U (4 года)

Автор bloodfreak13 (5 лет)
u should make kanye west

Автор pannekoek141 (4 года)

Автор Demoriye E (5 лет)
Make Eazy Motherfukin E yall need to make him cause ever since i got this
game nobody has been making

Автор Lilawais (3 года)
ice cube not that fat he got more muscle and more bblak slightly :L

Автор randomkid111122222 (5 лет)
make luda PLZZZZZZZZ!!!

Автор dogzqb18 (4 года)
lebron james plz

Автор TwoHoodTwoCare90 (5 лет)
the song is Wiley - Gangsters

Автор azenramster (4 года)

Автор TOorRandyMoss (5 лет)
i wish they had jerry curls so i can make him boyz-n-da-hood style

Автор Jesse Laitinen (4 года)

Автор James Mills (4 года)
hi could you make akon plz

Автор Kieren Layton (4 года)
its wiley gangsters

Автор gameprogta4 (5 лет)
wat's da song?

Автор Demoriye E (5 лет)
Make Eazy Motherfukin E yall need to make him cause ever since i got this
game nobody has been making HIM

Автор hisfather79 (5 лет)
the best design for saints row 2 ...thank u very much

Автор Skyler Alvarez (5 лет)
Ryder is based on and basically SUPPOSED to be Eazy E...

Автор sanchezedwin187 (4 года)
real eazy-e plzzzz

Автор soulboy150 (3 года)
Make Pharrell plz because people say I look like him.(not to be gay)

Автор luca R (4 года)
i dnt think it quite looks as good as it cud

Автор skategb1 (4 года)
can you make young jeezy

Автор MacRichards15 (3 года)
your other ones are 10/10 but this one is 4/10 so i think you should look
at yuroklbm in terms of ice cube..

Автор Christian McDonald (5 лет)
yea i wish they did too

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